Lifetime -Surviving R Kelly My Analysis and Complete Breakdown!!


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  • Jonice Thomas
    Jonice Thomas 17 hours ago

    You’re blaming their parents of the girls and calling him the victim? I believe we should pray for everyone including Kells but these women went through real pain and trauma over what he did regardless of if they went willingly. And he’s a victim because no one told him better? Him not being able to read well or not having a proper mentor in the industry is not an excuse for him taking advantage of young women. You want to make this a race thing but won’t even believe or stand by the black women he victimized. Your video contradicts itself

  • Natasha Burnette
    Natasha Burnette 2 days ago +1

    You have lost your entire fkn mind.

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 2 days ago +1

    Imagine defending a man who takes advantage of underage girls and try to justify it as "they're using his own race against him"

  • tina Pearce
    tina Pearce 4 days ago

    That was sooo good 💯🥰❤️💕

  • Richie Aguilar
    Richie Aguilar 5 days ago +3

    What made him piss in the mouth of a 14 year old? There’s a lot that’s not right with him, back in the 50s 60s 70s and all times before that for some weird reason it was more “accepted” and deemed as normal to marry your daughter off at such a young age. It’s sad and disgusting. I think the big issue with R. Kelly is he does really disgusting shit to these girls. Even if their parents were trying to pawn the kids off/pimp them out for money he still should’ve known better and said no. I’ve went through abuse as well, and I find it really disgusting and I have absolutely no interest in A child or teenager, or anything young.. I protect my nieces and nephew from the creeps that do that shit. You can’t sit there and say he didn’t know better, because a lot of people that went through sexual abuse would not ever want to inflict that pain on to another person (because of what they/we have went through) and for him to purposely give them diseases and make them eat his shit. There’s something not right whatsoever with him, he has a really disgusting fetish and Will say whatever to make people understand The wrong that he does/sympathize because he was abused.. maybe I might sound insensitive, but speaking from experience there’s nothing justified about what he’s done/doing.

  • J.C McCall
    J.C McCall 5 days ago

    The entire generation of descendants of slaves began it's life in america on the breeding farm and that directely affected the Kelly family just like many other black enslavedfamilies. (read up on the slaves breeding farms in America) LIFETIME truely left this out the entire documentary.

    • Paula Whiley
      Paula Whiley 4 days ago

      +tzunammi shadai what is MTF?

    • tzunammi shadai
      tzunammi shadai 5 days ago

      I think what she is saying is being taken out of context. From what I'm gathering and maybe because I'm just so awake is that Kelly is a creep that's being enabled by not only the industry but also, money hungry onlookers with young children. I would like to go deeper down the rabbit hole myself. Aaliyah is a MTF transgender and I would bet that these others are as well... I'd sure like to know. Robert like Aaliyah are both high ranking warlocks in the industry... it's all ritual. Search Aaliyah transvestigation etc and do some digging then come back and listen with another ear. I have not subbed to this channel yet myself because it sounds to me like ordinary gossip. She did not even hint towards the things I've pointed out here so, I have not decided... she just may be just another sheep trying to sound like she is in "the know" when in fact? Like I said... she just gossiping. Idk

  • Elsa-Lee Treasure
    Elsa-Lee Treasure 6 days ago +7

    Oh no. I really thought I was gonna LOVE this channel! But this right here, the ignorance is LOUD! Gotta unsub and more importantly, never click again.

  • 2shae88
    2shae88 6 days ago +4

    I’m so sick of Robert Kelly! Just lock him up and decide later. Also I understand he was a victim too but he knew he was wrong that’s why he is hiding it so lock him up again and throw away the 🔑

  • tzunammi shadai
    tzunammi shadai 7 days ago +2

    Aaliyah is a MTF and he along with Kelly are high ranking Warlocks in the industry. A world enables them all.

  • SuperCushcush
    SuperCushcush 7 days ago +4

    My problem is many sisters are using this R. Kelly situation as a attack on masculinity and war on black men. I advise men to change their attitude and behavior towards women. Put down the porn, stop visiting the strip clubs and stop cat calling and simping. Plain and simple, stop objectifying women by their sexuality. Period

    • SuperCushcush
      SuperCushcush Day ago

      +Saskia Z R. Kelly has to learn to reject advances as well. No matter how willing a girl is, we are living in a day in time that black men like him are targets. Even by our own black women, IN SOME CASES.

    • Saskia Z
      Saskia Z Day ago

      Well said, stop making excuses for these predatory Adult Men. Like one of my twitter friends said I will quote her. "Explaining Toxic Masculinity to seemingly intelligent black men.Is like explaining white privilege to seemingly intelligent white people. It is a system of power they are not willing to give up without a fight".

