New York City vs London - City Comparison

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
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    According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best city in the world right now you could visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, followed by Charleston in the USA, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand. These three places, however, don’t even get on the top 20 places to actually live, in this year’s Quality of Living Index, a yearly list compiled by HR firm, Mercer. Apparently, if you want to live the good life, you should move to Vienna, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, or Auckland, New Zealand. The top twenty list doesn’t include any cities from the UK or the USA, two countries that have arguably been the two heavyweights in the last century regarding power and wealth. These two countries, however, contain cities that attract millions of overseas visitors every year. Today we are going to compare them, in this episode of the Infographics Show, New York City vs London.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  11 months ago +171

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    • Victor Blackwolf
      Victor Blackwolf 24 days ago +1

      The Infographics Show Can You do New York City vs Los Angeles living comparison

    • Bellaztry Ramona
      Bellaztry Ramona 2 months ago

      CTBUH: Top 11 most building 100m - 300m
      New york,

    • Olivia Marshall
      Olivia Marshall 5 months ago

      The Infographics Show try puting AD in the title or thumbnail

    • Brfw 08
      Brfw 08 8 months ago

      The Inf

    • TheOriginalGamerHD
      TheOriginalGamerHD 8 months ago +1

      Traveling through London is like traveling the world, when I go to south east LDN(woolwich, Peckham etc), it’s like going to west Africa with the majority being Nigerian or Ghanaian but when you go to southwest/sth central (Brixton,Norwood, tulse Hill, etc) it’s like going to the Caribbean with Brixton being the birthplace for Jamaicans that settled in the 1950’s.
      north London is another large Caribbean and African community with areas like Edmonton, Enfield,Tottenham and Wood Green but North London has many posh areas in the hills like Hampstead,Golders green and Belsize Park but Camden is a market town and a home for nightlife (Camden town and Kentish Town only)
      But when you go to East London, you will see the traditional East End values in dockside areas like poplar and bow but East London is a very diverse place except tower hamlets having the highest concentration of Muslims in London, but I come from the most diverse part of London,Newham, with Hispanics and Portuguese in Stratford, Caribbean’s in Plaistow, Africans in Canning Town, Sikhs in forest gate, Hindu-Indians in manor park,Sri Lankans in little ilford, Urdu-Pakistani in Upton Park, Bengali’s in East Ham and Eastern Europeans in Beckton. But as you go towards the outer suburbs, the diversity tends to lower in those areas (except Croydon,Harrow and Hillingdon) but usually, in outer boroughs(boroughs with non E,SE,N,NW,W or SW postcodes) , the population is more white than other ethnicity’s, overall I think London is the best city in terms of diversity,culture, tourism and history

  • eren varan
    eren varan 6 hours ago

    London is the best city to live.

  • PsychoJohn
    PsychoJohn Day ago

    NYC !

  • Jamie Hesketh
    Jamie Hesketh Day ago

    Stay away from London it's full of roma gypsies picking pockets and conning people all over not to mention stabbing capital of planet earth period!! Stay away

  • King Thomas
    King Thomas Day ago

    London is better. U see more people in suits in London which to me it shows how posh London is. But u do see some trouble makers around London.

  • Thundii
    Thundii Day ago

    I have visited in london and thats a beautiful place

  • Kai Kalter
    Kai Kalter Day ago +2

    I visited london, it was amezing its a great city. I would love to go there more times

  • Chhay Iekkhung
    Chhay Iekkhung 2 days ago

    I like london🇬🇧

  • Darth Ruin
    Darth Ruin 2 days ago +1

    I went to New York found it was full of nice people and full of different things to London people are just rude and ignorant

  • ILoveCoffee
    ILoveCoffee 3 days ago

    Comparing NYC with London is like comparing a modern city with a small village. London is very provincial, there is absolutely no comparison with NYC. NYC is the capital of the world. NYC has the Wall Street, Harlem, Museums, insane diversity, giant skyscrappers, iconic buildings and so on. London is just a small city, small buildings, nothing to see there. The only people who write London in the comments are all British or other Europeans. No sane person who have visited both cities could possibly say London is ''better'' than NYC, unless they have some weird definition of ''better''. If by 'better' you mean tiny and irrelevant, then yes, London is better.

