• Published on Feb 3, 2019
    Hi Beautiful! Today we have a new hairdresser reacts! Girls going neon has been a huggeee thing this year and it's only going to get bigger! I am obsessed with this trend. What do you think?
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  11 days ago +7516

    Hi beautiful

  • ILikePotatosButIEatCarrotsToo IMakeCrappyVideos

    Ok wait wait wait. Wait.
    Are you gay? Why do you have nailpolish? Are you a girl? Are you transgender? Pls tell me!!!
    Pls don't think I want to hate on you❤❤ i luv your videos so much!!

  • Helen Wright
    Helen Wright Hour ago

    Yeh I don't get why all the hairdressers in my town wont colour my hair the way I want. I've wanted rainbow hair for soooo long but no-one will do it 😢🌈 Love you millions Brad, been following you for ages. Keep living your extra life my dear. You're awesome xXx

  • Stacy Gilbert
    Stacy Gilbert Hour ago

    Amy is my spirit animal, Brad is my gender identty

  • Girl in the Striped Sweater

    That last girl is amazing. I cannot section my own hair... which is why I pay many monies for someone to do it for me lol

  • Amanda Kari Cunningham

    He said I want it to rain neon🤣then he said maybe not cause that would be scary haha that made my day!

  • Nikoloz Baratashvili
    Nikoloz Baratashvili 3 hours ago

    brad this is first video i've seen from you
    dont even know why this got on my video list BUT
    what would you reccomend to people that cant bleach their hair
    my friend got her hair bleached and it just didnt change colour (almost at all)
    i mean i dont know anything bout it and would like to hear some kind of reccomendation as she wanted to change her hair color to grey and its same old brown the way she started

  • Will Bowyer
    Will Bowyer 4 hours ago


  • Oonagh McBride
    Oonagh McBride 4 hours ago

    Yasss neon green definitely gets my vote 😝

  • Tiffany Curtis
    Tiffany Curtis 7 hours ago

    Her Michael record in the back😭❤ (the first gorl)

  • Artsy Roww
    Artsy Roww 7 hours ago

    This reminds me of when I had my hair Neon Red with orange ends, or when it was Neon Pink.. I miss those days but neon is too bright for my pale pale skin😂
    Although I wanna try neon peach soon.. I just dont really know how yet🤔 anyone tips on which dye to use?

  • S2BprincessZERO
    S2BprincessZERO 8 hours ago

    ive done fluro orange twice in my life, i love it but it does take a long time to get it out D:

  • Katrine Ingemann Graver

    i don't look so good i just woke up after staying up for 5 days....

    BECCA ROBICHAUD 9 hours ago

    the orange hair looks stunning on her omg

  • Grace Cutie
    Grace Cutie 10 hours ago

    Holy shit I died at 8:06 like she looks SO GOOD with that color and haircuuut

  • Grace Cutie
    Grace Cutie 10 hours ago

    0:42 Omg I LOOOVEE the coral pink hair the girl in the top left corner has like WOW

  • Bari 2.0
    Bari 2.0 11 hours ago

    This lady did a pretty sick Neon Orange hair: if you wanted to check it out!

  • Karen Dance
    Karen Dance 11 hours ago

    Just found your channel right now. Love your reactions and excitement

  • Reagan's unimportant channel

    That intro made me extremely uncomfortable ; - ;

  • Ananya Nukala
    Ananya Nukala 13 hours ago

    My hair is purpleeeeeee and i luv it

  • Every time I see you I shit myself

    my hair is neon non-existent (I don’t take care of it... it’s falling out)

  • sia gupta
    sia gupta 13 hours ago

    That was satisfying.....(:
    Thx. for supporting girl's opinions (:

  • Cupcake Alex
    Cupcake Alex 13 hours ago

    the gay come for your weave at 8:09

  • Foxy Girl123
    Foxy Girl123 14 hours ago

    ...I'm not beautiful plz don't lie...

  • Megan Herondale
    Megan Herondale 14 hours ago

    A good organic/more natural color line is Surface. It would be a really good one to check out. It’s very kind to the hair, achieves pretty color, has a pleasant scent, and is overall very nice.

  • Leokitty Creatives
    Leokitty Creatives 14 hours ago

    I've been neon for ages. ;P Neon pink right now.

  • MeagaganPlaysGames
    MeagaganPlaysGames 15 hours ago

    I don't want to dye my hair orange because I'm pale AF, but orange is my favorite color! (I think I'm gonna do a natural orange-ish color.)

  • Jimmy Brady
    Jimmy Brady 16 hours ago

    Can you do a video about bleaching your hair and care. I can buy professional things but no matter what I get my hair is so dry and I dont want my natural curls to go away.