    • SuperCushcush
      SuperCushcush 7 days ago +2

      +tzunammi shadai facts. Using men for money is commonplace.

    • tzunammi shadai
      tzunammi shadai 7 days ago +1

      When they stop objectifying me for my money...

  • : brenda Young
    : brenda Young 7 days ago

    I totally agree this kind of sickness had to come out question is what are they going to do about it R,Kelly go down he is telling on others parents too they put there children in harm's way for money now they broke like you said this been going on for decades again who is going to stop them waiting to here about the women messing with with the young girls too in Hollywood sounds like too goat Lucy coming to collect it's going down remember God has the almighty power .

  • Pamela Perry
    Pamela Perry 7 days ago

    Shit my father fisrt born and my mother was one year a part. From my big sister

  • Southern Gal
    Southern Gal 7 days ago

    Rene waiting till celine was at an older age girl. You sound foolish.

  • Southern Gal
    Southern Gal 7 days ago +12

    You lost me in this video. You're protecting an abuser.

    • SuperCushcush
      SuperCushcush 6 days ago

      +tzunammi shadai agreed 1000%. Both parties enabled eacg other. Only a feminist/gynocentric would only blame R. Kelly.

    • tzunammi shadai
      tzunammi shadai 7 days ago

      Thats like saying if a person agree to give me a kidney for 10,000 I'm a abuser... I can see if I took it. They all were abusive. Ppl protect 15 year olds until they murder your grandmother for her purse. Yes, Kelly is a major creep but, I see no innocence and I see no victims.

    • SuperCushcush
      SuperCushcush 7 days ago

      Can you explain the abuse you are referring to😕

  • Maria Rodgers
    Maria Rodgers 7 days ago

    I dont care about the under age issue. I only care about the abuse.


    Great Video. Also research and add to your list..STEVEN TYLER of AEROSMITH...girl you will be floored!

  • Jearlean Jenkins
    Jearlean Jenkins 7 days ago

    Best video on this topic.

  • Ayesha A
    Ayesha A 8 days ago +1

    This movie right here SMDH !!! DAMMMMNNNN GEESSSS !! IT'S LIKE BLACK PPL STILL IN BONDAGE 😢😢. Where is that love yow...... makes me so saaaaddddd

  • Andre's Ontiveros
    Andre's Ontiveros 8 days ago

    Well I'm not a parent but I am a fan of his music good do you really think that we should pray for this guy know I did saw a video called after their famous because he was abused by some sick twisted people that then this and basically made him to this monster like he wasn't so goddamn.

  • Andre's Ontiveros
    Andre's Ontiveros 8 days ago +1

    Are saying that we still live in a racist world because we thought that racism was abolished in the 1960s oh my God.

    • Ayesha A
      Ayesha A 8 days ago

      This is sooo much bullshit I hate itt every bit of it. Like wth is he not even in jail what's the point of these ladies coming forward an nothing is being done but they talking about his own kind (black ppl) this makes me sick. Messed up world we live in if u ask me. SMDH !!!

  • Andre's Ontiveros
    Andre's Ontiveros 8 days ago +1

    So you telling me that these celebrities that are dating underage kids got away from it and now you're saying or Kelly got car from it what type of freaking world we live in ?

  • Andre's Ontiveros
    Andre's Ontiveros 8 days ago

    I like bar Kelly's music but I did know that it is a lot of fuckedupshit 2DS people and I am not joking also what the hell do you mean about missing from the boys from the hood?

  • Bliszum Style
    Bliszum Style 8 days ago

    Press Like if you want to see Boys in the Hood Again!!

  • Catherine Fagan
    Catherine Fagan 8 days ago +1

    This situation is different from all the people you named this is disgusting and other adults were around and they didn't say shit about it WTF

  • Lionessx3
    Lionessx3 8 days ago +3

    Johnny Depp dated Winona Rider when she was 16 and he was 24 allegedly

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young 8 days ago +2

    If you singing for the ladies n you have a huge following n got the brothers wanting to do the same that brings reproduction which is natural n kills the violence the elite cant have that so the made him an offer he said no so know they're out for him n they attack the female heart to have them the black woman destroy him its that simple the woman yall see are crisis actresses