  • 阿钟
    阿钟 4 days ago


  • Ion Huang
    Ion Huang 4 days ago


  • A V R A D E E P S I R C A R

    Hello White world I have been studying the population demography of your country for few months and it seems horrible to know that the whites have forgotten the fact they are white and are mixing up with any race easily that they can soon come in the list of extinct species. Wake up! Save your country and your race. Stop the divorce rate, interracial marriages and start producing lots of white babies. You need to bring up the white percentage rate to 90%. Cheers!

  • ajwad whyne
    ajwad whyne 6 days ago

    Um by the way you said the city of London, London is different then the city of London

  • ajwad whyne
    ajwad whyne 6 days ago

    Well I would say London is better because when I went there the weather was nice but when I went to New York it was cold really cold London has better food while I didn’t like the food in New York one time I got food poisoning so in my opinion London is. better

  • Peter Bound
    Peter Bound 8 days ago

    London ruless. It's way more international and multicultural than NYC.

  • Crucible Act By Jasmeet

    New York cities way better

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones 9 days ago

    I'm Londonese

  • rocky primes
    rocky primes 10 days ago +1

    Look at that skyline in manhattan NYC and you still wanna compare it with london?

    • The Ancients Ancients
      The Ancients Ancients 10 hours ago +1

      rocky primes lol NYC is full of box shaped 1930s high rise buildings. London has historic and modern buildings blended well. London can't build very high due to airports around city centre. That said its building 500 high rise modern buildings

  • rocky primes
    rocky primes 10 days ago

    London is better place but people are better in new york

    BORIS JEFFERSON 10 days ago +3

    London is getting better all the time. There is so much development going on there. New skyscrapers going up constantly, redevelopment of the kings Cross, Wembley, Nine Elms, Stratford, Elephant and Castle and Grenwich areas. Tottenham Hotspur have just had a state of the art stadium built, which will also host NFL (American Football). Crossrail, a major new underground line, is also almost complete and will make travelling around London even easier and less congested.

  • PlayBoyDoBoné
    PlayBoyDoBoné 11 days ago

    São Paulo-BR

  • Marli Takabatake
    Marli Takabatake 12 days ago +2

    In my opinion NYC Is Better so Dont Offend or Hate me

  • Haq Ahmed
    Haq Ahmed 12 days ago

    I live in Londonnn

  • alwaysmylove
    alwaysmylove 13 days ago

    New York by far is the better city.

  • to die for
    to die for 13 days ago +2

    NY has less racism than London

    • MH12
      MH12 3 days ago

      to die for that’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard

  • Betard 62
    Betard 62 14 days ago

    *Unpopular opinion, Why is it always raining in London?*

  • Jo James
    Jo James 14 days ago

    London 107 billionaires now

  • i am very nice guy
    i am very nice guy 14 days ago

    Do L.A. vs Berlin or Paris vs Houston.

  • Aniket Tirkey
    Aniket Tirkey 14 days ago

    I Love New York City.

  • fleetlordavtar
    fleetlordavtar 16 days ago

    WTF are so many billionaires living in NY❗❗

  • Jeremy Hackwell
    Jeremy Hackwell 16 days ago

    I LOVE LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryce Ingelsby
    Bryce Ingelsby 17 days ago +1

    You forgot that London has acid attacks most of the time lol. While New York has bad air quality all the time.

  • theMightyWebb
    theMightyWebb 18 days ago

    London has been overrun by Islam and many parts have been sectioned off into shar'ia law zones -- in addition to the rising crime rate.

  • william andrew
    william andrew 20 days ago +1

    NYC is now one of the biggest cities in the world

  • jamie davies
    jamie davies 20 days ago

    As of 2018, London has more murders.

  • Jeeta Ryo
    Jeeta Ryo 20 days ago

    Time to join 4.5 k comments : "London have more space" lol..London is more crowded than any US city except NY ! After living in London for 14 years now, I don't want to even visit NY ..ever! since it's more crowded ..and people are probably as impatient and annoying as in London ....but I would like the weather in NY much more for sure .

  • ForestBudgie123 !
    ForestBudgie123 ! 21 day ago

    England is the most unsafe city
    US is shitty

  • Patricia Das
    Patricia Das 21 day ago

    Billionaire is misspelt.

  • Kyle's Boss
    Kyle's Boss 22 days ago +1

    Samsung galaxy 9 vs iphone x

  • oh_it's_matt
    oh_it's_matt 22 days ago

    The weather stereotype in London is not gonna go away anytime soon

  • Alexis Arellano
    Alexis Arellano 23 days ago

    No city in the plant compares to New York City the capital of the world

  • Zachary Yekta
    Zachary Yekta 24 days ago

    New York is the least American city in America compare like Boston to London

  • Trijeet Dutta
    Trijeet Dutta 24 days ago

    I live in New York City.

