The Reoffenders Who Can't Stay Out of Jail (Part 1/2) | Rule Britannia

  • Published on Nov 18, 2014
  • Watch Part 2:
    In this episode of Rule Britannia, VICE meets "Saky's Finest"-a gang of young reoffenders based on the Saxton Road estate in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Locked into a cycle of reoffending and going to jail, some of these guys have spent so much of their childhood in Young Offenders' Institutes that they'd rather be back inside than in the real world.
    20-year-old Coopz is looking at a serious stretch in adult jail after being recently bailed in connection with the attempted robbery of a local shop. Ross and Nathan, who at 27 are considered the "olders" of the group, both try to stop him from going down the same paths they did.
    We also meet Pitts, arguably the most institutionalized member of the gang, who has only seen the outside world for a matter of weeks in the last six years. Now out, he just wants to have fun, get pissed and fight-as well as settling an old score with Reggie, the local store owner, for something that happened 12 years ago.
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Comments • 4 859

  • Gerett Barker
    Gerett Barker 11 hours ago


  • savagex466
    savagex466 3 days ago

    This is it fuck more jail more homeless and the ruthless of ruthless

  • Mr No No
    Mr No No 4 days ago

    Got into a conversation with Nathan at a pub in Halesowen. Sound lad.

  • Jay Reeves
    Jay Reeves 9 days ago

    U r not shit u dick

  • Chet youbetya
    Chet youbetya 11 days ago

    What a waste of a life.Go dump there dumb asses off in the middle east.Useless I love how the idiot with two kids by two different dads tries to blame everyone else for the losers choices.

  • Mike Berg
    Mike Berg 12 days ago

    The Afro Caribbean migration to the u.k.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎a huge net drain on ordinary tax payers

  • Arlen Ray
    Arlen Ray 13 days ago

    These scums should be banged inside prison and should never get released. Scums bags of earth

  • KluTCh
    KluTCh 13 days ago

    I sit here wondering if any of these guys are my cousins, lmao

  • stooby d
    stooby d 13 days ago

    What a fucking shithole

  • stooby d
    stooby d 13 days ago


  • A Person
    A Person 14 days ago

    These kids reoffend non stop but that other guy gets IPP, 8 years with no parole and no release in sight. And “adult sucks because there is less fighting” yea because there is more murdering

  • Bartosz Bartosz
    Bartosz Bartosz 18 days ago +1

    Wait! They sprayed a Swastika sign on this Asian man's door, not knowing that its a 'luck' sign in his culture xDDD
    This reminds me of an old BNP poster 'Battle for Britain' where they've used a plane that was predominantly used by Polish pilots.
    The sheer ignorance is staggering!

  • mma mma 18 days ago +1

    Boasts about how much he loves fighting then shits himself and first to break up the fight

  • Brett C
    Brett C 19 days ago

    It’s so funny they sound like morons not gangsters with that English accent. Regards - The United States 🇺🇸

  • Jay Harrison
    Jay Harrison 19 days ago


  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 20 days ago

    more abortion centers and sterilize violent felons and prisoners.

  • Alex Giblin
    Alex Giblin 20 days ago

    Coops is gay 💯

  • Myron Venero
    Myron Venero 20 days ago

    Maybe Brexit is a trick on brits to save europe?

  • Reese King
    Reese King 26 days ago

    What a bunch of delinquents 😂 fucking idiots.

  • zanderzoot
    zanderzoot 26 days ago

    “Init, bruv!”
    Fuck me they’re from Oxford not the Bronx.

  • Wayne Keenan
    Wayne Keenan 27 days ago +1

    All i see is lots of young men who are still 10 years old

  • VeXGaming
    VeXGaming 28 days ago

    this video gave me cancer

  • Lk Metro
    Lk Metro Month ago

    Damn UK im sorry. Your bros are just as bad as ours across the pond.. idk why we can't just lock them up and throw away the key. That would literally benefit the entire world.

  • Johnny Galan
    Johnny Galan Month ago

    I need subtitles for the whole video, I can’t understand these fucks.

  • Johnny Galan
    Johnny Galan Month ago

    “Give a chance for them to work” they fucked up more than once.....

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith Month ago

    I wish there was a IQ test before you were allowed to procreate, specially for women because they get stuck with the kids.

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan Month ago

    Was reading a story just now where some young guy rammed an okd cyclist with a car, left him nearly paralized and got 30 months in prison, meaning he will come out in a few months time, hahaaa fkn joke. Only self defence weapon you can use in UK is a rape alarm! shithole.

