Unboxing Two Macy's Beauty Boxes! January & December! (Because I am very Forgetful)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • Two boxes because Im the worst!
    Time stamps (Because of the rambling)
    About the box 00:58
    First box 1:06
    Second Box 6:37
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  • Alexandria Ryan
    Alexandria Ryan  7 months ago +178

    Hi guys! I have missed you! The store has been undergoing renovations and it has been pretty time consuming! But today we have two boxes because I totally forgot about half of the unboxing I was supposed to do last month. Let me know what you guys think of the Macys subscription! I hope you are all having a fantastic day! Love ya 💖

    • han 123
      han 123 6 months ago

      I am a new sub and I would just like to say you are amazing and really funny. You deserve more than one million subs

    • brea hedrick
      brea hedrick 6 months ago +1

      Athena Blackwell she has opened up an antiquities store in Ohio it looks very cool and vintage

    • Raine Ship
      Raine Ship 7 months ago

      Hey! Something that a lot of homeless shelters and womens shelters need is feminine hygene products also! You could fill the makeup bag with them or someting. :)

    • Athena Blackwell
      Athena Blackwell 7 months ago

      @Rebecca Busic oh that's cool ! Thanks for filling me in !! 😊

    • megan wood
      megan wood 7 months ago

      Yeyy two boxes in one video 😃 💕

  • Neena Layton
    Neena Layton 2 months ago

    Really unimpressed with macys bags... only thing bv I like they always giving samples of perfume

  • Keepin' It Real with Dani's Unboxings

    So your technically n not helming the actual value for the products because your getting sample sizes. How much are the sample sizes is my question.

  • levimissy11
    levimissy11 4 months ago

    What you are on Richmond KY. I'm in Somerset KY wow. Just a small world

  • Carr105
    Carr105 4 months ago +2

    How do you forget to open a beauty box? I tear those things open the second I get them. lol

  • The Bad Guy
    The Bad Guy 5 months ago

    Borghese makes great masks! That little container paid for the box. I have one of their charcoal Fango masks...they are awesome

  • ByJaylahDiamond
    ByJaylahDiamond 5 months ago

    These are literally free samples 🤦‍♀️ I used to always give them out when I worked there

  • Brittney Grammer
    Brittney Grammer 6 months ago

    You need to KonMari your collection so you can see what you have already LOL

  • Kayleigh Sheehy
    Kayleigh Sheehy 6 months ago

    If you need an idea for donating your bags check out the Homeless Period Project. They provide period products fir girls and women in different situations.

    NICOLE SASADA 6 months ago

    Just FYI, you can usually find a date on the postage. When it was stamped/shipped. That would tell you which box was which. Just in case it happens again :)

    ROBIN JONES 6 months ago

    Loved Feb. 2019 Macys box!!!!!!

  • ihavenochannel
    ihavenochannel 6 months ago

    So in the first box you basically got 3 mosturizers, a face wash, eye patches and a sample of perfume (which is usually free)....I would be irritated if I spent $15 on that box.

  • Flor Fernandez
    Flor Fernandez 6 months ago

    I love your videos. You make me laugh always.

  • Raven Serpent
    Raven Serpent 6 months ago

    You are hands down one of my absolute favorite TVcliprs 💜💜 I make some of my own skin care items and would love to send you some 😍😍 I'm approaching 27 in August and in this past year I've also become concerned with my skins condition because of how harsh my job was. Just give me some info on your concerns and skin type, and any allergies.
    Also p.s. can I have your Instagram @ because I can't find it(if it exists xD)

  • Sydney Bostjancic
    Sydney Bostjancic 6 months ago

    at 4:20
    me with everything

  • Lori Brown
    Lori Brown 6 months ago

    Hey has anyone used there coupon to make a makeup or skin care purchase at Macy's.com this month? I am wondering if they still offer free shipping no minimum on beauty purchases?

  • Jess Manning
    Jess Manning 6 months ago

    You are literally me in adult form. Funny clumsy memory loss😂😂❤ that bit with the first item from December, I was honestly laughing my head off. And thought this is something I'd do😂❤❤ xx

  • Angie Weston
    Angie Weston 6 months ago

    Their boxes are just so tiny that it don't even rate a sample what 1 maybe 2 products... 15 dollars is crazy I get allure bb atleast u do get some products that last a week or so to see how it really works

  • BrittanyDavies
    BrittanyDavies 6 months ago

    Imagine having so many subscription boxes delivered, you forget to unbox one 😂

  • Blush Pink
    Blush Pink 6 months ago

    $15 for these samples ...maaannnn

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster 6 months ago

    The bit with the shower gel 😂.

  • Jennifer Shelledy
    Jennifer Shelledy 6 months ago

    Do you have an opinion on a good lipstick subscription? Lip monthly you didnt like and the kiss me you said had controversy so do you know of a good lip subscription?