  • Jalyn'sJoyfulJourney 71707

    I would rather watch nickacadow avocado

  • Ryan is My Name
    Ryan is My Name 16 hours ago

    My mom dyes my hair and she never did it and it looked dope

  • Thenothingnesschronicles

    Okay but Iroiro is some of the best hair dye I've used. It stayed in my hair for a really long time

  • megan.nicole
    megan.nicole 17 hours ago

    Please never look at my hair lmao me and my box hair dye are not great

  • Vylit's Corner
    Vylit's Corner 17 hours ago

    I have neon blue

  • Josie Sisler
    Josie Sisler 17 hours ago

    Video starts at 1:31

  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller 18 hours ago

    So from 3:18 to 3:30 I'm getting some serious Doctor Evil vibes lol

  • swishychick
    swishychick 19 hours ago

    Please go green, you say all the time no one wants green but it's not that bad , so prove it! Or that orange omg pls

  • Sunday shoes
    Sunday shoes 19 hours ago

    my hairstylist refuses to dye hair blue, no matter what color youre starting with :/

  • Makayla Albertson
    Makayla Albertson 19 hours ago

    Brad... you literally inspired me so much oml. I had a friend and he always told me not to cut my hair bc I had super long never died, natural highlights. We no longer talk and after watching your videos I decided bitccchhh what would brad do and I cut off a foot to my collar bone and I would have never done it without you constantly saying how you need to live your extra life. Thank you so much

  • Monica Petersen
    Monica Petersen 20 hours ago

    You should react to Xxscreamkiwiwxxs hair videos!

  • summer bess
    summer bess 20 hours ago

    Here is some quotes I thought of in history class.
    "How I feel is not your problem."
    "I hate me too. "
    "Stop talking go trip over a knife."
    They are depressing I know. But it was history class.

  • Alicia H
    Alicia H 20 hours ago

    i like the neon colors but im not brave enough to make my hair a neon color

  • Life of Asmr
    Life of Asmr 22 hours ago

    This video inspired me to dye my hair

  • EgSparks
    EgSparks 23 hours ago

    Hi, i have bright pink hair and i was told recently something i didn’t thought i would never heard in 2018/19. So i work for a cleaning company and i work in a office building. I was told not to go on a floor because they didn’t want me there because of my hair!!!!! I only get there to check if they have enough toilet paper nothing else!! (The company is like a construction company ) i was shock... pink hair REALLY?? On a good note my Boss simply told me not to go anymore and that there were absolutely no problems with my hair.

  • Jen Krovyu
    Jen Krovyu 23 hours ago

    I've never seen orange look so good, wow! Beautiful girl, beautiful hair!
    I'll always see @SyrenCove as the neon green queen though, it's too stunning.

  • skippieskyepie
    skippieskyepie Day ago

    only 1 minute in and i have subscribed

  • Nickclaus Silva
    Nickclaus Silva Day ago

    So I need some hair advice. I guess I have neutral skin tone? I tan very easily in summer I get sun kissed but then winter I get light. My eyes aren’t dark dark brown but they are in the middle between dark and light. I have very dark brows. I want to go red head auburn red like a natural ginger. Would it look good on me?

  • Anna Guennel
    Anna Guennel Day ago

    "did you just pop out your coocon because you like quite butterflyish" that's my new favourite pick up line😂

  • Jennifer LaCosta

    Just found your channel and I'm here for alllll the positive vibes and love you emit!!

  • Day ago

    with that bandana and that blue hair you look like fucking taehyung from bts, im gagged.

  • Diana Ostrowski
    Diana Ostrowski Day ago

    You're amaziiiiinngggggg, that was really funny to watch!!!

  • Winter Night
    Winter Night Day ago

    Came for the hair color inspiration - stayed Liked, and Subscribed for the happy Brad being loving and awesome. Loved it!

  • Junko Pinku •順子ピンク•

    I showed your intro to my four year old and she thought you were calling her a beautiful angel butterfly and I’m just saying she might be your newest fan 😂
    Also, idk anything about that last brand but iro (色) means “color” in Japanese. It’s pronounced like “ee-roh” so maybe the dye is something like that.

  • yellowbreadtrucks


  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Day ago

    Her. Damn. Makeup. Lord bless. I love it!

  • ツПакетик

    что ты такое?

  • Stephanie Allen
    Stephanie Allen Day ago

    The black and green gives me major Shego vibes.

  • Maymaygirl17 :p
    Maymaygirl17 :p Day ago


  • Hey Nana
    Hey Nana Day ago

    Oh Amy...

  • kookie love
    kookie love Day ago

    I feel like I'm watching the hair Olympics... I ❤ it!!!

  • Candy apple
    Candy apple Day ago

    I want to dye my hair purple, I think it will look so beautiful.

  • Sea Dla
    Sea Dla Day ago

    Hi shishters

  • Lilyana O.
    Lilyana O. Day ago

    Ok so this summer im dying my hair royal blue this summer but i have to bleach it and i dont have money for it cuz im only 14 so my sister in law was going to do it but someone please help cause im scared shes gonna leave it yellow or orange and what bleach should i use

  • Lilyana O.
    Lilyana O. Day ago

    Ok so this summer im dying my hair royal blue this summer but i have to bleach it and i dont have money for it cuz im only 14 so my sister in law was going to do it but someone please help cause im scared shes gonna leave it yellow or orange and what bleach should i use

  • Bunny Boo
    Bunny Boo Day ago +1

    Her hair looks like a highlighter 😂😂😂😂😂

  • SavagePanda Beast

    "You look like a butterfly" looks in mirror extreme bed head😭😭😭

  • Mandi Chavez
    Mandi Chavez Day ago


  • ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ʙᴜʀɢᴏs•ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴡᴇ

    3:01 she looks like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter (don't come for me sis)

  • kiwokify
    kiwokify Day ago

    Omg I stumbled on you today and I literally couldn’t stop watching your videos. Love you! You brightened up my day!!!!! Yaasss give me life!!!

