A Plastic Surgeon Guesses Who's Had Plastic Surgery | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
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    A Plastic Surgeon Guesses Who's Had Plastic Surgery | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 7 461

  • Brenna Butler
    Brenna Butler 18 hours ago

    mark sloan is the best plastic surgeon from Seattle

    if you don’t get this you stupid

  • Emma Engelke
    Emma Engelke 2 days ago

    Plastic surgeon in Seattle
    Is it you mark sloan

  • christina payne
    christina payne 2 days ago +1

    Omg he is so beautiful ... Would love to see his family ... I think His wife is gorgeous and sweet ... Kids cute as hell and so very well mannered

  • christina payne
    christina payne 2 days ago

    I love this Doctor so respectful and kind . Good man how come I can not meet a beautiful man like this .

  • The Kurgan
    The Kurgan 5 days ago

    lol, Haley is a Man, This Doc is a real nice guy, I would of picked him / her to pieces. Shoulder to hip ratio, head size to shoulder ratio, big hands big feet the fore arms and the really hard to see but still noticeable adams apple. Not that it matters but He's only gunna fool drunk guys in a dark room

  • ElkkuBoixddd _
    ElkkuBoixddd _ 6 days ago +2

    "Mind if I touch your nose?"

  • AFK Xilef
    AFK Xilef 6 days ago

    3:30 Shes literally a stick

  • Eamin Yashed
    Eamin Yashed 7 days ago

    No one mentions the little person porn star?

  • Natalia Anggraini
    Natalia Anggraini 7 days ago

    Is third one Ethan and Helena's mom?

  • Camila
    Camila 9 days ago

    I couldn’t tell the last one is a trans guy. Really well done mastectomy!

  • Tim Sweeney
    Tim Sweeney 10 days ago

    6:54 can anyone explain to me what that means please

    • parx boiz
      parx boiz 7 days ago

      Tim Sweeney a double mastectomy is when all the breast tissue is removed, usually done either to prevent breast cancer or if someone is a transgender man and feels uncomfortable with breasts

  • A User
    A User 10 days ago

    Can you like, push your chin back with surgery?

  • Emmy Weimer
    Emmy Weimer 11 days ago +1

    Haley was so gorgeous!

    • Emmy Weimer
      Emmy Weimer 5 days ago

      The Kurgan did I fucking ask you? No I didn’t.

    • The Kurgan
      The Kurgan 5 days ago

      and a biological Male, lol

  • Reabon
    Reabon 11 days ago

    Jackson Avery is prettier :P

  • SimbaTDM Cristiano
    SimbaTDM Cristiano 13 days ago +2

    Boiii that bellybutton is not going well with that shirt..

    • Tea Spilt
      Tea Spilt 12 days ago

      Boiii that attitude is not going to get u anywhere in life :)

  • Short Potato
    Short Potato 13 days ago

    5:44 I...I can’t process her body shape
    h o w

  • der dessen Name nicht genannt werden darf

    The sugeron is absolutly bad

  • J B
    J B 15 days ago

    Midgets and trans 🤮

  • CriSis Gate
    CriSis Gate 15 days ago

    the one in 3:23 is in hiho kids

  • sbazo
    sbazo 15 days ago

    gay idiot

  • Ghosty The Ghost
    Ghosty The Ghost 15 days ago +3

    whats the song playing in the backround?

  • Omni Omni
    Omni Omni 15 days ago +3

    Wish all Doctors are like this guy
    His so genuine and nice

  • NickNawd -
    NickNawd - 15 days ago

    For the trans I love how he makes it obvious saying she all bold

  • Donald McEdward
    Donald McEdward 15 days ago +2

    Do i have to point out that the little person Nicky was an adult film actress Stella Marie?

