Unique Gift Ideas for Artists and Watercolorists

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • Need some ideas for Holiday gift giving, for the artist on your shopping list or maybe even for YOU?! I hope to provide a few ideas you might not have seen or thought of. View on!
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Comments • 231

  • Janet Bailey
    Janet Bailey Year ago +21

    Silly Question..... If i go to the amazon link you provide, and there are other choices for products, like different color, size etc.... do you still get the credit for it or does it have to be the specific one that you have linked to?

    • long yarn
      long yarn Year ago

      The Mind of Watercolor - I'm guessing that putting the item on a wish list doesn't help you out?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago +37

      Very thoughtful of you to ask. Yes, I get credit for anything you order from that link follow for the next 24 hours after you clicked it, or even longer if you go ahead and put the item it in your cart then come back later and purchase. If you leave Amazon and come back through other means or links like typing in the Amazon web address I no longer get credit. So, for example, you can follow my link for a sketchbook and if you, lets say, do another $300 in shopping from that same link follow, I get credit for all of your purchase. 😃

  • Suzala Suzala
    Suzala Suzala Month ago +1

    Gotta get on board before things get to crazy,,,, wishing you a happy and healthy Holiday Season. I have been enjoying your videos for over 4 years and feel like you are part of my everyday life. wishing you the best.

  • Kristie Jo
    Kristie Jo Month ago +1

    Thank you for some wonderful options for me to send my kids so I get some awesome goodies for Christmas! They ask and I never know what to tell them until now!!!

  • SuperGirl1970 Carver

    etsy never worked for me.

  • Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey 2 months ago +1

    I really really like that colored lead holder that holds 8 colors. Just really wish they made it in smaller lead sizes. I think colored leads are way better than graphite for under drawings in watercolor

  • luis bito
    luis bito 2 months ago +1

    only used cheap stup art materia a dream someday has money buy good professional so for now used economic

  • Paty M.
    Paty M. 2 months ago +1

    Great options :) Thank you!

  • Nana Wren
    Nana Wren 5 months ago +3

    I know it's a bit late for "liking" but I have grandchildren who have birthdays coming up. A very gifted and talented bunch. The youngest shows the most promise in watercolor and he is an excellent artist. He's only 11 but his drawings and perspective are spot on, very realistic.

  • Robin Moulyn
    Robin Moulyn 5 months ago +1

    i remember your review of qor and it was negative.... have you changed your mind?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  5 months ago

      It was not so much negative as critical of their over the top claims. I like it. It’s very good watercolor. Just not as groundbreaking as they said.

  • Minerva *
    Minerva * 9 months ago +1

    Wow I've just checked out Charles santore..his other books are amazing.

  • Algum Wonder
    Algum Wonder 9 months ago +1

    oh, my kids have that rabbit book. I didn't notice it is painted in watercolor! We bought it from Kohl's for about $2.

  • Willow Branch
    Willow Branch 10 months ago

    Just to let you know- Yesterday I watched your video about painting on Yupo and later that day I ordered a vitamin supplement which arrived this morning with a pad of Yupo!!! And I was charged for it. I didn't go on the link because I wasn't interested in buying it. Very strange, now I scared to even look at a video or follow a link. I have to package it all up and return it, of course theres no one to tell but you, sorry!!!!! Maybe you have some insight into why this happened. I LOVE all your videos.

    • Willow Branch
      Willow Branch 10 months ago

      @The Mind of Watercolor That's possible, hopefully that's what happened. Thank you for the quick response.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  10 months ago

      Wouldn’t have been the link. You hit a button on Amazon without knowing it. It’s happened to me. I have buy with one click set up and have accidentally purchased something before. Have never had a problem with the video links.

  • Anne Wright
    Anne Wright 11 months ago +1

    Thank you for the marvelous gift ideas! Missed them last Christmas, but will check them out for this Christmas, birthdays, etc. What a wonderful video!!!

