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New York City vs London - City Comparison

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
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    According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best city in the world right now you could visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, followed by Charleston in the USA, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand. These three places, however, don’t even get on the top 20 places to actually live, in this year’s Quality of Living Index, a yearly list compiled by HR firm, Mercer. Apparently, if you want to live the good life, you should move to Vienna, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, or Auckland, New Zealand. The top twenty list doesn’t include any cities from the UK or the USA, two countries that have arguably been the two heavyweights in the last century regarding power and wealth. These two countries, however, contain cities that attract millions of overseas visitors every year. Today we are going to compare them, in this episode of the Infographics Show, New York City vs London.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +191

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    • OceanBlue
      OceanBlue 3 months ago

      The Infographics Show New York is more fun and New York has more opportunities!

    • Seema Singh
      Seema Singh 4 months ago

      NYC vs tokyo.

    • Victor Blackwolf
      Victor Blackwolf 7 months ago +1

      The Infographics Show Can You do New York City vs Los Angeles living comparison

    • Ramona Bellasetty
      Ramona Bellasetty 8 months ago

      CTBUH: Top 11 most building 100m - 300m
      New york,

    • Liv M
      Liv M 11 months ago

      The Infographics Show try puting AD in the title or thumbnail

  • Phillip Green
    Phillip Green 2 hours ago +1

    London just seems one step ahead of New York in everything

  • Spaghetti Souls
    Spaghetti Souls 5 hours ago

    New York would be an interesting place to find different people, from people all around the world.

  • robert white
    robert white 7 hours ago

    That's because Bangkok has more paedophiles visiting.

  • Cade Tickle
    Cade Tickle Day ago

    Very beautiful cities, but very different. Both should be seen, but as an American, I'm biased towards New York. I love London so much though.

  • ella ben eliezer

    new york greatest city

  • gregory amenta
    gregory amenta Day ago

    New York

  • Mr Dude457
    Mr Dude457 2 days ago

    New York City all the way

  • choch 123
    choch 123 2 days ago


  • GAMERS 69
    GAMERS 69 2 days ago

    United Kingdom is the king of the world

  • Amazing
    Amazing 2 days ago

    London’s better

  • Izadora Grace Saballa

    Coming from the Philippines, now living in London and visited the NY. I must say I like the mix of peace and quiet and the fast paced life in London. Tube is better than the subway as well, with loads of national railway systems spread across London in top. Its easier to get around.

  • Khalifa Alajeel
    Khalifa Alajeel 5 days ago

    London is better I would imagine much better then New York

  • Sam Owens
    Sam Owens 7 days ago

    Boston gang.

  • Graham Simpson
    Graham Simpson 8 days ago

    London capital of the world

  • Mohammed Kazmi
    Mohammed Kazmi 13 days ago

    england cos we LIVE BY THE RIVEEEERRRRRR

  • Steven Magallanes
    Steven Magallanes 13 days ago

    I'm the only one who thinks NEW YORK city is better....

  • S S A
    S S A 14 days ago +1

    London > New York

  • more nerfboy
    more nerfboy 15 days ago

    London is an option
    Take My Word
    You would love to live here I mean I'm a rapper so I live in London

  • louis clark
    louis clark 17 days ago


  • stealdoesgoods
    stealdoesgoods 18 days ago

    England is best

  • wcr4
    wcr4 19 days ago +1

    Skip to 2:00

  • Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell 19 days ago

    London is corrupted. The reason why all of this are London comment is because they like knife crime

  • JDJaheem15
    JDJaheem15 19 days ago +1

    England is my city

  • JDJaheem15
    JDJaheem15 19 days ago

    London for Life

  • William Juma
    William Juma 19 days ago

    Having read all your comments,my final conclusion and final score New York 1 4 London

  • Shang Hhh
    Shang Hhh 20 days ago

    As a Muslim who wants to go out of her country so I wouldn’t see those close minded people anymore, I wouldn’t go to London almost half the population are middles eastern and North Africans immigrants, I am trying to get away from those people not see more of them

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 20 days ago

    New York = Trash pizza
    London = Never been there. But I'm they got trashy ways as well.
    Both lose.

  • CuRe Spookz
    CuRe Spookz 25 days ago

    I’ve been living in London for my whole life and it’s so boring like literally so boring here

  • kishan patel
    kishan patel 26 days ago

    New York!!!

  • Ken Davidson
    Ken Davidson 26 days ago

    Ouch. Breathless and awful vocal delivery. Gave up after 90 seconds.

  • DSVerified
    DSVerified 26 days ago

    "Concrete jungles where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, while you're in New York...
    These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, hear it for New York, New York, New York..."

  • Nilratan Biswas
    Nilratan Biswas 27 days ago

    What your city?