  • Erik Brown
    Erik Brown 16 days ago

    Was the last one a girl

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal 16 days ago +1

    Thought the girl in the thumbnail was Photoshopped

  • Qellx
    Qellx 16 days ago

    Plastic surgeon looks like jail inmate lmao

  • Adele Feely
    Adele Feely 17 days ago

    Nothing done !6:10

  • Herr Tutorial2.0
    Herr Tutorial2.0 17 days ago +2

    Normal people: using highly medical terms
    Professional doctor: tummy tug

    • Viktoriya T
      Viktoriya T 17 days ago

      Im pretty sure that is a medical term 😂

  • Denise Nunja
    Denise Nunja 17 days ago

    Humble guy 👏

  • SupremeKermit
    SupremeKermit 17 days ago

    6:10 i call bullshit look at her ass that has to be plastic

  • Anoide Herrera
    Anoide Herrera 18 days ago

    As a doctor myself, I can tell he is afraid of doing something that could make someone calls him unethical and unprofessional. Sadly we live in the fear of being sued even when doing our jobs

  • Kailani Fultz
    Kailani Fultz 18 days ago

    I'm from a city near Seattle (a ferry ride away) OwO

  • Ruben Arbizu
    Ruben Arbizu 18 days ago

    1:30 Respect!

  • Ozro
    Ozro 19 days ago +1

    Who came for the midget? Be honest

  • Joe Cheyney
    Joe Cheyney 19 days ago

    This doctor kind of looks like Carlos lastra
    I like it

  • Alybally Bee
    Alybally Bee 19 days ago


  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez 19 days ago

    5:30 we all know this is a man who became a women right?

  • zlTRYHARDlz
    zlTRYHARDlz 19 days ago

    Rosa is thiccc

  • michael_jacksonislife 2008

    2:29 realizes its one of the Hiho’s kids moms 😂 but it’s cool I understand

  • Ewohtoo
    Ewohtoo 20 days ago

    Spoiler alert - they all had plastic surgery

  • Hailey Booth
    Hailey Booth 20 days ago

    Awww he was so niceeeeee

  • Morgasm172
    Morgasm172 21 day ago +14

    6:07. Never had anything done?
    Yeah and I’ve never done a drug in my life either!!!

  • pacoyhamch
    pacoyhamch 21 day ago

    Ethics is learned in college

  • TTVpleasenurfme
    TTVpleasenurfme 21 day ago

    7:33 ONE EMAIL

  • ChickaWikaPie
    ChickaWikaPie 21 day ago +28

    This doctor: *Meets someone new*
    Also this doctor: Hey can I touch your nose?

  • Leila Bank
    Leila Bank 22 days ago +91

    4:25 It's difficult because you're their father, so you look at them as... perfect. That's the sweetest thing wth

  • Ignatius Rocky
    Ignatius Rocky 22 days ago

    2:48 isn't she one of those Hiho kid's mom??
    she was featured in one of HIHO video..


  • Luna Serena
    Luna Serena 23 days ago +14

    “My wife gets to do what she wants to do”

  • Cuke Mom
    Cuke Mom 24 days ago

    What’d the guy at 6:53 say he had done??

  • thecsslife
    thecsslife 24 days ago

    This surgeon has such a good personality.

  • Ratione
    Ratione 24 days ago

    He looks more like a prisoner

  • Spook Dook
    Spook Dook 24 days ago

    6:58 "Just trying to regain feeling back" what did he mean? Can somebody explain? (I'm not a native speaker)

    • Leyre Ruiz
      Leyre Ruiz 24 days ago

      I think he's talking about his nipples. They tend to lose sensitivity after that type of operation

    THEBEASTMODE - 24 days ago


  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper 25 days ago +6

    She was that curvy and had nothing done wow 😆 she looked too curvy

  • Joey Kenna
    Joey Kenna 26 days ago +3

    Who else thought it was Obama in the thumbnail

  • Emma Melton
    Emma Melton 26 days ago +5

    6:08 ok i really want that girl’s body...

  • KirzeZ
    KirzeZ 26 days ago +2

    5:40 *T H I C C*

  • Lippa Nyel
    Lippa Nyel 26 days ago +4

    is this guy jeff from athleanX

  • Barry McCockner
    Barry McCockner 26 days ago +2

    Quit call the blonde a “she” he is NoT a woman. Doesnt matter how many surgies yoh have. Your born a man or a woman. Period.

  • The Rad Kasmokas
    The Rad Kasmokas 26 days ago +1

    Bruh one of them is a pornstar. I regret knowing this.

