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New York City vs London - City Comparison

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
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    According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best city in the world right now you could visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, followed by Charleston in the USA, followed by Chiang Mai in Thailand. These three places, however, don’t even get on the top 20 places to actually live, in this year’s Quality of Living Index, a yearly list compiled by HR firm, Mercer. Apparently, if you want to live the good life, you should move to Vienna, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, or Auckland, New Zealand. The top twenty list doesn’t include any cities from the UK or the USA, two countries that have arguably been the two heavyweights in the last century regarding power and wealth. These two countries, however, contain cities that attract millions of overseas visitors every year. Today we are going to compare them, in this episode of the Infographics Show, New York City vs London.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +186

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    • OceanBlue
      OceanBlue 28 days ago

      The Infographics Show New York is more fun and New York has more opportunities!

    • Seema Singh
      Seema Singh Month ago

      NYC vs tokyo.

    • Victor Blackwolf
      Victor Blackwolf 4 months ago +1

      The Infographics Show Can You do New York City vs Los Angeles living comparison

    • Ramona Bellasetty
      Ramona Bellasetty 6 months ago

      CTBUH: Top 11 most building 100m - 300m
      New york,

    • Olivia Marshall
      Olivia Marshall 9 months ago

      The Infographics Show try puting AD in the title or thumbnail

  • gabi vorei
    gabi vorei 2 hours ago

    So I reached minute number 2 and still no comparison

  • max stricker
    max stricker 21 hour ago

    I live in London it's woohoo cool

  • FaDeNitroz
    FaDeNitroz 21 hour ago

    London beats New York by a mile 👊 i ❤ London its the best city in the world

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 Day ago

    People that have time to watch this , can't afford to travel , or Go out , or Eat out . Or Eat food . Or pay rent , or a mortgage , and couch surfing has it's downsides as well .

  • IETCHX69
    IETCHX69 Day ago

    Hey islam >? You should be proud ! You have turned the Whole of Europe into the Shit Hole we see now . Everything you touch turns to garbage .

  • Matthew Seaton
    Matthew Seaton 5 days ago

    London compared to NYC in 8 and a half mins?! I find that a little offensive myself...

  • Ben Greer
    Ben Greer 6 days ago


  • Ragesh Kantharuban
    Ragesh Kantharuban 7 days ago

    Go London woo!!!!

  • Doc Rx
    Doc Rx 8 days ago

    In new york I moly rock hide it in my sock

  • Ayngaran Thamo
    Ayngaran Thamo 8 days ago

    London my home new york ny holiday

  • Legatus Lucius
    Legatus Lucius 8 days ago

    The guy who's lived in both places looks like Gavin McInnes in cartoon form

  • Top Class Overwatch Gameplay

    how can you feel safe in New York when you could get shot any time (no gun restrictions)

  • Top Class Overwatch Gameplay

    London was founded by the great Roman Empire. New York was founded by a few dumb tribes

  • kyle hardman
    kyle hardman 10 days ago

    Visited London in march and cost of transportation is good to rest of the UK and alot better services I'll be visiting new York and Washington next year so I'll find out

  • Melody Abrogar
    Melody Abrogar 10 days ago

    I thought england was a city...? (no joke)

  • R W
    R W 12 days ago

    London is the only one worth seeing. What are people going to look at in New York? Pigeons?

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north 13 days ago

    London is awesome there’s so much culture there

  • Why Not?
    Why Not? 13 days ago

    London is LIFE

  • Diana Grande
    Diana Grande 16 days ago

    NYC!! although I really want to live in London

  • Alvy Gomez
    Alvy Gomez 17 days ago

    New York is the best city in the world

  • Kieran Dempsey
    Kieran Dempsey 17 days ago

    England has culture, United States has no culture, England wins

  • Milo Summers
    Milo Summers 20 days ago

    I live in London and I can say it is a great city for culture but also the public transport system is very efficient, from central London you could probably to most other places in London within 1 hour

  • AlphaCentauriA1
    AlphaCentauriA1 20 days ago

    New York is my City

  • AlphaCentauriA1
    AlphaCentauriA1 20 days ago

    London doesn’t even COMPARE LOL. New York State has a yearly gdp of 1 Trillion. New York state is desolate. The city of New York brings all that in. New York also has all four seasons. You can get around anywhere without a car. The transit runs 24 hours. Theres always something to do the city has lots to look at, extremely diverse areas.

