Incredible Chinese Guy Breaks Glass Bottle With His VOICE!


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  • Bien Adentro
    Bien Adentro Month ago

    Glass bottle?

  • Rich Murdoch
    Rich Murdoch 2 months ago

    That was a glass not a bottle.

  • Ghughu Maal
    Ghughu Maal 4 months ago

    Only two halves u made kid... I ve seen it breaking into pieces

  • Ghughu Maal
    Ghughu Maal 4 months ago

    The glass in hand? It should be broken from a distance

  • Ghughu Maal
    Ghughu Maal 4 months ago

    The voice should be like those shrill sounds coming from large speakers

  • Ghughu Maal
    Ghughu Maal 4 months ago

    That's like a dog sound

  • Ghughu Maal
    Ghughu Maal 4 months ago

    Not good

  • Jin Stormhold
    Jin Stormhold 8 months ago

    When my pinky toe hits the table.

  • Tankoli TO
    Tankoli TO 11 months ago

    Damn i love that bottle

  • Terri Ealy
    Terri Ealy 11 months ago


  • SCP Time
    SCP Time Year ago

    He has awakened his inner sharingan...

  • Puggy Animator
    Puggy Animator Year ago

    the first guy sound like crying baby

  • Boogy Man
    Boogy Man Year ago

    Start at 0:13 save your time

  • Dylan Nicholson
    Dylan Nicholson Year ago

    I laughed so fucking hard.

  • ched
    ched Year ago

    That glass must be made in china surely

  • Lumpia
    Lumpia Year ago

    Half of this video was the intro

  • Axzne
    Axzne Year ago +1

    All the people are yawning just like (yawn) like normal people

  • Nver
    Nver Year ago

    Anyone can do this. I was hoping to see a bottle. Not a wine glass.

  • XDman r o c k
    XDman r o c k Year ago

    Kinda racist

  • Strygw 7
    Strygw 7 Year ago

    You just need the frequency of your voice and the glass are same..and the glass will broke...thank me later

  • Charlie Lovvorn
    Charlie Lovvorn Year ago

    That guy sound like a dying goat and I'm cow mixed in with it with a golden shepherd that's been home for 2 months and still alive

  • Allen Beavers
    Allen Beavers Year ago

    All lies. There was no bottle. Wine glass sure, but who can't break one of those with their voice.

  • Mysterious Joker
    Mysterious Joker Year ago

    Wine glass not bottle

  • spaghetti hoe
    spaghetti hoe Year ago

    That is the call of an ancient glass breaker looking for his mate

  • MasterofLight1
    MasterofLight1 Year ago

    I like how there was super dramatic music at first and then we hear "HOOOOOOOOOOOOO".

  • Teddy Broosevelt
    Teddy Broosevelt Year ago

    Sounds like the shittest car horn

  • モリマ
    モリマ 2 years ago

    There must be some tricks!!! There’s nothing in China is real but fake!

  • Bartesimson
    Bartesimson 2 years ago

    the trick is that anyone can do that. It is a story of resonance and vibrassion. power has nothing to do

  • Shaun Brown
    Shaun Brown 2 years ago

    funny looking bottle, impressive though.

  • iiKristie xo
    iiKristie xo 2 years ago

    0:13 When i Hear Pizza!

  • Mia Tillman
    Mia Tillman 2 years ago

    I have a really high voice and I could probably to do it but I'm too scared

  • Chipotle Gamer
    Chipotle Gamer 2 years ago

    Who here from MasterSaint vid.Sub To my channel if you are.

  • Marley Holcomb
    Marley Holcomb 2 years ago +4

    Whale hitting puberty

  • Wolfreign Valenford
    Wolfreign Valenford 2 years ago

    nigga dragonborn

  • SpencenPlayz
    SpencenPlayz 2 years ago +6

    No big deal, i can break a mirror just by looking at it

    • WEAREML !
      WEAREML ! 3 months ago

      It's because ur ugly asf

  • Kittycatboo kitty
    Kittycatboo kitty 2 years ago +6

    The sound is funny

  • DubTheFather™
    DubTheFather™ 2 years ago +3

    his Thu'um is powerful

  • no u
    no u 2 years ago +2

    Sounds like a whale dying lols

  • BananaBoatGamez
    BananaBoatGamez 2 years ago +73

    0:17 that one anime attack that requires replays for every present character's reaction

  • Antoni Facca
    Antoni Facca 2 years ago +94

    roses are red, violets are blue, there is always an aisian guy that is better than you

    • J wilson
      J wilson 2 months ago

      So no ones gonna bring up the 10 year old Californian kid?

    • Başak Toksoy
      Başak Toksoy Year ago

      I bet there's an asian guy who is better than you at spelling "asian".

    • Mark Samudio
      Mark Samudio Year ago

      Misspelt words are inevitable because english is not our first language

    • saxophoner Man123
      saxophoner Man123 2 years ago

      Dragoș Cristian no

    • Dragoș Cristian
      Dragoș Cristian 2 years ago

      Antoni Facca And fuck you

  • NjoyEdits
    NjoyEdits 2 years ago +18

    thats a weird "Glass Bottle"!

  • JoshCanHearYou
    JoshCanHearYou 2 years ago +3

    Glass bottle ehy?

  • Harry Millar
    Harry Millar 2 years ago +1

    Looks like someone never hit puberty.

  • with yassy
    with yassy 2 years ago

    did it want to hes mougth

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 2 years ago

    tfw the intro is 2/5 of the vid

  • Caitlin Senior
    Caitlin Senior 2 years ago


  • Gacha Mika
    Gacha Mika 2 years ago


  • Unknown Potter
    Unknown Potter 2 years ago +23

    He sounded like a dying whale 😂

  • Gta Sandres
    Gta Sandres 2 years ago +6

    did the glass went in ti his mouth?

  • Diek Butt
    Diek Butt 2 years ago +1

    So fucking incredible this must be a first right here

  • Christopher Arendt
    Christopher Arendt 2 years ago +10

    ur moms a glass bottle

  • Wyatt Graff
    Wyatt Graff 3 years ago +5

    He sounds like a lapras from pokemon lol

  • Darian Tolofson
    Darian Tolofson 3 years ago +11


    • daThird Player
      daThird Player 2 years ago

      Darian Tolofson glass would shatter in a second by the time u say that

  • TraficCat
    TraficCat 3 years ago +10


  • Jacare Clipz
    Jacare Clipz 3 years ago +1

    It sounded like he was moaning

  • gue st
    gue st 3 years ago +2

    0:12 about to break the glass

  • Fickteuchdoch Ihraffen
    Fickteuchdoch Ihraffen 3 years ago +1

    glass bottle.. ok

  • vTrain
    vTrain 3 years ago +166

    An 8 year old did this.......

    And got like 100x times more views.

    • Dark Shadows
      Dark Shadows 3 months ago

      Terri Ealy laughing even louder

    • Terri Ealy
      Terri Ealy 11 months ago


    • Swipei Keel
      Swipei Keel 2 years ago +2

      Mr Mr you racist agist guy I hope you repent for your sins . senpai will never notice you

    • Andrew 1
      Andrew 1 2 years ago

      Mr Mr best comment ive ever seen

  • ChillateWinner
    ChillateWinner  4 years ago +13

    This guy is awesome!!!!