  • Tiffany Lewis
    Tiffany Lewis 8 days ago


  • maria Farsee
    maria Farsee 9 days ago +3

    I soul heartedly agree with you regarding this matter. Another thing I want and need to know is who is holding the other men accountable with R Kelly? They had sex with these little girls too. How many little boys have R Kelly groomed to make them do what he wanted them to do? When you look at the video of R Kelly saying " They should have done this 30 years ago". Where are the men from that video backing up R Kelly? Please get these questions answered. Also, where is the Sister who also was said she molested the Kelly brothers? Why, no one talking about her? I going to say this too. I just don't believe R Kelly's mother didn't know not nothing. It was said that people in the family been molested for a long time, but it was swept under the carpet, what goes on in this house, stays in this house syndrome. I had to deal with this with someone in my family, and in my gut feelings, I knew something wasn't right, but didn't quite understand what, until that person finally came to me. People STOP STOP STOP AVOIDING WHAT YOU FEELIN YOUR GUT! GET DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF MOLESTATION. THIS SITUATION IS MAKING DIVISION IN THE BLACK FAMILIES. Come on people, let's stand in truth starting today, let's stand together and make a difference in the black community.

  • Desiray Shelley
    Desiray Shelley 9 days ago +6

    Anyone who still supports Pee Pee boy is just sad
    Especially if you are a woman
    Have no words for any of his fuckery

  • K2 World
    K2 World 9 days ago +2

    The truth has spoken!

  • Krystal Sturgeon
    Krystal Sturgeon 9 days ago +3

    On point
    Good as Gold on the Insight

  • kamdem carole
    kamdem carole 9 days ago +1

    I would have agreed to a certain point BUT all the people you stated stayed mainly by their own will, they were still in contact with their loved ones and chose wholeheartedly to stay or so it is portrayed. I mean we can't compare Beyoncé and jay-z with R Kelly and his numerous mind manipulated girls, at the end of the day yeah we need to back ourselves as black people in the world but R Kelly clearly has and is still destroying a lot of beautiful lives. Even if we don't cancel him as an artist he needs to be stopped and seek help but of course R Kelly is talented and that should not be forgotten.
    I think the main difference between blacks and other races is that we blacks tend to be quick to crucify and cancel each other while other races will strictly separate the man from the work and give him his credits no matter what. Many still admire Hitler for what he did for Germany industrially, its undeniable, but many are very quick to throw idi amin, Mobuto, Khadaffi and many others under the bus without dissociation the positive from the negative espacially us blacks. R Kelly HAVE to face the consequences as a person but his legacy should remain he is a good artist and I don't see why I have to totally cancel him as if I am perfect!

  • New Era
    New Era 9 days ago +9

    That Larry Fishburne scene is so much deeper, even more nowadays that I am older to understand it😑

  • Cherry Murphy
    Cherry Murphy 9 days ago +3

    Hi truth show I have my own agenda my psychopath ex boyfriend left me for 16/17 year old he was 28 my age now and I was 23 I felt completely humiliated so many men want teens and I find it really wrong and upsets me

      ASHADEoftheSAME ASHADEoftheSAME 7 days ago

      You are mentally stronger than he is. He probaly couldn't relate to you so he needed someone who had less life experience. Keep your head up

  • Amadden mind
    Amadden mind 9 days ago +3

    I'm glad you made this video that surviving r.kelly was bogus

  • No Simp
    No Simp 9 days ago +1

    Diddy got Misa Hylton pregnant when she was 16 and he was 25. Media was criticizing Tyga a bit when he was “courting” Kylie Jenner.

  • Mr Ramirez
    Mr Ramirez 9 days ago +3

    Poor R Kelly, for the people who lied on him only (I don’t support him and he was wrong for marrying Aaliyah at 15 and peeing on girls.)

    • baddie Gvng
      baddie Gvng 9 days ago

      Seriously 😒 poor r kelly after he got away with doing shit to young girls

  • Leona Barker
    Leona Barker 9 days ago +2

    Lady what are you talking about you're saying Lifetime use under age black girls to bring them selfs to r.kelly inother to take him down wow

  • fshionclass
    fshionclass 9 days ago +4

    I do not agree with him having sex with younger girls but the problem is that some of their parents were telling them to get at him and to lie about their age. Joycelyn Savage came out and said her dad set her up with R. Kelly and told her to lie about her age. A lot is not being told.

  • Perena Marshall
    Perena Marshall 10 days ago +3

    The point you make with these couples is that they were couples. This Nigga R Kelly had about 50ty of them not really the same so fu#k the Niggas reputation he’s a flat out pedophile Sure there’s things should of been stopped. Now is that time

  • angelica sobmer
    angelica sobmer 10 days ago +2


  • TNN
    TNN 10 days ago +1


  • Pine Apple
    Pine Apple 10 days ago

    Why would the people change their face?

