The Greatest Keyboard of All Time.. Reborn

  • Published on May 1, 2018
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    Amazing tactile feel. Distinct mechanical acoustics. Unparalleled durability. The IBM Model M is likely the most influential keyboard ever- even if it’s NOT great for gaming. But how does a brand new Unicomp Classic compare?
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Comments • 5 771

  • Lucky Ducky Driving School

    I am typing this comment on a Keytronic E03601QUSUSBB-C... i picked it up for $10 at a "garage sale"... it looks like its trying to be a Model M clone... did I get my money's worth? I mean it IS more ergonomic than any keyboard I've used in the last 10 years... lol.. and i paid $10 after all. Like a fiberglass replica...

  • Naddy Nodge
    Naddy Nodge Day ago

    Love the way you brushed your hair down to look young and classy again :D

  • A box of water
    A box of water Day ago

    Nicely done Linus! This is probably the best presentation on keyboards I’ve seen.

  • Jeremy Soo
    Jeremy Soo Day ago

    LTT review HHKB boards please.

  • Nathan [PorkSnorkle]

    I fucking had a model M and I think I lost it moving recently....

  • Cid Dax
    Cid Dax 2 days ago

    Gave my three (1986, 1990 and 1994) away to a friend because they were loud as hell. Girlfriend typed at over 300 keystrokes per minute and you understand then, why a hacker was once called a hacker.

  • ChaosLord AE
    ChaosLord AE 2 days ago

    Model M's Are Made to last

  • Casper Labuschagne
    Casper Labuschagne 2 days ago

    I learned to type on that keyboard. After searching for something that will sound like an IBM keyboard for 14 years, I discovered the Bucklespring program on Linux. Now I can annoy the hell out of my co-workers without having the real IBM keyboard. I am still convinced that a positive key-click sound gives a vital positive feedback when typing. Furthermore I seem to keep up a rhythmic rate of clicks which seems to speed up my typing.

  • Ken Quijano
    Ken Quijano 3 days ago

    Tunnel Bear?

  • Minoan Light
    Minoan Light 4 days ago

    Typing this on the '85 Model M. :)

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 5 days ago

    Thanks Linus. Very cool clip.

  • Jann-Aron / Belstia
    Jann-Aron / Belstia 5 days ago

    El. Psy. Congroo.

  • Russell Cannon
    Russell Cannon 6 days ago

    The Model-M was the best keyboard I ever used as well. Cheers, Russ

  • Eva Weiand
    Eva Weiand 7 days ago

    I remember having these in high school...when having a personal computer at home was so rare, the first day of IT class consisted of, here's the on/off switch and has anyone here ever worked with Microsoft Works?

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D 7 days ago

    I had a closet full of these back in the early 90's when I built my first 8086 and 286. Wish I would have kept them, despite being DIN connectors.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 7 days ago

    I have one of those 1:46

  • Roobitz
    Roobitz 7 days ago

    Oh sweet I'm the same age as Linus.

    • Roach DoggJR
      Roach DoggJR 7 days ago

      Congratulations, you're both getting old.

  • hackingpro
    hackingpro 7 days ago +1

    0:38 in the age of bullshit trends caused by apple, razer and some lazy f***s,

  • antahonaynyoy am,roemr

    i tihnk you skipped like half the history in this video lmao

  • Prashik Mayur
    Prashik Mayur 10 days ago

    He's dressed like he has made the keyboard!!

  • Jeremy Rushton
    Jeremy Rushton 12 days ago

    Why am I watching a TVclip video about an old keyboard? LOL

  • sonichuizcool
    sonichuizcool 12 days ago

    Linus just realized he is getting old.

  • Raul Saavedra
    Raul Saavedra 13 days ago

    I did use Model M's years ago, the feeling was truly great. Razer's Ornata Chroma keys feel arguably better to my fingers, but of course I have not compared side by side, since I haven't touched a Model M in decades. Razer's "cloud" software however is such a piece of trash that I actually stopped using the Ornata. Looking forward to a mechanical with brown switches now, maybe a Filco, still deciding

  • guesswho kk
    guesswho kk 14 days ago

    What...... Linus was born in 1986.

