The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2019 (Pt. 2)

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  • Tatea
    Tatea 5 hours ago

    As good as emotions?!!? I know you lying!!!!!!! 🤣

  • Mimi
    Mimi 3 days ago

    a carly rae stan as well? we had to subscribe

  • Mimi
    Mimi 3 days ago

    omfg ur TASTE boy in luv is in fact pop perfection

  • BlitzKnight5x7
    BlitzKnight5x7 4 days ago

    What a shameful display. I always had a feeling that you would sell out Todd. That's not really your opinion. That isn't you. Throughout the last 10 years, I noticed how you sublty throw out ideas of selling out to the popular/trash crowd because of your income, title and status as if integrity doesn't sell. I had faith that you wouldn't turn but clearly you just couldn't fight it. What a sad sight to see. I forgive you but damn shame. Goodbye

  • TheSilentNinja1021
    TheSilentNinja1021 4 days ago

    When he brought up Dabady I was so glad he put Intro on the list

  • Ben Kaplan
    Ben Kaplan 5 days ago

    Todd not doing his job and even mentioning brockhampton, who's a great rap group boyband and a band that could be seen as an evolution of boy bands but from a homegrown style. Especially with ginger out this year

  • marvelboy74
    marvelboy74 5 days ago

    I've heard 2 songs on this list total. I don't get pop music anymore.

  • PathFinder
    PathFinder 7 days ago

    todd.,..,.,....,,,,,.,. is a weeaboo?

  • Greg Boyington
    Greg Boyington 7 days ago

    BTL are heterosexual? Wouldn't have guessed that.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 8 days ago +1

    Oh Todd, you’ve become so pathetic, you are a shell of your former self now. You could have swapped the years best list with the years worst list, kept all the arguments the same even, just swapped the adjectives, and no one would have noticed anything.

  • Alishe Gamer
    Alishe Gamer 8 days ago

    he... he's gonna read that fanfic isn't he

  • Katie C
    Katie C 9 days ago

    I had a dream where Todd made his top 10 best hit songs of 2020. At #6 he put on a song called 'Don't fall into the hole' by this band (one that probably doesn't exist) where the frontman is a guy with a really long beard. It was put on the list because apparantly it's a very sexy song... the reason I'm putting out this comment is because
    1. I refuse to believe that anyone is sexy in 2020 and
    2. If a song like that does get on the future best list I can say that I called it 😏

  • s_y_n_t_h_w_a_v_e
    s_y_n_t_h_w_a_v_e 12 days ago

    as a metalhead, these videos are my only knowledge of pop music of the year.
    I like that

  • Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    "I only hope things stay this good in 2020" so the only time Todd releases his list early is just so he can drop the mother of all botched predictions

  • Rasmus Malmberg
    Rasmus Malmberg 13 days ago

    "I like dababy's version better" is so passive aggressive I love it

  • Ava Fox
    Ava Fox 14 days ago

    BTS doesn't need Halsey, but I think her voice provides a really nice harmony for the song, which makes me like it more. And as a big K-pop fan I'm pretty sure K-pop won't be around forever in the West. Who knows what the passing of time will tell, I'll probably still enjoy it because I like a lot of groups, but when BTS and Blackpink disband the wave is probably going to slowly stop. And it will stop being novel. But who knows. Maybe K-pop won't exist because North Korea takes over South Korea. I have no idea.

  • Sincerity Nature
    Sincerity Nature 15 days ago

    I've enjoyed a little bit of K-pop, but never BTS,,, So I really, really hope that if "k-pop" does have a huge surge onto the pop charts, that it's not..... just BTS.......... but I have a feeling it will absolutely JUST be them. Oh well,,

    • Sincerity Nature
      Sincerity Nature 11 days ago

      @Fame Lord Definitely my favorite song of theirs, but overall their music just isn't my cup of tea I think,, A lot of people in the west seem to ONLY know about BTS, so I hope some other groups make it overseas at some point.

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago +1

      Sincerity Nature Boy with love is good though

  • Shmirko
    Shmirko 16 days ago

    Wait, tell me why BTS have Lil Uzi Vert again?

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D. 16 days ago

    I never listened to KPop for the first 18 years of my life, then I enrolled in National Service and my campmates and friends were all stans and I inevitably heard some songs while they played it in the background.
    And I decided to listen to one, ONE BlackPink song...and now I'm hooked.

  • Umbra
    Umbra 18 days ago

    ok so like no hate or anything but am I the only one who utterly despised bad guy? not even cause it's popular because the first time I heard I didn't like it at all. then I heard it again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN! until i fucking wanted to tear my ears off when it came on the radio in my car.

    whats am i missing?

