• Published on Dec 14, 2016
  • Thanks of watching this weeks video!!
    We went to Keiki and then drive to west side! Adventured with Zay, Kai, T, Will, Riley, Makoto, and others!
    INSTAGRAM - benazelart
    ZAY - zaysolis119
    KAI - kaicordrey
    TAIYO - taiyomasuda
    RILEY - rileyhata
    MAKOTO - makoto.k_

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  • fun with Djellza fun with yeor girl

    I dare you to be lexis boyfriend and kiss her

  • Nail Art For Kidz
    Nail Art For Kidz Year ago +1

    Im late but I love it

  • Kylie Pitts
    Kylie Pitts Year ago

    If you wanna follow me @kyliecpitts on Instagram hehehehe

  • Kylie Pitts
    Kylie Pitts Year ago +1

    All you vids are so sick

  • Katie Lail
    Katie Lail 2 years ago +1

    I was the 100th like!!!!!!

  • Sarah Petrov
    Sarah Petrov 2 years ago +1

    absolutely sick!! what song?

  • Laurence Coache
    Laurence Coache 2 years ago +1

    Love your edits looks absolutely amazing!! What camera do you use, the quality looks great & do you use the same one underwater?

    • Ben Azelart
      Ben Azelart  2 years ago

      Laurence Coache Sony a6000 and water housing. Thank you!

  • camswims67
    camswims67 2 years ago +1

    great content!

  • Izaac Pérez
    Izaac Pérez 2 years ago +3

    Love your videos they are so entertaining! I have a feeling your going to grow big!! Great work man! 😌

  • Jordon Fairchild
    Jordon Fairchild 2 years ago

    Nice vid man - whats the song @ 2.00 ????

  • Duván Castelblanco
    Duván Castelblanco 2 years ago +3

    Beautiful , I want to go to Hawai

  • Tj Barrett
    Tj Barrett 2 years ago +3

    Awesome video dude, your my favourite guy to watch on TVclip, best videos along with Zay. Keep it up man!

    • Ben Azelart
      Ben Azelart  2 years ago +1

      Tom Barrett thank you so much. Means a lot.

    JAIDYN BARTSCH 2 years ago +3


  • James Ferrell
    James Ferrell 2 years ago +4

    Nice video bro. Keep up the great vids. One of my new favs along with zay

    • Ben Azelart
      Ben Azelart  2 years ago +2

      Thanks so much! I'll keep posting weekly!

  • Kai Bradley
    Kai Bradley 2 years ago +3


  • Will Basil
    Will Basil 2 years ago +3


  • Emily Whitnall
    Emily Whitnall 2 years ago +4

    What color grading setting?!

  • Jay Chiniki
    Jay Chiniki 2 years ago +2


  • Just2Creamy
    Just2Creamy 2 years ago +6

    gnarly vids man keep the good stuff up, you finna be my new favourite creator

    • Just2Creamy
      Just2Creamy 2 years ago +1

      Ben Azelart just don't forgot about your day ones when you're famous af

    • Ben Azelart
      Ben Azelart  2 years ago +5

      Locky Films thank you so Much!

  • Brooklyn Loc
    Brooklyn Loc 2 years ago +1