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith 15 days ago

    This video definitely seems more planned out and scripted, with smoother transitions, which can be good. It's a strong contrast to your other, informal, tech video.

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith 15 days ago

    Also, nice jacket. You should get dressed up more often :-)

  • PsyckoSama
    PsyckoSama 16 days ago

    It doesn't look like a basic old school keyboard. It is the basic old school keyboard.

  • Sibusiso Shongwe
    Sibusiso Shongwe 17 days ago

    Every time I hear the PS/ brain automatically goes to the PlayStation 2 console

  • Abraxis86
    Abraxis86 18 days ago

    That is one snazzy blazer you've got on there slick.

  • Volkan Özkan
    Volkan Özkan 19 days ago

    DEC were much better

  • Mike Hydropneumatic
    Mike Hydropneumatic 20 days ago

    Nice earrings!

  • RiesbyfeRoastbeef
    RiesbyfeRoastbeef 20 days ago

    Glorified box reader.

  • Chri52r8Gaming
    Chri52r8Gaming 20 days ago

    What about the Macintosh SE keyboard?

  • MC Borris
    MC Borris 20 days ago

    I use this kb that i bought back in the 90's. Ive bought 'gaming' kb and they've all broke from use/spillages ect but not my vintage. I decided a long time ago not to waste cash on overpriced kb whwn i have rhis bad boy. Ps2 connecrion ftw!!!11

  • Bushiey
    Bushiey 20 days ago

    99$ for something I got out of used AT keyboard box for free lovely.

  • Nicholas A.
    Nicholas A. 20 days ago

    Discount Steve jobs?

  • Robin Cerny
    Robin Cerny 20 days ago

    Well, I got a original packed Modell M, "brand new" because the packaging wasn't ever opened. Produced by IBM itself in Scotland ;)

    And I didn't have to pay for it :D
    (We have still around 20 of them in Stock at work^^)

  • TheTruthfulHeretic
    TheTruthfulHeretic 21 day ago

    @ 6:12 "More cheaper"?! Fire your writer. Or hire me as one... xD

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 21 day ago

    Good keyboards are worth paying for (that's why I'm typing this on a Thinkpad T60) - Sadly after the success of the PC the Great leaders in IBM decided the new systems should have keyboard more like those on 'real computers', so they moved the function keys from the original convenient placing on the left of the keyboard to the top, so they looked more like 1950s teletype keyboards, giving us the RSI inducing ctrl-shift-left elbow way of working. Another good board was the Keycat, which replaced the numeric keypad with a big (3 inch) trackball, near perfect for intensive graphic work. The only drawback was that the 'mouse' keys were in the top left, which could cause hand strain if used all day (damn you Thunderstrike!) so I added a set wired in parallel on the left hand end of the board. Other than the IBM trackpoint that was the best board for graphics I have used. Sadly you can no longer get keyboards with a decent trackball or a proper trackpoint, only with one of those dreadful 'click at random' scratch pads, so these days it's back to mice and trackballs, neither of which are as good as either the Keycat or the trackpoint for graphics (and for me personally generally controlling the damned machine).

    mGARANDEUR1 21 day ago

    The IBM model M might be a legend but modern keyboards have n key rollover and lighter and more responsive switches. If can get one for cheap it would certainly be a good deal, but the issue is that increased demand has led these to be priced at hundreds of dollars.

  • Josh Guyette
    Josh Guyette 21 day ago

    Like the suit, it suits you. :)

  • El Guiñolo
    El Guiñolo 23 days ago

    Unicomp still doesn't sell the space saving model M,,,

  • Völundr Frey
    Völundr Frey 23 days ago

    I'm a software developer and even though I recognise its greatness I would probably quit if I had to work in the same room as the one guy in our offices who has one.

  • killercivic2001
    killercivic2001 24 days ago

    saw the "like that swag ?" pop-up... clicked on it hoping I'd get a look at your 1980's costume... but no !!! I got baited !!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Anime Racer
    Anime Racer 24 days ago

    You can still use a model m 5 din if you use a converter for ps2... I Will never ever but a mother board that doesn't have a ps2 because of my model m.. btw I'm 31y/o
    I use a 1998 ergo Microsoft if I'm away from it.. I've grown fond of both.. I've restored both.. At least twice now.. Both have seen heavy abuse.