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago

      Umbra Because it’s a masterpiece and very well put together with clever lyrics

    • Umbra
      Umbra 14 days ago

      Leon thing is my mother and most of my friends love it so I heard it a lot during its peak. I heard it ALOT

    • Leon
      Leon 15 days ago

      I don't care for the song personally, but I can understand why people do. I also rarely listen to the radio so I usually don't hear it unless I want to

  • Sky Sorceress
    Sky Sorceress 20 days ago +1

    Thank you for using Sam Smith's correct pronouns!

  • JcGross
    JcGross 23 days ago

    More important, is billie eilish going to be a one hit wonder? 🤔

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago

      JcGross Nope, she still has hits

  • JcGross
    JcGross 23 days ago

    Wait, sunflower was 2018. Well, at the end of 2018, but I know it was 2018 because it was part of the Into the spider-verse Soundtrack. I guess it was a hit in 2019.

    • Alex Buzov
      Alex Buzov 19 days ago

      Its second best charted song of 2019.

  • Matthew Kain
    Matthew Kain 23 days ago

    I agree with you top pick Billie eilish bad guy !!!!!

  • funkopopruler
    funkopopruler 23 days ago +1

    thank you so much for using sam smith’s correct pronouns!

  • jacw212
    jacw212 25 days ago +1

    ROYALS truly shows what life at that age is. Boring, wanting excitement shown on T.V. and movies of high school, not rich or famous or tragic or anything but repetitive.

    • Rocket Rabbit
      Rocket Rabbit 5 days ago

      You clearly did not have many interactions with upper class women on sports teams.

  • Joe Romano
    Joe Romano 25 days ago

    Billie Eilish was a revelation this year. When We All Fall Asleep...Where Do We Go? is one of the best pop albums I have ever listened to, and Bad Guy was exactly the hit song that the charts needed. I honestly had been disenfranchised by pop music in recent years, but between Billie Eilish’s rise, the release of Thank U, Next, Lizzo’s entrance to the music scene, and Post Malone continuing to be awesome, I’m starting to get back into it.

  • Skylar Twilight
    Skylar Twilight 25 days ago

    Im scared
    Im scared

  • SCP SITE 27
    SCP SITE 27 26 days ago

    *see's BTS*
    "I used to like you, but now you've ruined your good will with me"

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago

      SCP SITE 27 They just so happen to make the 5th best song of the year

  • batbsbs9cjw
    batbsbs9cjw 26 days ago

    Slippin' is better than Party up in here. Maybe not Ruff Ryider's Anthem, but still brilliant.

  • antibishonen
    antibishonen 26 days ago

    3:10 Epic foreshadowing

  • Noya💕🪐✨
    Noya💕🪐✨ 26 days ago

    Ok but seriously I’m so disappointed you didn’t even mention earfquake by Tyler the creator 😒

  • SpaceManMonster
    SpaceManMonster 27 days ago +1

    Half of these songs were meh to bad... and Bad Guy just sucks...
    The only good thing here was Old town road...

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 27 days ago

      SpaceManMonster No they were all good you just have bad taste

  • Michael Berthelsen
    Michael Berthelsen 27 days ago

    Part one made me worry, although there were a few decent songs on there, but this has made it clear. Todd has gotten shit taste in modern music. Old Todd would hate current Todd's taste in modern music, liking lots of stuff that he'd have hated 5 years ago... What happened, Todd? What broke you so bad that you started to like this crap...?😮😰

    • Angus Amo Swadloons
      Angus Amo Swadloons 24 days ago

      You do realize people have different opinions? Besides, Todd himself said that overall it was just a very good year for music for him. If you check a top 10 overall, expect it to be opiniated, because it's an opinion you blockhead

    • Michael Berthelsen
      Michael Berthelsen 27 days ago

      @Fame Lord Not according to you, because a few years ago, he'd have hated most of this stuff. So his music taste has done a 180, so you hate his music taste from a couple years ago.

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 27 days ago

      Michael Berthelsen No Todd has great taste in music

    • Michael Berthelsen
      Michael Berthelsen 27 days ago

      @Fame Lord Well, in that case you also think that's the case for Todd of a few years ago.

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 27 days ago

      Michael Berthelsen The songs on the list were good, you just have bad taste

  • Lunusksiath Kallisto
    Lunusksiath Kallisto 28 days ago

    I think number five on the list killed me because I laughed too hard at all the comments on Todd's opinion towards BTS.

    • Lunusksiath Kallisto
      Lunusksiath Kallisto 28 days ago

      And after having one hell of a rough waste of my time this year, I needed that laugh.

