I Lived Like a Sim For 24 Hours 🧠💻

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
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  • Emma Blackery
    Emma Blackery  Year ago +11610

    This video took FOREVER but I'm so glad it's finally here! Sorry for the weird audio in parts - I thought I had my mic on, but I guess I didn't!

    • Starfall enchented northern
      Starfall enchented northern 10 days ago

      Emma I love watching wwe

    • Arieas Hill
      Arieas Hill 14 days ago

      Good job on the vid girl

    • Arieas Hill
      Arieas Hill 14 days ago

      Child you do too much lol

    • Sasha And The Gang
      Sasha And The Gang 6 months ago

      Emma Blackery when I started watching u , u had low key 1k subs now ya hav 1m congrats

    • zen strata
      zen strata 8 months ago

      barring the whole potential for self harm, the first attempt probably would have generated more views.
      Also, you can last 3 days without water before dying. on average.

  • Random_Rowe
    Random_Rowe 9 hours ago

    Technically the challenge starts and ends at 12am.

  • sims_ babe
    sims_ babe 20 hours ago

    i havent watched you in ages and starting with this video is just amazing :D

  • Ryan's Toy world
    Ryan's Toy world 10 days ago

    Nice video

  • PZCherokee
    PZCherokee 11 days ago

    This isn't about living LIKE a Sim. It's about living by their time system. I thought it was gonna be more like the actual shit they do.

  • Guin Pigea
    Guin Pigea 19 days ago

    Just be glad sims wash their hands for 4 seconds, instead of 20

  • Austėja Bertulytė
    Austėja Bertulytė 21 day ago


  • Erik M.
    Erik M. 22 days ago

    It actually doesn't wonder me that the time is off at some points. I mean, 1 minute in Sims is about 2 Seconds realtime, so time goes 30 times faster, but your sim is making her animation in realtime. So tasks that have to in 1 minute or 2 would have been done in about 4 Seconds of animation instead of 38 (that would be the 19 minutes eating cereals for example) .

    DUMPLING POP 23 days ago

    Sim Emma is simma

  • CarlaDaLlama XD
    CarlaDaLlama XD 23 days ago

    You lost

  • DGUI 1
    DGUI 1 26 days ago


  • YoSoyPollito
    YoSoyPollito 26 days ago

    *Your boko club is badly damaged*

  • Potato luv-er
    Potato luv-er Month ago

    Just watched Shrek

  • callumjustwanted ausername

    At least it watched tv alot

  • WILMA greene
    WILMA greene Month ago

    “I couldn’t have planned this if I fucken tried.” 🤣😂 you’re too cute.

  • Svante Bard
    Svante Bard Month ago

    It's so much fun looking at her eyes walking around in her eye sockets without her having any control over it.

  • Zephricus
    Zephricus Month ago

    this girl is a fantastic youtuber. Subscribed!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas Month ago

    13:48 speed up by 560 if it's 56,000 %

  • Kayleigh Egner
    Kayleigh Egner Month ago

    That was pretty funny 😄

  • King tv
    King tv Month ago

    She looks like Cindy from scary movie

  • Louise Calaycay
    Louise Calaycay Month ago

    Hi loved the vid it’s funny, I did the 24hr sim challenge on my channel as well. If you guys could help me by watching or subscribe it would mean the world to me!! tvclip.biz/video/fDr1tsZSxcM/video.html ♥️♥️♥️ hehe

  • felion robinson
    felion robinson Month ago

    You ain’t got shit else to do your a flake

  • QtSimmer
    QtSimmer Month ago

    I loved this 💘

  • Trash playz
    Trash playz Month ago

    Honestly why make the bed when your going to mess it up anyway? #logic

  • Catalina Muñoz-Newton

    Emma, you forgot to mention that sims eat cereal with a fork, and that would have made it even better.

  • Anaktra
    Anaktra Month ago

    Bloody amazing!

  • JOliverJ
    JOliverJ Month ago

    I was laughing so hard at the bits where it took you ten minutes to walk down the stairs or to go into a different room.

  • Joshua Buch
    Joshua Buch Month ago

    I always forced my sims to have jobs... so they weren't useless blobs in society... like youtubers.

  • DarkAnnie Gaming
    DarkAnnie Gaming Month ago

    I watched this a year ago and i have benn saying lordy loo for more than a year

  • Molly B
    Molly B Month ago

    yo we have the same sofa

  • pillz
    pillz Month ago

    I noodle at 1 AM

  • 찬영0
    찬영0 2 months ago

    U could have done better with that thumbnail...