  • rogerman pistol
    rogerman pistol 24 days ago

    have boxes and boxes of those old keyboards no way they are expense they are 2 pennies each at trash places

  • 8BitSeel
    8BitSeel 24 days ago +1

    Watching this video is so satisfying for some reason. And sometimes I watch ltt videos multiple times.

  • DarkDennis1961
    DarkDennis1961 24 days ago

    I a old enough to revere the IBM Selectric .. I didnt know how good the Model M was until i didnt have one anymore

  • Chris Zukowski
    Chris Zukowski 25 days ago

    It's so nice, I started looking for keyboards like this and youtube instantly shows me your video, thank you big data

  • lemonadeloverz
    lemonadeloverz 25 days ago

    Linus Nip Tips

  • Space Pixel
    Space Pixel 25 days ago


  • Sean K
    Sean K 25 days ago

    Saying more cheaper is one thing. The way he said it and looked, was even... more worse.

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 25 days ago

    An old programmer in neighborhood sold me two model Ms for $40 total. I gave one away and I have one left

  • Yo Dawg
    Yo Dawg 25 days ago

    That spring will bend and break quickly

  • Tom Van Alst
    Tom Van Alst 26 days ago

    I have 2 in my garage, any buyers ?

  • Larry Collins
    Larry Collins 26 days ago

    This is a story that simply must be told, for all generations!

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 26 days ago

    I like the later models even better than the M. The black ones with the USB connection. Same feel in my opinion but with USB.

  • VanGilder Michael
    VanGilder Michael 26 days ago

    Since I got an ergonomic keyboard, back in the 90's. I can not go back to a flat layout. This keyboard I use, has the keys split into 2 groups. and tilted 20 degrees toward left or right. It just feels more comfortable to me.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 27 days ago

    "more cheaper" ohno Linus... ooooohhhh nooooooooo

  • Omw2fyb 6
    Omw2fyb 6 27 days ago

    Linus is swagged out in this video

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith 27 days ago

    Wow I remember keeping my heavy duty "clicking" keyboard, migrating it from computer to computer for many years. I was very sad when I finally could no longer adapt it to the new models. I wonder if it was a model M. And yes I liked the feedback.

  • vitloken1337
    vitloken1337 27 days ago

    The reason of layout is related to typewriters to not make the types get stuck. So the reason for differential is that some, some languages use some letters more than other. And that's the ground reason for qwerty today and why some keys differs in different language. legacy of typewriters. Going from typewriter to keyboard adaptation is the reason for qwerty.

  • norchaaa
    norchaaa 27 days ago

    could be good with nostalgic CRT(maybe with renovated matrix) screens for display(use) ... all installed with w 95 -98

  • LanKe Malaysia
    LanKe Malaysia 28 days ago

    linus i just know that you are my age hahahah. hi from Malaysia just near your wife country

  • Seth Oberst
    Seth Oberst 28 days ago

    What a great video!

  • Briscoe17555
    Briscoe17555 28 days ago

    I had one back in the day, it was the best keyboard I ever had

  • Fordman8011
    Fordman8011 29 days ago

    Ok linus jobs

  • Long John
    Long John 29 days ago

    My first internet computer was a 2 year old Dell 486 DX/100 from an office upgrade and it came with the IBM model M keyboard and Windows 3.11 which didn't even have a TCP/IP stack so you had to hack in your own ..... Windows 95 hadn't even come out yet which was the 1st version of Windows with a TCP/IP stack built into the OS ..... Windows 95 was the first Microsoft OS to come out with built in keyboard click sounds just to imitate the Model M sound because that's was a major complaint for people moving to new keyboards that made little sound at all
    I sure loved that keyboard .....

  • Lauren Ganz
    Lauren Ganz Month ago

    I have that keyboard

  • PantatBuduk
    PantatBuduk Month ago +3

    I know one of my friend's playin overwatch on old IBM keyboards and He won't even give a bat to cherry MX
    btw Dude you're smooth,you deserve your own TV shows haha

  • Schwarzer Ritter
    Schwarzer Ritter Month ago

    My keyboard looks exactly like that.

