I Quit My Job For Youtube. Here's What's Going to Change

  • Published on Oct 7, 2017
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  • Pixielocks
    Pixielocks  Year ago +448

    U GUYS ARE ALL SWEET AND I LOVE U also some people some how took from this video that I'm not going to college or pursuing fashion design but I 100% am still going to college and pursuing fashion design lol but since my TVclip channel is also a fashion-centric career and it is givin me that sweet sweet full time income I am gonna focus on this as well while it is good to me!!

    • ericca corvera
      ericca corvera Year ago

      girl if you ever did choose to not pursue your career, how would we ever be able to buy from your future clothing line hahaha

    • Amanda Kai
      Amanda Kai Year ago

      "If my fashion thing dies"....you don't even have to watch the whole video to hear that

    • Cinthia A.
      Cinthia A. Year ago +1

      Pixielocks good luck

    • lacey hansen
      lacey hansen Year ago +2

      Pixielocks I just dropped out of college when I am so close to graduating too, I just couldn't do it anymore, even though my grades were okay. I know so many people who have degrees and weren't able to get the jobs they want, so they decided to go in the opposite direction. I mean I couldn't find happiness and lost the passion of why I wanted to be there in the first place. So I ended up dropping out, and felt so shitty with myself, but part of me is relieved it's all over. I find going outside, volunteering around the community, do crafts, help family out from time to time and just do something that I actually enjoy to do, than sit in a desk and focus on homework all day. I don't how to explain it, to be your own person and have enough to make it by, feels peaceful to me. My advice, don't give up on yourself, you do you Pixie!!! 💖💟

    • Annika Victoria
      Annika Victoria Year ago +1

      Pixielocks also youtube is hard, and it's a job too! I think in some ways it is harder than working retail, coz while you don't have to deal with ppl irl, you can't just go home from it either. Don't feel bad for having a job you love doing, coz you also obviously work hard at it too!! 💖

  • altkovac
    altkovac 6 months ago

    I’ll be real with you on this topic. Ever since I was a kid I used to watch TVclip a ton, my kind of dream was to be a TVclipr. I think it probably still is. I’ve literally been recording myself n talking to a camera since I was a wee little kid. Also, I was never an academically smart kid AT ALL. I struggled in English, ICT, Maths, etc just everything, I’m more of an artistic person. Like, I was shitty at English as a kid but then I had a GREAT teacher I am so so thankful for, and my grades suddenly shot up for English. I’m also fairly skilled at art, I get passes but I know I can do better..I just don’t have the time because art is seen as one of those “oh, you’re not important..you don’t actually get people jobs” kind of subject.

  • Sarah Halley
    Sarah Halley 11 months ago

    this video inspires me to seriously consider getting into youtube, I've been afraid to actually post any videos but seeing you be so successful is just super inspiring, especially knowing you're also an introvert

  • Kuteboys! At The Disco
    Kuteboys! At The Disco 11 months ago

    I'm scared my music won't work out and my channel will never take off I hope it does so I can do what I love

  • mermaid_from_space
    mermaid_from_space 11 months ago


    JOLIE Year ago

    truly an introverts dream lmaoo good for you gurl!

  • Misstalkative1000

    Loving this look pixie. You always look so great.

  • Crystal Rodriguez


  • Side 272
    Side 272 Year ago

    where do you get your background music from? Nice video.

  • Karen B
    Karen B Year ago

    Love you Pixie! You are super smart and have good head on your shoulders. Best wishes for a successful channel for as many years as you want to keep providing us with videos. :) I love watching so you so I hope this youtube thing goes onnnnnn lol

  • MimiChu
    MimiChu Year ago

    You quit your job, for youtube! NOT you quit your job you had for TVclip I love you X'D But that was confusing as HECK!

  • Tunet Jordaan
    Tunet Jordaan Year ago

    Shacky whacky! That's so kawai!

  • Freaker
    Freaker Year ago

    congratulations :D

  • ethan chaste
    ethan chaste Year ago

    I'm both jealous and happy for Pixie. Whenever i see people near my age (i'm 21) being taken care or have the privilege of having a family or dont have to live in poverty... i get jealous. Right now i can't afford to eat but i work full time minimum wage and don't have family to help me. I'm happy she's doing well, i hope someday i can be that taken care of financially. Best of luck pixie, you deserve it and i love your channel.

  • Ai Luna
    Ai Luna Year ago

    Also, I love your videos and think you're an amazing person, but please please PLEASE don't make light of racism by saying Pewdiepie's "been a disaster recently"
    He's always been racist and misogynistic, it doesn't matter how good someone is at editing, it's shattering to know you support someone like that.