  • shakiirahdiior
    shakiirahdiior 10 days ago +5

    I did not dislike his and Aaliyah's relationship. We've seen this young and old thing all before. What the issue was, is that he was manipulating, controlling, emotionally, mentally and physically abusing women young and mature which was just plain straight out of order. He definitely needs help.

  • lilynmarc2229
    lilynmarc2229 10 days ago +2

    Its kinda diffrent when they get married.not to victimise numerous women.

  • Rodney Jackson
    Rodney Jackson 10 days ago +6

    The first thing she said was all I needed to hear he didn't force not one of them to do anything😑

  • Scuffed Jack Black
    Scuffed Jack Black 10 days ago +10

    This isn’t black vs white. This is a case of victims and an abuser.

  • Dog Man
    Dog Man 10 days ago

    Please do one right away about our Benevolent Sistar Erykah Badu.. She is not Her! And if you have please do an update due to that video with the Beast themselves!

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 10 days ago +2

    This was really really good and nothing but true facts love the Boyz in the Hood clip but this is true you look at other cultures some girls get married as soon as they have their menstrual. Hit look at Mary birth Jesus how old was she? It's just a fact that R.Kelly manipulated a lot of these young girls and did disgusting things to them.

    LMAOINMEMPHIS 10 days ago

    they put stores where the customers are

    • Tiffany Queen One
      Tiffany Queen One 10 days ago

      LMAOINMEMPHIS if you believe that you don’t need too be on this Chanel 😩😆

  • Monique Jordan
    Monique Jordan 10 days ago +5

    We all know that if you are black, you get it the worst. Has nothing to do with him and him alone being wrong. We are responsible for ourselves and have to answer to God for ourselves! Not for anybody else. He knew it was wrong and he didn't stop it and that is the problem!

  • Ruby July
    Ruby July 10 days ago +3

    Music was definitely his therapy but also he recorded his confessions. He even recorded videos of his crimes. Cries for help? I believe so. With that being said, if these victims grew to know this is wrong and eventually come forth, he grew to know this is wrong too. I know someone told him so and he still continued to follow through with his urges till this day. Now, if he actually sought help and was trying to turn his life around I would respect that but he didn't. Bye bye R. Kelly. It's been real.

  • Mehka Weldon
    Mehka Weldon 10 days ago +1

    Agree totally

  • David Agbonze
    David Agbonze 10 days ago +1

    Girls of 12,13,14,15,16,17 knows what their mama never knew 🤗🤗

  • K. D.
    K. D. 11 days ago +15

    R Kelly is accused of having sex with minors and recording the encounters among other crimes of abuses. I am sympathetic to the fact that he too was abused as a child and yes, you can make the argument that this may be a contributing factor when hearing the allegations against him, but he DOES NOT get a pass because of it.
    Those who were abused often continue their abuse. That doesn't justify the abuse. If R Kelly is guilty, he should be punished so he stops abusing others.
    And please. Stop the comparison of R Kelly with other celebrities as an attempt to justify his misdeeds. Doing so is a form of enabling and its insulting.
    Charge him if there are charges to be filed and let the legal process run its course.

    • Kayla Scott
      Kayla Scott 10 days ago

      yes i dont really like how she is portraying him in these vids. yes his a victim but doesnt mean he gets a pass to be a predator. he doesnt have money because his acts were brought to light.

  • Gugulethu Sibiya
    Gugulethu Sibiya 11 days ago +3

    I love R.Kelly despise what he's done, he is the best artist ever
    His private life got nothing to do with me, we all have our own sex scandals
    Ill never mute R.kelly

    • Niashe
      Niashe 10 days ago +1

      +Kayla Scott right this is a ridiculous comment.

    • honey kiss Richardson
      honey kiss Richardson 10 days ago +2

      🤔makes me wonder who you've victimized 😐 straight up!😒

    • Kayla Scott
      Kayla Scott 10 days ago +4

      thats a suspect comment to me lets just normalize pedos because they have good music. his music isnt even that good.

    • Monique Jordan
      Monique Jordan 10 days ago +4

      Wow! You will never be called upon to help society. No heart for men using their power to degrade women. Please never run for any office. You are only concerned about you! A shame!

    • K. D.
      K. D. 11 days ago +6

      Keep those innocent victims in mind while you enjoy his music.

  • unknown to you
    unknown to you 11 days ago +4

    Boys in the hood clip was the truth

  • Jerusalem Zion
    Jerusalem Zion 11 days ago +1

    You are one of the best Reporter out here 👑 for sure. Great video, it is appreciated it. And yes, like always double standards 😒

  • YourCreative Corner
    YourCreative Corner 11 days ago +4

    Drake is actually now being compared to R Kelly...for being all over that 17 year old on stage. It’s gross but two different levels.