  • Sanity
    Sanity 25 days ago +1

    London is my country.

  • Sanity
    Sanity 25 days ago +2

    I’ve lived in London for around 10 years now, housing is very very expensive. However, London is beautiful.

  • Spooder man
    Spooder man 26 days ago

    Dont listen to these people London is not great at all their food is absolute ass along with their service, Taxi drivers are rude af and have an attitude just like Paris, and the city does not look as historically wow as you think it looks like a short New York with people driving on the left and its dirty af just like NY, but NY is more fun to be in.

  • Eve
    Eve 29 days ago

    Lmfao I love how the weather part was like "warm weeks for summer and moderately cool weeks for winter" when we've literally just finished a heatwave and earlier this year had like freak snow, guess you can blame global warming lol

  • Mika Chan
    Mika Chan Month ago +1

    Without any doubt, London is the best!

  • Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer Month ago

    London ❤️

  • food
    food Month ago +1

    for London the countries right next to UK count as international visitors. in the u.s other u.s states visiting NYC doesn't count. also we only have 2 countries closest to us.mexico and Canada while UK has way way more countries near it...

  • Mart Russel Gamba
    Mart Russel Gamba Month ago

    I kinda bit like new York City but I more like London

  • Louie Miluno
    Louie Miluno Month ago

    New york is actually pretty great, I have been there many times due to having family. But so. many. homeless. People.

  • benny mcneill
    benny mcneill Month ago

    both are ridiculously expensive shitholes, why you would want to live in a city with a population bigger than many western countries entire countries a me astounds me.

  • Vira Fakih
    Vira Fakih Month ago


  • Nick 04
    Nick 04 Month ago +1

    I would rather to live in New York because the murder rate in London is really high and the migration rate is really high too

  • 3vga
    3vga Month ago

    London is my city an I think that it is the best city in the world and no where else can compare and also London commuter belt population is 14 million BTW

  • JxeWarren -
    JxeWarren - Month ago


  • Nasim CCZ
    Nasim CCZ Month ago +2

    I hate it when people think United Kingdom, they think England, when people think England they think London. I mean What bout flippin Birmingham.

  • Logo Film
    Logo Film Month ago

    I've from West Virginia, I watched videos of going to NYC and London, how even getting there on an airplane. I find NYC a better state, place and a better city because you can see the SOL (Statue Of Liberty), the bulidings, even a good place to live. I've watched so many films from the 1970s and 1980s that take place in New York City. It is way better than London. London was a messy place due to the Swinging Sixties existed in 1960-1970, after Swinging Sixties ended, it has gotten better there but New York is still the best after all this time.
    New York City
    London, UK.

  • Darth Utah 66
    Darth Utah 66 Month ago

    I've never been to London but my trip to New York was quite something. When I got there, I felt so small compared to those massive buildings. There was a lot to do in the Big Apple such as going to the top of the rock which is at the top of the Rockefeller Center (I also went to the Empire State Building; the Rockefeller Center was better), went on a helicopter ride, broadway, and general sightseeing. The Statue of Liberty was underwhelming, honestly, it's a tourist trap.
    My family could be going to London in the next year or so. I wonder how it will be.

  • spyknife
    spyknife Month ago

    New york is a hole! London is far superior. Piccadilly circus is better than times square

  • Gabriel Bravo
    Gabriel Bravo Month ago

    the background music was to distracting :(

  • SafeSpace Invader
    SafeSpace Invader Month ago

    How can you even compare these two new York City is obviously better... I wouldnt even place London in top ten cities...

  • J READ
    J READ Month ago

    LONDON!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍🇬🇧 is way better but 👎💩new york💩👎 is ok

  • SniperRecons
    SniperRecons Month ago

    I live in London and it would be so much more understandably if u made the British pay in £ not $

  • Glen Anzinger-Cooper

    If you are visiting London, don't go to east London unless you want to get stabbed with a knife by a gang

  • Radin Iman
    Radin Iman Month ago

    London is the best city in the world and I dont like new york

  • ITubaUTuba
    ITubaUTuba Month ago

    London is the dog's bollocks. Great city.

