Women with Different Salaries on How They Splurge On A Night Out | Glamour

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Women with different salaries tell us what splurging on a night out looks like for them.
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    Women with Different Salaries on How They Splurge On A Night Out | Glamour
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  • IAmMe
    IAmMe Month ago

    I hate my life.

  • filmgirlLisa
    filmgirlLisa Month ago

    I guess it's me but some of these answers are pretty generic and not interesting. "A night out with bae" could apply to anyone and has nothing to do with either income or the lack of it. These videos are pointless if they are going to let them answer anonymously AND generically.

  • reshi p
    reshi p Month ago

    How they splurge on a night out...get bae to pay or simps on a ladies night out

  • Basil Siddiqui
    Basil Siddiqui 2 months ago +2

    and i thought my mom making 250 k a year was a lot (shes also a physian, just not emergency ,regular)

  • Arvind Talukdar
    Arvind Talukdar 3 months ago

    I like how they sampled. For every person earning 30k there is a person earning 600k. 🙄

  • Aegean McCarry
    Aegean McCarry 3 months ago +3

    $12k/year....a night out is literally taco bell if im lucky or making cookies and watching netflix on my friends shared account lmao

    • skorpia g
      skorpia g 14 days ago

      I'm a huge movie nut. Go for free apps that have lots of movies/shows. Pluto is a good one. I also buy movies on Thanksgiving at Walmart dirt cheap that just came out.

  • KiWi
    KiWi 3 months ago +17

    Sis where are you going that pizza $40??

    • Honin Akecheta
      Honin Akecheta 3 months ago +2

      She said that like it was cheap lol

    • jojofromtx
      jojofromtx 3 months ago

      KiWi right? I’m assuming they meant with the wings and breadsticks and all that lol

  • Gacha panda
    Gacha panda 3 months ago +1

    1.3 million a year!?!?!?!?!?!

  • wasabi . pdf
    wasabi . pdf 3 months ago +2

    Living for 200$ on month. Fckng belarus.

  • Tina S
    Tina S 3 months ago +2

    Its crazy someone lives on 29K a yesr. My tuition and fees at my public graduate school is 24,000 a semester but i am offered 50,000 a semester in student loans. im not dumb enough to take it all BUT its crazy how the news keeps saying there is a student loan crisis but im offered by the government more then twice what this lady makes in a year for,living expenses. If there was a crisis they would only offer the cost of tuition and let ppl figure out living on their own

    • LolloRosso
      LolloRosso 3 months ago

      So you are still in school? The student loan crisis exists because people struggle to earn enough to make a living and pay their student loan debt back at the same time. The cost of living has gone up, while wages haven't kept up with the cost of living and remained pretty stagnant. In addition to that, finding a job in the first place can already be challenging.

  • Nicolas Tamayo
    Nicolas Tamayo 3 months ago +78

    How can a clinical psychologist only make 29k a year????

    • Kate kbr
      Kate kbr Month ago

      She’s probably just starting out...

    • Xylic G
      Xylic G Month ago

      because she is only 26

    • Tomi Badejoh
      Tomi Badejoh 2 months ago

      prob works nonprofit

    • Milfuelle100
      Milfuelle100 3 months ago +2

      She may not be working full-time.

  • Zeba Khatun
    Zeba Khatun 4 months ago +27

    okay 1.3 million dollars a year.

  • nomnomgirl513
    nomnomgirl513 4 months ago +5

    $40 on PIZZA

  • Jbshbs Skskhbs
    Jbshbs Skskhbs 4 months ago

    please be sure to add the new episodes to the Honest Accounts playlist, might miss them otherwise!

  • Corleone
    Corleone 4 months ago

    we're gonna hang you gluttonous and greedy fucks and parade your heads throughout the streets

  • The Red Cupcake
    The Red Cupcake 4 months ago

    I’m poor.

  • Molika Ponn
    Molika Ponn 4 months ago +1

    omg the first actress is Duan Mackenzie's friend!

  • Cinzabeary
    Cinzabeary 4 months ago +4

    A good night out for me is going to the soccer game in the summer or karaoke night at my favourite spot in the winter.

  • Ashish Prasai
    Ashish Prasai 4 months ago +10

    These all are actors it would be better if it was the actual person.

    • Ashish Prasai
      Ashish Prasai 4 months ago

      @Prismatic Queen yeah, you are probably right. But all i wanted to say was i was a little dissapointed after i knew they were all hired actors as i enjoy watching real experience shared by the real people about their life on youtube. Btw i never really meant to be rude. Sorry if it seemed that way 😂. But i was not actually being rude.

    • Prismatic Queen
      Prismatic Queen 4 months ago +1

      @Ashish Prasai The entretainer answered the same questions as all the other women. Not all of these ladies *need* to be comfortable around cameras. If the "an actor will read your answer" rule applies to one woman, it should apply to all of them for the video's sake. And yes, every celebrity is at risk, hence why most of them have bodyguards. Plus, hiring people, like those actresses, is good for the economy. By the way, don't be rude or sarcastic, it don't cost you a thing to be nice.