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 28 days ago +1

    Now that BTS is on this list, I’m waiting for a Vocaloid song to be here

  • Astrid Parungao
    Astrid Parungao 29 days ago

    Didn't expect DaBaby would rank in his lists, even more suprising in the higher spot, and it's not exactly his hit song but a deeper cut/album intro.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Astrid Parungao Intro is easily the second best song of 2019

  • Hal Kitchen
    Hal Kitchen Month ago

    I liked Boy With Luv too, wouldn’t put in on my best list though. One thing I absolutely disagree with though is your comment on Halsey’s presence, her singing “oh, my-my-my” is everything. My favourite 2 seconds of pop 2019 (out of the hits at least)

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Hal Kitchen It was the 5th best of 2019

  • Brian Seo
    Brian Seo Month ago +1

    Honestly i appreciate Todd for not misgendering Sam Smith.

    • Jack V
      Jack V 8 days ago

      Zombie Slaya I think Sam Smith uses “they/them” pronouns

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Brian Seo Misgender?

  • bray
    bray Month ago

    Not even a mention of any Igor at all. Some shit opinions right here.

    • bray
      bray 27 days ago

      I meant that as a joke mostly, but I think that a boy is a gun* should be like #2 at least.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      bray wasn’t as good as these songs

  • Crystal Powell
    Crystal Powell Month ago +1

    I fell in love with Rude by accident 4 months ago and now I work out to it every day.

  • Noah Hart
    Noah Hart Month ago +1

    Todd if you want to sign that makes teenagers terrifying check out my chemical Romance's teenagers

  • Kush Patel
    Kush Patel Month ago +1

    "No one ever tires on their intro" listen to NF my guy

  • Candace Reed
    Candace Reed Month ago


  • Permanent State Of Awe

    Taylor Swift won artist of the decade for the 2010s. I looked at my friend and went, "Billie eilish might just be 2020's"

  • Lucas Chrisman
    Lucas Chrisman Month ago +1

    I hate pretty much all modern pop, but when I heard Bad Guy the first time, I understood this was an incredible pop song. Very excited to see what her career looks like

  • Vasco Delvais
    Vasco Delvais Month ago +1

    Bts at 5 why did you do that to us. You monster. By the way if you would put it on the worst list you would get murdered by all the webs.

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago

      Vasco Delvais They made a good song despite their toxic fans

  • Zane Millecchia
    Zane Millecchia Month ago

    every year I know less and less of the songs on this list

  • Landon
    Landon Month ago +1

    No love for Blinding Lights by The Weeknd? That sucks

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Landon Wasn’t a hit in 2019 will be in 2020 though

  • jheckie14
    jheckie14 Month ago +1

    I laughed when I heard you refused to listen to BTS, then heard them once by chance and now they're on this list. Really puts things in perspective.

  • Marcia Osullivan
    Marcia Osullivan Month ago

    I dislike bad guy

  • Overlord
    Overlord Month ago

    Sam Smith looks like Mike Posner from 2010.

  • Jessie Jameson
    Jessie Jameson Month ago +4

    The fact that Bad Guy wasn’t around during the Onceler fandom era is probably the best proof of a higher power in the universe. Imagine the countless fanvids...

  • sinicalypse
    sinicalypse Month ago +1

    TITS wants the shippy fanfic with BTS, pass it on!

  • Luna / Alex
    Luna / Alex Month ago +1

    Ok but how are you not gonna put songs like The Archer or Lover by Taylor ? How are you not gonna put Gone by Charli XCX, how are you not gonna put any of Sigrids music? HOw are you not gonna put anything from Lanas new album???? The erasure of the incredible female music that happened in 2019 tho

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago

      Luna / Alex You do know that the number one song was made by a female along with Hot girl summer, and the Katy perry song Halsey and Normani made the list, the songs you mentioned were just not as good as t(e 10 on this list

  • Gabire Naous DoPe
    Gabire Naous DoPe Month ago +1

    Cant beleive pt. 2 will have more views than pt. 1 cause of boy with luv

  • Q Murphy
    Q Murphy Month ago


  • Zenek6000
    Zenek6000 Month ago +1

    I guess I'm the only one who dislikes "Bad Guy". I don't get it how a song this boring, this pretentious and with such an annoying loophole beat can get so much praise.

    • Pooky1991
      Pooky1991 4 days ago

      After listening to her other songs, yeah. I like the song, but there are much better songs by her he could've put on the list, but in the end it's his opinion

    • Fame Lord
      Fame Lord 11 days ago

      Zenek6000 Bad Guys a masterpiece both in its writing and production, it’s easily the best song of 2019

    • Zenek6000
      Zenek6000 17 days ago

      @Zombie Slaya Sorry, but "well produced" is no argument for me. Nicki Minaj crap is also well produced... and it's still crap. And I don't really get how it never "misses the mark with its dark themes" when instead of giving you fear and anxiety just puts you to sleep.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Zenek6000 and it’s well written

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Zenek6000 It’s very well produced and doesn’t miss the mark with its dark themes

  • Linnea Kou
    Linnea Kou Month ago +15

    The fact that Todd used Sam Smith’s pronouns made me so happy

  • Parody of a Parody
    Parody of a Parody Month ago

    Every time I watch this video I watch the video for bad guy immediately after. That being said, off I go to watch it again!

