Dodge The GIANT Monster Truck Challenge! | GTA5


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  • 10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂

    Did Paul get a haircut? He probably thought no one would notice, but I got chu bro

  • Callum McDonald
    Callum McDonald 7 days ago

    Conner Cheated Again

  • Fletcher Sprague
    Fletcher Sprague 8 days ago

    Like for gta not dead best game

  • Benjamin Mendez
    Benjamin Mendez 9 days ago +1

    did you notice that Matt had a sore throat and was losing his voice

    One like=good wishes for Matt

  • Jonathon Rose
    Jonathon Rose 10 days ago

    Love the soundeffects

  • BirbLord07
    BirbLord07 10 days ago

    Rip Matt’s voice is he sick?

  • R3BORN
    R3BORN 11 days ago

    yaaaassssss please a new video of you guys

  • SH3P4Rd2924 Plays
    SH3P4Rd2924 Plays 11 days ago

    Did matt return to pre puberty matt

  • Atomic Kash
    Atomic Kash 12 days ago

    I love your videos. But cj is just the cringiest person on planet Earth

  • Bryclyn Cochran
    Bryclyn Cochran 12 days ago


  • SkullKid DoomClan
    SkullKid DoomClan 12 days ago

    Rip Matt’s voice 2019-2019

  • thewandrngfox
    thewandrngfox 12 days ago

    R.I.P. Matt's poor voice

  • Luke Waldron
    Luke Waldron 13 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with Matt’s voice🤔

  • Michael The gangster
    Michael The gangster 13 days ago

    Matts voice is halarios halarios

  • AlexTheGreat 0703
    AlexTheGreat 0703 13 days ago

    What is wrong with Matt’s voice

  • Z-man G
    Z-man G 13 days ago

    Rip Matt’s voice

  • Brightlight Moonlight
    Brightlight Moonlight 13 days ago

    whats up with Matts voice is he sick or something or sore throat

  • Brandon Schadoff
    Brandon Schadoff 13 days ago

    can you guys do more golf it and less fortnite and gta

  • lilVaritek 33
    lilVaritek 33 13 days ago

    Is Matt and Paul sick

  • Fortnite Freak
    Fortnite Freak 13 days ago

    Try to make your intro music out of the music blocks in FortNite PLZ

  • SarcasticallyDefensive

    Matt sounds like he’s single

  • shalin prajith
    shalin prajith 14 days ago

    11:06 No back it upping allowed a millisecond after boom

    Oh wait let me make it easy for you guys to select..............11:06

  • shalin prajith
    shalin prajith 14 days ago

    Tanner:That scared my Lifoo


    ØĞ『FLASH』 14 days ago

    Can you guys make a video with FORTNITE MUSIC PADS??!

  • Lazy Panda
    Lazy Panda 14 days ago +1

    Did anyone els notice matts voice?


    Lol when Conner said subscribe and bell icon I subscribed like 2 seconds before he said it

  • Lee Shern
    Lee Shern 14 days ago

    hoping to see more mafia hehe

  • Davonte Mccutcheon
    Davonte Mccutcheon 14 days ago

    Conner just said Matt won tho🤣🤣

  • vanguard cardfighter 68

    Where is paul

  • George Arroyo
    George Arroyo 14 days ago

    You guy's need to play apex legends the game is dope and did I mention it's FREE, trust me you won't regret it. Also feel better soon matt.

  • Benjamin Antillon
    Benjamin Antillon 14 days ago

    Why does Matthias sound weird

  • John Scarboro
    John Scarboro 14 days ago

    May I pls join you guys in fortnite

  • Camron Greene
    Camron Greene 14 days ago

    we’re paul

  • Михаил Митяев

    I like CJ much more than Paul.

  • White Mask
    White Mask 14 days ago

    Play Rainbow Six Siege

  • Vulture Playz
    Vulture Playz 14 days ago

    Is Paul sick if so hope he gets better

  • Candypie801
    Candypie801 14 days ago

    I feel like the next game you guys should play together is just beats and shapes... I want to see your reactions...

  • Yahir Patlan
    Yahir Patlan 14 days ago

    So I pulled up a picture of Gunner and I compared it to cj and they look a like

  • hannah gaston
    hannah gaston 14 days ago

    where is paul

  • Tristan Grillasca
    Tristan Grillasca 14 days ago

    I don’t like CJ, I just dont

  • Jbooth44 Booth
    Jbooth44 Booth 14 days ago

    Where is Paul

  • Carter Darr
    Carter Darr 14 days ago

    What’s wrong with Matt’s voice

  • XilverXoul
    XilverXoul 14 days ago

    Hey Matt, I'm making an executive decision and say take the rest of the week off. Your voice is thrashed, but I hope you feel better soon!

  • Thicc Ricc
    Thicc Ricc 14 days ago

    Target acquired sound effect is over used

  • Alijah Brackett
    Alijah Brackett 14 days ago

    Were is Paul did he quit??