    • Ashish Prasai
      Ashish Prasai 4 months ago +2

      @Prismatic Queen haha i dont understand you. She is an entertainer as shown. If they are camera shy why choose this career. According to you every celebrity and media person is at risk 😂.

    • Prismatic Queen
      Prismatic Queen 4 months ago +5

      Yeah, let's put the face of the girl who gets 1.3 million on the internet next to her income. It's not gonna create a dangerous risk for her safety at all. Sure. Plus, some people are shy and don't react nicely to being in front of the camera.

  • Blair InTheBurbs
    Blair InTheBurbs 4 months ago +3

    I like to spend my Friday nights staying inside with my husband watching a movie & eating junk food.

  • The Bemused: Making Sense of Money 💰

    I’m the same as the girl making $68k. Anywhere with bae, I’m good!

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 4 months ago +222

    Well that was boring.... Rich or poor, a good night out is just food?

    Hajar BOUTAHIRI 4 months ago +166

    I was too busy looking at their salaries according to their occupations, i couldn’t catch a word of what they said 😳😐

    • Hajar BOUTAHIRI
      Hajar BOUTAHIRI 3 months ago

      Natalie Pfost Yeah i can tell 😜

    • Natalie Pfost
      Natalie Pfost 3 months ago

      Hajar BOUTAHIRI didn’t miss much just food 😂

  • steve stoutenburg
    steve stoutenburg 4 months ago +15

    More interested to know how much they tipped

  • Hera Cadiddlehopper
    Hera Cadiddlehopper 4 months ago +12

    the first was a clinical psychologist making 29,000 so likely she works very part time as most make way more than that especially in private practice. She is also one with the highest educations in the group

    • Kayla No
      Kayla No 3 months ago

      She probably recently graduated

    • FilmsAreBest
      FilmsAreBest 4 months ago

      Hera Cadiddlehopper haha all good

    • Hera Cadiddlehopper
      Hera Cadiddlehopper 4 months ago +1

      FilmsAreBest just re-read what I wrote and I didn’t mean to say the one with the highest education but likely one of the ones with the highest level of education. I must have been half asleep when I wrote that as it’s not at all correct. 😀

    • FilmsAreBest
      FilmsAreBest 4 months ago

      Hera Cadiddlehopper that’s presumptuous you don’t know how educated the other people are?

  • Isabella Fockler
    Isabella Fockler 4 months ago +2


  • Desert Vox
    Desert Vox 4 months ago +1


  • Danielley Xo
    Danielley Xo 4 months ago

    Who is the actor

  • Ishan Ali
    Ishan Ali 4 months ago +402

    Lord I hope you bless us all with 1.3million

    • MyaijahDawn
      MyaijahDawn 2 months ago

      Yes speak this into existence! 🙏🏽😌

    • Fareeha Mehmood
      Fareeha Mehmood 4 months ago +10

      Ishan Ali lmao I can't even!! you are literally on every single video I watch😂😂

    • sakshi virdi
      sakshi virdi 4 months ago

      How are you doing this?

  • YaGalWhoLikesMC
    YaGalWhoLikesMC 4 months ago +8

    It’s actually really great how most are about being with loved ones!

  • Jordan FOA
    Jordan FOA 4 months ago +1

    75k bad asl 😍😍

  • I'm bold
    I'm bold 4 months ago +9

    Jobless 🙄

  • Izuna Todoroki
    Izuna Todoroki 4 months ago +2

    Omg i love you!

  • Tomodachi Life
    Tomodachi Life 4 months ago +684


    • Divalicious
      Divalicious 26 days ago

      In another video she said that she is a dancer

    • aloha charlie
      aloha charlie 26 days ago

      She a stipper

    • Elisha Mohamed
      Elisha Mohamed 2 months ago

      TH69 KYRO this video was posted when she was 28, and they could have easily asked her when she was 27 since they use mostly the same people for many videos. Like they interviewed her with diff questions at one time. this video series is separated one question per vid

    • TH69 KYRO
      TH69 KYRO 2 months ago

      @Elisha Mohamed that person was 27 , Catherine paiz is 29

    • Tomodachi Life
      Tomodachi Life 3 months ago

      Marcus Gradington but imagine in the future

  • Leon Murphy
    Leon Murphy 4 months ago +122

    If you find this comment your a legend and if you likes this comment your even more of a legend

  • 5ive8ight
    5ive8ight 4 months ago

    If this is blue you love Glamour❤️
    👇( I'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers🤩)

    • Joshua Laughlin
      Joshua Laughlin 3 months ago

      You're videos are garbage

    • crimson raiza
      crimson raiza 4 months ago

      CarNag3 5ive8ight The fact that you guys are doing this on non gaming videos is disgusting.

  • Maleah Koch
    Maleah Koch 4 months ago


  • Tomodachi Life
    Tomodachi Life 4 months ago +1


  • Stanislaw Ciechanowski
    Stanislaw Ciechanowski 4 months ago