Chuma Okeke Introductory Press Conference Orlando Magic Rookie #16 NBA Draft Pick

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Orlando magic rookie Chuma Okeke introductory press conference with Jeff Weltman and Steve Clifford following the 2019 NBA draft. #OrlandoMagic #NBADraft #ChumaOkeke
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  • No need
    No need 4 months ago

    crazy how we went to high school together

  • Chris Hough
    Chris Hough 4 months ago +1

    If the Orlando magic fans want to know the work ethic of Chuma, go watch his highlights, especially against the blue bloods of the NCAA tournament. The guy is an absolute workhorse and great instincts. Great pick for the Orlando organization. War Damn Magic!

  • Ali Toroganan
    Ali Toroganan 4 months ago +1

    Does he play d?!? Hes like isaac but looks stronger

  • Cortney  Adams
    Cortney Adams 4 months ago

    Shoutout to fairburn, he came from Langston hughes high not westlake馃挴馃挴

    • Cortney  Adams
      Cortney Adams 4 months ago

      @No need dont you think the fact that he was there for 3 years doesn't play a part in it, of course he would be better in his later years

    • No need
      No need 4 months ago

      whoaa definitely did better at westlake than langston

  • chris warren
    chris warren 4 months ago

    16th pick for this guy is amazing , he is young he will heal just like Blake griffin did

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    They don't want to be in the NBA Playoffs next year. 馃槥馃槥馃槥
    Drafting an already injured player, let the Philadelphia 76ers Sam Hinkie-style 5 years of losing before reaching the playoffs again.
    Free Vucevic from this madness, let him go to Conference champion.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 5 months ago +3

    Dude is the epitome of an all around player. Even inbounds plays for the other team aren't safe when he is on the court...even when they seem safe. He cares about winning more that his personal stats. I'd take him every day of the week if I was building a team. He can play 3, he can play 4. He can play 5 if he wanted. He can guard anyone. What I also like is that he never seemed to get into foul trouble ever either.

  • LC Henry
    LC Henry 5 months ago +5

    We should have got Kevin Porter Jr we have a log jam at the forward spot ......This is ridiculous we need a guard

    • William Middleton
      William Middleton 2 months ago


    • N21theboss
      N21theboss 4 months ago +1

      That鈥檚 the exact player I wanted. We need a guy that can get his own shot.

    • Carlton Butler
      Carlton Butler 4 months ago

      LC Henry we hoping Markelle gets healthy by next season

  • pearl Middleton
    pearl Middleton 5 months ago +1


  • Sarj T.
    Sarj T. 5 months ago +5

    TBH i was shocked that the Magic picked Chuma O-keke dO You Luv Me at first because i was so adamant of getting a guard but after punching a hole in the wall i realized that this pick was a smart move by the front office. The kid was considered a lottery pick to most before his ACL injury. Chuma is a very skillful big who can shoot and play defense and that is something the Magic need more of. He's going to get consistent minutes behind Isaac and Gordon and those minutes could increase if the magic plan to play small ball which is more than likely. In addition, this also must signal the return of Markelle Fultz 馃敟馃敟馃敟 He's going to be either our new PG or SG of the future and i think a lot people forget how talented he was. I think the Magic are going to address the 1 or 2 in free agency or in a trade. At the end of it all, the Magic are staying the course and the new FO is doing a solid job from what Rob Hennishit left on the platter.

  • MeguhCorey
    MeguhCorey 5 months ago +8

    Welcome to O-Town.

  • Robert Stidham
    Robert Stidham 5 months ago +1

    Welcome to the team! :)

  • Jay 2Cool
    Jay 2Cool 5 months ago +2

    Hell to the fuck welcome to orlando.馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐馃悐

  • Andres Escobar
    Andres Escobar 5 months ago +3

    Stack up injured players, bad move Orlando magic. Might as well get players out of the g league.

  • go anygma
    go anygma 5 months ago +1

    hey! believe this !

  • Copeland Taylor
    Copeland Taylor 5 months ago +8

    War Eagle and Go Magic!