  • Ai Luna
    Ai Luna Year ago

    meanwhile, me: * hasnt left the house in weeks due to mental illnesses *

  • MediocreHaddie
    MediocreHaddie Year ago

    For seasonal depression (winter) I recommend those lamps with natural light or idk, just google "seasonal depression+lamp" and it should show up. Personally I haven't tried them but I've heard a lot of people had good and extraordinary results with them. Stay safe 💜

  • Drawingsbyyuli
    Drawingsbyyuli Year ago

    I'm so jelly I'm struggling at school and can't find a job 😭

  • Natalie Villani
    Natalie Villani Year ago

    Congratulations!!! I have an idea for your third video each week, maybe you can sew an outfit. It will help you develop your skills and you get to do both things you love while being your own boss !!!

  • Tim And Mindy Bickerdike

    Oh my God! I'm so jealous, your Rainbow Brite dolls and Care Bares stuffies!!! I want!!!!
    I use to work at Monsoon/ Accessorize and I so miss the upto 75% staff discount 😢 I saw the rude customer video. I so get you on that, as I still work in retail.
    Think you're great, think pink always 😉

  • Cass W
    Cass W Year ago

    You should make a video about the inner workings of having a TVclip Career! I would love to hear more about how it works!

  • Lapis-Lazuli Grenat

    Why did you have to work so much at such a young age ? You're only 19 but seems to have a lot of experience :)

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot Year ago

    Pixie, you are a beautiful person :)

  • Audrey Elaine
    Audrey Elaine Year ago

    I'm so happy for you

  • Anna Alt
    Anna Alt Year ago

    do you still get revenue from people who watch using youtube red?

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      Yes!! I go over it a little in this vid but it's a long one so I don't blame you lol

  • Amanda Kai
    Amanda Kai Year ago

    That is why I always watch the ads...that's how we support you fully. Some are annoying and seeing the same one when TVclip does the mass advertising can get tedious, but either way it's the #1 easiest way to show support

  • MissLouToYou
    MissLouToYou Year ago

    Congrats pixie! I love you and I'm sooo excited for all thats to come

  • Alexandra K
    Alexandra K Year ago

    did you just create the term "shack wacky" or was is already a thing lol if you did i am impressed kid

  • The Alien witch
    The Alien witch Year ago

    Too late to comment 🤣 but I just noticed this video and it motivated me to start my channel, I mean to start making videos, but I have no idea where and how to start 😌 I wanted to make videos for so many years but I was (and still) afraid, but well... I guess that I have to try and if it doesn't work it's OK, better try and fail than just think about what could be 😊

  • Amanda Tarango
    Amanda Tarango Year ago

    Girl, please still go to college. You won't regret it.

  • Caz
    Caz Year ago

    I relate on so many levels (just not the TVclip one). Love you Pixie!

  • Klaudia Fronczak
    Klaudia Fronczak Year ago

    You’re so lucky to work from home...this is my dream :O You’re amazing at what you do so I saw this coming :)

  • Archer Adventures!

    It' amazing that you are doing a job you love, and seeing you so proud of your mother was so sweet!

  • Blutac
    Blutac Year ago

    You talking about your mam is my aesthetic. So wholesome 💙 I love all your content and shall love and support you ^.^

  • Momo Grace
    Momo Grace Year ago

    Pixielocks, I am so glad I found your channel. I am going to Japan in September and I found your channel because I was searching for what it is like to be in Japan. I really admire your style, your introversion (and coping with the outside world), and your journey. Thank you for representing our LGBT fam and I am so happy you exist! Congrats on your success! Shout out to your mom for setting an amazing standard and encouraging you to do you! ( ◠‿◠ )

  • monkey93xf
    monkey93xf Year ago

    I super love you but this video was giving me a bit of motion sickness. Is the camera on your bed? Cause It's moving with your movements. Or maybe super fancy camera that is trying to get you all in frame? Idk @pixielocks. Your videos are totally noticeably higher quality. Way to put in that WERK


    sooooo proud of u

  • Franica Mangione
    Franica Mangione Year ago

    lol "with a shot of hazelnut"

  • French WithGlasses

    I like you a looooot, but I got motion sickness watching this video... sorry I could not finish it :(

  • Terrah Bruner
    Terrah Bruner Year ago

    If you don't think you can do 3 a week try doing 3 every other week

  • Arianna Williams
    Arianna Williams Year ago

    Hey Pixie! I admire your choice to work for yourself and focus on you craft! I really like your videos and I look forward to seeing you grow on youtube :)

  • Beth Barclay
    Beth Barclay Year ago

    So happy for you. I think everyone loves you too. Your videos are too cool

  • Mack and Liberty
    Mack and Liberty Year ago

    This is absolutely amazing! Congratulations! I am a new subscriber and I would love to see a video about how to monetize on TVclip 💖

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman Year ago

    That is AMAZING! Congratulations! Good luck! You are a sweetheart, you'll go far!

