10 Priceless Artifacts Destroyed by Accident


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    COOL KIDS TV 16 hours ago

    Golem you haven't aged well

  • Zoe Heaton
    Zoe Heaton Day ago

    Wow nice gollum voice

  • TheLOLGaming
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    Jamie W 2 days ago


  • DG Perfect
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  • Mr. Snorlax YT
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  • Super Boss
    Super Boss 3 days ago

    It's pronounced melburn

  • Noah Linnik
    Noah Linnik 7 days ago

    The real question is, were these really accidental?

  • JeanyBoy 808
    JeanyBoy 808 11 days ago

    1 million years later they be accidentally breaking fidget spinners

  • Chel Bolin
    Chel Bolin 12 days ago

    I absolutely love you're attitude and infectious energy! keep itup.'

  • Reynard van den Berg
    Reynard van den Berg 13 days ago +2

    Anything but the violin :'(

  • Alexis Alan White
    Alexis Alan White 14 days ago +1


    Who else is a Lord of the Rings fanatic????

  • melissa koullias
    melissa koullias 14 days ago

    I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 16 days ago +1

    Not Tutankhamen's beard.:-O On his mask. I feel terrible sorry and terrible about Kurt Russell destroying that guitar. Those poor Antique sculptures that the lady accidentally knocked over!!!:-O:-O:-(:-(

  • Logan Mead
    Logan Mead 17 days ago

    good job Matt, keep up the good work!

  • Albert Minor
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  • Luka Djordjevic
    Luka Djordjevic 21 day ago

    You have Mona Lisa painting

  • knight night
    knight night 23 days ago

    Way2go Greenpeace. No wonder no one likes you

  • JCmtw Biz
    JCmtw Biz 23 days ago

    Just to make sure the Pharaoh that is king tut right? I’ve lived 33 years and had never heard of his full name until now.

  • jay howard
    jay howard 24 days ago

    $48 million is not half of a billion...

  • Brandon Kruszynski
    Brandon Kruszynski 25 days ago

    They’re putting plastic sooo

  • Brandon Kruszynski
    Brandon Kruszynski 25 days ago

    *me*breaks vase* *mum*THATS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!

  • ClassicCNcartoonFanMovies

    So weird that every single one of theses guy are named accident

  • MCFinalNinja FTW
    MCFinalNinja FTW Month ago

    Remember that one time you made that old video about wonders of the world and one of them was the Terracotta Army and then you said something like, "That being said: Am I the only one who wants to play the world's most expensive game of dominoes ever?"

  • Kashmir DoubleMoonChild

    Hmmm. I was just watching the “Karma” video... I like it when terrorists blow themselves up.
    Anyway, I’ve a story for you, where should I send it?
    ( it’s a karma story, yeah.) Have a great day

  • M Czenk
    M Czenk Month ago

    What I don't get is why banksy stuff if worth much, it's very elementary, simple work

  • rrrkkk
    rrrkkk Month ago

    Panthenon? never heard of that one

  • Anime Internet Explorer

    There's a thing called Common Sense.

  • the Parsley Boys
    the Parsley Boys Month ago

    9 from the 9-teenth

  • Venomous Nate
    Venomous Nate Month ago

    The guy who broke King Tut’s beard
    “Looking very nice.”
    “I am so fired.”

  • Ari king
    Ari king Month ago

    OMG my english teacher in primaire school but that in class for help me and my friends is a cery nice things....Sorry is my english is bad is beaucause I speak french

  • Gretchen Bennett2024

    It's the Parthenon not the panthenon

  • Shontell Challoner
    Shontell Challoner Month ago

    Why do you look so much like Vscause?

  • Meaningless Memes
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  • Emerald General
    Emerald General Month ago

    "Like most people, he talks with his hands moving."
    Matt: *Moves hands*

  • Masterzooka
    Masterzooka Month ago

    You forgot the thousands of phones that people dropped.

