VIPKID: Neodymium Magnets, Magnet Board, Prop Storage

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • Link to Magnets:
    (They've upped the price by an UGLY amount since I created this video. But here is still the link )
    Long magnets:
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  • Kathy Gooley
    Kathy Gooley 5 days ago

    give away

  • Megan Telliano
    Megan Telliano 14 days ago

    Just what I needed, thank you!!

  • Jennifer Walsh
    Jennifer Walsh 17 days ago

    Giveaway : )

  • Brittney Patrick
    Brittney Patrick Month ago

    Those magnets seem pretty expensive, but otherwise I love the idea! I've been doing 2D props since I started, but the magnets seem way easier than the sticky tack I have been using. I would love to be part of your facebook group!

  • Stefan Icarus
    Stefan Icarus Month ago

    Question. What's the brand of the headphones you are using?

  • Jan Schildkamp
    Jan Schildkamp 2 months ago

    Hi! We just hung a piece of sheet metal... 4x3... like a cream color. It doesn’t even need covered but I don’t like the glare. Ordered my magnets but I need to ask what size magnets for the fabric... medium weight. What about the butterflies and other stuff? Magnets too? Thanks so much! I LOVE ❤️ your videos!

    • Dawn Goodwin
      Dawn Goodwin Month ago

      Jan Schildkamp, that's awesome! Thank you! I'm in Oklahoma.
      So your metal came on a roll and not a flat sheet of metal? I've seen thicker flat sheets ranging from $20-40 and thin aluminum rolls that weren't magnetic. Thank you for your response. I'll see what I can find.

    • Jan Schildkamp
      Jan Schildkamp Month ago

      Dawn Goodwin my husband got it at a place that does sheet metal for metal buildings. They just rolled it out and cut it. They even finished the edges... $20. Where do you live?

    • Dawn Goodwin
      Dawn Goodwin Month ago

      Where did you find your 4x3 sheet metal and how much was it? I'm having a hard time finding a piece like the one Jennifer uses in her video. Thank you!

  • Tina Rose
    Tina Rose 2 months ago


  • Teacher Faith
    Teacher Faith 2 months ago

    Love your videos and group!! So helpful through the hiring process and as I prepare (just waiting forever for my background check).
    Question you print your props on regular paper or card stock? I plan on laminating, but wasn’t sure for things used often if I should maybe use card stock as well.
    Thank you!

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  2 months ago

      Hi! I have tried both and decided the extra cost of card stock is NOT worth it. Regular printing paper works best when laminating for me. I prefer laminating sheets that are either 3mm or 5mm. Both seem to do very well in my classroom

  • Nikko Arnado
    Nikko Arnado 3 months ago

    Hello Teacher Jennifer! Great Vid! Thanks for the great info. Would you happen to have some of your rewards available for download? Those Princess Megs look amazing!

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  3 months ago

      Yes! They are all on my facebook page VIPKID:Videos&Props

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 3 months ago

    Hi Jennifer! Right now the magnets you recommend on Banggood are $34.50 for 50 magnets. There are others that happen to be on sale: N50, 8mmx2mm, 100 piece for $4.99. Or N52 5mmx2mm 100 piece for $3.68. That is huge price difference from the ones you prefer. Is it worth it or will one of these others work just as well? Any insight? Thank you!

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  3 months ago

      I've found that as long as long as they are between 50N-52N strength then they work well :)

  • Sonia Castro
    Sonia Castro 3 months ago

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve order these magnets about 2 weeks ago. I am still waiting. Does it take long for the order to arrive?

  • Katrina P.
    Katrina P. 4 months ago

    Do you print your 2d items on cardstock or regular printer paper? Suggestions on laminators?

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  3 months ago +1

      I used regular printer paper and then laminated them. I think all laminators work well and that it's more important to buy good laminating sheets. I suggest 3mm-5mm sheets

  • Jennifer Anderson
    Jennifer Anderson  4 months ago

    Please feel free to return the love and apply with my Teacher Recruitment Portal link:
    If you have already started the interview process, you can email our education department ( ) letting them know Jennifer D Anderson referred you and attach my Referral Code: 02250Q along with my email address
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  • mischa bryan
    mischa bryan 5 months ago

    Giveaway! I really enjoy your videos :)

  • Fernanda Nickel
    Fernanda Nickel 5 months ago

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the videos, you are totally inspiring. Quick question? Do you use the same N50 magnets you linked to hold up the cloth and bigger overhear props ?
    Thanks :D

  • Judy Brotherton
    Judy Brotherton 5 months ago

    Thanks for all of the helpful tips. I bombed Mock 1 so now I'm gearing up for number 2. I'm super nervous. I love your enthusiasm. Wish me luck!! 😊

  • Melinda Harper
    Melinda Harper 5 months ago

    Thanks see you in the group.