  • August Pasimio
    August Pasimio 11 months ago +1

    Great gift ideas!!

  • Woods Bound
    Woods Bound 11 months ago +1

    I know it's way past Christmas, but I ordered the Pentel set of 8 colored leads anyway!

  • Vic101able
    Vic101able 11 months ago +1

    That was awesome Steve, as it turned out I have good waterproof marker and one that will not with watercolor, now!

  • Debbie Lee
    Debbie Lee Year ago +1

    While I tend to get gift certificates to Art stores for my artist friends,(I never know what they want). I am definitely going to include your video with my gifts. These were all FABULOUS suggestions. I want them all.............for myself!!🤣 Merry Christmas and thank-you so much!!❤️

  • ARMYs’ wigs that has been snatched by BTS

    Looks like you have too much paints there, I don’t mind sacrificing myself to help you use it, you know ;)))))
    *Cough, cough*

  • james ?
    james ? Year ago +1

    Pastels are amazing gifts

  • james ?
    james ? Year ago +2

    The graphgear 1000 i s the best. I got inside information there making a 2000 edition coming out in 2019. We should hopefully have it first in our magazine. Can't waite

  • teenamarie23art
    teenamarie23art Year ago +1

    Great video

  • Siena Marie Art
    Siena Marie Art Year ago +1

    So many good ideas here 😍 I’m definitely adding those brushes to my wishlist.

  • Rayne SG a.k.a. inkyrayne

    I have a serious urge to go clean Steve's palettes....! Not QVC as they are cheesy and this wasn't. Informative though, thank you! Now have a couple of things to add to my wishlist that never seems to get smaller....! I'm dying over here though.... whoever thought "paper snob" would ever be a thing!!! Lmao! PS, doing a review on the Qor mini pan set I hope? I put off getting them because Daniel Smith was coming out with their line but I'm not impressed with their palettes :(.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago +1

      LOL! A dirty palette is a well used palette. 😉 Yes, I'll work the Qor mini pan set into an episode at some point. Agreed, don't like the DS compact palettes either. I may buy one at some point to try their pan paint formulations, which are apparently different than their tubes,but not excited about the palette case. They won't be selling their pans as open stock from what I hear.

  • Rosi Garmendia
    Rosi Garmendia Year ago +1

    I just got my Cloverleaf palette. It's beautiful! I can't seem to fit 2 half pans into those full pan slots. I can't even fit the large pans in it. Any suggestions?
    If none, what 13 full pan colors and 1 half pan color would you suggest? I have a LOT of artist's tube paints in almost all popular brands. Could you please send me a list of the colors you would use in your own kit? Pretty please with sugar on top?

    • Rosi Garmendia
      Rosi Garmendia Year ago

      @The Mind of Watercolor thanks very much!

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      @Rosi Garmendia Here is what I received in a printed insert with the palette. "The box is primarily suited to take tube paint but will also hold full or half pans. If using pans email us at sales@cloverleafpaintbox.com for more information."

    • Rosi Garmendia
      Rosi Garmendia Year ago

      @The Mind of Watercolor suggestions on how to insert the half pans? I didn't get an insert with mine. Any suggestions from you on good colors, please?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      The printed insert that came with mine said to contact them via email for suggestions on how to do that. Its designed to just fill directly without inserting pans.

  • Gloria Olmstead
    Gloria Olmstead Year ago +1

    I had my husband watch the video and I told him which ones I liked and he said to order them whoop whoop. I have a 3mm Pentel Orenz PP1003G so it will be interesting to see how it holds up to the pentels you show. thank you so much for the great video. I learn so much from you. God Bless and keep you.

  • Sharon Cullen Art

    Okay, Steve you must have been a VERY good boy because Santa not only camas early but he loaded you up!!! Nice. I like my GraphGEar 1000 0.3 it it stopped working. I thought maybe it was clogged so I cleared it and could see light tthrough to the tip so it just broke after a few weeks. Now I have bought a set of 0.5mm HB and I like them. I just hope they hold up. BTW I loved your intro! I always like them though!

