The Greatest Keyboard of All Time.. Reborn

  • Published on May 1, 2018
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    Amazing tactile feel. Distinct mechanical acoustics. Unparalleled durability. The IBM Model M is likely the most influential keyboard ever- even if it’s NOT great for gaming. But how does a brand new Unicomp Classic compare?
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Comments • 5 283

  • brostenen
    brostenen 12 hours ago

    I don't like the model m for two reasons. The clunky harshe click noise. And that tactile click. I much more prefer a rubber dome with springs. Need them springs. To me the greatest feel ever invented, was that of the early Amiga500 keyboard. It just feels right. One thing the model m got right, was the weight of the keyboard and the stiffnes of the entire construction. Need them heavy keyboards. Best of all was those early 80's that was made of 2 to 3 mm heavy duty iron plates. And keycaps made from aluminium. Those were absolutely nice to type on. For the dos era. I still have one of the cherry that was sold with a Unisys Pw2 series 300 workstation. Heavy, springs and rubber dome. I like the C64 mk1 keyboard as well. Got that perfect feel to the key travel.

  • Testiclopse
    Testiclopse Day ago +1

    More typing, less talking.

  • DPofEternalnessity

    The greatest keyboard is some membrane shit?

  • Bold Deere
    Bold Deere Day ago

    Is still own that keyboard lol

  • dat huynh
    dat huynh Day ago

    "but more cheaper" ...

  • yshouldi foogle
    yshouldi foogle 2 days ago

    used to use mechanical keyboard for gaming, then once in a while i didn't press the key hard enough (apparently) and it wouldn't register keystrokes so i would fail an action in a game therfor leading to a death. Fuck mechanical keyboards.

  • AzzkikrHD
    AzzkikrHD 2 days ago

    Those were the keyboards we gamed fps games with 10-25 years ago, and thought we were gods at the game, atleast i did

  • jason jack
    jason jack 2 days ago

    I still use my 80s laser keyboard with smks. can't beat the quality back then!

  • M Blake Jr
    M Blake Jr 2 days ago

    I have one, nicotine stained and all

  • Ulysses D'Amboise
    Ulysses D'Amboise 2 days ago

    The outfit needs a British accent to go with it

  • Дмитрий М
    Дмитрий М 3 days ago

    IBM keyboard is the only reason why SERN were hunting down IBM 1500

  • Stephen McQueen
    Stephen McQueen 3 days ago

    I think I'll keep My Amiga 3000 Keyboard! :)

  • rainbowartemis Emd
    rainbowartemis Emd 3 days ago

    wtf are you wearing

  • Nightfall Gaming
    Nightfall Gaming 3 days ago

    Take a shot every time he smacks his lips.

  • Rishen El Nino
    Rishen El Nino 3 days ago

    Here I am typing on my MSI DS 4100.

  • whats goingon
    whats goingon 3 days ago

    Well done video . I prefer the M type keyboard (never knew its name) as it was my first when it came with my first computer 1983 IBM PC. That keyboard needed enhancements such as key covers - make the "Return", Shift Caps lock keys full width, etc. There of course would not be a Windows Key until after DOS 5.0/6.0 is superceded by Windows 3.0/3.1 . I am soooooo use to the general layout and feel, coupled with extensive use of Esc key sequences and keyboard shortcuts from the DOS and WYSIWYG screen software - the antique days of PCs. I just get frustrated on my daughter's Win10 keyboard or my wife's Win10 laptop NONE of the special keys: Esc Ctrl Alt DEL Home End Insert PgUp PgDn UpArw DnArw, even Backspace, are where they should be - slows me down even as badly as this text on tablet - a labor of endurance, corrections and delay. So I use a 2003 HP WIN XP cmptr and its keyboard - nice feel and my hands go naturally to sequence stroke positions effortlessly.
    A great video.

  • ufewl
    ufewl 4 days ago

    wow i watched a keyboard video!

  • Naoki Lucas
    Naoki Lucas 4 days ago


  • DottierMage30
    DottierMage30 4 days ago

    Define *"NORMAL"* :)

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 4 days ago

    lögitech x200? leftea editiön -. ^

  • Anthony Misell
    Anthony Misell 4 days ago

    My God you have got old what happened

  • Alex Syndrome
    Alex Syndrome 4 days ago

    "more cheaper"

  • Matt Roy
    Matt Roy 4 days ago

    Man I've been saying it for the last decade that my old model M was the best keyboard I ever had. I'm glad to have confirmation because people thought I was crazy.
    Also I've been incorrectly saying it was a mechanical keyboard for all of that time.... doh!

  • Mike TheOrc
    Mike TheOrc 4 days ago

    sorry, Compaq made THE best keyboard ever

  • Ben Cully
    Ben Cully 4 days ago

    I bet he’s still wearing socks and sandals under that table.

  • Aaron Ellis
    Aaron Ellis 4 days ago

    U look like u just got done ducking your boyfriends sick in that suit but other than that the video was amazing

  • i
    i 5 days ago +1


  • satish8299
    satish8299 5 days ago

    how heavy is this remade IBM keyboard, is this a plastic material? Because of the historic footage this topic could be put on Netflix, except at the not suitable for twitch part.