  • alex drew
    alex drew 5 months ago

    Here's my question for Jeff.
    Why are you making the same stupid choices Hennigan made?
    Jeff cause stupidity is contagious

  • Be Sway
    Be Sway 5 months ago +9

    I like this kid don鈥檛 get me wrong. But I鈥檓 just so confused on why we drafted ANOTHER forward instead of a 2 guard.. are they planning on replacing Isaac or Gordon with this kid? Do they want him to just be a bench player?? Or are they LITERALLY trying to go positionless and have one true guard and the rest switchable bigs.. It鈥檚 just such a questionable move especially since we鈥檝e seen what Orlando truly lacks from being in the playoffs.. Guard Presence..

    • Ali Toroganan
      Ali Toroganan 4 months ago

      Seems theyre going to let go of aaron

    • Szymon Ko艂odziejczyk
      Szymon Ko艂odziejczyk 5 months ago +1

      We lacked shooting, we lacked versatile defenders, we lacked ball handling and creation. No one left on the board fit better than Okeke. NAW is worse, less versatile defender, not good enough creator. We have many guards on the roster who are better than NAW projects to be : Fournier, Fultz hopefully Ross and we have Frazier. Pg is steady with DJ who was lottery pick in 2009. We lack wings and forwards with high intelligence, shooting and good feel for the game.

    • Be Sway
      Be Sway 5 months ago

      Jay 2Cool who you think REALISTICALLY Orlando try鈥檚 to throw some money at if we package Evan and vuc walks

    • Jay 2Cool
      Jay 2Cool 5 months ago +4

      We gambling on Markelle to be at least half the player he once was and i also think we trying to trade Fournier and let vuvu go in free agency馃馃馃馃馃馃

    • Adam Walker
      Adam Walker 5 months ago

      Late round young Guards are hard to develop. It鈥檚 better to sign an established one on free agency. They already have Markelle to develop, don鈥檛 need another one.

  • Ace Raw
    Ace Raw 5 months ago +11

    Welcome to the Magic!!!!!

  • Kinihun25
    Kinihun25 5 months ago +8

    By the way as a fellow Nigerian, his name is pronounced Oh-keh-keh.

    • tyrone
      tyrone 4 months ago +1

      Christopher Sopeju no it's oh key key

  • Kinihun25
    Kinihun25 5 months ago +13

    His game reminds me of Klay Thompson. 39% from 3's 65% from the post. And top 5 defender

    • Abbas Davis
      Abbas Davis 5 months ago +2

      Thought the same thing when I saw his highlights.

    ASAP IV 5 months ago +14

    Steal of the draft

  • SSS 111
    SSS 111 5 months ago

    Andrei kirilenko

  • Orlando MagicFan
    Orlando MagicFan 5 months ago +24

    Ever since we fired rob hennigan the Orlando Magic Front office has done everything right I see some magic fans are unhappy with the pick but fans should believe in Jeff Weltman and John Hammond There draft resume proves that they know what there doing Welcome To Orlando Chuma Okeke!!!

    • alex drew
      alex drew Month ago

      Fr Dawes you're an asshole

    • Fr Dawes
      Fr Dawes 3 months ago

      alex drew your stupid

    • alex drew
      alex drew 5 months ago

      Fuck all you assholes

    • alex drew
      alex drew 5 months ago

      @Sarj T.
      You think I'm stupid too. Then I think you're an asshole too.

    • Sarj T.
      Sarj T. 5 months ago +5

      @alex drew completely disagree

  • J A M E S
    J A M E S 5 months ago +53

    I promise you Magic Fans this is the steal of the draft give him time to recover from the ACL, I promise you won鈥檛 regret this pick 馃挴 War Eagle!

  • king kuffz
    king kuffz 5 months ago +36

    You want to find a superstar in the middle of the draft this is how you do it take chances on a player with traits like kawhi

  • Excusemeclif _
    Excusemeclif _ 5 months ago +4

    馃幎Orlando Magic ohhh ohh ohhh ohhh 馃幎Orlando Magic馃幍