  • Shannon Budiselic
    Shannon Budiselic Year ago +1

    Rumour mill says Golden may start making smaller tubes of QOR for better affordability. I use their liquid watercolours a lot and love their brilliance and movement. The bloom wonderfully and mix well with other brands. Thanks for showcasing QOR. Great vid!!!

  • Jenna Gets Creative

    Was the hacked fountain pen you were thinking of the Jinhoa? As a beginner to fountain pens, I actually find it quite nice. It certainly doesn't feel like the best pen, even to a beginner, but it's not crap, and you can get some decent flex out of the nib.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      Yes, but its still a hack. It skipped a lot for me and unless I use it vertically (in other words not on an easel) the flow stopped frequently. This is what I've heard about them unfortunately. You may get a decent one or may not. Just not dependable enough for me so I don't use it. I rarely draw on a flat surface. Almost always at an angle.

  • Tammy Wilson
    Tammy Wilson Year ago +1

    I think I will suggest that if someone would like to purchase me anything art related this year, that it would be a years pledge to your channel so that you keep up your videos. I have appreciated your work and have been a fan since I first started watching any art channels. Thank you for all you do, and that you reply to my comments, however simple I come across. Because I have been watching for 2 years, I have grown in my own art so much, and THAT, is all your doing :) thanks Steve, happy holidays.

  • Richard Creighton
    Richard Creighton Year ago +4

    Love that Pentel multi-colored pencil--thats definitely going on my "wish list"!
    Conklin pens are a fantastic value--I have an OmniFlex nib in one of my conklin DuraGraph pens, and it is delightfully expressive. Be careful with those Conklin pens though --they can be addictive (I've got 4, and plan on getting several more!)
    I'm also a bookbinder and i REALLY appreciate the fact that you promote your local book artist and encourage people to support local craftspeople. There are people making some really beautiful journals and sketchbooks out there, and we all need to support their efforts.
    Thanks for this video--these are some wonderful ideas for gifts for artists!

  • Judith Taylor
    Judith Taylor Year ago +2

    I wish I knew someone who loved me enough to give me that Sennelier paint set, the extra block and a tin palette. Or at least someone rich enough, who loved me. Great video, lovely gift ideas. I am bummed that QOR no longer sells their paints in the lovely, large tin you showed.

  • Renee Marks
    Renee Marks Year ago +1

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face again Steve! PS, I ordered myself the Bee Creative sketch books after watching this last week. It was delivered and its a nice little sketch book for the price.

  • Kat Skinner Art
    Kat Skinner Art Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for these videos. As a professional artist I already have most of my supplies - and I tend to prefer specific brands - so it can be hard to buy for me. These products you list in your videos are things I wouldn’t typically buy for myself, but are often used and loved. Thank you for the great suggestions - they are being sent to my family right now!

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith Year ago +1

    Great ideas for gifts for artists. Thanks for sharing.

  • Watch it
    Watch it Year ago +1

    You seen the Graf von Faber mechanical pencil? That would most likely or should most likely come with the nicest casing. The wooden box looked pretty of this product "Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Platinum Plated Propelling Pencil - Ebony" at just under 300 euros on Amazon Germany. The Graf von Faber-Castell Is sort of the luxory versions of the already great Faber Castell art supplies. Would love to see someone gift it to you to review to see if it's actually worth it quality wise. :D

  • nichole lix
    nichole lix Year ago +1

    I just love Charles Santore and The Velveteen Rabbit. I am thrilled to see that you featured this book! Thank you for a great video! I am going to order splash 19 and that Sennelier box is going on my wish list. Happy Holidays!

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich Year ago +1

    Holy crap that clover box is insane!!! I love it! It would be cool to see made of metal or something though. Or if it held an extra set of pans. Is that what you were saying the one you ordered was?

