The Greatest Keyboard of All Time.. Reborn

  • Published on May 1, 2018
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    Amazing tactile feel. Distinct mechanical acoustics. Unparalleled durability. The IBM Model M is likely the most influential keyboard ever- even if it’s NOT great for gaming. But how does a brand new Unicomp Classic compare?
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Comments • 6 076

  • Kevin Wagner
    Kevin Wagner 2 days ago

    I feel like I would use this and have to wash my hands right after

  • Zoltan
    Zoltan 2 days ago

    I still don't know why the keyboard needs a num. lock key

  • eshedu1
    eshedu1 3 days ago


  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 4 days ago

    I was more into the Amiga and I am not familiar with the Model M? How did the old Amiga keyboards compare? ( had an A500, A2000, and an A4000/040.) I just want to know the differences so I can get a better picture.

  • Burnningsoul
    Burnningsoul 5 days ago

    loved my model m thing was a tank. i actualy found it in company garbage can. took it home cleaned it up and it lasted for years.

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 5 days ago

    Linus looks mediocre in a tweed jacket.

  • Nathanael
    Nathanael 6 days ago

    Two words: Cave Johnson

  • Windows XP
    Windows XP 7 days ago +1

    *The Pillars.*

  • Kulbinator
    Kulbinator 7 days ago

    Oh look, we have some fancy over here !

  • kshuf
    kshuf 7 days ago

    I have owned several Endurapro keyboards from Unicomp, which are essentially the Model M with a pointing stick type integrated mouse. The Endurapro are identical in every way to an IBM Model M from 30 years previous.

  • Joe Do
    Joe Do 9 days ago

    Is this already considered as art?

  • john leininger
    john leininger 9 days ago

    Freshbooks is a scam due to nipples

  • Vegan Cuisine
    Vegan Cuisine 9 days ago

    101 keys is never die.

  • iddqds
    iddqds 10 days ago

    your desk lamp is looking like Darth Wader

  • OutmatchedOutlaw
    OutmatchedOutlaw 10 days ago

    wow this was like a documentary

  • Shale Quo
    Shale Quo 12 days ago

    I am the only one who HAD to watch the video at 1.25x speed and it actually seemed normal?

  • Maysam Rasheidi
    Maysam Rasheidi 12 days ago

    I Loved ergo dox thing, but this is really cool stuff. i really liked IBM M. wish one day i have enough money to buy both ibm m and ergo dox keyboard!

  • qorg11
    qorg11 14 days ago +1

    This comment was wrote on a Model M 1391405
    Greetz from spain (That's why is a 1391405)
    Yes, i memorized the 1391405

  • Dkaloger
    Dkaloger 14 days ago

    Linus was born in 1996
    So in 2018 he is 22 wow Linus you look much older

    • Eric Hamrick
      Eric Hamrick 14 days ago

      He says the one model of keyboard was built in 1987. One year after he was born. Making that 1986.

  • Robert Lembo
    Robert Lembo 14 days ago

    I'll stick with my razer orange switches :)

  • Kuumba Creations
    Kuumba Creations 14 days ago

    Best video I've watched today. Somehow I became completely enthralled by old keyboards.

  • SGpro 42:00
    SGpro 42:00 14 days ago

    Linus is 32?

  • Krimp Barnes
    Krimp Barnes 14 days ago

    Perfect 1980's commercial pitch man garb and background setup 👍😅😅😅😅😅

  • Jared Thomas
    Jared Thomas 14 days ago

    "It's missing windows keys" I see a crtl, and esc...

    You lie

  • Steven Porretta
    Steven Porretta 16 days ago

    you can reference cryosan's videos for the precise definition of mechanical keyboards. He makes some great videos about mechanical keyboards, and what it means for a keyboard to be mechanical.

  • Alvaro Rodriguez
    Alvaro Rodriguez 16 days ago

    dumb question, why did u censored linus nips?

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas 16 days ago

    But you can not use this keyboard after Your parents are asleep, they will be pissed af with that sound.

  • Christopher Cochrane
    Christopher Cochrane 16 days ago

    the model m was released with the IBM AT not the ps/2 line

  • Teo Gumy
    Teo Gumy 17 days ago

    I just found out that I have 2 of those.
    Should I sell them?

  • go on
    go on 17 days ago

    I think you meant to say IBM Model F.

  • Илиан Тодоров

    I used one of these, or one of the variants, in my school's "informatics room", in the late 2000's, before they upgraded, two months before I graduated, I changed key places just to mess with people.