  • Jade
    Jade 2 months ago +1

    I know this video was posted soooo long ago but I couldn’t stop laughing.Thank you for taking the time to make this 😂😂🙌🙌

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • jamiedoesthings
    jamiedoesthings 2 months ago

    Pee (6 minutes)
    I laughed

  • Nessycupcakes
    Nessycupcakes 2 months ago

    Kudos to you for doing this :') Maybe i'll have to try this soon too!!

  • Aneczka
    Aneczka 2 months ago

    I can live like that.

  • Meowcaronn
    Meowcaronn 2 months ago +3

    "I HAD TO STAND FOR FOUR HOURS" and now youve learned the magic of american retail workers

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 2 months ago

    I Lived Like My SIM For 24 Hours Challenge ft. Gloom

    I Lived Like a Sim For 24 Hours 🧠💻
    HMMM buzzfeed copeyd them dudes

  • Max SMoke
    Max SMoke 2 months ago

    So she wimps out on her own challenge, but still calls it a success? If you ever wonder why men are paid more on average then women, this sorta says it all.

    • Molly B
      Molly B Month ago

      The fuck? I'd like to see you try it in your free time.

  • Maddie Walker
    Maddie Walker 2 months ago

    Ummmm WOW.......

  • Jessie Perez
    Jessie Perez 2 months ago +1

    A sim takes like 5 nminutes to go from one room to a nother 😂

  • Miss Chloe Jenkins
    Miss Chloe Jenkins 2 months ago

    YAY!!! shes a wwe fan I LOVE HER ALREADY :) I subscribed

  • Depresso Café
    Depresso Café 2 months ago

    No ones talking about her Hayley wallpaper

  • Raegan TEM
    Raegan TEM 2 months ago +1

    She has the same blender and toothbrush as me

  • Vic this channel is dead

    "four hours is a long time to stand up" hun my mom works where she needs to do things STAND uP for 12 hours wdym

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 2 months ago

    "I couldn't have tried this if I fucking tried" 😂😂😂

  • Macaltror
    Macaltror 2 months ago

    I think this title is misleading, because when you live like a sim, you have to put plumbob above your head, speak Simlish, act and behave like a sim. This video is just about you copy your sim's schedule. Well, it doesn't really make any sense or entertaining, IMHO. Your title should be "This is How I Stick to the Schedule of My Sim Self throughout the Day" or the like. Still, it would be much more funny to watch if you really behave like a sim for 24 hours.

  • nikkia holden
    nikkia holden 2 months ago

    Bathtub gurgles
    Emma: "you okay down there?"

  • Frost Spawn
    Frost Spawn 2 months ago +2

    This was hilarious! I congratulate you, your suffering was not in vein!

  • Excelenanda SyahPutri
    Excelenanda SyahPutri 2 months ago

    4 HOURS??! REALLY??

  • Cynnabuns
    Cynnabuns 2 months ago

    Oh Lordy-loooo professor Farnsworth

  • Cynnabuns
    Cynnabuns 2 months ago

    NOOOO! That sim did NOT hold a camera the entire time.

  • Coffee Tears
    Coffee Tears 3 months ago

    The only time we stand for for hours is six flags, Disneyland and Disney world

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 3 months ago

    6.9k comments.... 69k comments.... 69 comments.

  • Areej Alnimer
    Areej Alnimer 3 months ago

    This is the first time watching any of her videos and the only reason I’m subscribing is her sarcasm.
    I love the sarcasm in this video not only did it deserve a thumbs up but also a subscribe

  • Lil hoe peep
    Lil hoe peep 3 months ago

    I always keep coming back to this video 😂 so guess your hard work for this did pay off

  • lily turner
    lily turner 3 months ago


  • Caysenisgamerfox
    Caysenisgamerfox 3 months ago

    Bad idea if your sim started trying for baby for 8 hours straight cook for 1 hour eating for 1 hour use bathroom for 1 hour order 5 bags for 5 minute eat fast food for 1 hour use bathroom for 55 minutes snack on food for 1 hour sleep 6 hours and try for baby for the rest of the hours

  • Chevy-Nova 1
    Chevy-Nova 1 3 months ago

    [Try for baby]

  • Hank Lang
    Hank Lang 4 months ago

    Your bed is so nice my bed is crap

  • Rismelly Osoria
    Rismelly Osoria 4 months ago

    like if you came from GLOOM

  • R 77
    R 77 4 months ago

    0:31 wat?