  • Alia Jenkins
    Alia Jenkins 6 months ago

    You can donate to me if you're looking for somewhere 😂

  • jackie palmieri
    jackie palmieri 6 months ago

    That microdermabrasion changed my life lol. I’ve never honestly said that about a skincare product

  • Sarah Dymond
    Sarah Dymond 6 months ago

    What lipstick are you wearing in this video? I love it!

  • Dawn Davis
    Dawn Davis 6 months ago

    I always love watching your videos.

  • Nick Henson
    Nick Henson 6 months ago

    Smh maiceys

  • Fangnifell Romero Gamboa

    15$ for samples? They’re suposed to be free !

  • Kay K
    Kay K 6 months ago

    What 42$ foundation do you use? I can not seem to find a good one that works for me.

  • Joanie DeLand
    Joanie DeLand 6 months ago

    I seriously applaud your ability to not open your boxes as soon as you get them! haha. I also have a bad addiction to subscription boxes, and girl, as soon as I see that box, I'm in it! Love your videos so so much, you make my day so much brighter. I love your makeup looks and your personality ROCKS. Don't ever change! Much love to you from icy Boston :)

  • Andrea Villegas
    Andrea Villegas 6 months ago


  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 6 months ago

    Hey Alexandria, I'm an aussie girl who isn't into make up but is interested in skin care, just wondering if any fellow aussie know of the best products that would help for someone who's got crazy allergies to perfume and several moisturizers.
    Help a girl out? Thanks :)
    (Interested in the charcoal and other face masks).

    • Lucy Walsh-Matthews
      Lucy Walsh-Matthews 6 months ago

      Sukin :) I’ve tried that one & found it good. Also kora (Miranda Kerr’s line) but not sure about that one - you might be paying for the brand... :) google sukin!

    • Melissa Smith
      Melissa Smith 6 months ago

      Also any suggestions from yourself (alexandria)?

  • Jaylee James
    Jaylee James 6 months ago

    SHOW US THE BIN!!!! hahaha reveal your hoard

  • kat jtsmum
    kat jtsmum 6 months ago

    You can pass some of that along to me!! New subscriber and have been watching your unboxing videos ...I like your bubbly personality.

  • indianrose04
    indianrose04 6 months ago

    Just found you on TVclip and love you! You are so funny. I was wondering if you could do an updated room tour though or workspace tour because I love your style! Keep up the great work

  • just me
    just me 6 months ago

    What is the store you speak of

  • Leanne McIntire
    Leanne McIntire 6 months ago

    Tho i do love the december makeup bag

  • Leanne McIntire
    Leanne McIntire 6 months ago

    Kiehls is a great company. This bag seems a rip off. $15 for microscopic samples.

  • Lana Rosey
    Lana Rosey 6 months ago

    What happens to the deck of scarlet palette I really liked those.

  • Anne Schneider
    Anne Schneider 6 months ago

    When are you doing another giveaway?? I always thought those were so much fun!

  • Ashley Mimitz
    Ashley Mimitz 6 months ago

    Donate to me please

  • Bev Smith
    Bev Smith 6 months ago

    Assuming you have the cash, could you try one of the cruelty free boxes?

  • Kristen Pilon
    Kristen Pilon 6 months ago

    i got that lipstick in ipsy lol

  • Scott Ricks
    Scott Ricks 7 months ago

    Hey you opined my box

    My name is macy

  • Jennifer Gifford
    Jennifer Gifford 7 months ago

    Guess I am out of the loop, had no idea Macy's offered this. Thank you for sharing.

  • saku654
    saku654 7 months ago

    Oh please please colourpop has a mistery box for 25 shows us what it get

  • Barbara Miranda
    Barbara Miranda 7 months ago

    Alexandria I absolutely just adore you !!! I ordered a boxycharm because of you still waiting for it it should be here in 2 days and i am so excited . i also get ipsy ! I have a love for make up and samples !! I just started watching you and I will continue !!

  • Diana Banana
    Diana Banana 7 months ago

    You are too cute! You remind me of myself when it comes to opening things and spraying from large containers. Love love all your videos!!💜❤️💗💚

  • stephen perry
    stephen perry 7 months ago

    The fist box you unboxed is not in my option was not worth $15. Decembers box was definitely better than January.

  • EmmaSchmelzle
    EmmaSchmelzle 7 months ago

    Nothing wrong with having multipe of the same Sunday Riley samples - you could use them to use the product consistently for a significant period of time, rather than just a few days!