    • Kayla Scott
      Kayla Scott 10 days ago

      YourCreative Corner what about that weirdness with bobby?

  • Needmore Zen
    Needmore Zen 11 days ago +16

    You lost me in this video. I only watched the first few min's of it. So, because other known celebrities dated younger somehow justifies what R Kelly did? Our society needs help and a lot of education. This was a digrace of a video.

    • Rocky LaBeau
      Rocky LaBeau 9 days ago +1


    • R Clark
      R Clark 11 days ago +5

      Not only that but R has been accused of violating multiple girls & women...not just dating one. Also, most of the survivors you showed pictures of were legally of age to where their parents were told there was nothing they could do by the police. There is no excuse for R doing what he has been allowed to do for decades. Yes he needs help but he also needs to be held accountable for his crimes against these young ladies. I don't care who else did it and got away with it! These are OUR BLACK GIRLS.
      I normally enjoy your videos, but this was disturbing.

  • FitzyLove
    FitzyLove 11 days ago +3

    I don't feel sorry for R. Kelly with all that money he could have got himself some help. Black males are warriors and we as sisters always taking the soft road when it comes to the warriors bettering themselves. If he was a black female majority of the sisters would not support him. They would not talk about that his past made him the way he is, if he was a female. He would receive all kinds of negative comments from other cultures as well as his own people if he was a black female. I say that to say he is a pedophile and he has a perverted spirit on him and he need to be rebuked and he need to be punished for his actions. Shalom

  • Shadow Phace
    Shadow Phace 11 days ago +6

    You got me thinking now. So why are they attacking R Kelly?

    • No Simp
      No Simp 9 days ago

      Same reason they attacked Bill Cosby. Shit been going on knowingly for 25 plus years, it’s just the times we’re living in right now people are speaking up more about it. It wasn’t taken serious back then

    • nadia mena
      nadia mena 10 days ago

      R Clark no I absolutely wouldn’t neglect them like some of the so called victims parents. I would do everything in my power to get in that house to get my child out. Some of these people are throwing stone at the house and calling the police- that’s not doing enough

    • R Clark
      R Clark 11 days ago +3

      Because he violated black girls and is still doing so with young adults. Something is wrong when we have to question the importance of him being held accountable...regardless of what others have done. Imagine one of those girls being your daughter, sister or niece... would you still be wondering "Why?"...ijs

  • FitzyLove
    FitzyLove 11 days ago +5

    He didn't touch any young white girls if he did he would be in jail by now. He should have been in the cell when that first video came out long time ago when he was pissing on them young girls. Hell he needed help than but RCA and Sony wanted money and they didn't care because the girls were black and a few Latinos.

    • Kmak Milly
      Kmak Milly 11 days ago

      Interesting analysis.......THANK GOD That it wasn't my MINE! He'd be in-side of PARALYSIS!,
      but I DON'T HAVE a DAUGHTER!,
      but if I did? a molester would have effin' gotten sl*ughtered!,
      It's Shattered B*NES ALL ALONE Down DEEP Underneath The W*TER!

  • fshionclass
    fshionclass 11 days ago +3

    I agree with you 100% when they did flashbacks of these girls pictures they were bent over, hands on the hip, face beat, nails done and everything. R Kelly was not their first rodeo. No he isn’t right but yes he is also a victim.

    • fshionclass
      fshionclass 9 days ago

      Tiyana Barnes I do not agree with him having sex with younger girls but the problem is that some of their parents were telling them to get at him and to lie about their age. Joycelyn Savage came out and said her dad set her up with R. Kelly and told her to lie about her age. A lot is not being told.

    • Tiyana Barnes
      Tiyana Barnes 10 days ago

      so it’s okay for a grown man to have sex with 14, 15 & 16 year olds because of how they carry themselves? They are kids that’s disgusting & In no way is he a victim. I hope you don’t have children

    • fshionclass
      fshionclass 11 days ago +1

      At 16 years ain’t no way you should be walking around like that and lying about your age!

  • Nijee Vaughn
    Nijee Vaughn 11 days ago +5

    You spoke the truth and some of the parents pimp their kids out to him for fame and money.

  • Tony Starks
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  • Zizi Tefera
    Zizi Tefera 11 days ago +3

    The most rational opinion so far thank you

  • R H
    R H 11 days ago

    Woody Allen didn’t do anything wrong, and idk what you’re on re: his legacy being intact. His ex’s been trying to smear him for ages. Allen is innocent and seems to be the victim of a vindictive ex.
    But yeah @ everything else.

