Call of Duty: WORLD WAR 2 - BETA info + ZOMBIES news!


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  • ata muhammad
    ata muhammad Year ago

    Bla bla bla wdf r u doing

  • Reid Brakeley
    Reid Brakeley Year ago

    2 days😁

  • Jeremiah Vancini
    Jeremiah Vancini Year ago

    I pre order to day

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby Year ago

    They better remake a part where a guy gets sniped in a boat because that we in the first game and it was kinda funny well it was in the first waw

  • Lovro Pavić
    Lovro Pavić Year ago +1


  • This Channel Has Been Terminated

    I hope the campaign has quality co-op play like waw did, and it was the greatest campaign I've ever played

  • haise kaneki amv
    haise kaneki amv Year ago +1

    When the beta is going online

  • Adolf_the_jewbacca

    Cod is dead

  • jomamasmama
    jomamasmama Year ago

    The 3 mode must be co op in mw3 but a little different

  • Mahfooz Malik
    Mahfooz Malik Year ago

    I have pre orded world war two

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Who else pre-ordered?

  • ScrappyDappy
    ScrappyDappy Year ago

    When does the beta launch? just pre ordered for $59.99 and don't have a beta...

  • -That one bored Guy on Yt-


    BLOOFY Year ago +1


  • Garrett Wright
    Garrett Wright Year ago

    when's the beta? please help

  • Austin Thomas Casteel

    I'm excited! I haven't been this hype since cod mw2

  • flywolfman 42
    flywolfman 42 Year ago

    I all ready Pre orderd it

  • Reverse
    Reverse Year ago +1

    I have high⬆ hopes for this game.

  • Spoony Jeff UK
    Spoony Jeff UK Year ago

    call of duty, please STOP DOING DDAY!! FFS!! DO SICILY, OR EVEN BETTER DO OPERATION MARKET GARDEN! seriously i have played 2 or 3 call of duty games with dday missions in them.. its almost like you've given up trying to compete...

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller Year ago +1

    the graphics is a joke in ww2, major disappointment.

  • Donnie Shavers
    Donnie Shavers Year ago

    dude I just thought about a call of duty Revolutionary War game would that be cool or what 😎

  • Deus 03
    Deus 03 Year ago

    where does he talk about beta

  • Greggs
    Greggs Year ago

    I hope there are brecci and exo suits

  • JOEx1sxab3astx
    JOEx1sxab3astx Year ago

    It's going to be zombies for the 3rd game mode because of Dalek at a interview +Ali-A

  • Austin
    Austin Year ago

    If you pre-ordered COD WWII you would see in your download screen for PS4 an auto-download box and when you hit said box it pops up with a date that is not the games release date? The date stated was 10/31/17 which is 3 days before the Nov 2 release. If anyone has thoughts chime in and we'll figure this out together.

  • Reup Gaming
    Reup Gaming Year ago

    I don't think it will be zombies.

  • Uğur ata Fanları

    Ali Abi Nerelisin seni erzincanlılara benzettim


    Hope soap from mw2 returns

  • Bloody Pleb
    Bloody Pleb Year ago

    Im getting ww2 beta when it comes out

  • MERG Clipz
    MERG Clipz Year ago

    When is the beta

  • timi igre
    timi igre Year ago

    so i have "medium" good computer...if i would have everything on low will it lag or not?

  • ksm95
    ksm95 Year ago +1

    im only buying the game to gas jews and make kosher pizza with the ears for pepperoni... be gone jewish plague!

  • Skool
    Skool Year ago

    I think this game should have the grenade and gun mechanism of bo2 (e.g. Shock charge cancels and instant shoot after Yy) and bo2 zombies , multiplayer like mw2 and just a good story in the campaign

  • Jayson Makhanlal
    Jayson Makhanlal Year ago

    They are going to be releasing Call of Duty World War III in a couple of years !!! I'm hyped

  • Matthew McDowall
    Matthew McDowall Year ago

    the only issue is the woman in it

  • Homer J Simpson
    Homer J Simpson Year ago

    Will there be a Soviet front in the game? Cause it wouldnt make sense not to add them in a game called Ww2

  • Andrés J. Garvin

    I hate that the developers are hyping the "boots on the ground" gameplay like it's a novel feature. We've been asking for a return to the more realistic, modern military shooter for years. No, COD isn't Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Halo! Have you really been listening to the community? Activision had no choice but to return to its roots because no one will buy your game.

  • Crimsen
    Crimsen Year ago

    if you have pre-purchase on steam will you get the beta

  • Mark James
    Mark James Year ago

    Hope it is arcade mode that is dead ops arcade

  • David Shabo
    David Shabo Year ago

    How to trick and idiot

    Read more

  • David Shabo
    David Shabo Year ago

    One month late

    World war 3 kill Donald trump and more

  • Craig Barton
    Craig Barton Year ago

    i think it's gonna be zombies and coop

    BOOMHEAD SHOOT43 Year ago

    it's proberly going to be more like cod finest hour wich is the 1st cod

  • luv arcadego
    luv arcadego Year ago

    hope there is new sorta of ppsh looking gun

    Live COMMUNITYHD Year ago

    Sweet videos man

  • Jacob Landis
    Jacob Landis Year ago

    I am going to rage so hard if call of duty WWII has boost jumps like if you agree

  • DeJorno Pizza
    DeJorno Pizza Year ago

    You don't know how long I've been waiting for this, I've had this in the back of my mind for awhile now. Now it's finally happening #WWII

  • Diamond Jono
    Diamond Jono Year ago

    -I'm gonna hate this- I'm gonna love this

  • Jeremy JLVN
    Jeremy JLVN Year ago


  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith Year ago

    thank God no fucken jetpacks

  • King player 808
    King player 808 Year ago

    It's zombies in game in dover the guy who worked there gave me a poster and told me when I preordered it a couple of weeks ago

  • Andrew Buck HD
    Andrew Buck HD Year ago

    Co operative could actually be something to do with creating a small squadron brotherhood which could be similar to the way that the original 4 zombie characters came together. (Takeo, Dempsey, Richtoffen and Nikolai)

  • TheDarkfrostElf
    TheDarkfrostElf Year ago

    I'm still wondering when the beta is supposed to come out, any ideas?