  • Valathia
    Valathia Year ago

    I Love you Pixie, you're a great lovable adorable person. I'm so happy that lil ol'you, at 19 get to be self employed doing something you love. I would love to see a video of you explaining how you do youtube.
    But wow, in canada minimum wage is 1900? No wonder the portuguese are always trying to emigrate there, I kid you not, that's literally more than 3x the Portuguese minimum wage. Wow.
    On another note, i also want to be Sakura Cardcaptor \o/

  • Vee Voiz
    Vee Voiz Year ago

    Seeing how happy you are gives me hope! Even if ima be a slave for labor but still!

  • Bethanie Shepit
    Bethanie Shepit Year ago

    Please Goddess take up knitting!! I will follow you forever!!

  • Angela Jaramillo
    Angela Jaramillo Year ago

    how old were you when you started youtube? love youu

  • Chill Jelloton
    Chill Jelloton Year ago

    I live in Canada but I've never had horrible winters because I live in Vancouver-right next to the beach. I just. How bad is it that I want to go shack wacky? I don't want to be a hermit (been there done that during highschool) but I'm really curious how bad it is. Is being shack wacky similar to being a hermit?

  • Angie Cliff
    Angie Cliff Year ago

    Cabin Fever! *muppets movie, treasure island starts playing in my head* we all start watching you go slowly slip away from sanity.... for the views! But skating is awesome! Pick up artistic, learn to spin and jump or ballroom dancing on wheels, there’s cute sparkly cute outfits ;)

  • Alice Fleur
    Alice Fleur Year ago

    I'm really glad that TVclip is giving you success! Yay no retail! ^-^ I hope you keep being successful and I wish you lots of sparkles and confetti and yes

  • Kawaii Little Nerd
    Kawaii Little Nerd Year ago +2

    And pixie were all so grateful for you your my favorite youtuber of all time! And I lysm

  • Kawaii Little Nerd
    Kawaii Little Nerd Year ago +1

    Love you pixie! I'm so happy for you!

  • Miriam Albroot
    Miriam Albroot Year ago

    What age did you get your first job? I'm fifteen and I'm trying to find something to get me money

  • Ronald Tegelaar
    Ronald Tegelaar Year ago

    please tell my how it works

  • CresentMoon RR
    CresentMoon RR Year ago

    I'm so happy for her!!! If anyone can make youtube work for them GO FOR IT

  • healingv1sion
    healingv1sion Year ago

    damn my mom sucks lol your mom sounds cool af

  • xsakisaki
    xsakisaki Year ago

    I just wanted to say that this is BY FAR one of the most helpful TVclip videos out there for newbie content creators looking for answers. PLEASE do a video explaining more about how you get paid and your job making videos! I feel like so many youtubers out there are never candid about how much they make so I APPLAUD you for sharing so much with us! And also congrats on being able to do this full time!! I’m supporting you all the way!! 💕

  • Ally Wierman
    Ally Wierman Year ago

    You should do a what’s on my iPhone

  • Immortal Velociraptor

    You talk about Canada like we talk about Michigan...

  • Nicole R.
    Nicole R. Year ago

    Woot! Living the dream! XD Congratz Pixie! I would LOVE to hear about the back end technical stuff of TVclip and even like tax stuff as well. You don't ever get that info on TVclip and it would be awesome to get a bit of insight XD! Thanks for being awesome!!

  • ItsBethanyBro
    ItsBethanyBro Year ago


  • Sarah W. Fox
    Sarah W. Fox Year ago +1

    You are so adorable! I just found you and subscribed. Love your channel and your personality ✌️

  • nosmartyr
    nosmartyr Year ago

    U make more money than I get from my Social Security Disability Income. I will attest to isolation making one crazy. People always deify others they want to actually be and you're such a good thing to emulate ,imitate, adore. I like few TVcliprs (lol I'm also bittrs cuz can't manage to do what you do and make money) and you're one of the good ones. The bare bones videos are good; dont spread yourself too thin. I get thin just watching u srsly. Secrets out! Watching people do stuff makes me exhausted and then I can do no-thing.

