3 Men Stuck In Space When An Oxygen Tank Exploded - This Is How They Survived

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Imagine being stranded in space with no hope to make it back to Earth. Well that's exactly the insane challenge the astronauts of Apollo 13 faced. In today's animated story cartoon we analyze the chain of events that led to the Apollo 13 mission almost being a major issue for NASA, but instead being one of the most incredible rescue missions ever.
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  7 months ago +418

    I can relate to that... The feeling when you fix the kitchen table, the leak in the sink and your kids' broken toy using duct tape is 🔥! 😂
    What was your best last minute fix that saved the day?

    • Sean Holm
      Sean Holm 16 days ago

      Blasmations Time to get New Ears

    • Tom Brock
      Tom Brock 24 days ago

      You didnt drawn Gene with the famous waistcoat so you get a thumbs down from me..

    • Garfield I Dunno
      Garfield I Dunno 25 days ago

      Do you even fricking know what it looks like? Cause instead you're showing a couple rockets that don't!

    • The Fire King
      The Fire King 25 days ago


    • Garfield I Dunno
      Garfield I Dunno Month ago

      @Toben Farrell ?

  • Seal 123
    Seal 123 6 days ago

    Wow this stressed me out! But i now really realize how smart NASA engineers are scientists are!

  • MiniWave 10
    MiniWave 10 7 days ago

    wrong rocket!

  • Ollie Angelethy
    Ollie Angelethy 8 days ago

    My head hurts

  • Spaceflight Videos
    Spaceflight Videos 9 days ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble but that first stage is the Soviet Unions N1 rocket...so ummm...wrong model buddy🤷‍♂️

  • daksh vardhan
    daksh vardhan 9 days ago

    WHOLE MISSION : *task failed successfully*

  • Michael Buchan
    Michael Buchan 10 days ago

    Amazing people can engineer something like this

  • RocketuserTheGamer
    RocketuserTheGamer 12 days ago

    That's not a Saturn V at the start...

  • Cameron Channing
    Cameron Channing 15 days ago

    The engineers and mathematicians that work for NASA are something else.

  • LittleRunningMan 01
    LittleRunningMan 01 23 days ago +1

    *Houston we have a problem*

  • jeremy emilio
    jeremy emilio 23 days ago

    This is why its better to stay on earth

  • Jayhawker340
    Jayhawker340 25 days ago

    Um you are wrong. Ken Mattingly was NOT on Apollo 13. He got bumped due to illness. He was then put on Apollo 16. You need to fix the first minute of the video where you say Ken. Jack swigert replaced him and was on this mission.

  • John Hormaza
    John Hormaza 26 days ago

    Did the graphic designer ever see what the Saturn V rocket looks like? The little spire at the top was an emergency rocket in case there was a problem close to the ground it would shoot off taking the manned capsule to a safe distance away from the main rocket if it were to have an issue at take off. They made it seem like the astronauts were sol if anything went wrong.

  • Wyatt Hodges
    Wyatt Hodges 26 days ago

    Hahahahahah yo used the Soviet N-1 moon rocket instead of the Saturn-5 rockets

  • TicKle Me SkITzO
    TicKle Me SkITzO 28 days ago

    Did I just see iPads and iPhones at the engineering station where the trying to solve the problem.. 10:30

  • AllSportsNation
    AllSportsNation 28 days ago

    “Houston, we’ve a problem”

  • Richard Hunsaker
    Richard Hunsaker Month ago

    The phrase “Houston we have a problem” was never said, it was only said in the movie “Apollo 13”

  • Sam Thang U.
    Sam Thang U. Month ago

    Houston we have a problem , I’m out of battery!!!

  • john hamilton
    john hamilton Month ago

    Did everyone get all that? Now build your own spaceships for extra credit.

  • squidwardfam82
    squidwardfam82 Month ago

    just watched apollo 13 in school

  • Milesmario08- Playz

    0:56 why u using the N1 engine????

  • H? B
    H? B Month ago

    There is a movie about this

  • ImaSwine Crap Content

    They didn’t animate the Saturn V, instead they animated the N1 that is the Soviet counterpart.
    It can’t be that hard to animate the most iconic rocket in history

  • Mr Clickbait
    Mr Clickbait Month ago +1

    i knew this but meh

  • Mr. Fluffybear
    Mr. Fluffybear Month ago

    Bad video, way too many errors.

  • Pancake
    Pancake Month ago

    when they use a Soyuz rocket to represent a Saturn V, bruh
    edit: its now an N1-L3

  • Jose Mojarro
    Jose Mojarro Month ago

    What music did he use and what is it called it sounds lit

  • Heulwen Rhosyn
    Heulwen Rhosyn Month ago

    2:43 they started playing Guess Who 😂😂😂😂

  • Meka Malice
    Meka Malice Month ago

    And this kids is why i never wanted to be an astronaut

  • Rottors
    Rottors Month ago

    Me: 7:08

  • Gazza King
    Gazza King Month ago +3

    The exact quote was "Uh, Houston, we've had a problem..."

