• Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • A group of Un-American Zombies gathered together for the sole purpose of trying to push the leftist agenda while spreading lies and deceit about our current POTUS! So some Patriots decided to counter protest in support of our Country and President!
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  • LoneRanger2000
    LoneRanger2000 4 months ago +1160

    I just sent Brandon a small donation as a THANK YOU! Please consider doing the same.

    • Vlaw
      Vlaw Month ago

      @Ben Wilson you sound like a feminist bitch. God makes the rules and determines what's good and what is wrong.

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson Month ago

      @Vlaw 1) If Islam is submission to God, why do you hate gay people, trans people, white people, black people, women, Jews, Christians, and any minority that isn't an Islamic male? 2) Nobody gives a fuck about what the "most conservative philosophy" is; you're "conservative" to the point that if you can't control people, you'll wage Jihad. Fuck outta here.

    • Ben Wilson
      Ben Wilson Month ago

      @Vlaw What kind of spice you smoking bruh?

    • MCccc7 Cortes
      MCccc7 Cortes Month ago

      How did you send the donation? So I can also.

    • Vlaw
      Vlaw Month ago

      @RKNS I have never said such thing.

  • Konstantine Mitsel
    Konstantine Mitsel 3 hours ago

    Represent for all of us Russians

  • Angel Benabe
    Angel Benabe 16 hours ago

    And manufacturing coming back.

  • Angel Benabe
    Angel Benabe 16 hours ago

    Obama only enacted the stimilus pkg that saved ONLY RICH people, please tell me how he helped minorities, i CAN'T find anything.

  • Angel Benabe
    Angel Benabe 16 hours ago

    Look at bitch ass CNN in back ground

  • Princesswarrior JP
    Princesswarrior JP 23 hours ago

    It's funny how the woman got in your face first and was telling you off then says, ” don't tell woman what to do” 😆

  • Princesswarrior JP

    When you come to Florida let me know👍😁#TRUMP2020❤️ #TRUMPSAMERICA #WELOVEOURPRESIDENT

  • 123kkambiz
    123kkambiz Day ago

    10,000,000 times thumbs Up , great courage I salute you and I love you Brandon.

  • James b
    James b Day ago

    California is embarrassing and I live in California down right embarrassing

    AHMC HI Day ago

    "Give me two reasons that are impeachable offenses that trump has committed?" "Uh uh uh because of what he said yesterday." "Because he is an asshole."

  • Mr Olonzo
    Mr Olonzo Day ago

    Speaking truth burns vampires like crosses.

  • Mr Olonzo
    Mr Olonzo Day ago

    My father was a holocaust survivor. Look, another one. She wins the stand off...

  • Josh Massengale
    Josh Massengale Day ago

    It's insane how these people blind themselves to the facts! It's like they feel, if they just don't believe it, they think that Trump never did it and we're just spewing falsehood.. They are SICK!!!!

  • Red Lamp
    Red Lamp Day ago

    Get out and vote these Commies out in 2020!

  • Marvin Trejos
    Marvin Trejos 2 days ago

    Dude mad gangster and educated love this homie! Keep it up

  • mary me
    mary me 2 days ago

    I live close by and would love to go to the next you have any info you can send me about the events?

  • Misty Kimm
    Misty Kimm 2 days ago

    Wow! This is awesome! I love this guy!

  • Happy Camper
    Happy Camper 2 days ago

    🤣😂🤣keep it up Brandon🤣😂🤣

  • JustTryMe 2019
    JustTryMe 2019 3 days ago

    Public service announcement- women don't get to stomp around demanding equality and then make statements like "a MAN can never tell a WOMAN what to do"🤦‍♀️! What a bunch of triggered, hypocritical children!

  • JustTryMe 2019
    JustTryMe 2019 3 days ago

    2 years of investigation and they STILL couldn't prove collusion yet these people refuse to admit they are wrong?!! "Trump people are opinionated"😂😂😂

  • Regina St. John
    Regina St. John 3 days ago

    Most of the protesters don't even vote

  • Justin
    Justin 3 days ago using Southpark outtakes are ABSOLUTE GENUS!

  • BizzyIzzy87
    BizzyIzzy87 3 days ago

    Being aggressive = asking questions 🤷‍♂️

  • Pete W.
    Pete W. 3 days ago

    How are those tent cities, LA? #FixYourOwnMess

  • Don Lah
    Don Lah 3 days ago

    We need to kick these none American assholes out of this country. And send them to third world countries. And see then crawl back on their hands and knees bagging for Trump to let them back in.

  • Don Lah
    Don Lah 3 days ago

    What a bunch of cunt rags. And this is why I'm still single today. Some of these women are so stupid.