  • xFrostyx
    xFrostyx 21 day ago

    London is a shithole tbh.. Never been to new York though

  • Shamik Bera
    Shamik Bera 23 days ago

    I like London better because people there are less rude than people in New York

  • Hype Ness
    Hype Ness 23 days ago

    Why would you come to London it's so shit tbh

  • kermit fam
    kermit fam 24 days ago

    all the people saying London probably live in England or never visited ny

  • kermit fam
    kermit fam 24 days ago +2

    New York has a big aesthetic

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 25 days ago


  • AA —
    AA — 25 days ago

    London and Dubai are what I like

  • Joy Wang
    Joy Wang 25 days ago

    LOL, but for real, New York City is a lot more iconic in modern culture than London. In terms of stereotypes, New York is the annoying, loud, rude one that everyone dreams of catching up to but hates on, but London is the posh, smarter, healthier, classier, more historical one that no one hates on or dreams of catching up to.

  • sachin koli
    sachin koli 26 days ago

    i love london i live in whitechapel....

  • _Cirtify_
    _Cirtify_ 27 days ago

    Short Answer : London is better🇬🇧

  • OceanBlue
    OceanBlue 28 days ago +2

    New York is better than London! 🇺🇸.

  • Ryan Feltham
    Ryan Feltham 28 days ago

    I like London but I want to visit New York so badd!!!

  • AR R
    AR R 29 days ago

    Sort of an odd comparisons really. Yes, they are the only two alpha++ cities in the world, but apart from that, there isn’t much to compare. For example, London is not only the capital of England, but is also the capital of the United Kingdom, whereas not only is NYC not the capital of the U.S., it’s not even the capital of the State of New York. So much of a city is built around its government institutions,
    Additionally, The centers of the U.S. economy are so much more spread out. For example, you won’t find the heart of the American entertainment industry in New York, but rather in L.A. Intranationally, NYC has to compete against other global alpha cities such as LA, Chicago, D.C., Miami, and San Francisco, -as well as a dozen beta cities - for American business, whereas London does not within England to nearly the same degree (Manchester appears as a beta city). This is why London accounts for 22% of the U.K.’s economy. And lastly, London is thousands of years old, whereas NYC is a couple hundred years old.
    Both are wonderful cities, though, that’s for sure!

  • Ibrahim Alsaedi
    Ibrahim Alsaedi 29 days ago

    I live in new york but i haven't want to London

  • Saillaser 2000
    Saillaser 2000 29 days ago

    NYC is the best city in the world

  • Some Potato
    Some Potato 29 days ago

    I've lived in London for nearly my whole life and I personally think NYC looks way better.

  • ahmed k
    ahmed k Month ago

    Actually, transportation in London is cheap very cheap

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago +1

    New York is pretty;
    London is best and way better than new York!
    Admit it everyone!

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago +1

    I love London! The people there are good and its such a pleasant place to live! I wish I lived there but I have only been twice because I don't live in England!😭😭😭

  • Kerang Ajaib
    Kerang Ajaib Month ago +1

    Jakarta vs Kuala Lumpur, who the winner?