  • CrazyGirl 2007
    CrazyGirl 2007 4 months ago

    Why do u swear if its family friendly

  • Priya Bansal
    Priya Bansal 4 months ago

    It was you. IT WAS YOU THAT STARTED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • riceismyname
    riceismyname 4 months ago

    the thing i'm most surprised about is that it took your sim 19 minutes to eat cereal. mine take 45 minutes to an hour and a half lol

  • UEAdmiral
    UEAdmiral 4 months ago

    Hilarious. Well done!

  • thelostgirl101
    thelostgirl101 4 months ago +1

    "Then I had to watch tv standing up - for four hours" haha, nearly spit out my coffee laughing. Great job! :)

  • Vive Como Yasuri
    Vive Como Yasuri 5 months ago

    i think i fell in love with you

  • Lalotai X
    Lalotai X 5 months ago

    A British intelligent female TVclipr.

    I have a new fave.

  • Lexi Shultz
    Lexi Shultz 5 months ago

    I had that same alarm for my phone and now everytime I hear it I get paranoid and my heart starts racing

  • Bobmarley420
    Bobmarley420 5 months ago

    Sometimes I just lie down for hours how can u not do nothing for 30 minutes

  • Oliver Lemley
    Oliver Lemley 5 months ago

    my bed is a sleeping bag, no problem I don't have money to buy a bed I sleep on the floor, not joking.

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen 5 months ago

    hahahaha that was really entertaining!!!

  • Olivia Griffin
    Olivia Griffin 5 months ago

    please fix your clock it is really confusing when you say 19:46

  • MiCKi914
    MiCKi914 5 months ago

    I think it would have been easier for me to sit there in silence...I'd just think up stories in my head.

  • バーズィ
    バーズィ 5 months ago +1

    isn't 'time' in sims 1 hour = 1 minute in real time ?

  • King DAmnJoon
    King DAmnJoon 5 months ago

    Id give up at the cereal.
    Ppl have warm/hot cereal here and if that got all soggy and cold i would 100% vomit at the first bite

  • BabyFace Reborns
    BabyFace Reborns 5 months ago

    Umm you didn’t dress like the sim nor did you wear that green thing on top of her head ..... you need to do this again.

  • Lilly .Jericho
    Lilly .Jericho 5 months ago

    A Wrestling Fan? Pretty awesome

  • laimuliux
    laimuliux 5 months ago

    God, it was so entertaining to watch. I couldn't stop laughing :D

  • bonzilles games
    bonzilles games 5 months ago

    Having played sims 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 I still find the sims 2 to be the best just for the easy customisation

  • Tzer
    Tzer 5 months ago +1

    house download pls

  • Astroblaze the Reality Traverser

    Welcome back to the new hit show everyone is participating in: Why Is This in My Recommended? _jazzy quiz show intro and canned applause_

  • The Dark Queen
    The Dark Queen 5 months ago

    Atleast your sim didn’t die or kissed someone Or even pee in the bush. 😂😂

  • Carly Hunter
    Carly Hunter 5 months ago

    Best one I've seen by far!! Couldn't stop laughing

  • emilaysjonas
    emilaysjonas 5 months ago

    this is so funny. You're such a trouper.

  • Rogue Wolf
    Rogue Wolf 5 months ago

    OMG!!🤣🤣🤣 It’s been a LONG TIME since a video had me laughing thru almost the ENTIRE VIDEO!! Not just giggling! Full out belly laughs!! This is only the 2nd video of yours I have watched. The first being the clear plastic pants that Safi also tried out. ABSOLUTELY subscribing now!💖 Although...since I’m having abdominal pain after a medical procedure...I think I’ll come back when I can laugh without pain! Although...u KNOW something’s funny when you can’t keep from laughing even though it LITERALLY HURTS!!

  • Antonia
    Antonia 5 months ago

    Whats her accent?

  • Praise Evbuomwan
    Praise Evbuomwan 5 months ago

    sims are so soll

  • braizen
    braizen 5 months ago

    2:40 and 9:40
    SIMS predicts the future 🔮 😱

    Let's model the world and see what happens🤔

  • sheepy sheeperson
    sheepy sheeperson 5 months ago

    Who is watching this in 2019 like and reply to this

  • todayillfight becauseImarmy

    I actually do take that much time to eat lol

  • BB NoName;D
    BB NoName;D 5 months ago

    Randy Orton😰😛😍😍