  • manliest manchild alive

    why am i watching this when i dont even know what my keyboard is called

  • Periodic Table Of Videos

    The lighting in this video is hilarious. Love the lowkey lighting with the columns and the old school setup for the desk.

  • dcp tracks
    dcp tracks 5 days ago

    The outfit sells it all lol

  • jeff batiste
    jeff batiste 5 days ago

    I actually game on a IBM model F XT and I love the key feel and typing on it is sublime, if you think the model M is heavy... Well... It doesn't hold a torch to the model F, no idea why the model F wasn't mentioned as it is far superior to the model M except for the layout

  • SolaceAndBane
    SolaceAndBane 5 days ago

    LTT video of the year up until the point he said “more cheaper”.

  • jakey
    jakey 5 days ago

    2:47 that bent PS/2 connector gave me vietnam flashbacks

  • Pitchblack
    Pitchblack 5 days ago

    i still like the microsoft sidewinder x4 the most, sadly the not produce it anymore

  • BinarySecond
    BinarySecond 5 days ago

    "more cheaper" oof.

  • Vinay B
    Vinay B 5 days ago

    This video was a lot of fun to watch! Please do more like these.

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan 5 days ago +3

    I am using an omen 1100 right now, got it for a steal on Amazon. I have just one complaint about this keyboard, the number lock and caps lock lights, you can't see them because they hidden behind the keypad keys. Other than this thing performs like a champ. Man, when I hit these keys and they bottom out they bottom out hard. I love the sound of typing on this keyboard. Clikcity clack, clack, clack, clickity clack.

  • invent this
    invent this 5 days ago

    I miss the comador 64 keyboard

  • Sigma Tech
    Sigma Tech 5 days ago

    Did Linus hire a new DP?

  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous 5 days ago

    With that dress code you should have made the video with British accent.

  • demonocus metalocus
    demonocus metalocus 5 days ago

    I'm a 2 finger typer so it doesn't matter what keyboard i type on i'm just as bad :)

  • Nihil Eternal
    Nihil Eternal 5 days ago

    ..My aunt has a load of the 95 keyboards in her basement..

  • MindKraft
    MindKraft 5 days ago

    miss the feel of old school keyboards. heavy buttons, very smooth

  • Railfanatic
    Railfanatic 5 days ago

    There should be an initial D for keyboards, where the main character uses an old model m and destroys everyone in typing duriftos.

  • Ryan Knutson
    Ryan Knutson 6 days ago

    Watching this with one plugged into my pc :)

  • bazzarr
    bazzarr 6 days ago

    That's the nicest burlap jacket I have ever seen!

  • Yann.R
    Yann.R 6 days ago

    There is a story that Qwerty keyboards are a downgrade of a different way of typing.
    I don't remember the name of the video but it is said that these keyboards permit typing very much faster than Qwerty and Azerty. Someone heard about it ?

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 6 days ago

    One of your best shows

  • Mateus Vinícius
    Mateus Vinícius 6 days ago

    The endlife of theese old keys also ended the era of the game "descent". That was the only keyboard that worked with the messed game controls. Like ctrl to dash shift to run asdw to look and space for shooting!!! How i love descent!

    • Mateus Vinícius
      Mateus Vinícius 6 days ago

      By the way, i still have 2 old keys rom the 80's working perfectly

  • Issadog Boss
    Issadog Boss 7 days ago

    I have that keyboard and could not bring myself to get rid it. Actually bought an adapter for it from 5pin din to ps2.

  • Mr. Chief Slapaho
    Mr. Chief Slapaho 8 days ago

    Gross, he said "more cheaper".

  • Food Warrior
    Food Warrior 8 days ago

    I have 6 in my basement.. collecting dust

  • Alexandru Pohaţă
    Alexandru Pohaţă 8 days ago

    very nice video! i don't even care for computer parts and still loved this

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 8 days ago

    The best old keyboard ive used for typing was a dell quiet key.

  • fade2black001
    fade2black001 9 days ago

    Damn... you telling me I could of sold my old ass keyboard from my 91 IBM system for 200+? Who would of known...

  • Potato:3
    Potato:3 9 days ago

    damn that mosaic made you look hella credible.

  • Edward Villarreal
    Edward Villarreal 10 days ago

    I preferred the preferred the keyboard from the old Zenith Z-100. It felt much like the IBM, but had what I thought was a better layout.

  • Brad Crandall
    Brad Crandall 10 days ago

    Clickety clack vs soft touch.

  • CrossXFire45
    CrossXFire45 10 days ago

    Forget the outro or intro music. What is that background music?

  • Tomoko Abe
    Tomoko Abe 11 days ago

    Lenovo has an excellent tactile keyboard for only $29.95...Lenovo happens to be IBM. yes it feels totally classic IBM.

  • Ramon Sauls
    Ramon Sauls 12 days ago

    Well... That was interesting.

  • L3dtube
    L3dtube 12 days ago

    lol i was 1 when this came out too, we had a ibm too.