  • Hehdhchrydhd Duunhdjrjdjdj

    Obviously Matt doesn't know the definition of "priceless"

  • John Dal Santo
    John Dal Santo Month ago

    It’s Melbourne

  • John Dal Santo
    John Dal Santo Month ago

    What is a melbooorn

  • DiamondGamingStudious //DGS

    One fell down the stairs, I'm a kid, and I survived, in fact, I DIDN'T EVEN GET SCARRED

  • sammy Woods
    sammy Woods Month ago

    So much cringe

  • CritCat
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  • DelightfulHormones
    DelightfulHormones Month ago

    melbourne. Oof it hurt every time he said it. It's pronounced melbin. Just like brisbane-Or well, Brisbin.

  • Homie Pigeon
    Homie Pigeon Month ago

    Why u saying Melborne

  • yoshitotem
    yoshitotem Month ago

    The governments of the world should implement a new law that makes taking selfies in museums and archeological/cultural sites ILLEGAL, with the punishment for being caught doing so being a hefty fine of at least 100$
    There have been too many, TOO MANY, priceless historical artifacts broken and ruined because some idiot wanted a
    selfie. In fact, such incidents are the reason i've abstained from EVER taking a selfie myself, i don't want to be involved
    in the same community as those idiots.

  • lh0216
    lh0216 Month ago

    so greenpeace is mentioned here... that effing organization...

  • octavaluna
    octavaluna Month ago

    There was this precious sculpture gracing the train station of Lisbon (a work of neoclassic art in itself) util a tourist climed up to get a selfie with a statue and broke it.

  • C Squared
    C Squared Month ago

    #11: the comment section

  • Mary Hawkey
    Mary Hawkey Month ago

    I think #1 turned out to be a set-up prank.

  • GamingPanda
    GamingPanda 2 months ago

    the start


  • Alicia Sercombe
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  • Exotic Cats
    Exotic Cats 2 months ago

    “Your insurance cost is only 5 million dollars!”

  • Austin Tran
    Austin Tran 2 months ago

    9:17 love that funny ahuuu

  • E. C. Sherman
    E. C. Sherman 2 months ago

    This is why I can't trust myself in museums or auctions. I'm afraid that I might break something like these.

  • super killer 24
    super killer 24 2 months ago

    These people are just idiots. Just wow.

  • Mayday
    Mayday 2 months ago

    You might mention the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi who ordered all books in the Chinese empire (except the ones approved by him) to be burned...

  • Ryan Chandra
    Ryan Chandra 2 months ago

    I love how he says 'Mel-Bourne'

  • Kenziique
    Kenziique 2 months ago

    i could never live with myself if i destroyed one of these omg lol

  • Fire Pheonix X90
    Fire Pheonix X90 2 months ago

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  • bula strula
    bula strula 2 months ago

    many valuable things are destroyed permanently because people are not aware of how valuable they are or not even aware of their existence ...

  • WhitePencil
    WhitePencil 2 months ago

    they just did something the universe was gonna do 1googal+ years from now anyway.

  • Angela Cowie
    Angela Cowie 2 months ago

    Everyone say oops 😉

  • Cameron McManus
    Cameron McManus 2 months ago

    Love your vids but please learn how to pronounce Melbourne

  • Hk-47 Assassin droid
    Hk-47 Assassin droid 2 months ago


  • eclipse
    eclipse 2 months ago

    That painting is fugly and should be burned.

  • pz m56768
    pz m56768 2 months ago

    Pls subscribe to project zorgo

  • Gamerafighter76
    Gamerafighter76 3 months ago

    Yeah, a selfie isn't worth thousands of dollars of damage.

  • Phoenix Snilloc
    Phoenix Snilloc 3 months ago

    I like his gollum impression

  • Epik DABBER
    Epik DABBER 3 months ago

    The pauses are getting longer...I don't like that

  • Fiona Coyle
    Fiona Coyle 3 months ago

    NO! Put the selfie on Instagram 👌

  • Ali Butler
    Ali Butler 3 months ago

    Your hair is an artifact

  • Cheris Nelson
    Cheris Nelson 3 months ago

    People put way too much value on objects. Why is a painting worth millions of dollars? Just so billionaires can show off to eachother?