    • Tyler Banks
      Tyler Banks 26 days ago

      I thought that was just me LMAO

  • Evade Gnar
    Evade Gnar 27 days ago

    4:35 she got the pornstar voice

    • mvreventon
      mvreventon 26 days ago

      Evade Gnar i had a feeling she was a dude with tat voice

  • Luke ET
    Luke ET 28 days ago

    Why did the first guy have so much surgery just to look like a fat couch potato a gym membership is much cheaper

  • Regal Peter's
    Regal Peter's 28 days ago

    *Michael Jackson left the chat*

  • Schizophrenic Cynic
    Schizophrenic Cynic 29 days ago

    I wonder how to finally transition the vocal chords?

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Month ago

    That gnome does porn

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • 619gandhi
    619gandhi Month ago +4

    Ight but who's the curvy girl at 5:45. She's fine as hell.

  • Padachāyō
    Padachāyō Month ago

    6:55 he what?

  • Tesla Elizabethxoxo

    Trans people be out here 😂

  • Abhishek Bisht
    Abhishek Bisht Month ago

    That midget looks like Alice eve.

  • Synister Skill
    Synister Skill Month ago +1


  • Maria Tesalonika
    Maria Tesalonika Month ago


  • Tehya Brostowitz
    Tehya Brostowitz Month ago

    Okay Haley was hot af tho

  • IcedCupcake_Martina

    6:42 what if he just starts default dancing lol 😂

  • XSwift colt X
    XSwift colt X Month ago

    5:50 kinda looks like those midgets from space balls

  • MinFires Eh
    MinFires Eh Month ago

    I like how he's wearing uniform

  • hari_kishore
    hari_kishore Month ago +9

    2:35 you can see her belly button from moon surface.

  • Anonimus
    Anonimus Month ago


  • Oma Ngozika
    Oma Ngozika Month ago

    I like the Doctor!

  • Jihaa!
    Jihaa! Month ago +1

    He was so nice, and this was so wholesome 💞💞💞💞💞

  • Robbie Lee
    Robbie Lee Month ago

    U guys set this doctor up.

  • Tiim Smiith
    Tiim Smiith Month ago

    That ass defies gravity

  • Aaron Beasley
    Aaron Beasley Month ago

    this is literally mark sloan from greys anatomy.

  • Tom Frankham
    Tom Frankham Month ago

    Hi I’m Shahram! I’ve been told to put on this costume today!

  • Rocket The Puppy
    Rocket The Puppy Month ago

    Is the blonde girl transgender?

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago

    1:30 shes does porn I've seen her videos on xnxx
    Type in midget porn in the search bar.

  • Denis
    Denis Month ago

    At first i thought that this is clickhole

  • sorry_im_honest 22
    sorry_im_honest 22 Month ago

    lmfao, do u smoke? smoke what? STONER.

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young Month ago +2

    I live in Seattle broski(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ I'm proud of this dude

  • MrDeeds
    MrDeeds Month ago

    Was that blond a tranny

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis Month ago

    This is the void I want to go to when I die

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    is that gigi gorgeous?

  • Avi Oheb Shalom
    Avi Oheb Shalom Month ago

    That black woman's ass looked fucking disgusting. She didn't look like she had a nice voluptuous ass she looks like she's got a fucking tumor. Nasty AF

  • Ann Do
    Ann Do Month ago +3

    Idk... he said “you’re wearing something very revealing” to the lady who had a tummy tuck and I was just like 🤔

  • Dennis Kara
    Dennis Kara Month ago +128

    5:43 that ass is just ridiculous! I blasted out laughing😂🤣😂

    • Rathastudios
      Rathastudios 3 days ago

      Like, can you even sit down?

    • Camila
      Camila 9 days ago +2

      Dennis Kara i really can’t believe it’s real. that’s plastic for sure

  • Dennis Kara
    Dennis Kara Month ago +1

    Sorry what was his name?

    Shrimp Salami??😂

  • Leonardo GodBlessYou

    Pretty sure that midget is a pornstar.

  • Najla Syed
    Najla Syed Month ago +3

    Very professional and down to earth doctor!

  • Ainslee Flynn
    Ainslee Flynn Month ago

    mark sloan who?