Tory Lanez and T-Pain - Jerry Sprunger (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Tory Lanez and T-Pain - Jerry Sprunger
    Directed by: @midjordan
    Production Company: @blanksquareproductions
    EP: @edgaresteves @christhedirector
    DP/ Creative Director: @christhedirector
    DP: @christhedirector
    Producer: @Miketheproducer
    Editor: @torylanez
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    #ToryLanez #TPain #Chixtape5 #JerrySprunger
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  • Makeup By Star Gann
    Makeup By Star Gann 16 minutes ago +1

    Is it just me? But damn! Tory is so damn fine 😜👅 🔥

  • Aaron Taylor
    Aaron Taylor 29 minutes ago

    T Pain is a WHOLD LEGEND

  • Alasia Humber
    Alasia Humber Hour ago

    YOOO TOREY LANEZ DID IT THE FUCK AGAIN SON ON GOD ‼️‼️‼️‼️ Not only did he body this song and this muh fuckin video shit the whole chixtape but he got T pain on this jawn which definitely set the bar high for life like anybody that collab with him there after CANNOT compare to how fuckin fire this song is AND he nailed the 2000 wardrobe like what’s really good ❓‼️ Swear yah better catch up this nigga taking over

  • ashleigh swiss
    ashleigh swiss Hour ago

    Rolling to school ,head phone banging with them big ass apple ipod .90s gang understands better .

  • keao kosu
    keao kosu Hour ago


  • Michael Phyakeo
    Michael Phyakeo Hour ago


  • Roy yates
    Roy yates 3 hours ago listen to my new song

  • ll Rissa ll
    ll Rissa ll 4 hours ago

    Glad they’re bringing back when music videos were like this 🖤

  • Piotr Jesionek
    Piotr Jesionek 5 hours ago +1

    0:55 right side, please her ig!

  • JerkWarriorz
    JerkWarriorz 6 hours ago


  • cum gettit
    cum gettit 6 hours ago

  • Jessii Lee
    Jessii Lee 8 hours ago

    2:57 when your paycheck hit your account on Friday.

  • Deandrew Powell
    Deandrew Powell 8 hours ago

    I wonder why t pain didn't just called it a remix

  • Henry Ku
    Henry Ku 8 hours ago +1

    Este e seeeeech

  • jamaal pete
    jamaal pete 9 hours ago

    He got T-Pain on the song AND video, he could've left it at a sample but he didn't...👌🏽

    HOKAGE SAMA 9 hours ago

    Somebody somewhere thinks that this is Tory lanez song and t pain is really just a feat.

  • Steven Santana
    Steven Santana 10 hours ago

    We need the ''I can't believe it " remix..

  • game stop
    game stop 10 hours ago

    Tpain always be hitting the same moves gotta love the man

  • King FLAME
    King FLAME 10 hours ago

    Tpain harrrrd🔥🔥

  • Mattia Paoletti
    Mattia Paoletti 11 hours ago

    Im sprung mothefucker

    INVALID CODE: 11 hours ago +1

    This nigga is Milli Vanilli Like a mf😭😭😭😭 AINT NO FUCKIN WAY

  • Jay Valenzuela
    Jay Valenzuela 11 hours ago

    Sprug t pain original

  • Akash Pawar
    Akash Pawar 11 hours ago



  • Michael Mexicano
    Michael Mexicano 12 hours ago

    They got the flip phone damn I’m old

  • Shane Edmund
    Shane Edmund 13 hours ago

    I love this fucking shit

  • Adriane O
    Adriane O 14 hours ago

    I like how this video is almost shot for shot like the original with t-pain and his video. I love both! I'm glad there's a new version to the song. ❤️ I haven't heard it in so long I was in middle school when the original came out.

  • trill mula
    trill mula 16 hours ago

    Tory took a hot song and actually made it hotter... not to mention he put the original writer of the song on it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • one bonus
    one bonus 17 hours ago

    Acting Nelly....jaaayz

  • Kayla Gitobu
    Kayla Gitobu 19 hours ago

    I missed T pain

  • CopperColoredLifestyle94

    Don’t forget what he did to that dark skin model. Pandering!!!

    OWENLOCO 22 hours ago


  • Terri Johnson
    Terri Johnson 23 hours ago

    My song. This my jam. Toreys sexy

  • lani Sav
    lani Sav Day ago

    stop remixing all the good songs tpain I’m sprung and Ciara can’t leave me alone just stop 😭 cause high school in 05’ was the vibes

  • Stef M Rebelo
    Stef M Rebelo Day ago

    t pain you have my early 2000s heart so hard

  • EVE-Voni's World

    This song and video definitely reminds me of my fav😝😝😝

  • Kiyah Walter
    Kiyah Walter Day ago

    It that a sequel from I'm sprung

  • Ballentine Evans

    love the dramatic endings everytime.

  • AriNani
    AriNani Day ago


  • tryhardmoo
    tryhardmoo Day ago

    Bro this beat is brilliant. Welcome back to 2005 everyone

  • krazybonita85
    krazybonita85 Day ago

    Does anyone know the name of the model at :40? Asking for a friend 🤔❤️

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  • Zac Mac
    Zac Mac Day ago

    it’s hard for songs to make me cry, this is one of those 😭🔥🔥

  • Tia Collins
    Tia Collins Day ago

    Best song on the album I SWEAR😍

  • Mina Ali
    Mina Ali Day ago

    Omg T-Pain where has he been at though!! Old time memories 💯👌🏽🙌🏽

  • Dimitri Destin
    Dimitri Destin Day ago

    This shit go hard

  • Lil Disel
    Lil Disel Day ago

    Tory Lanez look like Redman on def jam fight for new York

  • Tupac Wood
    Tupac Wood Day ago

    Im sprung part 2

  • Vane Rasti
    Vane Rasti Day ago


  • Ciara A
    Ciara A Day ago

    Thank you T-Lanez this is amazing

  • Ciara A
    Ciara A Day ago +4

    This is a whole 2000’s high school VIBE
    Oh the memories.....

  • Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis Day ago +1

    Did anybody peep how he flicked his hair at 2 sec or just me😂?

    • Lea Chulita
      Lea Chulita Day ago

      Andrea Davis haha now I seen it ! 😂

  • Tajmah Hall
    Tajmah Hall Day ago

    Now this looks like a classic 90’s music video and I’m here for it.
    Also I see one of the fb homies in here showing off..❤️❤️

    A FLEMMING Day ago

    This song make me had to go back to them T-Pain days✔🔥 Like 5 o'clock in the morning🤞🏼

  • Ahny Mus
    Ahny Mus Day ago


  • Faustino Ortiz
    Faustino Ortiz Day ago

    Why the fuck you would butchered your old song. What's wrong with you

  • Charly Bangz PrettyGang

    Un tributo a mi adolescencia...... México presente ⚡⚡⚡⚡... recordar es vivir

  • JustA DopeGuy
    JustA DopeGuy Day ago

    We putting cooked chicken on the grill now??

  • b kn
    b kn Day ago

    Ahh the roof scene...And those auto-tunes! Nostalgia rushing

  • Pastor Deneen Jones

    I absolutely love this song.
    Im a Pastor and i can definitely dog it😘the beat is Dope and so are you guy's are to💖💖💕💖💖im forever in love with T Pain💖💖

  • Terence Who
    Terence Who Day ago +1

    Kids would ask why Travis Scott sound different