  • Dan Rank
    Dan Rank 18 days ago +1

    I have a Unicomp in my classroom.
    Every student who complains about the noise is treated to a lecture about how old things are better.

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 19 days ago

    I've bought several Unicomp keyboards over the years. I love the fact that they don't cause the fatigue that I get from rubber dome keyboards. I love the understated old-school (conservative, not OMGRETRO) design. They usually aren't perfect but they're more than serviceable for typing jobs. And I've never been able to press a single key quick enough to miss a press, so I've used them for gaming too...

    • ManoloDubidubi
      ManoloDubidubi 7 days ago

      Unicomp here, and I ended up preferring it for gaming too. Realized that I did not miss "super pro gamer" features such as "speed smashing" or n-key rollover (antighosting) while gaming at all, and the actual extra precission in any single key press gives me a real, practical plus in games that I'm good at.
      If I want to throw one grenade, one grenade is thrown. Not two, not three, not zero, not "one plus something because you pressed the next key accidentally". One satisfiying clicking feedback in the right moment, that's all you need when things get serious. Also turning on microphone while gaming online annoys the fuck out of people, which for me is a plus. :)

  • Ramesh Raghothama
    Ramesh Raghothama 19 days ago

    I liked Dells AT101W mechanical PS2 keyboard, my spellings were more accurate with fewer typos while working on the OPTIPLEX 7010DT

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones 20 days ago

    Who’s here from best mics under 50

  • Traxxas Racing Team
    Traxxas Racing Team 20 days ago

    The Model M was actually launched with the PC AT

  • King_of_ducks
    King_of_ducks 21 day ago

    Playstation 2

  • Ching LegitRDX
    Ching LegitRDX 22 days ago

    Honestly when I could spend 64 dollars for a blue switch, I wouldn't even consider buying a unicomp classic for 84 dollars. It's simply not worth it.

    • Ching LegitRDX
      Ching LegitRDX 17 days ago

      +go on No comment, since I've never used buckling springs before. Still either should be around 734 times better than membrane.

    • go on
      go on 17 days ago

      Cherry MX Blue has nothing on Buckling Springs however. It is worth it to some.

  • Daniel Branconnier
    Daniel Branconnier 24 days ago

    This was one of the best and most reliable keyboards ever made.

  • Ian Hay
    Ian Hay 24 days ago

    Ah, I love my Unicomp keyboard. It's build quality is acceptable (not superb, but that's okay) but for a US made piece of electronics equipment it's fine. I don't know why Americans think that "made in the USA" connotes quality - it doesn't. Back in the day you wanted to a avoid buying GM vehicles built on Mondays and Fridays, hah-hah. For this keyboard, the price is not extortionate. It feels fantastic to type and work on. Also a plus, I dropped it - busted a key. I was able to cheaply buy replacement parts, which were promptly shipped. For god's sake, it's not practical to buy a 30 year old keyboard on E-bay and get an adapter.

  • TexasCat99
    TexasCat99 24 days ago

    I have a Dell M-Clone type keyboard (with Windows key). It looks a bit nicer, doesn't quite feel like an M yet still has the metal back-plate that can be seen through a few holes on the bottom. It has wider feet for stability on the bottom. Most of today's keyboards seem to be made out of weak materials that fail, keys with decals or letters printed on them... everything seems cheap.
    My main keyboard isn't a model M, but it was made in 1997 as my 1995 version was murdered by water a few years back. Thank God for my last spare. :(

  • DjSigfrid
    DjSigfrid 24 days ago

    iwant it

  • JohanDees
    JohanDees 25 days ago

    if a company like ibm spend a million dollars in researching a keyboard like this, it must be good, and it is, better than the modern china stuff.

  • simone branca
    simone branca 26 days ago

    I gave myself an original IBM Model M a few days ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

  • Endre Neset
    Endre Neset 26 days ago

    Lightning symbol on space anyone?

  • Griff Miller II
    Griff Miller II 26 days ago

    I love the Model M. I’m old enough to have used them “back in the day” and hated the cheaper keyboards that became the norm.
    One thing most people don’t understand about the buckling spring design is how much easier it is on your hands. The key “falls away” from your finger at the moment of click, instead of your finger hitting rock bottom on every keystroke.
    I was really happy when Unicomp started producing them again, but their quality has fallen lately. The last two boards I got from them were pretty crappy, so much so that I went with a Tactile Pro, which is pretty good but still not buckling spring.

  • SaturnTubes
    SaturnTubes 27 days ago +1

    I have a vintage model M(March 03 1987) and I use it for gaming all the time. I truly say it’s the best keyboard ever. Cherry switches feel gross to me

  • Chaos Cocoa
    Chaos Cocoa 27 days ago

    This reminds me of Good Eats.

