Engaged Couples Raise Robot Babies

  • Published on Jun 26, 2015
  • “How do moms do this?!”
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    Roni & Caroline
    Paolo & Patrick
    Reality Works for providing the RealCare Infant Simulators and support.
    ***RealCare babies are used by general educational institutions and not just high schools***
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Comments • 4 468

  • Ella Klarich
    Ella Klarich 2 days ago

    Omg I’m caring for a robot baby right now for school! It’s our last night

  • Lydia Guenigsman
    Lydia Guenigsman 6 days ago

    I have mine right now

  • Raygan Brittain
    Raygan Brittain 16 days ago

    I’m in 8th grade rn, i have it this very second, pray for me

  • bbyshaa -
    bbyshaa - 19 days ago

    idk y but I would be scared

  • Riara Riara
    Riara Riara Month ago

    This boring

  • Riara Riara
    Riara Riara Month ago

    3 years enaged somebody is using somebody

  • Trolly
    Trolly Month ago

    im here from the sidemen lol

  • Olitilwe Nkadimeng
    Olitilwe Nkadimeng Month ago

    They put the baby in a dog basket

  • Kenzie T
    Kenzie T Month ago

    Everytime I hear the scream cry I involuntarily say head support, head support, head support!! I had to this project for school and it sucked

  • joan the mad
    joan the mad Month ago

    People are saying they did this in middle and highschool and I'm like "where?". I don't know anyone that did, are these rich schools?

  • catelyn paradise
    catelyn paradise Month ago

    i’m getting this baby this weekend i’m so scared lmAooo

  • Elena
    Elena Month ago

    Where I can buy one of the babys?

  • A Fluffy Donut
    A Fluffy Donut 2 months ago +1

    Girl: ok let's search how to wrap a baby.
    Me: I think the best solution was to type in '*how to keep a baby alive*'

  • Saige Mrosk
    Saige Mrosk 2 months ago

    Oh my god my heart! This is the cutest video ever!

  • M Looww
    M Looww 2 months ago

    I want to see them do at least 3 days in a row so it will be a more realistic exhausting experience cuz you are not getting a break after 24 hours even with healthy babies.. imagine a sick baby.

  • Katie Houston
    Katie Houston 2 months ago

    I have never actually know Caroline’s real name 😂

  • Mala
    Mala 3 months ago

    I really want to do this

    THUVI 3 months ago

    Anyone from the sidemen video ?


    i want to do this. even though i'm like 3.

  • Erica Stewart
    Erica Stewart 5 months ago

    Hah gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay😂

  • cursed alien
    cursed alien 5 months ago

    I think everyone should have to learn how to care for a baby using the robo-baby before having real kids.

  • Kennedy Wilson
    Kennedy Wilson 5 months ago

    I had to do this. Worst weekend of my life.

  • How to draw your dragons

    I have this robo baby school assignment rn, and even though it’s kinda uhh heavy, i’m slowly figuring out everything like understanding her routine to know what she wants! Also to everyone who says i wanna try this so bad: Yeah i said the same thing before it woke me up 4 times in a row with ear shattering cries at midnight :)

  • Snoodle Noodle Doodles
    Snoodle Noodle Doodles 5 months ago

    I want to do this SO bad

  • Alaya 1020
    Alaya 1020 6 months ago

    *gasps* look guys more reasons to accept gays! There better at taking care of babies XD ( joke if u didn't know)

  • Everlasting Snail
    Everlasting Snail 6 months ago

    When I did this in school I found so many tricks that made it easier, and I got 99%

  • Amy Francis
    Amy Francis 6 months ago

    I did one just recently for infant/toddler, best experience I ever had. I cried when she shut off, I wasn’t ready to let her go 🤣✌🏼

  • Minna hyggestue
    Minna hyggestue 6 months ago

    what is the baby simukator callt and were can i buy it?