  • Cracked Tea Cup
    Cracked Tea Cup Year ago

    The editing sprinkles you've been adding in really makes your videos pop. It's hard to find a balance sometimes with that, but I like it most when it's dotted around more chatty videos, just to break it up a bit without literally chopping yourself up into a shorter bit. I think what it often comes down to is just re-watching yourself and trying to spot when and if there's a prolong lull in the video and that's the spot where something weird coming up on the screen or a mild sound effect to emphasize your point can make a huge difference.

  • Jenncake
    Jenncake Year ago

    I'm so so happy for you!!! You have worked really hard and have wielded your creativity and love into this amazing channel that my life would not be the same without, and it makes me smile to know that all of that has brought you good things!

  • Kim Dobeck
    Kim Dobeck Year ago

    I want to be PixieLocks for Halloween! 🎃🍭🍬

  • amandaggogo
    amandaggogo Year ago

    Also, I don't wanna try and sway you one way or the other (if you even see this comment) but girl, college isn't everything, I thought it was, but it isn't, it's headaches, and stress, and money. (US, college is veeeeery expensive!) Plus, you can always go to college later in life if you want to, you are never too old to go to college! (25, In college right now, but not entierly by choice, it's to get some certifications to get some raises at work.) If I were you, I would live in the now, and if you decide to go to college later, you can! But, if you want to go to college, then go for it!

  • amandaggogo
    amandaggogo Year ago

    Congrats! Also, Thank you for actually talking about the money a bit! I've been doing youtube for quite some time, not big by any means, but it is my goal to eventually be able to quit my day job and do this full time, it would do so many things for my anxiety. I know you didn't exactly say that you bring in about 1,600 a month just from youtube, but, honestly, that's more then I bring in with my full time job, well over minimum wage.
    I always get so happy when I randomly have that $100 in my account, unexpectedly from youtube. It rarely happens, because I just don't have the energy or money to focus on youtube a ton, but it does feel good to know that "hey, you earned that doing something that you actually enjoy!" So again, I'm super excited for you and your endeavors! I'm really happy that you are able to do what you love, and don't worry, you will find plenty to do to get out of the house!! (when I worked a job where I had a split shift, I found myself alone at the park nearly every day, and I was very very happy doing just that.) I can't wait to see what your channel has in store for the future!! :0D

  • Kyrstin Ebert
    Kyrstin Ebert Year ago

    I was so sure that legally TVclip doesn't want anyone talking about how they are paid. I thought I remembered a TVclipr like Shane Dawson or someone that said he couldn't talk about it. so basically what I'm saying is ily and be careful because ily

    • Kyrstin Ebert
      Kyrstin Ebert Year ago

      Omg that's so cool to know! So yes I'd love you to do a video just taking about this because I clearly know nothing lol. I'm like so happy for you rn I don't even know what to do with myself. You've got me all motivated and stuff ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +1

      Shane's with a network! I'm not :) There's no rules about not disclosing income if you're just a TVclip partner! I can't disclose my Younow earnings but that's like a separate thing~~~ It depends on if you're with a network or just going solo with TVclip like I am

    • Kyrstin Ebert
      Kyrstin Ebert Year ago


  • The Ralphies
    The Ralphies Year ago

    Omg Pixie.... we just found out about ur channel this evening and now, to see this video! Wow!! Huge Congrats beautiful! We're residing in PEI also, where we do Mukbangs & ASMR Vids!! I'm surprised we haven't bumped into you in town! Hopefully we'll meet u soon! 💜💙👑👑☺️☺️👍👍

  • Maya Carson
    Maya Carson Year ago

    i love you, it's so cool that you can do this. you are an inspiration Pixie

  • Trixie0026
    Trixie0026 Year ago

    Wow! Congratz ! I found your channel about a month ago and I absolutely love your channel! So yeah! Big warm congratulation and I hope you continue growing! you deserve it!