  • RawRezTheWalrus
    RawRezTheWalrus 29 days ago

    Is it me or is linus flexing his old keyboard?
    edit: Lil Linuz

  • mr Jon
    mr Jon 29 days ago

    Nice video, better jacket! It's amazing, where did you get it?

  • gubka modding
    gubka modding Month ago

    What about Leopold keyboards?

    • go on
      go on 17 days ago

      Good but still not up to par compared to the old IBM keyboards, especially the Model F which I wish was mentioned in this video.

  • Coen Bijpost
    Coen Bijpost Month ago

    “Developing a 10 person task foce.” IBM could create humans? IBM = god confirmed!

  • Anthony Barbera
    Anthony Barbera Month ago

    Fake, no elbow patches

  • Kimberley Denson
    Kimberley Denson Month ago

    I love my Model M's. I've got 3 :-) I kill everything else.

  • SpyStaMia
    SpyStaMia Month ago

    You were doing so well ... until 10:30 ...

  • all41tja
    all41tja Month ago

    I have used the same model M since 1990 :), Yes I'm getting old.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith Month ago

    The Commodore 64 was stupid and arbitrary?

  • Robert Nader
    Robert Nader Month ago

    My favorite keyboard of the early 90s was made by Honeywell, it had a nice form factor, was quiter, and although it was more expensive it was worth it.

  • Count Duku
    Count Duku Month ago

    Why do I feel like he was wearing blue jeans, socks and sandals for the rest of the outfit?

  • QAMan23
    QAMan23 Month ago

    I use, and always have, an IBM KB-8923. Not a clicker, but a damned fine performer that you can still get new (or new-ish).

  • YurttheSilentChief1

    The Model M, aka Prototype RX-78-02 Gundam

  • Preston Vawdrey
    Preston Vawdrey Month ago

    Why the hell have 2 million people watched a 10 minute video about keyboards? oh yeah, cuz it matters.

  • Gurriato Sagaz
    Gurriato Sagaz Month ago

    The last time I went shopping for a keyboard was a depressing experience. Weird layouts everywhere and either flimsy "portable" keyboards or ugly "gamer" bricks everywhere, with absurd price spikes for no apparent reason. I wish that layout was as universal as he makes it sound. The Microsoft keyboard I ended up buying doesn't even have proper keys in the upper row: from Escape to Pause they are just small buttons.

  • Sathish Kumar Kannan

    @linus can you suggest me a DIN5 to USB adapter for my keyboard from 1995?

  • iHelloway
    iHelloway Month ago

    modern desktops still have ps2 connections

  • iHelloway
    iHelloway Month ago

    I have the one with Large Enter buttons, ye ... those rarities ... I always hated small "enters" always felt less satisfying

  • curtisharrell
    curtisharrell Month ago

    I still have a few of those! Being an 'oldster' who NEVER throws anything out, I didn't know I was sitting on top of a gold mine!

    • Asfand Yar
      Asfand Yar Month ago

      i've been using that keyboard from maybe 2005, its manufacturing date is 1998 :D

  • Nacho Business
    Nacho Business Month ago

    Is the new one faster at registering repeated keystrokes?

  • Î Bäbçõćk
    Î Bäbçõćk Month ago

    Pitched a boatload when the county I worked IT for upgraded... If only I'd known

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot Month ago

    I use my Model M when system building only, so it never gets much wear. Love that thing, but probably mostly because it was what I learned to code BASIC on when I went to computer camp as a kid.

  • Alexander Massaut
    Alexander Massaut Month ago

    Billions of Billions of stars linus....

  • djmocok
    djmocok Month ago

    Id pay cash money to have Linus build my pc

  • Matt Duenas
    Matt Duenas Month ago

    Lexmark is the Lexcorp of the real world!!!

  • Dukoth
    Dukoth Month ago

    if they sold them with a dot-matrix printer it be a pure nostalgia trip

  • Enotik Poloskun
    Enotik Poloskun Month ago

    I so much hate modern keyboards, but prices for good “old school” are more than my laptop ))

  • G4m1ng w/ Paul
    G4m1ng w/ Paul Month ago

    where can i buy linus outfit??????? LINUS TECH TIPS IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I MUST HAVE YOUR OUTFIT PLEASE!! :O

  • AJ G
    AJ G Month ago

    Okay steve jobs tech tips lmao

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira Month ago

    Model M: I'll never forget the look and feel.