  • amii_1218
    amii_1218 6 months ago +1

    I did this in 11th grade.... it was on hard mode and I did it for 4 days, I got 100% even though it woke up 10-17 times a night on average and the total amount of cries in the end was over 70... I was genuinely confused at the end about why everyone always complains about how hard it is, I found it really easy

  • Star player
    Star player 7 months ago

    I did for two day, and that damn baby almost made me have panick attack. I still hear it cries and it's been 2 weeks.

  • amber withanimals
    amber withanimals 8 months ago


  • Antisocial Mari
    Antisocial Mari 8 months ago

    I have to take one Home for a project and imma die

  • Desert King
    Desert King 8 months ago

    During the experiment all the liberals kept treating the baby as a late,living abortion and choked it to death.

  • Chester X
    Chester X 8 months ago

    I have this stupid thing right now for the weekend as a school program

  • WolfsRock!
    WolfsRock! 9 months ago

    I’m doing this rn for a grade😂😭

  • Madison Waldron
    Madison Waldron 10 months ago

    Lol, i had to do that for highschool for 1 weekend

  • Everlasting Snail
    Everlasting Snail 11 months ago

    I currently have one of these with me for the weekend, and I've never been so stressed. Like I've cried, it's cried it woke me up three times last night, and cried at least twice each time. It just horrible, if I had a partner, it would probably be better

  • Alisha Cook
    Alisha Cook 11 months ago

    I just got mine today lmao

  • hunnymuun
    hunnymuun 11 months ago


  • Kimberly Albarran
    Kimberly Albarran Year ago +1

    I’m a freshman in highschool and I got one rn and so far It hasn’t cried

  • Katie sweet heart

    I know how to look after a real baby base I have a 2 year old brother and I'm ten

  • TheBleacher
    TheBleacher Year ago

    The straight guy looks so normal compared to the gay couple,, ew

  • Ditch-11
    Ditch-11 Year ago

    I really don’t want to be that kind of a guy, but don’t RAISE your children to be vegan. On a more health related note, growing babies need proteins and iron, which aren’t as abundant in vegan foods (true medical fact).
    On a more personal note, A good parent would support their child’s decisions and never force them into something when they’re young. That’s almost equivalent to brainwashing. I’ve known too many friends who’s parents have shamed them for eating meat and made me want to slap them

  • Yangster Supreme
    Yangster Supreme Year ago

    Fact: gay couples own nicer houses

  • Yangster Supreme
    Yangster Supreme Year ago

    3 years??? Just get married already😂

    LAVANYA VERMA Year ago

    Caroline looked a lot like Becky.

  • Carlie Carpenter
    Carlie Carpenter Year ago

    I’m 13 and I have to do this for school for 3 days

    • ᴋᴀᴛ
      ᴋᴀᴛ Year ago

      same but I had to this for 1 day

  • Carl newey
    Carl newey Year ago


  • Guacamole
    Guacamole Year ago

    You can’t play swords and make a child

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    She makes a good mum

  • Princess of Keys
    Princess of Keys Year ago

    I never had this in school before 🤔

  • That One Drawing Girl

    Did they call the robaby "Kesha"? OMG they did!! I AM LIVING FOR THAT

  • Gabster 602
    Gabster 602 Year ago +1

    The the guys said there is her godmother I was dying laughing

  • Alley COOPER
    Alley COOPER Year ago

    I wanna do this with my fiance. To make sure he wants four. I want one

  • Echo The Bat
    Echo The Bat Year ago +1

    I see your gay propaganda. Having them %100

  • Fern SadBoi
    Fern SadBoi Year ago

    Good job Paolo and Patrick

  • I exist
    I exist Year ago

    We use those dolls in childcare elective. People say it's annoying but I don't mind baby cries and just want to care for something. So it's kind of a dream.

  • Elizabeth martz
    Elizabeth martz Year ago

    Where did you guys buy these

  • JJ Jenkins
    JJ Jenkins Year ago

    I had to do this and i took it home I am 16 going on 17 it was fun but I got no sleep

  • Rachel O Beirne
    Rachel O Beirne Year ago

    I have these dolls at me school and I'm about to get one >~