  • Mico Hazakin85
    Mico Hazakin85 Month ago

    No Slipknot songs from the We are not your kind album?

    • Roddor
      Roddor Month ago

      This list is for HIT songs.

  • Daniel Świątek
    Daniel Świątek Month ago

    Honestly, ye I get it might not be your type of music, but for how big and good it was, I wish there was at least a word about tool

  • Sarelbi Hill
    Sarelbi Hill Month ago

    lowkey and smokey

  • marlin gates
    marlin gates Month ago

    Some these tracks I was unaware of because l don't listen to the charts. I love kpop but like it for that song personally I like a lot there songs more.
    I love Robyn!! So uptempo and sad 4:20 true. I liked this song I'm not hard core Sam Smith song. And money on mind.
    Agree number 3 it's one her best tracks hate the clocks generally but like it in this songs.
    No. 2 I fucking love this song as much his cadence his charisma he's cool and just that beat.
    Love East Side song and "sunflower a relaxing track.
    Cardi B money just good stripper song and party song.
    Love lizzo tjuuce was a Bop.
    2019 was a good year for Billie Eilish this songs used a lot

  • tozier
    tozier Month ago +5


  • Zelda Zonk
    Zelda Zonk Month ago +1

    BTS are the greatest music act of the 21st century so far

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Zelda Zonk BTS has made lots of bad songs in their career as well, keep in mind Eminem’s been in the business for years and is still going same with BTS

    • Zelda Zonk
      Zelda Zonk Month ago +1

      @Zombie Slaya Eminem known is for being overly controversial, he used too many samples, only raps can't sing, uses annoying accents in rapping, he made Encore and other bad songs, Swears way to much and None This applies to BTS But I do love Lose yourself and the Eminem Show and he was Funny

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago

      Zelda Zonk Eminem is better

  • Ajax
    Ajax Month ago +1

    I just don't get bad guy. I wish I did

  • HydroEyee Archive
    HydroEyee Archive Month ago +1

    *Spoilers on number 1*

    ..? Ok but y

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago

      Hydro Eyee Because it’s the best of the year and one of the best this decade

  • Get gonked
    Get gonked Month ago +2

    BTS = cring, not gamer moment 👎😾👎

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago

      Get gonked Yet managed to make the 5th best song of the year

  • Rowan McCracken
    Rowan McCracken Month ago +9

    Todd respecting Sam's pronouns without making a big deal about it just makes me so happy!

  • StoneKold10X
    StoneKold10X Month ago

    Billie will be doing the next Bond theme it will be intriguing

  • Anthony Bayne
    Anthony Bayne Month ago

    Is it weird that I only like the 80s synthwave version of bad guy? That shit
    S L A P S

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago

      Anthony Bayne Bad Guy is the best of 2019

  • Jack M
    Jack M Month ago +1

    real dissapointed of 2019's "Top Ten Best Hit Songs".. like the honorable mentions are not even HITS. In my mind, when you said list of hit songs, those are songs that was in the charts. Todd, next time please do better. There are a lot of good songs that should've been there in the list.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya 29 days ago

      Jack M You don’t get it

    • ozzymandias
      ozzymandias Month ago +4

      that's the point of a lot of the honourable mentions - songs he wanted to put on his list but couldn't because they didn't chart

  • elliot Stannard
    elliot Stannard Month ago

    What is the best song of 2019? Dugh?

  • elliot Stannard
    elliot Stannard Month ago

    What I the best song of 2019?... Dugh?

  • mars hard
    mars hard Month ago +2

    The thing about billie is that unlike previous generations I really dont think she takes her own edginess seriously. Gen z as a whole has the same everything sucks perspective but are more likely to joke and meme about it.

  • YungRacc
    YungRacc Month ago +1

    I saw "Boy With Luv" on the list and nearly had a fucking aneurysm.

  • Madizzle90
    Madizzle90 Month ago +1

    The end of Brightburn was (also?) how I first heard Bad Guy. I had to go seek it out after that.

  • Diamond Writer
    Diamond Writer Month ago

    It’s not a kpop moment, it’s a BTS moment. BTS music is better both musically and lyrically that 99% of the kpop industry.

    • Diamond Writer
      Diamond Writer Month ago

      Zombie Slaya just listen to the listen to the latest bts album and then literally any other kpop album. you’ll see the difference, promise.

    • Zombie Slaya
      Zombie Slaya Month ago +1

      Diamond Writer Haven’t listened to much Kpop so I’ll take your word for it

  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown Month ago

    Honestly.....a lot of this seems just kinda the same to me tbh. Like it's not bad but just