  • Forddy
    Forddy Month ago

    Bruv London isn't all rainbows big Ben the Queen it's also road men walking with knives, moped thief's stealing practically anything they can get there hands on, drug dealers probably in majority of areas but the majority of dealers are kids from the age of 12 who sell for older gangs, not to mention shootings although shootings aren't common they still happen and lot of citizens carry.

  • Kimchi Bunny
    Kimchi Bunny Month ago

    Interesting. I see NYC as being placed as the financial center of the world.

  • Tommy Gill
    Tommy Gill Month ago

    They are both amazing!

  • Hi Everyone
    Hi Everyone Month ago

    I’ve lived half my life in each city ... I feel like a young person likes nyc more and older people like London. I wish I had lived somewhere else so I could have the incredible experience of being a tourist in these cities!

  • cld
    cld Month ago

    The only thing I can say about the two cities is that Times Square is ten times better than Picadilly Circus.

  • soccerfp
    soccerfp Month ago

    The alphas live in new york. The betas live in london

  • Aideen Raftery
    Aideen Raftery Month ago

    London is the best city in the world

  • rickygraphs
    rickygraphs Month ago


  • Vino_tron
    Vino_tron Month ago

    New York is waaaay better..the only reason ppl visit London more is because its easier to access from other countries close by..United States you have to cross oceans if you’re coming from another country. New York by a landslide

  • f23948
    f23948 Month ago

    Im going to visit London

  • Daniel Rebecca
    Daniel Rebecca Month ago

    NYC because I’m from
    Nyc lol!

  • Prïñcess Willërmïnå

    Even tho I’m am not from London, it is the best place on Earth 🌎 I am from NYC🗽🙄 and I hate NY so much LONDON ENGLAND FOREVER

  • Olly Olly
    Olly Olly Month ago

    Moscow: Area: 2,511 km2 (970 sq mi); population: 11.5 million. Why is London the biggest city in Europe. Maybe you because of your stupidity, lack of education and ignorance meant the European Union which is not equal to Europe?

  • SUN light
    SUN light Month ago

    Oooh Im an alien, I'm a legal alien I'm an englishman in new York

  • Piriya Sivakaran
    Piriya Sivakaran Month ago

    London is bigger than new york

  • Anna Sienkieweicz
    Anna Sienkieweicz Month ago

    Yeah, Londoners don’t like socializing and the weather in all of England is like that

  • C. Round
    C. Round Month ago

    England is my -

  • MC/ TNSS
    MC/ TNSS Month ago

    Please make DC vs NY

  • RaisedByRedhead
    RaisedByRedhead Month ago

    europe has the worst weather honestly not worth living here i miss living in the us

  • invaziq
    invaziq Month ago +3

    Particulary London may be better. but in generally America is much much beetter than England.. !

  • NuEnque
    NuEnque Month ago

    As someone who lived in London for 3 years and NYC (Manhattan) for four years it's a toss up. I have to give the edge to London because living there makes it easy to travel all over Europe. Plus you're paid in sterling which is stronger than the Dollar and the Euro (barely). You can hop on the EuroStar and in two hours you're in Paris. Easy Jet and Ryan Air offer cheap flights daily. Those 25 vacation days are hard to beat, but being paid once per month takes some getting use to. Did I mention Indian food?
    New York pays WAAAAAAY better (I work in banking). NYC is great but travel (outside the US) will burn off your two weeks of vacation quickly. Also with NYC if you live in Manhattan, you're routine will probably keep you in Manhattan. Maybe Brooklyn once in a while but Queens and the Bronx is out! You routine circle is very small. I mean like 2 miles by 6 miles and that's it. The Subway is WAY better in NYC simply because we have Express trains and the seats are hard plastic so they can be disinfected, unlike the cloth seats in the UK that hold farts and vomit.
    Your thoughts

  • Krzysiek Kowalczyk
    Krzysiek Kowalczyk Month ago

    I was on a 3-day trip to London last year and my very first remark was the amount of people at the airport which was about 10 times bigger that at the airport in Gdańsk, Poland, which I flew from. What's more, London seems to be extremely expensive, in comparison to the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. There are far more people on the streets during the day, and also the communication is really good, on the other hand, still too expensive. I've never been to New York so I cannot say anything about it yet, but I really wish to visit it one day as it has been my dream since I can remember. I'm from Poland, by the way

  • Cooler Then you
    Cooler Then you Month ago +1

    New York is way better

  • P TIX
    P TIX Month ago

    New York! 🗽

  • GeorgeGerr 27
    GeorgeGerr 27 Month ago

    I've lived in Southend on sea in Essex which is about a 45 minute drive from London all my life and London is pretty nice I go there every weekend basicly

  • Akshay Shetty
    Akshay Shetty Month ago

    I love my mumbai india😘😘😘. Looters(uk) and fat pigs(usa) start barking...