    • Needmore Zen
      Needmore Zen 11 days ago +2

      R H - The hell he didn't. He is guilty as hell and finally he has push back. His legacy is not as in tact as you think. You need to read more. Many don't want to work with him or for him. Many have turned down projects. He will be brought down eventually and so will R Kelly....Just like Harvey Weinstein.

  • brandi hyman
    brandi hyman 11 days ago

    Thx 4 opening up this prospective

  • Charity Jones
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    • Christina J Prescod
      Christina J Prescod 11 days ago


    • FitzyLove
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    • Nathan Artwork
      Nathan Artwork 11 days ago

      +Tee P Stop bring up Bill Cosby.

    • Tee P
      Tee P 11 days ago +1

      Right, again look at Bill Cosby, they didn't let him get by

  • Veronica Graham
    Veronica Graham 11 days ago +10

    So your justifying his actions because others before him did the same thing? He kept them locked away in rooms, starved and peeing in buckets with no communication with the outside world.. Emotionally and mentally broken and physically abused...SMH girls as young as 13 and 14 saw him as a superstar and he betrayed them . People like you are why men like this get away with this type of behavior.

    • Markeisha Collins
      Markeisha Collins 10 days ago

      They aren't forced to do any of those things. Those are choices they as grown adults are making.

    • Veronica Graham
      Veronica Graham 11 days ago +1

      +Markus Harris ???? OMG what does race have to do with it. Im sure he's been with white women too but I would be wrong if I said white women were probably down with that and didn't complain...see how stupid that sounds?

    • Markus Harris
      Markus Harris 11 days ago

      +Veronica Graham If he always been like this whu are they still around him. Why are black women still having sex with him and supporting his music. This whole situation makes black women look stupid.

    • Veronica Graham
      Veronica Graham 11 days ago +2

      +R H I guess they all lying,, victims and the parents of victims., His former employees etc... He's always been a creeper.

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago +1

      Veronica Graham Where is the proof this happened tho.

  • andrea Parker
    andrea Parker 11 days ago

    I was gone all the time in Chicago I was lucky I didnt get picked up and trapped. So close

  • Daron Anderson
    Daron Anderson 11 days ago +8

    Yall keep this same energy toward an abuser if your family ever becomes a victim of rape. Talk to the abuser and try to understand hin the same way yall doing for this creep.

    • Daron Anderson
      Daron Anderson 11 days ago +2

      +Markus Harris well you sound like u wouldnt mind yo daughter getting pissed on

    • Markus Harris
      Markus Harris 11 days ago

      +Daron Anderson You niqqas act like he pissed on you.

    • Daron Anderson
      Daron Anderson 11 days ago +3

      +R H yeah and you can say what you like but the fact he married a 15 year old is proof this dude a pedophile. Where is your proof hes not cause that there is proof he is. Why everytime some famous black person get accused of something its aw the man out to get him. This dude got a track record of the same behavior and u wont believe it. N how can u think u can accuse me of something and we never met. Like try a better argument than that

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago +1

      Daron Anderson And try to not advocate for objectivism and truth when you get falsely accused of something because some person has it out for you.
      Hell, I could say you did something to me and get people to back me up, then it’s on you to prove that you didn’t do x thing lol. Do you grasp how retarded that is? It’s easier to prove something did happen than it is to prove something didn’t happen.

  • troy gillings
    troy gillings 11 days ago +2

    So true. The same way that they put d gun stores and the liquor store in the black community in boys in da hood is the same way they go out and look the girls 4 r.kelly. they want to down the black race

  • ramo kalupala
    ramo kalupala 11 days ago +7

    you list a bunch of celebs who started dating younger women/girls, who ended up marrying them and who after 25 years are still happily married and have had a family together. R Kelly played a game of mouse and cat for weeks and months with these women before he pounced and made them his sex slave. He has a freaking concubine/cult which he abuses physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally. He starves them and locks them in dark rooms for days on out. He manipulates them and breaks down their spirits to the point where they start believing he is the only person that loves them. There is a huge difference between this Monster and other celebs out there who have age differences.

    • baetrap
      baetrap 11 days ago

      ramo kalupala 💯 💯

  • LuluKinyozi Beauty
    LuluKinyozi Beauty 11 days ago +7

    Great video I know you are not defending R but they were not victims.They all preyed on each other.