  • Eliså FloOrianå
    Eliså FloOrianå Month ago +1

    I was born on April 13...what a coincidence

  • Kristen Shelton
    Kristen Shelton Month ago +1

    The lm and the csm and the 3rd stage are right

  • Kristen Shelton
    Kristen Shelton Month ago

    Why r u using the wrong rocket

  • Sharkcraft
    Sharkcraft Month ago

    2:41 There is this... thing...

    it's called an abort tower... which wasn't even on your model of the rocket because you clearly have no idea how the Saturn V looks like

  • Sharkcraft
    Sharkcraft Month ago

    0:27 ah yes... clearly the Saturn V rocket

    0:55 how the heck did you get the wrong rocket twice? thats the N1 (pretty sure)

  • Jiawei Ke
    Jiawei Ke Month ago

    Boo! You don’t want to always visit the moon. Hop on the submarine and sink. Magnetic field pulls the submarine down and breaks the vehicle that brings everything down to the bottom off the ocean. Becoming Kraken food. Giant sea monster.

  • SamGamer07
    SamGamer07 Month ago +1

    I literately watched the Apollo 13 movie last night

  • Arthur BR31
    Arthur BR31 Month ago

    Hey i think you got the wrong rocket bud...

  • Dumb Comment
    Dumb Comment 2 months ago

    Wait how did they power up the command model again? Is it classified or what

    • Dumb Comment
      Dumb Comment Month ago

      @Mr.Yanis _ it's weird that he didn't cover that in the video, also I did the research right after

    • Mr.Yanis _
      Mr.Yanis _ Month ago

      It's not , research about it

  • K.W.
    K.W. 2 months ago

    ''This allows the Saturn to achieve....''
    *Proceeds to show a rocket that looks like an N-1....

  • Should_A_ Sed_Dis
    Should_A_ Sed_Dis 2 months ago +2

    One person figured out the oxygen scrubber problem, not a team. You guys just wanted the Opie movie.......,

  • Arash Rahmani
    Arash Rahmani 2 months ago

    Hymans isnt supposed to come this long

  • Bone 1557
    Bone 1557 2 months ago

    Now I know where did the "Houston, we have a problem" thing originated from

  • Bot. Tfue
    Bot. Tfue 2 months ago


  • Mikkel Tan
    Mikkel Tan 2 months ago


  • Kendric Kendric
    Kendric Kendric 2 months ago

    Mattingly was on Apollo 16! Not this disaster!

  • Sqnder
    Sqnder 2 months ago

    0:59 it looks more like the russian rocket named N-1

  • Garfield I Dunno
    Garfield I Dunno 2 months ago

    You forgot the fact that Ken Mattingly was replaced by Jack Swigert cause Ken had German measles.

  • Joey Thompson
    Joey Thompson 2 months ago

    Mattingly wasnt on 13, Jack Swigert took his place

  • fbontube
    fbontube 2 months ago

    Why does the launch rocket look like a Soviet rocket at the video beginning?

  • Wreckage Rider
    Wreckage Rider 2 months ago

    a few mistakes in this video, It is James A Lovell that said the "Houston, we've had a problem" phrase. not Jack Swigert

  • Tomika Kelly
    Tomika Kelly 2 months ago

    How do they NOT have Plan Bs for things like this?

  • JW_Cat
    JW_Cat 2 months ago

    Just practice the mission on Kerbal Space Program - on that game, you can revert time and crash all you want

  • Pete Whitmore
    Pete Whitmore 2 months ago

    Hahaha a simple history advert on an infographics vid 😁😁

  • Big Beast
    Big Beast 2 months ago

    American mission but soviet rockets?

  • John Roy
    John Roy 2 months ago +1

    Can you add about 8 more ads? I wasn't getting interrupted enough.

    • John Roy
      John Roy 2 months ago

      @Juan Andrade In just this video there were 5 ads. They randomly popped up and I could not skip them.

    • Juan Andrade
      Juan Andrade 2 months ago

      John Roy I only had 2 ads ??? How many did you watch?

  • Stash Calhoun
    Stash Calhoun 2 months ago

    My grandfather was a engineer in the projects

  • T Good
    T Good 2 months ago

    Your quote is wrong. Houston we HAD a problem. Not we HAVE a problem. Fix it

  • Manuel Pizarro Amaya
    Manuel Pizarro Amaya 2 months ago

    That is not the SaturnV (The one from the beginning)