  • Han Hye Ri
    Han Hye Ri 14 days ago

    Loved the video guys, but I do miss Paul a lot :D

  • frølø Smith
    frølø Smith 14 days ago

    The cars look like mad max

  • Kaotic Fox
    Kaotic Fox 14 days ago

    Is Matt going through puberty? What’s with his voice

  • stuart brown
    stuart brown 14 days ago

    sounds like matt is congested

  • Big Heary
    Big Heary 14 days ago

    This channel deserve more than what it gets as for subscribers and viewers , but I think it would be really awesome if it uploades videos daily

  • Minecraft and Roblox player

    R.I.P matt's voice

  • Norwhal 3663
    Norwhal 3663 14 days ago

    Matts voice is my main source of laughter right now

  • Carlos Nava
    Carlos Nava 14 days ago

    Bots lol

  • Nokap
    Nokap 14 days ago

    The Conner, Matt, CJ, and Tanner combo is the best!!

  • Cptn Go
    Cptn Go 14 days ago

    What is wrong with matt

  • Michael Roberts Jr.
    Michael Roberts Jr. 14 days ago


  • dilshan singh
    dilshan singh 14 days ago


  • Walker Smith
    Walker Smith 14 days ago

    Do just a fortnite squads vid

  • Ranobk _36912
    Ranobk _36912 14 days ago

    I feel you Matt.

  • 0nly_3than
    0nly_3than 14 days ago

    Get better soon Matt!!!

  • Bimo Rayendra
    Bimo Rayendra 14 days ago

    Play apex legend

  • TSM_ Daequan
    TSM_ Daequan 14 days ago

    I want paul

  • Gavin Mordas
    Gavin Mordas 14 days ago +1

    Can we get a rip and like for Matt’s voice

  • Samantha Myers
    Samantha Myers 14 days ago

    When 13 yr old mat plays games

  • Logan Kitelinger
    Logan Kitelinger 15 days ago

    So why does GGG have excellent 1080 60p but rekt doesn’t. Hmmm

  • Samuel Klama
    Samuel Klama 15 days ago

    I love your intro music.

  • Speedy powers
    Speedy powers 15 days ago +1

    Matt should take a sick day

  • rrffd fgjsgst
    rrffd fgjsgst 15 days ago

    why isn't paul in any videos anymore

  • Pumpkin Jack
    Pumpkin Jack 15 days ago

    mathias you sound sick

  • Meaghan Fabiani
    Meaghan Fabiani 15 days ago

    Tanner and CJ won, because they tied for first (with Connor), and they were on the same team.

  • thefirst1out 1
    thefirst1out 1 15 days ago

    Is Matt going through puberty?

  • Conn28
    Conn28 15 days ago

    Where is Paul

  • Cayden Letner Vlogs
    Cayden Letner Vlogs 15 days ago

    Why is Paul not in them anymore

  • Epic Gaming Party
    Epic Gaming Party 15 days ago

    I feel like the editor of these videos should have a "clip meme" counter, because watching this channel over the past few months I have heard the "target acquired" clip about 5,000 times. There are surely other clips that you could grab for that situation.

  • Chrishernandez 16303
    Chrishernandez 16303 15 days ago

    Nice job have fun😀🤣🤣😇

  • Ninja Snipes
    Ninja Snipes 15 days ago

    Again where my BOII PAULY BOIII We need him back EVERY SINGLE VIDEO
    Like for Paul to come back

  • Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir


  • ashley K
    ashley K 15 days ago

    My favorite part of the whole video was Matt's screeching 😂

  • Maxwell Fuller
    Maxwell Fuller 15 days ago

    Can u guys shout people out

  • Rafael Silva
    Rafael Silva 15 days ago

    where is paul

  • Shadow wolf
    Shadow wolf 15 days ago

    What happened to pual

  • Yaotl Velasquez
    Yaotl Velasquez 15 days ago

    Where is Paul

  • 龅牙Baoya
    龅牙Baoya 15 days ago

    i want paul

  • Edwin personal
    Edwin personal 15 days ago

    Do some human fall flat

  • Griffin May
    Griffin May 15 days ago

    Pls more gta death run

  • MizFit 394
    MizFit 394 15 days ago

    im jealous of tanners controller ❤️ and watching matt dodge everyone 😂😂😂😂 hilarious

  • Andrew Jamson
    Andrew Jamson 15 days ago

    Does anyone else notice that there face cams are backwards also great vid

  • Emman Vlogs
    Emman Vlogs 15 days ago


  • Ethan Speidel 2023
    Ethan Speidel 2023 15 days ago

    Matt’s voice is so bad right now is he sick or something

  • tifi {shy, depressed, cut self}

    Could you guys bring googly eyes back?

  • TheWildCherry
    TheWildCherry 15 days ago

    Please do a video with Catherine if Paul or Matthias is sick or busy again. That's a video I would enjoy

  • Sudip Saha
    Sudip Saha 15 days ago

    Hi guys. I am from Bangladesh. I watch your every video and comment every one. But you don't comment me back. I love you guys. My favorite is Matt.

  • Arther Mumpel
    Arther Mumpel 15 days ago +1

    where is paul he missed 3 or 4 episode i don't want to see cj he's not funny

  • Brayn Yildirici
    Brayn Yildirici 15 days ago

    Is mat ok he sounds unwell

  • Marka Gacha
    Marka Gacha 15 days ago

    Matt sounds like a sick boi. So pitched voice

  • Roman Leo
    Roman Leo 15 days ago

    You guys should play brawlhalla

  • Jonah Mitchell
    Jonah Mitchell 15 days ago

    Make a twitch channel

  • manjit Gill
    manjit Gill 15 days ago +2

    Where is Paul and pls bring j Fred and bryan

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 15 days ago

    Where is Paul