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew Robert 3 days ago

    15:04 The guy reminds me of one of the characters from the movie idiocracy

  • Matthew Robert
    Matthew Robert 3 days ago

    🤣the southpark is actually how these clowns are acting

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 days ago

    Leftists are ALL ideologues.

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 days ago

    God bless you Brandon.

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 days ago

    More power to you Brandon cause I’d wind up in prison if
    I walked into the belly of the beast.

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 4 days ago


  • georgio m
    georgio m 4 days ago

    Who let these people out of the asylum? They are tin foil hat fools

  • Nitrous Oxide
    Nitrous Oxide 4 days ago

    I feel bad for you having to put up with people like that all the time.

  • Mix Clip Max
    Mix Clip Max 4 days ago

    How have I never seen this guy. He is amazing. Love this guy.

  • Andy pride
    Andy pride 5 days ago

    So if you have tattoos you're a nazi now? These people are out of control.

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres 5 days ago

    Yoooo that boricua blood its running hot as fuck. Good job man you got balls . Saludos desde carolina PR

  • Michael Mazziotta
    Michael Mazziotta 5 days ago

    Must have been drunk one night and liked your posts. Sorry don't remember it, but now that i'm watching it again I see why I liked this in the first place. Give em hell bro allot of us feel the same way as you.

  • Jared S
    Jared S 5 days ago

    The best interviewer ever! Not even a close second anywhere on this planet!

  • Roger Gram
    Roger Gram 5 days ago

    I guess I have been living in another America because I was totally unaware that we had this many dumb asses walking around that are completely brain dead and unable to put two good thoughts together. It scares the hell out of me to think they may multiply like rats if they keep screwing each other. When you are asked a direct question and you're unable to reply with facts or at least provide a reasonable argument for why you believe what your protesting about then you only show your ignorance. And it's not ignorance of just the topic of which you were questioned about, it shows you're complete stupidity you live your life by, how can you people even think you belong in America. If you desire to have the things you want out of a society how about you shop around to the other countries, find the one you like and move your dumb asses there, then you will be happy. Trying to accomplish what you are trying to do here in America is not and will not ever happen, there are too many of us patriots and conservatives who will stomp your asses into the ground before we live in a socialist-communist country.

  • keith ss
    keith ss 5 days ago

    No homo. Lov ya bro. Keep doin what you doin

  • Lucid Dream
    Lucid Dream 6 days ago

    Brandon is always talking about others being emotional, but he is the most emotional person i have seen.


    That old fat shit looked like he was about to go into cardiac arrest, too much adrenaline and scared. The fat around his man boobs are probably squishing his heart ever more, what a fucking clown. You're awesome Brandon! And my name is Brandon too.

  • Arkansas Kid
    Arkansas Kid 6 days ago

    Liberals are fucking Retarded

  • basebrat64
    basebrat64 6 days ago

    these leftists are consumed 24/7 with hatred, delusion, and TDS! what a sad life. they could release themselves of all that by just recommitting to sanity.

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account

    I think the guy in the yellow hat wanted a kiss

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account

    I'm the waterboy ughhhghh lmfao

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account

    These south park clips in between are hilarious

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro 6 days ago

    Puerto Ricans corrupt Democrats have destroyed Puerto Rico.

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro 6 days ago

    They have multiplied and defiled the earth!

  • Micha Grobi
    Micha Grobi 7 days ago

    Brandon isn't an old school GOP who gets kicked down the road. Brandon is MAGA

  • Chuck Raley
    Chuck Raley 7 days ago

    Just found this channel, LOVE it! Keep fighting the good fight brother!

  • jigga2jones
    jigga2jones 7 days ago

    I ff thru all the south park crap not needed Brandon homie domie

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter 7 days ago

    In my experience old people *hate* to be wrong. Then they'll use their age to show the "know more.."

  • Joe Pyne
    Joe Pyne 7 days ago

    One CANNOT reason with far-left ignoramuses.

  • Joe Pyne
    Joe Pyne 7 days ago

    You're one of the "Good Guys," Brandon. Keep up the good work, pal.

  • Dave Kelders
    Dave Kelders 7 days ago

    4:28 "When you protest and want to impeach your President but cant spell impeach"

  • Auati Miriau
    Auati Miriau 7 days ago

    your the man from australia trump 2020

  • DDOA
    DDOA 7 days ago +1

    Liberals are brain dead, shoulda been aborted

  • Rae Ducky
    Rae Ducky 7 days ago +2

    they have antifa ... and we have brandon 🤷🏻‍♀️ its fair best believe 😂🤞🏻