  • Erma Gayther
    Erma Gayther 3 months ago

    To tell you the truth the ones that spent money on art and wine deserved what they got!!! That money could have housed and fed millions of people! I dont feel sorry for not one of them!!

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali
    Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali 3 months ago

    You are so funny

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali
    Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali 3 months ago

    How do you get this knowledge

  • DukBurd
    DukBurd 3 months ago

    Is this painful for anyone else to watch lol

  • Jedi Mindtrixs
    Jedi Mindtrixs 3 months ago

    6:26 I'm pretty sure i almost died due to laughter

  • Ellielcraggsx
    Ellielcraggsx 3 months ago

    “The British museum” shows picture is st George’s in Liverpool

  • Reo Yant
    Reo Yant 3 months ago

    It feels so hurt only listening to this 😫

  • Rivaldo Realino K
    Rivaldo Realino K 3 months ago

    The crown scluptur is not an ancient artifact so its not really that priceless because it can be build again by the artist

  • Jared Wellman
    Jared Wellman 4 months ago

    pronounced Mel ben

  • Jared Wellman
    Jared Wellman 4 months ago

    lamp was no accident

  • RiskierGalaxy
    RiskierGalaxy 4 months ago

    You forgot to put the Mona Lisa that you broke and stuffed money in.

  • Isaac Laforeze
    Isaac Laforeze 4 months ago

    You think this is bad? Thanks to the negligence of the brazilian government we lost an entire museu! Full of valuable items

  • xdialga361445x
    xdialga361445x 4 months ago

    I was expecting peta to ruin one of the nasca lines but green peace I can somehow picture Logan Paul doing that

  • Hany Lotfalla
    Hany Lotfalla 4 months ago

    Awesome video

  • L D
    L D 4 months ago

    Ha,ha,ha bonehead.

  • Echo sans' REAL wife
    Echo sans' REAL wife 4 months ago

    The thumbnail tho xDDD

  • calamitous squid
    calamitous squid 4 months ago

    I'm only here because your thumbnail looks like the reveal in "Sleepaway Camp."

  • Lily Vaughan
    Lily Vaughan 4 months ago

    Mel born ❌
    Mel ben ✅
    Your pronunciation is killing me

  • Shadow Shards
    Shadow Shards 4 months ago

    Seriously David?!?!

  • Majestic Creeper
    Majestic Creeper 4 months ago

    How about your hair matt

  • I Will See you in Paradise


  • Lynx
    Lynx 4 months ago

    I think Picassos masterpieces looks like a 3 year old kids art

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 4 months ago

    you did that golem impression ... too well :/

  • Nicholas Willey
    Nicholas Willey 5 months ago

    The Elgin Marbles came from the Parthenon, not the Pantheon.

  • Illuminati Potato
    Illuminati Potato 5 months ago

    That’s actually a good Gollum impression.

  • Red Coyote
    Red Coyote 5 months ago

    this just makes me anxious, I'm so clumsy oh my gosh.

  • Aric Thompson
    Aric Thompson 5 months ago

    i have a friend named joshua graham that turned a broken ming vase into an ashtray. i can provide pictures too, if i can get one from him. ive seen it personally, it made .e.unreasonably mad

    • Aric Thompson
      Aric Thompson 5 months ago

      his family is super rich, he owns a castle in Tennessee (i think its Tennessee, it was in a taylor swift video)

  • Molly Murphy
    Molly Murphy 5 months ago +1

    My grandfathers brother (my great uncle) had been friends with many famous people in the 80s and 70s. He had died of a type of disease in like 1986. He had been good friends with the Lead singer of sting, and a couple other artists, but one of the most famous people he knew was Andy Warhol. Before my great uncle had passed Andy warhol had painted him a picture, I don't know what is was but he had gotten a picture. After he had died my great grandma SOLD THE PAINTING FOR $10! It was worth hundreds of thousands, but she sold it for around $10 without realizing. 😂