  • renegade_ace
    renegade_ace Month ago +1

    Hey I'm the same age as Linus! 1986!!!

  • Kj Bog
    Kj Bog Month ago

    "more cheaper"

  • Edmund Martinez
    Edmund Martinez Month ago

    Yes love that KB and miss the tactile feel.

  • Carl Blaskowitz
    Carl Blaskowitz Month ago

    Better still the SGI clone of this keyboard and the original Apple Extended Keyboard.
    If you wish to make a epic keyboard from scratch... you must first invent the Apple Extended Keyboard.

  • Sydney Prescott
    Sydney Prescott Month ago

    I'm obsessed with keyboards

  • Brandt vdw
    Brandt vdw Month ago

    the Nokia 3310 of the keyboard world

  • Illiteratesoup
    Illiteratesoup Month ago

    I accidentally watched this video on x2 speed and didnt notice how slow you talk normally.

  • wgyse boi
    wgyse boi Month ago

    today's rappers be like 0:50

  • Endtimescoming
    Endtimescoming Month ago

    I had one of these keyboards back in the day, he is right in his old video...nothing compares not before or since

  • SyxxPunk
    SyxxPunk Month ago

    The last outfit is...
    JoJo compliant.
    Very informative video! I've always been interested in the history of computers, and seeing videos on stuff like this is fascinating.

  • jose.roblox.1995
    jose.roblox.1995 Month ago

    cut the shit we all know we need an rgb model m

  • Orellin Vvardengra
    Orellin Vvardengra Month ago

    Looking fresh!

  • Global warming is hot

    I bought a model M from '90 for $60, damn near flawless condition. Definitely the best keyboard I've ever owned.

  • Stalin Valdez
    Stalin Valdez Month ago +9

    These keyboards sound better than mechanical keyboards

    • go on
      go on 10 days ago

      Cherry MX Blue, and Cherry MX switches in general, don't use a membrane. They use an individual switch for each, which, when pressed, sends a signal to the PCB which in turn will send a signal to the computer, registering a key press. There isn't a membrane sheet in these keyboards. The Model M buckling spring does involve a membrane as the electrical contact, which is activated when the hammer pivoted by the spring comes into contact with it, but it is still considered mechanical. It is worth mentioning that the term 'mechanical keyboard' is very subjective but I can assure you that the Model M is considered to be part of that group. Just to clarify, mechanical keyboards can absolutely have membranes in them.

    • Dank Toast
      Dank Toast 12 days ago

      go on we may be talking about different ibm keyboards. Forgive me for not knowing the difference between membrane and mechanical. Just to clarify, do cherry mx blues have membranes in them?

    • go on
      go on 13 days ago

      They most certainly are considered mechanical. Membrane doesn't mean rubber dome or none mechanical. What do you consider mechanical?

    • Dank Toast
      Dank Toast 16 days ago

      go on no no no they are not mechanical keep watching, they are membrane buckling switches. They sound and feel just like a mechanical switch, but they are very different.

    • go on
      go on 17 days ago +1

      They are mechanical keyboards. But yes, better than the mass produced clicky switches of today.

  • richard lloyd
    richard lloyd Month ago

    Still have a Cherry micro-switch keyboard with AT connector.

  • Hamsamich Playz
    Hamsamich Playz Month ago

    Then why dont razer and corsair etc start making buckling switches andn call it a mechanical keybaord rather than producing the mecha membrane

    • nerdyneedsalife
      nerdyneedsalife Month ago

      Because these have tight tolerances whereas mecha membrane can afford to be inconsistent

  • Timmie1995
    Timmie1995 Month ago

    I believe my parents have one lying around somewhere

  • JoSaZa
    JoSaZa Month ago


  • The Real Hal Jordan

    I love old keyboards almost as much as I love ergonomic keyboards. I'm typing this comment on a Dell QuietKey now

  • elegy
    elegy Month ago

    10:24 😍

  • HawkFest RoG
    HawkFest RoG Month ago

    Ah nostalgia... Thanks! :) PS/2 keyboards are still the most reliable keyboards one can have today... Perfect for gaming. I also have a Logitech G13 for that matter and it's not as reliable, it makes hick-ups from time to time (like acting as if one key was pressed for a while, repeating the same character, if not a temporary disconnect during a couple of seconds), though I use it for comfort, and also other stuff than solely gaming (like a macro pad). PS/2 have a dedicated hardware interrupt, as opposed to USB which is more like a data bus (though it doesn't have a PS/2 plug, I still kept the very original one from an IBM XT 286 that I acquired around 1986 for going through my university years).