  • Idontwantyourcookie

    seriously though why are there still no new buckling spring nkro keyboards, it's not impossible since model fs are that way but no one makes repro model fs :(

  • aryan ambastha
    aryan ambastha Month ago +1

    After 30 years we Teens and Millennials will teach our children and Grandchildren about Cherry MX Switches!

  • Kyaonias
    Kyaonias Month ago

    There's nothing that could beat my old ORTEK MCK-142 PRO it was a programmer's and gamers dream. Everything a fully mechanical keyboard, it had the full 102 key keyboard, plus, 12 f-keys on the left hand side, plus 24 programmable (pf keys) with upto an 8k buffer per programmable key across the top. The keyboard was reminiscent of the newer 24 pf key, 3278 dumb terminal keyboards & customizable. Meaning you cou create load & unload different program sets for different uses. It was awesome, & i've yet to see it modern equal. It's main drawback, it has a 5din keyboard connector, and 5 din adapters are hard to come by snd dtill retain its programmability.

  • Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

    This was a documentary... What a great video. 1.3k dislikes... Why?

  • dax connell
    dax connell Month ago

    Linus Jobs. that suit doesn't look too bad on you. the old school keyboards were good. the only thing that would be good is backlighting

  • James Perreault
    James Perreault Month ago

    At one point you could buy them second hand in a small used hardware store in Calgary for around $15.00 each. I bought 6. While the are 5 PIN DIN or PS2, which don't work on modern motherboards; you can use an Adesso PS/2 to USB adaptor (Model ADP-PU21) to convert them to USB. As not all PS2 to USB adaptor's will work. This one does. PS. I don't Miss the Windows key.

  • Chuck David
    Chuck David Month ago

    LOL i never use the left Alt and Ctrl keys ever

  • Tristan A
    Tristan A Month ago


  • Tristan A
    Tristan A Month ago


  • Tristan A
    Tristan A Month ago


  • Roger Spackman
    Roger Spackman Month ago

    Being of a certain age, I must say I did loved the feel of the old IBM boards vs those of other computers on the market at the time.

  • regeman100
    regeman100 Month ago

    i can go to nearest school in my area and they probably have tons of this stuff

  • Miguel Ángel Huerta Vázquez

    The best keyboard that have existed

  • Bosslh
    Bosslh Month ago +1

    I thought you were going to get mod the keyboard

  • Lucas Reichennek
    Lucas Reichennek Month ago

    Had a slightly newer IBM keyboard for years that i really loved. Was still ps/2 but had a few extra functional keys on it.

  • Chaos89P
    Chaos89P Month ago

    I'm guessing you do have a PS/2-USB adaptor somewhere.

  • Sunrisephoenix
    Sunrisephoenix Month ago

    Linus, get a half assed one because you NEED to RGB it. Just for the fucks of it.

  • Caleb Iott
    Caleb Iott Month ago

    Alternative title: "Linus tries the Steve Jobs look."

    NUFCMVFC Month ago

    Ah yes remember this, quinrissential keyboard. Was rather bemused at those wavy ones with the keypad kinda split
    Still instinctively look for the DEL key (not delete) key

  • Jonathan Clarke
    Jonathan Clarke Month ago

    I threw one of these away after I was given it. I liked the feel of it but couldn't get past the look of it. Had no idea about it of course.