  • molly gordon
    molly gordon 7 months ago

    Definitely agree with the other comments, $15 is too much for those tiny samples. Love your channel

  • Crystal R.
    Crystal R. 7 months ago +1

    You and the shower gel had me dyying!!! 😂😂😭😭

  • Catherine Flitcraft
    Catherine Flitcraft 7 months ago

    I don't think it's an official video unless something you pick up goes flying off somewhere! Lol.
    Also, maybe get a small notebook and write the month and box you open, and write all the items you got or glue the pamphlet down. Then you can remember what thing came from where :)

  • Rachel's World Colored
    Rachel's World Colored 7 months ago +5

    Alexandria, I adore you and all of your little quirks-probably because they are similar to mine. Anyhoo-I'm also collecting beauty bags, been collecting for about a year. My plan was to fill them was for feminine necessities for women and donate them to women's shelters and anywhere else there is a need. Many times, people don't think about the feminine needs of women and it can end up super embarrassing for them. By providing them products in makeup bags, it disguises what they're getting and makes them feel like actual human beings, which sadly they lose sometimes. Also, women in refuge house type shelters are many times newly homeless and this is the last thing they should need to worry about.
    Sadly, my efforts have failed, as I have plenty of bags, but I haven't received any donations, no matter how many times I've put it out there. All that being said. Could I send you my bags for your cause so they're being put to good use? Thank you for all the good that you do and all the difference you make. I see your channel growing exponentially. Who wouldn't absolutely adore you? 💕💕💕

  • undomiel152003
    undomiel152003 7 months ago

    Hmm, the brands are quite good and high end, but the sizes...these used to be given for free when you purchased something, and fifteen dollars? Maybe ten dollars would be better. I think I'll pass...

  • Garcia Family Making Memories


  • Orla Bríd Philpott
    Orla Bríd Philpott 7 months ago

    Are you planning on making a finished shop tour video soon? I'm dying to see how it all turned out! X

  • Jessica Opalinski
    Jessica Opalinski 7 months ago

    I know it's not related to unboxing but I would love to know how you do your foundation! I'd definitely watch that video

  • holly nellis
    holly nellis 7 months ago

    I don’t think that the Macy’s Subscription is worth it from watching all of your past unboxing’s. Getting the full size product in December looks to be unusual. Have fun on your skincare journey. I love skincare.

  • Chelsie Sebastian
    Chelsie Sebastian 7 months ago

    15$ seems like a lot for a sample subscription box! But I’ve tried several of those products and they are quality products! I know you’ve been talking about donating some bags and just a thought would be to reach out to any government families affected by the shut down. Have a good week!

  • Michelle Fangrad
    Michelle Fangrad 7 months ago

    The boxes were ok.

  • Savannah Kiefer
    Savannah Kiefer 7 months ago

    You are BY FAR my favorite TVclipr

  • RayneSaltair
    RayneSaltair 7 months ago

    I love rituals. I'm almost out of one I got in a box I can't remember which one a while ago. Hoping to get another from them sometime.

  • Jenifer Joseph
    Jenifer Joseph 7 months ago

    I’m a recent sub and I love your channel, but I wish you would do more of a try-on/review of the beauty items you get

  • Theresa Ellis
    Theresa Ellis 7 months ago

    I use to work for Macy's, it's not a good company to work for...though I didn't know they had a beauty box.

  • Janis Smith
    Janis Smith 7 months ago

    Just in case no one else told you. Borghese is pronounced bore-gay-zee. Love yiye videos!!

  • Kahri Raelynn
    Kahri Raelynn 7 months ago

    Hey there! I’m new to making TVclip videos and was wondering what y’all think!? Please feel free to check out my channel and let me know how you feel!

  • Theresa Perez
    Theresa Perez 7 months ago

    Love your vids.💗

  • N K S
    N K S 7 months ago

    How has your store been doing??? I would love to hear an update on how it was since opening and now remodeling again. And another tour! Only if you're able, of course!

  • Amanda Deloreto
    Amanda Deloreto 7 months ago

    Liked ur unboxing. Not sure if I would pay $15 for samples.
    I heard u say about taking care of ur skin in 2019. I started watching Dr.Dray she is a dermatologist out of Texas. She reviews products and tells u what is good to use and what is a waste of money. I love her. I have changed my skin care routine around and my skin finally looks great. Hope she can help. Even though u look beautiful.

  • Tamara Sparks
    Tamara Sparks 7 months ago

    Women's shelters often do not have room to store makeup. Toiletries are more of a priority. That is why many do not accept cosmetics.

  • make_upyourbeauty by Sarah

    I'm not feeling the Macy's beauty box... *Ever* ! I've never seen an unboxing where I've wanted it. The price tag is *RIDICULOUS* ... this box could be $5 and I'd still be iffy about it. Just not feeling this one. Ipsy would be a better option for cheaper. The 2nd box is much better than the 1st but still not worth the money.

  • Margo McGeough
    Margo McGeough 7 months ago

    Team Cryptkeeper, right here.

  • spill n't
    spill n't 7 months ago

    yikes the boxes are really underwhelming

  • Julia W
    Julia W 7 months ago

    Dude i think you were my substitute in middle school this is crazyy