  • that guy from MI6
    that guy from MI6 Month ago

    London is just an iconic part of the entire world

  • Celestial One
    Celestial One Month ago

    We wanted a city comparison not a history lesson

  • The Di Zone
    The Di Zone Month ago

    I don't like the wather in london

  • John Da Beyonder
    John Da Beyonder Month ago

    Roads of both cities are cleaner than most houses here.
    ....From Bangladesh 😷

  • Marty Chisnall
    Marty Chisnall Month ago +5

    London completely destroyed New York

  • Marty Chisnall
    Marty Chisnall Month ago +5

    I practically live in London, and when I went to New York I was shocked by how shit it actually is

  • Aarsh Vyas
    Aarsh Vyas Month ago

    New York

  • The Satan
    The Satan Month ago +1

    London London London London London 💂👑💷

  • King Gaming monster TV

    LA is better than New York and London

  • Roga
    Roga Month ago

    According to global power city index: (not sure if this is a real thing though)
    They are ranked based on six categories: economy, research & development, cultural interaction, livability, environment, and accessibility, with 70 individual indicators among them.
    Top ten most powerful cities:
    2)New York City
    7) Amsterdam
    9)Hong kong

  • Saud Al thani
    Saud Al thani Month ago

    Hey guys I’m planning to go to the states I don’t know what to do can you tell me what to do in the comments

  • Subham Rabha
    Subham Rabha Month ago

    No man NYC is much bigger city by Urban area. 😀😀

  • Vineet Reddy
    Vineet Reddy Month ago

    Both worst cities of world

  • Alan Cano
    Alan Cano Month ago +1

    5:48 BILIONARS? I thought it was spelled “Billionaires.”

  • Camila C.
    Camila C. Month ago

    *anyways New York City is my city so...I’ll stay here lol*

  • Stanimir
    Stanimir Month ago

    London got cheaper after Brexit? Brexit hasn’t happened yet

  • Sophia Alexander
    Sophia Alexander Month ago +2

    England is my city 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Fraz and Sam
    Fraz and Sam Month ago

    im going to London in 1 hour

  • Frankelis Bello
    Frankelis Bello 2 months ago

    You hate london. I love you america 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Frankelis Bello
    Frankelis Bello 2 months ago

    This is false

  • Frankelis Bello
    Frankelis Bello 2 months ago

    London is small new york is big

  • Frankelis Bello
    Frankelis Bello 2 months ago

    New york the best city in the world

  • Daycer_ games
    Daycer_ games 2 months ago +2

    London is the best

  • Rigoberto Rodriguez
    Rigoberto Rodriguez 2 months ago

    New York New york

  • james hm
    james hm 2 months ago +4

    London is the best

  • butter milk
    butter milk 2 months ago +1

    I know america is the best nation but new yorkers are very very rude
    But london simple very polite

  • Luke H
    Luke H 2 months ago

    "bilionars" 😂

  • Tim King
    Tim King 2 months ago +1

    I felt very comfortable going to London, alot of the people, the energy, the feel of everything, heavily reminded me of NYC. London is absolutely huge though, granted I only visited 7 boroughs while I was there, it seemed like apart of home wherever I went, in some way.

  • Jadolive Ramazan
    Jadolive Ramazan 2 months ago +1

    reklam var başta bu ne aq morq sen bu işi bırak :D

  • Lenke Williams
    Lenke Williams 2 months ago

    New York used to be the most visited because of Twin Towers

  • samuel cleall
    samuel cleall 2 months ago

    9/11 Vs 7/7 bombers

  • Yasmin Martinez
    Yasmin Martinez 2 months ago

    New York has a lot of things (like if you agree)

  • gabi vorei
    gabi vorei 2 months ago

    So I reached minute number 2 and still no comparison

  • max stricker
    max stricker 2 months ago

    I live in London it's woohoo cool

  • FaDeNitroz
    FaDeNitroz 2 months ago

    London beats New York by a mile 👊 i ❤ London its the best city in the world

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 2 months ago

    People that have time to watch this , can't afford to travel , or Go out , or Eat out . Or Eat food . Or pay rent , or a mortgage , and couch surfing has it's downsides as well .

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 2 months ago

    Hey islam >? You should be proud ! You have turned the Whole of Europe into the Shit Hole we see now . Everything you touch turns to garbage .

  • Matthew Seaton
    Matthew Seaton 2 months ago

    London compared to NYC in 8 and a half mins?! I find that a little offensive myself...

  • Ben Greer
    Ben Greer 2 months ago


  • Ragesh Kantharuban
    Ragesh Kantharuban 2 months ago

    Go London woo!!!!

  • Doctor cream
    Doctor cream 2 months ago

    In new york I moly rock hide it in my sock