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson 5 months ago

    at Amazon .....Approximately, 200Pcs for $10.99 &Free Shipping ... search "ZJWEI Small Multi-Use Refrigerator Magnets for Refrigerator, Science, Crafts - Tiny Round Disc, Sliver,4MM x 1.5MM" -

  • Jon Doyle
    Jon Doyle 6 months ago

    giveaway!! Love your videos and I just took your workshop about props and rewards! Great job! :D

  • Anita Thompson
    Anita Thompson 6 months ago

    giveaway? ummm probably too late? I love all you videos . . .I got different sizes of magnets from amazon . . . I think I will like these from bangbang better. I made my first contribution to the FB page today.

  • MiOil Vida
    MiOil Vida 6 months ago

    I used your same idea with the metal...BUT I used magnets on my blinds and the sheet metal!! Sooo, no nails, screws, or extra muscle needed!! ;)

    • Dawn Goodwin
      Dawn Goodwin Month ago

      Hmmmm. Sounds like a good idea! I might have to try this! I'd like to see a picture, too! :-)

    • Jan Schildkamp
      Jan Schildkamp 2 months ago

      Blinds. Picture? I’m curious.

  • Christina Braun-Joseph
    Christina Braun-Joseph 6 months ago

    Giveaway 🙂

  • Travis Walter
    Travis Walter 7 months ago

    giveaway (on behalf of wife)

  • D R
    D R 7 months ago

    ? answered in video..thanks

  • D R
    D R 7 months ago

    Where did you get your magnet board?

  • Christi Campbell
    Christi Campbell 7 months ago

    Your videos are incredibly helpful to this newbie! I'm ever grateful! Apparently, should sponsor you because they are sold out!!

  • Mary Basko
    Mary Basko 7 months ago

    Your videos are so helpful ♡ I was just wondering what type of fabric you used for your magnetic board? And the snaller magnetic boards that aren't covered did you get those cut at home depot too ?

  • Karen Garcia-Herreros
    Karen Garcia-Herreros 7 months ago

    You are so genuinely sweet! Your videos are so full of practical ideas and helpful tips! I kept thinking, what in the world are "tootie" props? Then, I had an "ahah" moment! Ok, I feel dumb! Anyway, thanks again! Btw, are these magnets available from Amazon? I've never shopped on, so I'm curious if you just prefer it and why? Thanks again! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  • Sylvia Stuckey
    Sylvia Stuckey 7 months ago

    Thank you for all of your awesome, helpful videos! Where do you get the metal sheet where you keep your props?

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  7 months ago

      Sylvia Stuckey thank you! I get my metal sheet from Home Depot

  • Suzanne Huber
    Suzanne Huber 7 months ago

    GIVEAWAY!! Super helpful video, as usual. Thank you for all you do!!

  • Sheila T
    Sheila T 7 months ago

    Giveaway, and I am probably too late, lol!! I love your videos and thank you for helping and supporting us teachers in succeeding with VIPKID.

  • J Hullender
    J Hullender 8 months ago +1

    This is so helpful! I have two questions. How far back is your computer from your board? I am getting ready to change up my setting and I'm wanting to do a board like this. I don't do a ton of 2D props but it will still be helpful for the ones I do use and I can change it out for the seasons and such. Also do you find that it is more cost-effective to print the 2D props at home or to have them printed somewhere like Staples? Is it just me or does it seem like the color ink cartridges run out very quickly at home?

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  7 months ago

      J Hullender my husband is in grad school and each student pays $30 a semester for printer use. I just use his account and print in the computer lab

    • Leah Loy
      Leah Loy 7 months ago

      Jennifer Anderson, what is a college printing account? Just curious!! :) Love your videos and your FB group, Thank you for the time you invest in other teachers to make us all more successful! You ROCK!

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  7 months ago +1

      J Hullender my computer is 32 inches from my wall (people ask me that a lot) I have a college printing account which is super cost effective

  • Gina Ramon
    Gina Ramon 8 months ago

    Love watching your videos! Giveaway!

  • BDPRx3
    BDPRx3 8 months ago

    Great information! And I really like your energy--not over the top-just right!

  • Kim Possible
    Kim Possible 8 months ago

    I am over the moon I was trying to find a more minimized way of working - I saw another teacher with a white board and magnets and then I said that's me. I run another business and too much stuff.... YOU Rock!!!! Thanks!!

  • Marcie Norton
    Marcie Norton 8 months ago

    What printer do you have? Your props are very vibrant and clear.