  • Zetster998
    Zetster998 Year ago

    Activision pisses me off

  • nitrously
    nitrously Year ago

    his face at 0:02

  • Rocaya Diene 01
    Rocaya Diene 01 Year ago

    ti jo no haBLO TU IDIMA

  • NadanTH TR
    NadanTH TR Year ago

    I pre-ordered it a little bit ago on my Xbox one s because I gave my older brother my PS4

  • Alfa Q
    Alfa Q Year ago

    Ugh why can't all the betas be free?!

  • Zooka Laka
    Zooka Laka Year ago

    Miss dolphin dive 😂

  • Willrocks650
    Willrocks650 Year ago

    Sooo what's the beta release date

  • BlaZexWriath
    BlaZexWriath Year ago

    @Ali-A did you pre-oder it ?

  • chris preston
    chris preston Year ago

    you look gayer every time I see your videos Ali , lol, your eye brows just take the biscuit

  • kabeauregardajax
    kabeauregardajax Year ago

    Your mum's house is cool. She should call me.

  • Adam Payne
    Adam Payne Year ago

    so excited about boots on the ground again... was losing interest in call of duty past few years and now I'm in love with it again lol

  • Dawid Ginter
    Dawid Ginter Year ago +1


  • ja dog
    ja dog Year ago

    this is the Pokémon guy ;-) lmao cod now

  • 615w
    615w Year ago

    It'll get boring within a month or so

  • The Magnificent Pooh Bear !!!

    Does anyone remember that old cod game for the Ps2 named Call Of Duty Big Red One?

  • SherifGaming
    SherifGaming Year ago

    The guy holding the thompson ressembles very much to the machinegunner from "Saving Private Ryan"! Wow!


    click bait yaaay my favorite

  • Growing Cloud
    Growing Cloud Year ago

    This guy is awesome but this is a call of duty channel how does it have 8 million subs??? Casey neistat only has 7

  • Karmjit
    Karmjit Year ago

    I just wish Activision and Sledgehammer would get together and make another game together!

  • isaiah ramirez
    isaiah ramirez Year ago

    when does cod WW2 beta come out

  • Champagne.eddie
    Champagne.eddie Year ago

    How do I get the beta if I preordered it

  • Miikaniko
    Miikaniko Year ago

    Lets see SledgeHammer ruin the game after a month of release.

  • Marissa Awesome
    Marissa Awesome Year ago

    Does anyone know if you can play in 3rd person in this game???

  • AJ G
    AJ G Year ago

    the same devs who ruined the series are bringing it back

  • bobmonk388
    bobmonk388 Year ago

    might get me cod ing again we will see

  • Sea Moss
    Sea Moss Year ago

    I knew it the campaign is like brand of brothers

  • Jesus Cardenas
    Jesus Cardenas Year ago

    I wish we could play in the Pacific, that would make the game more funner and immersive

  • EnderD14 __
    EnderD14 __ Year ago

    2:44 his eyes

  • Mr Science
    Mr Science Year ago

    Look bo3 and AW where good and exo jumps was fine I didn't love it nor hate it but no exo jump in a wwll I'll burn all my cod and bo1 2. And 3

  • Cade Ferguson
    Cade Ferguson Year ago

    sad thing is I'll be shipping off to basic training for the navy a week after this comes out.



  • Preston Payne
    Preston Payne Year ago

    When is the private beta?

  • Jack Ferguson
    Jack Ferguson Year ago


  • Jackson Butt
    Jackson Butt Year ago

    2:43 in the trailer that guy is holding a grease gun.

  • Some Texan Dead Meme

    .........didn't they already do world war 2............... like 4 times!

  • YDV
    YDV Year ago

    wtf where Russian where Soviet union. I'm very sad I don't loock my grandfather. I think in cod need add Soviet union to. (sorry I'm very bad speaking English )

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I drank a 2 liter
    Of Mountain Dew

  • Owen Robb
    Owen Robb Year ago

    Just Pre-Ordered the game today, can't WAIT to get the beta! (P.S it's my 12 birthday)

  • Madox Adams
    Madox Adams Year ago

    Cant wait until D-DAY storming beaches, It will be so cool. Also i preordered it and does anyone know when the beta servers will be access?

  • j phillips
    j phillips Year ago

    If 2017 is the year of 2, will next year be the year of 3? Oh my god..

    Half-Life 3 confirmed.

  • theacp127
    theacp127 Year ago

    I haven't enjoyed playing CoD since BO2 and would be glad if they make a new and interesting way to play CoD.

  • kyle shadeck
    kyle shadeck Year ago

    Are you kidding me? You still haven't killed yourself?

  • Alec R
    Alec R Year ago

    Seeing zombies in the video title...please just get rid of the garbage zombies. Make one game , just one, that gets good ratings because of the pvp multiplayer.

  • Smelliott
    Smelliott Year ago

    How does this guy has 8.8 million subscribers?

  • i q
    i q Year ago

    go britain

  • DrBassdrop
    DrBassdrop Year ago

    get your shitty clickbait videos out of here. downvote

  • jdrex jr
    jdrex jr Year ago

    talk too much