  • Kopapai
    Kopapai Month ago

    5:48 Do you mean Billionaire not Bilionar

  • Solomon Bier
    Solomon Bier Month ago

    The last person/people to invade England was technically William III of Orange. Hence the third lion

  • Rads
    Rads Month ago

    i lived in London for about 7 years, it was great. i live 1 hour away from london now

  • Kashan ansari Kashan ansari

    I'm Indian but London is better

  • jamal jamac
    jamal jamac Month ago

    Oooo I in england

  • Susso Susso
    Susso Susso Month ago

    Gotta give it to London 🇬🇧

  • Florentine 193
    Florentine 193 Month ago

    I don't really like either but if I had to pick, it's definitely London. It's a lot more laid back, far less crime, cleaner, people are more polite, more rich culture, more history etc. I just hate what London has become - a melting pot. I will still say I much prefer it to New York though.

  • ralph trani
    ralph trani Month ago

    I want london

  • De U
    De U Month ago +1

    excellent comparison between two global power cities. Info-graphics on this channel are top notch. I didn't realise it was 8:33 already

  • nightmareraymeep roblox

    I Say Both

  • Deadpoolman
    Deadpoolman Month ago

    I like New York better

  • fuck you
    fuck you Month ago

    New York

  • common sense
    common sense Month ago

    New York you know has got a whole lot of soul. London town is to doggone cold.

  • Zk1232
    Zk1232 Month ago

    London by a mile

  • fantasy nerd
    fantasy nerd Month ago

    If I would move to a different country I would definitely choose to move to NYC or London. But my tendency is towards London.

  • Trashy Person
    Trashy Person Month ago

    London obviously but NYC is great too

  • George Gilbert
    George Gilbert Month ago

    London wins anyday imo. Plus, London has the most billionaires out of any other city in the world, update the vid please!!

  • Julian Playz YT
    Julian Playz YT Month ago

    Oii u lots out there if u leave ur teenage years in London is way better than new york.

  • AlDelVex
    AlDelVex Month ago

    England is my city

  • Planet Ice Cube
    Planet Ice Cube Month ago +1

    New York 4 Life

  • eitan 12
    eitan 12 Month ago

    new york

  • Ariel Littaua
    Ariel Littaua Month ago


  • Ariel Littaua
    Ariel Littaua Month ago


  • Ariel Littaua
    Ariel Littaua Month ago

    I love New York City from the Philippines!

  • Grandmaster Dragonborn

    When I'm an adult, I'm gonna move to London

  • Grandmaster Dragonborn

    London curbstomp, New York is awesome but London is on a different level entirely

  • God World
    God World Month ago +1


  • Hansel Mystikai
    Hansel Mystikai Month ago

    I was born in London and have always been in London and it's pretty good I've never been to nyc so I don't know about that but London is good

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    Ay I’m walking here!

  • Devon Kryptonite
    Devon Kryptonite Month ago

    Lol. So many overproud Brits here. Cities in Asia like Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore are much better. Better transportation and less crime. Stop claiming London is the best in the world. Just dont.

  • Mithren
    Mithren Month ago +1

    So, a city vs a capital?

  • IjeskrewRB MC
    IjeskrewRB MC Month ago

    London definitely

  • Makeajokeful
    Makeajokeful Month ago

    А я так и вынужден плотить нологи в Роиссе. БЛ, помогите мне.

  • hannes3d
    hannes3d Month ago

    Lol Londons bars and clubs close quite early or most of them do ...
    The Bar Scene
    The majority of pubs close at 11pm, though recent statute reforms allow premises to apply for 24 hour licensing. Some pubs have stuck to 11pm closing but chain pubs, bars (close between 12:30 and 1:30am weekdays, 1-3am weekends) and clubs (most close at 4am, some open until 7 or 8am) generally stay open later.

