STEALING A COPS HAT!!! (Do Not Attempt This!)

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • STEALING A COPS HAT!!! (Do Not Attempt This!)
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  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  Year ago +148

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    TVclip deleted this a few months ago so I'm putting it back online!

    • Jason Compaore
      Jason Compaore Year ago

      Magic Murray Said in the end the season was in the United

    • Joseph Baggett
      Joseph Baggett Year ago

      Magic Murray lol bro you are so smooth, I've seen alot of your videos, smooth in all of them! Thank you for them too cause they make my bad days into good days!

    • مغامرات mohamad محمد
      مغامرات mohamad محمد Year ago

      If you are a true magician why do you come to me as an empty box and carry me my money

    • Anxiety BlackBear
      Anxiety BlackBear Year ago +1

      Magic Murray i love your videos

  • Connor RK800
    Connor RK800 9 months ago +1


  • Effie Production
    Effie Production 9 months ago

    This is cool 😅😂

  • Viorel Galan
    Viorel Galan 10 months ago


  • Miguel.
    Miguel. Year ago


  • rosemarie figueroa


    • rosemarie figueroa
      rosemarie figueroa Year ago


    SASKE Year ago

    Wow super cool 😂😂😂😻😻

  • Danny Yves
    Danny Yves Year ago


  • samunait sem
    samunait sem Year ago

    Menn that was so funnyy

  • Weird Thingz
    Weird Thingz Year ago

    U act like ur 32 or something

  • Weird Thingz
    Weird Thingz Year ago

    Ur older than my mum! Lmao ur 45 soon!! Omg my in only 43! Lol

  • Ethanz_HyperVLOGS
    Ethanz_HyperVLOGS Year ago +1

    Cool vid

  • kiX mind
    kiX mind Year ago


  • Smokey Dopehead
    Smokey Dopehead Year ago


  • Elíseo Ix
    Elíseo Ix Year ago

    lol 😂 it’s so funny

  • Yeksu
    Yeksu Year ago

    I just love watching your videos😂

  • Peter Tuyishime
    Peter Tuyishime Year ago

    If this guy was black would be in jail or dead

  • Mervz Sacala
    Mervz Sacala Year ago

    Hahshshaahhahahah i lough alot lollol hahahah

  • NetherCreeper
    NetherCreeper Year ago

    if you heart this comment i will heart this video ;) nah im just kidding i already subbed and hearted :D

  • Kalu Hasashi
    Kalu Hasashi Year ago

    Youre so smooth with your hands

  • Diamond Wolf
    Diamond Wolf Year ago

    He reminds me of Amazing Jonathan

  • Jorell Davis
    Jorell Davis Year ago

    Officer look like usher

  • Marty Moffatt
    Marty Moffatt Year ago


  • Bimal Tony
    Bimal Tony Year ago funny Murray bro

  • Dneli koso
    Dneli koso Year ago

    Hey be careful because you have always left the police feeling angry after you entertained them.....
    Ha ha.

  • Pere Johnson
    Pere Johnson Year ago

    Me in my mind : its just a hat

  • Release Data
    Release Data Year ago


  • Shaad Pitchford
    Shaad Pitchford Year ago

    that was crispy

  • Mads Pedersen
    Mads Pedersen Year ago


  • Elifer16
    Elifer16 Year ago

    Ohhh yes

  • Kiss Kiss - Daily Video

    *Superb prank* 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Dale Martin
    Dale Martin Year ago

    Good trick and funny reaction

  • Kevin Huby
    Kevin Huby Year ago

    This is worst than wrestling!

  • Michael Olin
    Michael Olin Year ago

    Magic Murray is the goat!

  • Mystic -
    Mystic - Year ago

    nice video dont forget to subscribe to my channel thx alot your welcome

  • Galactic Chicken
    Galactic Chicken Year ago


  • Cade Olson
    Cade Olson Year ago

    This is obviously set up

  • FBI some dud
    FBI some dud Year ago

    Who else thought this was
    New video

  • Tomer Avital
    Tomer Avital Year ago

    Soo smooooth

  • kiruyashiki
    kiruyashiki Year ago

    this is funny

  • Erick Zepeda
    Erick Zepeda Year ago

    Yose aser eso😌😱

  • AM AJ
    AM AJ Year ago

    Fuck you hahah

  • ivan's life
    ivan's life Year ago

    Wow how did he not see when u switch the hat

  • Gianni Sergi
    Gianni Sergi Year ago

    If u keep pranking cops I think they will put a reward on Ur head lol😂

  • Mateus
    Mateus Year ago

    Im the one o notice this is combinate right

  • Dai Dai
    Dai Dai Year ago

    Brilliant he turned him into a Murray fan. Love it.

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore Year ago

    I wanted to let you know that you have a right to record people even without their consist as long as it isn't for a criminal act so yeah..

  • Jesus R
    Jesus R Year ago

    I want Murray's hat...

  • alex rad
    alex rad Year ago

    Put a bag of white powder in their pocket

  • Jened_ Fox
    Jened_ Fox Year ago

    Yay I love you dude I love magic

  • spareid 112
    spareid 112 Year ago


  • mvp20014u
    mvp20014u Year ago

    And u walk off like a boss lol... Loved it 😆

  • savory chickens
    savory chickens Year ago


  • M U
    M U Year ago

    That walk

  • scott lund
    scott lund Year ago

    Calling you an ass but I'm chuckling as I do it.


    this scipted

  • happytroll 247
    happytroll 247 Year ago

    Lol funny harmless prank

  • Cool Man
    Cool Man Year ago

    Try to steal cops wallet

  • C Smith
    C Smith Year ago

    Haha good one