  • j-m Fontus
    j-m Fontus 11 days ago +1

    I thought he did force them because if they “Disobeyed them” he would smack and starve them

    • coptic777
      coptic777 11 days ago +1

      Nope wrong! The cops went to his house more than once. None of these women claimed they were being forced. Seriously you all think he kept 50+ women hostage and nothing was done?? Thanks for the laugh... oh by the way R Kelly is guilty for messing with underage girls. No doubt about that. Scum bag for sure but it’s amazing you all can’t see what’s going on here. They are deflecting from the Hollywood pedophiles running rampant

    • Maggie Jones
      Maggie Jones 11 days ago

      Yes so wtf dey talking about and he also held some of em against their damn will. One lady still have not seen her child and its been three years. She could b dead or anything could b wrong. She of age now so y she can't c her damn mother n father.

  • crescian medston
    crescian medston 11 days ago +6

    This is what really needs to go viral among all these black men and women out here offering they 2 cents on everything r kelly

  • Emeral Diamond
    Emeral Diamond 11 days ago

    The letters Khia read were written by a PUBLICIST they were too SALACIOUS!

  • the promise man
    the promise man 11 days ago +6

    R.kelly said he is going to sue everybody that was interview for this show .....let's see how that mess turns out 😂😂😂

    • Maggie Jones
      Maggie Jones 11 days ago

      Not well! Idk y he wanna do dat bcuz all them girls saying da same exact shit. He beat them starve em and keep em locked down. He giving out std's n shit change a few of their numbers so da mothers could not b in touch. How u gonna sue nigga...? N I was his fan but wut he doing is dead wrong.

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo 11 days ago +2

    This analysis is very good but Woody Allen you know know when that came out they ate him up spit him out and then forgave him again but everything else is pretty much on point you made some really good facts here which is my point when it comes to R Kelly I don't have any sympathy for the young women I'm sorry just like K Michelle as she told her story of seeing naked women swimming in the fish tank her mother was responsible for her being there and no time when she consulted her mother about what was going on did her mother take her out of there and that is how I feel the situation form the parents they knew they sent them there for those parents who didn't that's a totally different story if the authorities have not arrested this man and did not see any harm what is the harm that was really done? On top of that women who have really low self-esteem will always and can be always manipulated into certain situations but if they were not under duress in those situations and you cannot prove they were under duress meaning having a gun to their head under them situations there is no harm there is no foul that would have been done?

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago

      Mo Jo Woody Allen didn’t do anything wrong though. The ex is just trying to malign him because she’s resentful that their relationship didn’t work out and can’t let it go.

  • Joel Bowers
    Joel Bowers 11 days ago +4

    Girl, something is so wrong with you!! So what if this type of stuff as been going on for years.... it’s still Wrong!!!! R Kelly knew what he was doing!!! R Kelly was abusing these young girls, in every way possible. I understand that he was abused, when he was younger. But! He’s knows right from wrong just like we do!! Where is your empathy and sympathy for these young ladies. People have been trying to warn everyone about R Kelly for years!!! But because of who he is and his money!!! Nothing could be done!!! Yes he at a low point in his life, but so what!! Maybe now, these people can get some type of justice!!!

    • Christina J Prescod
      Christina J Prescod 11 days ago


    • Markus Harris
      Markus Harris 11 days ago

      If it bewn going on for years you niqqas obviously didn't care about it enough to stop it. Y'all just love drama because your real life is boring

  • Darealchinadoll Smith
    Darealchinadoll Smith 11 days ago +1


  • Contina Smith
    Contina Smith 11 days ago +2


  • erskine otaku
    erskine otaku 11 days ago +3

    agree wit u,da examples u gave r no different than him&aaliyah.her&fam neva spoke against him the public did.if they wanted nothin to do wit it y own his stuff.howd the other ladies get around him in the first place😒its crazy.

  • Raynika Watkins
    Raynika Watkins 11 days ago +2

    Pray from him

  • Latrail palmtree
    Latrail palmtree 12 days ago +6

    ... Not the whole boys n the hood scene

    • Tee P
      Tee P 11 days ago +2

      Lol and I don't even get it with that movie with the same thing with what R Kelly did I was like 😳

  • Cory Cunningham
    Cory Cunningham 12 days ago +9

    I see where you’re coming from and I agree with but I’m a 44 year grown man. I don’t look at little girls like that at all. Some of those girls LOOKED like little girls so he wasn’t deceived. The man needs some serious help.We all remember how some teenage girls was with teenage boys. Just like with other celebrities some of these little girls just wanted to be famous and wanted their friends to know that they were sleeping with a celebrity. R. Kelly DID manipulate some of those little girls but not all. Some of those girls WILLINGLY did that shit. It’s not the parents fault BUT it’s our job as parents prepare our kids for shit like this. It’s our job to protect our kids and teach them to have respect for themselves. Not at age 18 but well before that. We’re supposed to know where our kids are at ALL times and to NEVER take their word for where they say they are.