    but in New york it's even worse they have to stop serving alcohol at 4 o clock pretty shitty for places that never sleep ...and than you talk about the city as a tourist attraction ... both citys are quite dirty to be honest and are way to big for a short stay and there is nothing really special in both citys it's quite expensive to party and hard to get into clubs if you travel as a group of men and that's true because both citys have quite wealthy people living there working for stock exchanges spending like crazy per party if you like to party Mallorca Ibiza Asia goldbeatch in Croatia ... there is no reason to visit any city to shop anything there therefor we have the internet ...i would pick london over new york anytime because crime is way lower in london if americans say sweden has more sexual crime that means more registered sexual crime because in sweden if you do something like slapping a coworkers as every day twice or so that's 10 crimes in sweden in the us that's maximum 1 if it even counts same is true for crime in London they keep track of everything they encounter and that gets reported in america they don't care so much about such statistics so if you would use the same base to count new york would blow london in therms of crime new york has more reported murder than the hole uk ... ....if i would like to see a mega city i would choose one in japan ... the us is so big so i would choose other places where it's cheaper to stay and you see things you havn't seen over and over on tv and such where you can go skying or have beaches that are amazing but i'm german and London is way closer and i can visit it every 2 to 3 years and i know some people there so london to see the city ... and other places to party and how it is to live and work in a place depends on your job and the people you encounter in your day to day live and how much you earn doing your job ....

    Đ.G. BLACKS Month ago

    I maybe from London But I say NEW YORK CITY is why Better then London who say London is better then New York needs to travel more London only good if you are white and rich if you are poor man or women then London and shitty City to live in. You people who say London is the best City in need to travel outside of the U.K. more offten then will see how shitty London really is

  • LookADuck
    LookADuck 2 months ago


  • der yyy
    der yyy 2 months ago

    London is poor

  • Keshav Patwari
    Keshav Patwari 2 months ago

    London is the best city in world amazing place

  • Donald Snead
    Donald Snead 2 months ago

    The video notes that NYC is the biggest city in the US, so as to imply biggest by area. That is not accurate. Not even close. LA and many other cities have a larger area than NYC.

  • Z H
    Z H 2 months ago

    The anecdotal guy at the end is pretty much how I see it. I'm a Londoner and really want to experience socialising and partying in New York

  • Finlay O'Reilly
    Finlay O'Reilly 2 months ago

    I love in London and i do feel a lot safe in London and the tube makes it so easy to get around

  • LAM
    LAM 2 months ago

    London is expensive an overrated tbh

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 2 months ago


  • hanif kibria
    hanif kibria 2 months ago

    London is way better.

  • common sense
    common sense 2 months ago

    NYC is far more multi cultural. Queens is the most diverse place on the planet. The food , the music, the beaches, the street life blows London away. And the women are diverse and beautiful. You can't get good pizza in London.

    • First Last
      First Last 2 months ago

      common sense NYC is not “far more multicultural” London, NYC and Toronto are the 3 most diverse cities in the world

  • Rahul Goma Phulore
    Rahul Goma Phulore 2 months ago

    "BILIONARS"? What's with that spelling?

  • OxyPvpi -
    OxyPvpi - 2 months ago

    I have visited both NYC and London and I have to say I prefer London by FAR.

  • Hsiu an Tsai
    Hsiu an Tsai 2 months ago

    London, of course. felling serene walking on London's street

  • comodishi2002
    comodishi2002 2 months ago

    visited both they are so cool

  • Toxic Acid
    Toxic Acid 2 months ago

    NEW YORK BOI!!!!!

  • Jahed Miah
    Jahed Miah 2 months ago +3

    Born & raised in London!

    • IETCHX69
      IETCHX69 Day ago

      You part of the islamic scourge that is destroying Europe?

  • WotEverr 2
    WotEverr 2 2 months ago

    Who likes the compactness thats why I hate NYC

  • WotEverr 2
    WotEverr 2 2 months ago

    I'd rather lose everything I own then die...

  • WotEverr 2
    WotEverr 2 2 months ago

    I've been to both cities and well, I was born in England so London is the best shitty in the world.

  • Evan Rargregs
    Evan Rargregs 2 months ago +1

    Madrid x Buenos Aires, or Madrid x Mexico City, PLEASE!!!!!!!