  • Bram25
    Bram25 12 days ago

    Yep. If you are an IT guy and you still have a bunch of them you are somewhat rich.
    (Model M keyboards can go for as much as 75$ and up... They are that wanted)

  • Z0RSY
    Z0RSY 13 days ago

    Linus is the new Setve Jobs no lie lol

  • Jason Hunter
    Jason Hunter 13 days ago

    I still have that keyboard in my garage; hehe, too bad it was not worth millions

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur 13 days ago

    You remind me of Stewart Cheifet of Computer Chronicles in that jacket.

  • ALEJANDRO :of the Varela Family

    Could of been MORE interesting to see a pounds per square inch button test

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson 13 days ago

    I really like this history style of videos

  • Tainted Mudkip
    Tainted Mudkip 14 days ago

    i love my model m!

  • Christoph K.
    Christoph K. 14 days ago

    I have a Model M. It was cheap. I pulled it out of the garbage.

  • Nixin Victis
    Nixin Victis 15 days ago

    My favorite episode so far.

  • ZeroPoint Black
    ZeroPoint Black 15 days ago

    looks like the perfect item to find at an old bitches garage sale for 5 bucks. ill keep an eye out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Kline
    Jacob Kline 15 days ago

    Did you just say, "More cheaper"? Linus. It's "More cheaply," ffs. SMFH.

  • Handsome_Hero
    Handsome_Hero 15 days ago

    lol this guy looks about 16 years old and he talks about remembering shit from the 80s - fake and gay

  • disabled submarine vet

    I worked for NCR for 10 years and I have 5 model m keyboards with USB adapters with them

  • The Dark Phantom
    The Dark Phantom 16 days ago

    Thrift shop meets tech.

  • RetroScotsman
    RetroScotsman 16 days ago +1

    More retro tech!

  • Yorkshire Lad
    Yorkshire Lad 16 days ago

    WTF Dont Diss the C64

  • wceverhart
    wceverhart 16 days ago

    Some consider the model F (delivered with the PC XT) to be mechanically superior. The layout wasn’t nearly as good as the M, but the force needed for a key press was slightly lower, and it had an even more satisfying audible click and solid feel. And it was this keyboard that almost kept me from getting a home computer. My Dad was used to a model F at work, and almost couldn’t bring himself to buy a machine with what he referred to as “clack-a-clack” keyboards (wobbly key). Admittedly, I did want to find a way to steal his keyboard and connect it to my computer because I preferred the key action. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • Любослав Станков

    OMG! My teacher has litteraly the same keyboard on her old PC. We were joking about it and trying to break it. I didn't know it was that expensive XD

  • G Waites
    G Waites 16 days ago +1

    linus has the swagger. amazing vid yet again

  • Niklas E
    Niklas E 17 days ago

    I used my model m for almost 17 years, i spilled coke, beer, whisky you name it on it. All i did was pick it apart and Clean it. Wish all the fluff gear that's out now had that kind of quality to it..

  • Chase Robertson
    Chase Robertson 17 days ago

    m o r e c h e a p e r

  • Linus
    Linus 17 days ago

    I like your name

  • Silentz Shadowz
    Silentz Shadowz 17 days ago +1

    Linus, can you make a review of the Dell KB-212-b keyboard? In my opinion it's a very nice keyboard and is underated. Thanks so much!

  • Eiz Mo
    Eiz Mo 17 days ago

    Ytf he look imposter in a coat xD

  • Jake Stockton
    Jake Stockton 17 days ago

    I think most people would opt for the prior simply because it's a collector's item that will increase in value over time.

  • rwstarke
    rwstarke 17 days ago

    My favorite was the Northgate OmniKey 102 Keyboard.

  • Nightquaker
    Nightquaker 18 days ago

    Mitsumi Classic all the way, honestly.

  • disco__
    disco__ 18 days ago

    Bought my Majestouch 2 in like 2008 and only after a decade the d key is now getting a little spotty (its not even a problem typing, its only causing an issue for bhop/strafe movement) and I finally gotta do a little soldering, wouldn't have this keyboard any other way*
    *Unless that way was a functionally identical board with a PCB mount instead, that would be gucci tbh

  • newbie artist
    newbie artist 18 days ago

    One keyboard to type them alllll!!!!

  • Daniel Epic cat man
    Daniel Epic cat man 19 days ago

    very professional at the end.

  • ScemEnzo
    ScemEnzo 19 days ago

    The quality of this video is absurd

  • mrdewilliams
    mrdewilliams 20 days ago

    I miss using my Focus 5001.

  • Corruption
    Corruption 20 days ago

    Does it have RGB?

  • Kevin Hitchcock
    Kevin Hitchcock 20 days ago

    Actually Unicomp has been making IBM Model-M replicas since the 90s. They weren't inspired by your video.

  • Anton Roos
    Anton Roos 20 days ago

    Such nice production guys

  • Felenov-official
    Felenov-official 20 days ago

    Love those. I have a classic Russian black IBM M13 and a classic model M.
    The only alternative is a Daskeyboard PRIME13 with cherry MX brown. Or mod of the PRIME 13 that has MX red

  • Ayden Cinel
    Ayden Cinel 20 days ago

    lol 6:13 "more cheaper". wtf linus lol.