  • DMeril
    DMeril Month ago

    I can’t believe these english punks actually talk like this. How tf do you even understand them? Is it the teeth or???

  • ᴴᵃᶰˢ ᴮˡᵃᵃᵘʷ

    Am I supposed to pity these people?

  • Harvey ,
    Harvey , Month ago

    I live on the road next to that, reggie sells the dankest chicken tikka pastiest

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A Month ago

    This shows the sad demise of Christian morals that have been raped from our country, young ladies lack feminine restraint and are instead attracted to feral male culture. The culture of marriage and strong families has been deemphasised through encouraging sex outside marriage and hedonism.

  • Matt The Taffy
    Matt The Taffy Month ago

    That coops kid What a wasteman lol 100% he gets murked when hes on the landing, I bet his girl Gemma been passed around that estate like a rugby ball lol

  • Jason Timmons
    Jason Timmons Month ago

    There all a bunch of wankers, taking the piss

  • A1 zt
    A1 zt Month ago

    I used to live in Abingdon 😂😂😂 those lot are not hard at all, if any saky boy goes to a party he will defo get rushed

  • Steve Anon
    Steve Anon Month ago

    We'd save money if we just had criminals strangled (after a 2-minute trial) and put in landfill.

  • 42 gp
    42 gp Month ago

    lmao bunch of fucking tramps

    MVTT DAILY Month ago

    These racist faggets got me mad no lie

    MVTT DAILY Month ago

    in chiraq you got gangs that girl saying she’s gang related is hilarious

      MVTT DAILY Month ago

      She’s in with some idiots that’s bout it

  • Henry Gourlay
    Henry Gourlay Month ago +1

    100 lashes with the cat, sterilisation and hard work on a chaingang for a few years might led to an attitude adjustment.

  • Renee Jagger
    Renee Jagger Month ago

    And they call themselves men ??

  • MAN_S__3344
    MAN_S__3344 Month ago


  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson Month ago

    These kids want to be like American's do bad.

  • matt Ortiz
    matt Ortiz Month ago

    I've always tripped out on people who brag about going to jail.i been to jail and it's a disgusting,dangerous and terrible place to go.i been to jail and I don't care to act like it's fun and a great place to be.foos need to grow up.

  • unknown
    unknown Month ago

    This i why you go to school.

  • Livid Ramen
    Livid Ramen Month ago

    Someone tell that kid the Asian man is only protecting his business and livelihood. Showing or continuing to behave that way, shows why the ban hasn't lifted for him at the store. He IS lost. One day he may kill somebody just to stay behind bars. He said so himself, he prefers it in there. He's lost out there.

  • Nxck
    Nxck Month ago

    A gang of dickhead lmao

  • Jamie Watts
    Jamie Watts Month ago

    What a bunch of fuckin idiots

  • Laura & David Meldrum & Brown

    Should of binned this lot with the after birth!

  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters 2 months ago

    I love hearing very stupid people using the word stupid.

  • plutoplatters
    plutoplatters 2 months ago

    Whewww… There sure are a LOT of humans that shouldn't exist.

  • phoenixfire blood over intent

    this is home... come to maine

  • SealMeat IsBestMeat
    SealMeat IsBestMeat 2 months ago +1

    Theres nothing cool, ironic, poetic or anything about their lives unlike the mob etc. These people are just literally scum of the earth. Literally the definition of wastes of space. They can't even sell drugs, they fuck that up too.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 2 months ago +3

    These dudes would be dead from gunshots in America in no more than a month

  • 1234567 1234567
    1234567 1234567 2 months ago

    Country's gone to the dogs,
    I'm 61, we didn't dare say boo to a goose, the cops used to clip us but we where all nice lads.

  • XeroCS
    XeroCS 2 months ago +1

    there happy about having been to jail. Weirdos

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago

    These kids are paying because their parents have failed them. Their fathers were likely beta males that could not handle their mothers, and the kids were remade in their mother's image. Stop having children out of wedlock. The chances of them growing up and becoming a career criminal are compounded.

  • sizzlepopgirl
    sizzlepopgirl 2 months ago

    He has aspd

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton 2 months ago

    Legit, i know there are some fucking thugs for sure across the pond. But for fucks sake i cant take em serious with that accent.

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C 2 months ago

    wow! what horrible humans

  • Mike Carone
    Mike Carone 2 months ago

    That's what Anglican poeple do