  • Ellen de man
    Ellen de man Year ago +1

    You luck b.... I didn’t know what to ask for Christmas (i always know what to give but not what to ask) Well, you put some ideas in my mind and i’m shure they stay there untill i have them in my hands. If only.... Enjoy the beautiful treasures you got there!👍🏻 Great video!

  • Dean Tinney
    Dean Tinney Year ago +1

    WOW, once again, just what we need to see, timed right and presented professionally with expert insights. You are the man, slick!

  • Mary Riley
    Mary Riley Year ago

    Nice gift ideas, thanks, Steve.

  • Draw Paint Repeat

    Steve, these are all really great gift ideas! Oooooh, that GraphGear set, mmmm! I had no idea that the set existed, and though you can get good Chinese made mechanical pencils for a dollar or two on eBay, the GraphGears are second to none. Oh, and that E-motion pencil is yummy. Do you find that it's long enough for you to hold comfortably? I love the design on it... it kinda reminds me of the old 1950s or 60s rocket ships in the sci-fi movies, lol. And, I'm embarrassed to say that I'm one of those cheap guys that did that Jinhao/Zebra G flex nib hack. It works, but you do have to fight with it to get it flowing. Once it's flowing it works fine, but the Conklin looks to be an affordable quality flex nib that won't have that problem. That Cloverleaf palette looks great. Have you noticed any problems with the plastic staining? I'd love a nice plein air box like this, but then, who wouldn't?!? Absolutely wonderful video with lots to explore! Bravo!!

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago +1

      Hey Steve. Yeah I love the graph gears especially the 1000's ability to retract. The e-motion pencil feels great to my hand. I like a fat sort of grip for drawing. Yeah I bought one of the Jinhao Franken Pens also. I fight with the flow all the time. Put my piece on an incline like an easel and it often stops altogether. The Conklin is new so I haven't put it to the test yet but looking forward to it. They have a good reputation. The Cloverleaf palette is new to me also so not sure but pretty much all plastic stains so I'm expecting it. Thanks so much for watching and commenting.

  • Carmen B
    Carmen B Year ago

    I’m only on the first item but omg that mechanical pencil set is awesome! Love it. Can’t wait to see the rest of the items.

  • Andro mache
    Andro mache Year ago

    Did you mention this video was a paid commercial?
    Did you purchase those items or were they provided by sponsors?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      Purchased, all of them. I get a commission for following any Amazon links but thats disclaimed in the video description where the links are.

  • Kathy Bath
    Kathy Bath Year ago

    Hi Steve Is there any way of sending you a picture of a watercolour technique so that perhaps you could enlighten us on how it has been done?

    • Kathy Bath
      Kathy Bath Year ago

      Great. Thanks Steve. I have sent the picture by email with a link to the artist painting it. I got the wrong video in the first email but sent the correct one in the second one.
      @The Mind of Watercolor

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago


  • Grace Bardeloza
    Grace Bardeloza Year ago +1

    I’m a beginner watercolor painter. I have suppressed my inner artist ever since being in nursing school and have recently graduated with my masters and started getting into watercolor. Your channel has recently caught my eye and I’m so glad I’ve found it. I am not much of a sketcher and was trying to find a light box to help me trace images I’d like to watercolor. I came across the huion video and I was so glad that I did! Thank you for all your posts and as soon as I’m done taking boards I hope to watch and learn from you even more!

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago +1

      Thanks Grace. At some point in the future, I'll be reviewing a new product on the market call the Etchr Mirror. It might also be of interest to you. Here is the link to it. etchrlab.com/products/mirror

  • YetiShaman
    YetiShaman Year ago

    Love your channel so much! I would love to see you take on a moon-lit woodland scene! Especially using your spontaneous technique! I looked through all your vids and didn't see a scene set at night. Thumb this up if you want to see Steve apply his skills to a nightscape!