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith 8 months ago

    I love you videos! I just wanted to share with you that I bought the same sheet of metal you talked about and my husband made me a stand to put it in and I now have an awesome magnetic board!!! Thank you so much!!! I would love to share a pic but my phone app isn’t giving me the option. I may send you one through Facebook.

  • kara williams
    kara williams 9 months ago

    Love your chickens!! Are they in the files? Love these magnets!!!!!

  • Sarah Rich
    Sarah Rich 9 months ago

    are you still doing the giveaway? thanks for all the tips! so helpful!

  • Sabrina Scott
    Sabrina Scott 9 months ago

    I have so much anticipation for these magnets to come me back in stock. They said they would be available today!!! 😬

  • Jessica Conner
    Jessica Conner 9 months ago

    Giveaway - I think I'm just a little too late since it's Dec 1st:( Your video is awesome - thank you for sharing your ideas...waiting for approval to your FB group!! Today will be my first class...and 2nd...and I have 5 booked tomorrow (3 are "info pending"?)...and 5 more this week. I was told not to expect a lot at first so I'm a little overwhelmed with 10 in the first week...most are several in a row. Your video is helping me to breathe through it all!!! Thanks!!!

  • Brenda Mann
    Brenda Mann 9 months ago

    Giveaway! Thanks for all the cool tips and tricks!

  • Karyn Blackburn
    Karyn Blackburn 9 months ago

    Awesome & Amsxing Video, ideas and inspiration. THANK YOUCrossing my fingers for the giveaway.

  • Kelly Langlie
    Kelly Langlie 9 months ago

    I had to subscribe to your channel! I stumbled across one of your videos and I took 2 ideas from it and it has totally changed my teaching experience! Thank you! I am joining your facebook group now!

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  • B Rainey
    B Rainey 9 months ago

    Giveaway! You are so helpful! Thank you :-)

  • Renee Johnson
    Renee Johnson 9 months ago

    Ahhhh!!! Jennie, you are SO stinkin’ cute!! I love all of this!!! I think I definitely want to switch to 2D props! And I love the board!!

  • Zuly Vazquez
    Zuly Vazquez 9 months ago

    Hiii!!! Thank you for the helpful info! I just started teaching few days ago. I just did my first trial this morning! I had a lot of fun teaching my first child. I’m not sure if the giveaway is still going but if I can participate please sign me in :-). Thank you.

  • Amanda Feole
    Amanda Feole 9 months ago


  • Amy B
    Amy B 9 months ago


  • Elissa Barela
    Elissa Barela 9 months ago

    Jennifer, is your metal sheet sharp around the edges? I’m just wondering because of my kids. Also, how heavy is it? Thanks!

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  9 months ago

      Elissa Barela yes it’s sharp but LSU’s flat against my wall. My 3 and 1 year old haven’t hurt themselves on it especially with fabric over it. It is a bit heavy. About the weight of a text book

  • marian peaslee
    marian peaslee 9 months ago

    give aways

  • Nancy Smart
    Nancy Smart 9 months ago +3

    I love your videos. They are so informative and are full of great ideas and tips. Thank you for all of the props you give access to. It is very helpful and less time consuming than me having to create them myself. I would love to be a part of your giveaways.

  • Dee Dillon
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  • Kathy Thomas
    Kathy Thomas 9 months ago

    You rock! Giveaway or not! :-)

  • Wendy Starkand
    Wendy Starkand 10 months ago

    Giveaway. I love watching your videos and I am excited to interview and get started!!

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  • Lisa Markle
    Lisa Markle 10 months ago

    I came back to this video to tell you that using packing tape to attach the magnets is BRILLIANT! I had been hot gluing them and this is so much better! Also, before seeing this video I had bought small disc magnets off Amazon and they have that metal dust all over them, so the packing tape fixed that! I love the storage idea too, I do something similar with my magnet letters so I don't have to prep. Thank you!!

    • Michelle Kasel
      Michelle Kasel 5 months ago

      So do you just use clear packing tape over the magnet to adhere it? Seems too simple😂

    • Jennifer Anderson
      Jennifer Anderson  10 months ago

      Lisa Markle yay! I’m so glad I could help

  • Bethany Baker
    Bethany Baker 10 months ago

    So excited to hear you have a facebook group! I'm looking to apply after the holidays.

  • Kelly Peterson
    Kelly Peterson 10 months ago

    Giveaway! (Also, my 3-year-old daughter watched this with me and wanted to know why you had all my props on your wall. Haha!)

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  • Mike Riley
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    Norma Riley

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    • mavenunltd
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    Loved this video and it answered my questions about the magnetic props.

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