  • WillN2Go1
    WillN2Go1 Month ago +1

    Linus Tech Tips. Thanks for this! I had a keyboard like this in the early 90s, I think it was a Lexmark. I was buying my first Mac a IIci. My wife asked that I get a keyboard that had the IBM 'snap' like the Selectric. We both loved it. (keep in mind that between the IBM Selectric electric typewriter we had a Canon that when you backtracked and corrected a mistake, it would keep that in memory. Then when you were done, you stuck in another piece of paper and it printed out a perfect copy. But that keyboard wasn't 'special.')
    But here's the deal, I think. I'm typing at the moment on my 2011 MacBook Pro which is to the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard what this M is to the 2011. More spring, sound, snap is nice, but I don't think it's really better ( you understood this). I type at about 30 words per minute. I've typed at about 30 words per minute for about 30 years. While a 120 wpm typist might be able to hit 130 on a newer shorter travel keyboard, on the M or the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard? I'm probably about the same. So sure one is objectively better, but for most of us it probably doesn't make a difference.
    Here's what I, as a writer both keyboard and long hand can contribute: Know what my favorite fountain pen is? It's the one I just cleaned and started using. In a couple of weeks it'll be another one of my many (but not expensive) fountain pens. Is this totally subjective? Yep. What's important is periodically switching livens things up a bit and I write more. So having an M keyboard around? Why not. I go through phases when I use my Logitech bluetooth keyboard in my lap. Got a writing project you've been putting off? Maybe tell yourself 'I can only use my M keyboard for this project.'

  • Phillip Habsburg
    Phillip Habsburg Month ago

    I actually have 3 Model M keyboards all bought from garage sales within 12 years.

  • twerkdaddy69
    twerkdaddy69 Month ago

    i used to use keytronic keyboards in the early 2000s and always thought they had a good feel

  • MasterofPlay7
    MasterofPlay7 Month ago

    shitty membrane? how long are these things gonna last?

    • Ryan Heitz
      Ryan Heitz 26 days ago

      Because there's hundreds of old Model Ms floating around second hand online that all work like a charm. It's a keyboard. It's gonna last several million keystrokes and longer as long as your not eating over it or beating the snot out of it. Modern keyboards are no different in that respect.

    • MasterofPlay7
      MasterofPlay7 28 days ago

      how do you know?

    • Ryan Heitz
      Ryan Heitz 28 days ago

      The Model M has a reputation for being incredibly durable and un-killable. The membrane below the spring switch likely won’t wear out for a very very long time.

  • KingOfTheFort
    KingOfTheFort Month ago

    *epic music plays* Linus: _more cheaper_

  • Amir Shah Hassan Abdullah

    Are they key ghosting protected if not then they are good for gamming

  • Moonshield23
    Moonshield23 Month ago

    Don't you think your channel is big enough to not whore yourself out to sponsors? Especially on monetized videos?

  • HawkFest
    HawkFest Month ago

    Nice tweed, suits you well

  • Fuy Gawkes
    Fuy Gawkes Month ago

    I used to play...or should I say "Me and my siblings" used to play Super Street Fighter & Children of the Atom with this keyboard. Sturdy AF! more importantly in a game wherein you have to press all 3 Punches/Kicks together to perform a Super Move! no macros.
    If it weren't only for the ps/2 connection i'd still be using this dinosaur. This keyboard has a special place in a museum along with the Dreadnought battleships.

    • HawkFest
      HawkFest Month ago

      Fuy Gawkes - You're evoking _the_ reason why I would choose any new keyboard with such feature over a USB keyboard: the PS/2 port. Hard facts... "PS/2" connections are still available on all motherboards, for good reasons. Actually, a PS/2 keyboard has a faster response time than a USB keyboard, the PS/2 port offering lower latency than a USB - It's utterly reliable. PS/2 is a "port", 1 on 1 and it had a distinct hardware interrupt, while USB is a bus, which can have multiple devices connected to a single host controller. In short, a PS/2 connection is "better" than a USB connection: less latency and more reliable. If you have problems in configuring some BIOS like the keyboard being absent or unresponsive, using a PS/2 keyboard will always resolve such situation (unless the hardware was broken). If something has to fail, A USB host controller and its driver will fail well before a PS/2 port.
      *The lower latency and the reliability of PS/2 are the reasons why "real" hardcore gamers will use a PS/2 keyboard* (and mouse if they have a second PS/2 port, if not exclusively for the mouse in 1st and 3rd person RPG/FPS games, especially for MMO gaming like TESO or WoW), rather than a USB one. Of course, the drawback of PS/2 are all the bells and whistles a USB keyboard can offer as value added functionalities (of which most are useless in my own context, except for a programmable keyboard like the Logitech G13 that I'm using on the side for macros and code snippets).