  • Freedommjw
    Freedommjw Year ago +1

    Wow! Fabulous suggestions! It's too late for this year (my hubby buys early) but I'm forwarding this to him for my birthday!😉

  • B Clark
    B Clark Year ago

    One more question. More than once I went to your link and when I got there, was asked if I wanted to go to my charity site. If I do allow that, do you still get credit?

    • B Clark
      B Clark Year ago

      Ok..just thought you might understand how all that works...I will just order from your link...got my eye on a certain fountain pen

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      I see, hmm, not sure about that or how that even works. Thanks for asking though, very thoughtful!

    • B Clark
      B Clark Year ago

      ....sorry... when I became a Prime Member I was asked if I wanted to contribute to a charity, which I did. ( The Shriners Hospital). So when I go into your channel and follow the link from your site to Amazon, I am asked if I want to be redirected to the Amazon site where I contribute to The Shriners Hospital. I don’t know if I am being given a choice to contribute or to give you your credit ...hope that helps🤔

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      I don't understand that question.

  • Kris Carter
    Kris Carter Year ago +6

    How is my wife going to afford to buy me all of this? Best start at the beginning I guess :-) Thanks for the awesome video.

  • gabriel stockton
    gabriel stockton Year ago

    How about Plain-Air easels, for a gift...
    what's Good, bad and ugly lol
    Affordable too wink wink?

  • L W
    L W Year ago +1

    Your suggestions are a refreshingly different.

  • chrissyart
    chrissyart Year ago +1

    That stuff iswayyyy to expensive js

  • Barbra Joan
    Barbra Joan Year ago +2

    Steve, cant tell you how long I've wished for that Cloverleaf palette ( the brass one ) to fall out of the sky. But this one might be a good second choice. Thanks for all you do!

  • Gypsy SnickerDoodle
    Gypsy SnickerDoodle Year ago +1

    Ooooh! Those Pentel Multi8 are brilliant!
    I have the FC wood fountain & pencil set, but that Pentel is terrific for my Pen-clicking Husband’s habits.
    Black Velvet TRAVEL⁉️ WOW
    How does the Cloverleaf palette puddle/mix?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago

      The Cloverleaf is very new to me so I haven't tried it yet. No doubt it will need to be broken in like most.

  • D N
    D N Year ago +1

    This is a dangerous video. I think I will end up by all these gifts for myself.

  • Laurel Schroeder
    Laurel Schroeder Year ago +1

    Great video! Love the books you shared. Will be going on my wish list! As far as children's books go, I am a huge Chris Van Dusen fan, he is an amazing gouache artist. His book "Hattie and Hudson" might be my favorite illustrations of any children's book. It is wonderful! His illustrations in the "Mercy Watson" books are spot on.

  • boo and morgan
    boo and morgan Year ago +1

    New subscriber!! These are awesome gift ideas 😺

  • Carol Vasenko
    Carol Vasenko Year ago +1

    great presentation! I never thought of giving some of these to my favorite budding artists.

  • Anne Vickers
    Anne Vickers Year ago +1

    Wow! You did a terrific job! You have helped me with my Christmas list. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and thoroughness. You make gift giving and shopping fun. Just FYI, if my family is watching this, all I want for Christmas is a number 4 silver black velvet brush.

  • Mary Kay Parker
    Mary Kay Parker Year ago

    🎶Robin laid an egg, batmobile lost it's wheel... that's all I remember.
    Great reviews Steve! But what am I suppose to give to others again? But seriously, wonderful stuff and ideas. I've had the Cloverleaf palette for a couple of years now. It works great. I bought an extra pan insert recently but haven't filled it yet. I bought mine from Ken Bromley (England) they ship really fast, nice folks.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor  Year ago +1

      ...Commissioner broke his leg. And that ends my memory. LOL! Thanks or the Cloverleaf info. Have yet to put it into use.