  • FionaStefanie
    FionaStefanie Year ago

    I've been uploading videos for around 5 years now but somehow it never picked up so I'm stuck applying for part time retail work (funnily enough, just applied to claire's) which isn't terrible but I wish I could inspire with my music and videos and have people be interested in my life hahaha

  • Eyes on Mary Mahaney

    How do u make money being a youtuber i keep making videos and so far im not doing so good but i will keep making youtube videos. Could u check out my videos and let me know what i might b doing wrong. I love your videos

  • Caroline Richter
    Caroline Richter Year ago

    I'm so happy you're able to do everything your heart desires!! You deserve that and so much more! 💕💕💕

  • Leonie
    Leonie Year ago

    You go Girl! Big up 💖

  • tiny town touring

    Congratulations Jillian:-) Looking forward to what your bright future will bring:-)

  • Niahc
    Niahc Year ago

    Never understood why people are weird about sharing money talk. I think its a generational thing. But im always really curious about peoples lives and most people dont share much :x

  • wingsofhope2
    wingsofhope2 Year ago

    It's good that you're still going to college. TVclip's been shitty to independent creators lately so you kinda gotta watch out for Google's BS. You'll probably be alright though, your content can't be considered inappropriate. In the case of college, you could probably take a business class or two while you're doing your major so that you can potentially expand your channel in the future. Of course these are all just some tips, so you just do you. Good luck, ma'am.

  • Heather McMindes
    Heather McMindes Year ago

    Are you going to be doing more Lookbooks?

  • Jazzy Sora SV
    Jazzy Sora SV Year ago

    I'm so proud of you pixie!

  • Melonbat
    Melonbat Year ago

    with the way youtube is fucking up monitization for its content creators i just have to say more power to you

  • Trio Robins
    Trio Robins Year ago

    I'm honestly so happy for you I have been watching your content for 3 years I think maybe more and its been fun watching you grow and your style change and now your living of something you love, and its great seeing you super happy good luck and I hope youtube kicks off in the way your hoping.

  • Minako Hiashi
    Minako Hiashi Year ago

    Hello. Im new. I want your room. There is Precure and magic wands

  • G-LuckCosplay
    G-LuckCosplay Year ago

    CONGRATS PIXIE💖💖 We are trying to build our channel as well, so if you made a video about how all the TVclip stuff works, that would be amazing, thank you! 😊💗💗 Also, does anybody mind checking out our channel while we’re here?? 😃✨✌🏻

  • Freaky Rainbow
    Freaky Rainbow Year ago

    First I love u so muchhhh and second could you do a hair routine video please!!!

  • shiusa
    shiusa Year ago

    OMG I WAS SO SCARED because for some reason I read the title as you quitting TVclip and I was so confused???? Glad you're not bb happy 4 u xoxo

  • ForgottenOnes
    ForgottenOnes Year ago

    youtubered here sorry :((((

    • ForgottenOnes
      ForgottenOnes Year ago

      Pixielocks sorry i watch like hella youtubers cause i took a medical withdrawal from college 😅😅😅 MAKE THE VIDEO ABOUT THE ADS AND MONEY ASPECT OF TVclip! im so curious (._. ) also fast response time

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago

      +Skingrad TVclip Red also helps us!!! 💖 Don't worry your money goes partially to youtube and partially to each creator you watch ☺️

  • ForgottenOnes
    ForgottenOnes Year ago

    I love that your eye brows r cousins not twins

  • ForgottenOnes
    ForgottenOnes Year ago

    i cant afford to get a camera i dont even want to start without a camera

  • Roe Les
    Roe Les Year ago

    Congrats on your success

  • Rebecca Lee
    Rebecca Lee Year ago

    I didn't know you were able to make a stable income with 130,000 subs or anything like that. But I'm so proud and happy for you! and I can't wait for all the content in the future! I love you!

  • Rachel E Bono
    Rachel E Bono Year ago

    I don't know if this is just me, but I love when you just have a talky-chatty vid! You're awesome, Jill!

  • A Day With Beverlie Kay

    Great job 👍🏻 I would love to know how much youtubers make per view. I know it varies but generally? Thx xxx

  • Erin Anastasia
    Erin Anastasia Year ago

    So proud of you! Congrats! I’ll always watch your videos. You’re an amazing person with so much creativity and positivity. Love you!

  • Agustina Vázquez Dogliotti

    I'm so happy for you

  • pinkdinoprincess
    pinkdinoprincess Year ago

    I'm so proud of you Jillian! You can do it! 💓💘

  • pinkdinoprincess
    pinkdinoprincess Year ago

    I'm so proud of you Jillian! You can do it! 💓💘

  • Christina Crowley

    I'm a new subscriber. I liked your style. I find it comforting and uplifting. It reminds me of my childhood, and though I tend to dress and surround myself with darker and more earthy colors, bright colorfulness is stimulating to see. You seem like a sweet person too. I kinda want my rainbow brite doll back. Haha. I wonder if she is in my parent's attic.