  • Neeyon Peenk
    Neeyon Peenk Day ago

    Neeyon peenk here

  • Rob Page
    Rob Page Day ago

    I wonder if Amy is wearing some James Charles eyeshadow

  • Jannica Tapanainen

    You are so nice! It really is something different on nowadays in social media ☺️ Your attitude makes me always so relieved and happy ✨

  • RedVelvetBeauty
    RedVelvetBeauty Day ago

    ‘Let that sink in’ hahaha I’m a hairdresser with pink hair right now...hahaha I get it

  • Lexus Thompson
    Lexus Thompson Day ago

    Pause at 8:47

  • Michelle Mueller

    Amy rocked that yellow/green! 💚

  • Sofea Richie LGBT
    Sofea Richie LGBT Day ago +1

    Im rocking pink hair right now and I feel gorgeous and free like a bird in the skyyyy

  • Skkskd Slldkdk
    Skkskd Slldkdk Day ago

    ”Some haircolors don’t do colorful hair” lmao what 💀💀

  • Til D.
    Til D. Day ago

    drink whenever he says "neon" lol

  • mea
    mea 2 days ago

    I pressed like before watching just for blue hair 🤣

  • Maxxinn
    Maxxinn 2 days ago

    I can’t with that intro oml-

  • California Cobra
    California Cobra 2 days ago

    Having colorful hair definitely makes me feel happier, plus it keeps me feeling young (I just turned 34 last month........YIKES!). Some older people think that you shouldn't wear colorful hair past a certain age point and I think that that thought process is ridiculous! Your age should not completely dictate your style/fashion choices. I will keep doing the bright, vivid hair colors for as long as it makes me happy :)

  • Kyshia Jacob
    Kyshia Jacob 2 days ago

    Omlll you need to dye your hair green

  • cloeh kun
    cloeh kun 2 days ago

    i adore how positive this is??? too many reacts are all angry bashing?? brad youre wholesome??!!

  • Katia
    Katia 2 days ago

    Orange hair SO good

  • Holly Kelly
    Holly Kelly 2 days ago

    I'm getting my hair dyed lavender today and no one knows bar me and you now 😂

  • Fanny Chapa Espino
    Fanny Chapa Espino 2 days ago

    The second lady was sooo gorgouse 😍😍

  • Ashat
    Ashat 2 days ago

    I've been predicting a green spike in popularity since last year, but like, that green REALLY makes me wish I worked in a place that allowed colored hair

  • Jordyn Hamby
    Jordyn Hamby 2 days ago

    React to half and half (split hair) dye!

  • Tianna Bond
    Tianna Bond 2 days ago

    11:00 Lol same xD

  • Corrine Wager
    Corrine Wager 2 days ago

    Why do your intros always make me smile and feel like you're talking to me, like a fabulous young hair dressing Mr. Rogers, I love your personality lol :)

  • Nam Nam
    Nam Nam 2 days ago

    You are giving me Billie Eilish vibes

  • That øne pig Is emo

    There’s an older lady that works at the Walmart near my house and I love her because she has bright blue hair

  • Kallie Fulton
    Kallie Fulton 2 days ago

    Your eyebrows 😍

  • That øne pig Is emo

    The first 5 seconds of the video I was just thinking *what happened to metaton*

  • EmmaLie Rosenbalm
    EmmaLie Rosenbalm 2 days ago

    My brother is having a neon birthday party this year

  • Jennifer Wallette
    Jennifer Wallette 2 days ago

    I didn’t notice until today but you look like khaleesi’s brother on Game of Thrones.

  • Bobbo The Boyo
    Bobbo The Boyo 2 days ago

    ok hair experts. i went to a salon once to get my tips. i'm a blonde, very blonde not dirty blonde i'm like a naturally bleach blonde. the stylist said "oh we have to put bleach in your hair" and i was like "UUUUUH sis what you mean?" she said "oh yeah it just makes the color stay in longer." was i being scammed? give me the tea.

  • Gay Lookin' Boi
    Gay Lookin' Boi 2 days ago

    If you ever want to laugh:
    Step 1: Take a video of your friend talking really fast
    Step 2: Make sure the video isn't blurry
    Step 3: Watch the video
    Step 4: Pause the video at random moments for freeze-frames

  • Maddie Madster
    Maddie Madster 2 days ago

    I have a feeling Jame Charles and him would have a good ship together e.e NOT SAYING THAT THEY CANT BE WITH ANYONE ELSE

  • Zoe Walker
    Zoe Walker 2 days ago

    8:10 me figuring out my crush likes me lol

  • jennifer morton
    jennifer morton 2 days ago

    Hairstylists that don’t do fashion colors are sad ladies who live at home with their cross stitch