  • Brooklynn Arnold
    Brooklynn Arnold 12 days ago +8

    Something is seriously wrong with you

    • Wild Clover
      Wild Clover 11 days ago +1

      Right! Everyone is making excuses for him. He knew what he did was wrong that's why he spent so much money covering it up

  • remoniaj
    remoniaj 12 days ago +11

    That is the million dollar question some of us want to know. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS IN ALL OF THIS???

  • Kisaí Delanooy
    Kisaí Delanooy 12 days ago +9

    Thank you for being woke!!! This is the freaking truth about Hollywood!

  • Hot caramel
    Hot caramel 12 days ago +4

    you that saying R Kelly did so much to these WO end were you there and apparently the wanted to be with him they could leave at any time,and you don't know what those other people did to women because they tell you what the hell they want you to know because they figure you can't think for yourself!!!! the put what they want on TV and you believe it,sad, sad, sad,!!!!! Let' s see what Trump is doing with Russia that's what you should be worrying about!!;;!! this will affect your lives more than R Kelly!!!

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago

      Trump and Russia, are you joking? That’s just some Democrat nonsense. I don’t even like Trump but everyone can see that’s a bullshit cop out for Hillary being a terrible candidate and the Democrats not caring about poor people.

    • Lawanda Thomas
      Lawanda Thomas 11 days ago

      Hot caramel Amen beautiful

  • Jenny Penny
    Jenny Penny 12 days ago

  • Saskia Z
    Saskia Z 12 days ago +8

    You are sick. This is not about race. This is about how we treat women in this world. We need to stand up for women period. Yes R Kelly was a victim as a child but he is a grown man and he needs to be punished for this

    • katherine mcclellan
      katherine mcclellan 10 days ago +1

      +R H I was born! Humanity not equipped for evil since they do not believe they have ability to c future events. It's what I do in future they try to stop. I wear amor of God & although I'm disabled I still have ability to staying war & fite! Know we r close to final battle where humanity takes back Earth from Lucifer! What side of fence r u?

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago

      katherine mcclellan Well sheeeit wtf did you do?

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago

      Saskia Z No, it’s basically a bunch of people who are mad they’re not getting their money. His ex-wife in particular. She was out there putting on the waterworks for Lifetime Feminazi TV saying how she wanted to kill herself because of him (tbh she should consider that), but there’s a video of her bragging about how she makes money off R Kelly’s songs.
      Victim my ass.

    • katherine mcclellan
      katherine mcclellan 11 days ago

      Unfortunately occultists do not have consequences for illegal actions. I am living proof!

  • Tee P
    Tee P 12 days ago +8

    Wooooowie she is way off

    • Tee P
      Tee P 11 days ago

      +R H 😁

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago +1

      Tee P Yeah because a Lifetime propaganda reel is totally on point lmao.

  • aweofme
    aweofme 12 days ago +5

    Yeah there is a double standard... but r kelly did far worse things to women than the majority of the celebrities mentioned not all but majority...he still should be in jail

  • Just call me BROWN
    Just call me BROWN 12 days ago +5

    Prayers for all involved, let those with NO sin cast the first stone.
    Great Video!

  • chrrylocs
    chrrylocs 12 days ago

    it's bad for your community!!! I'm saying like yawl got enough money or shrinks to live rixh people lives. it's a reason old folk say stay away from certain behaviors, like the community ain't got enough issues already. now here go some more postmatic generational mental issues that about to be normalized in the community. sit a fork in it, yawl done.

  • Tee P
    Tee P 12 days ago +2

    They sentence Bill Cosby, why they letting this man get by pleaseeeeee

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago +1

      Tee P Cuz he didn’t do anything aside from the tape and there’s no double jeopardy for the tape.

  • Tee P
    Tee P 12 days ago +6

    @Truth Show how can you take up for this man in any kind of way????? Most these ladies was babies that wanted to sing and didn't think this man wouldn't do nothing to hurt them. What if itwas your child or if it was you. He didn't have to treat them like no dog. That wouldn't even feed them???? Really??? It makes no sense. I don't think you realize all the things he did. This don't have nothing to do with white or black issues. He had sex with them then made them had sex with each other!!!!!! Are you serious??

    • R H
      R H 11 days ago

      Tee P Lmao who believes that? Especially with how this generation is? Most women are thots. Sorry.

    • Nathan Artwork
      Nathan Artwork 12 days ago +2

      I don't think she's taking up for R. Kelly. She's pointing out the facts.