  • Placify
    Placify Month ago

    Great video. May I know what editor you are using for making this cool video?

  • michaelzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Small cities like Cardiff beats both. Less crime, more compact, cheaper, more on your doorstep like mountains and award winning beaches within an hour.
    Thank you

  • Unknown! Discovery?

    My parents and I visited both cities to pick which one we'll call our new home, I loved London but My Parents Said New York was better. I wish to live in London when am older though(only for some years then am booting my arse back to NY)

  • Alec Chandler
    Alec Chandler Month ago

    Just saying, the city of London is 1 square mile around parliament. All the rest are suburbs I think

  • Cookie
    Cookie Month ago

    Bilionars = Billionares

  • STUBS 1960
    STUBS 1960 Month ago

    London and Britain are leftist and Muslim places no thanks.

  • AnnaBooks 18
    AnnaBooks 18 Month ago

    I love weather in London and western Europe in general.

  • Diego Alonzo
    Diego Alonzo Month ago

    NYC all day 😍

  • Tom H.
    Tom H. Month ago

    Londoners know their city was once the center of the world. New Yorkers, always provincial, think their city is the only one in the world.

    • akshay sareen
      akshay sareen Month ago

      NEW YORK is the one true greatest city on earth.

  • donvito
    donvito Month ago

    everyone prefers london apparently.. i'm quite surprised to be honest as i lived in london and i always heard many complaints about weather ,food, cost of living and people attitude...
    personally i think london is ovrerrated.. foreigners think of it as a very classy city, but it's actually a nest of alcoholics and psychopaths

  • subito zx
    subito zx Month ago


  • Bulletproofcammy
    Bulletproofcammy Month ago

    Black crime destroys both city's! Without this birth would be far better!

  • Jamie O'Connell
    Jamie O'Connell 2 months ago +1

    You guys left out one important factor. New York will always be the number one most needed city. Why? Think about Wall Street once more. You forget when 9/11 shut down Wall Street. The world, including London, shut down with it. Proof New York really is the true center of the world.

  • A B
    A B 2 months ago

    Bilionars? 😂😂😂😂 I'm dying

  • Kyle Frost
    Kyle Frost 2 months ago

    I live in cornwall close enough to London right

  • Rytis Januškevičius
    Rytis Januškevičius 2 months ago

    most of stuff in comment section bout london is not true, while new york i know not much in person...

  • Play GT
    Play GT 2 months ago

    London, because london have history in her, nyc only have bulidings and not more

  • AyEoKaY247
    AyEoKaY247 2 months ago


  • James Gweneth
    James Gweneth 2 months ago

    London may not have as much sun but when it is sunny its the best city in the world!

  • CjcroftPlayz
    CjcroftPlayz 2 months ago

    No no no, you didn't need to make a lovely video on this, the truth is LONDON IS WAY BETTER!!

  • Roshod Jones
    Roshod Jones 2 months ago

    Without a doubt, it has to be New York City. London is boring, expensive and overated. For me its New York City or Boston.

  • Hendrik Spiering
    Hendrik Spiering 2 months ago

    Berlin is better lmao

  • Micheal Achilanga
    Micheal Achilanga 2 months ago

    Londoners use knife to kill while New Yorkers use guns

  • Adi Mate
    Adi Mate 2 months ago

    Islamic Kingdom

  • MashGaming
    MashGaming 2 months ago +1

    If you look up the metropolitan population New York has 20 Million inhabitants and London has 13 Million

  • Vol D. Mort
    Vol D. Mort 2 months ago

    * British healthcare isn't free, it's paid for by taxpayers.

  • Marshall Campbell
    Marshall Campbell 2 months ago

    London and New York are good. London is more spread and quirky expensive, New York is crowded and a bit dirty but the people are friendlier

  • Living Walks
    Living Walks 2 months ago +1

    I'd have to say London but perhaps I'm a little biased as I film natural sound and sight walks there, maybe take a glance and let me know if you agree?

  • Stephen Clementson
    Stephen Clementson 2 months ago

    London, or places close by, used to be handy if shopping for those hard-to-find items. It remains the case that certain specialist tech items are in such little demand that it is uneconomical for shopkeepers to stock them. However, thanks to the rise of the internet, you can get whatever you want without leaving home.

  • Blake B-Cos
    Blake B-Cos 2 months ago

    £2952(pounds) is $3914.18(dollars)

  • Christine Cyrus
    Christine Cyrus 2 months ago