They Dressed Me Like A Mean Girl... | Roblox Royale High Roleplay

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
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  • InquisitorMaster - My Gameplays are Kinda Funny

    Why does the audio sound so weird?? It was fine when I was editing it!! 😭 I’ll make sure to watch the video first before uploading it next time! ❤️ you guys

  • Cagadenas06
    Cagadenas06 2 hours ago

    8:54 oh hell nahhhhhh~

  • Alyana Garcia
    Alyana Garcia 10 hours ago

    At lunch you can just get a fruit

  • Karysse Anne Lim

    WhY is ur characters are lissie and zach in disguise

  • Shirley Jones
    Shirley Jones 3 days ago

    Your hair duh

  • Chancel Kaur
    Chancel Kaur 3 days ago

    i guess the black hair is zhack xory

  • tanya jocson
    tanya jocson 3 days ago

    Girl i didn't like the way you talk as a kid. Stop acting like a kid

  • Kirstyn D
    Kirstyn D 4 days ago

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! :)

  • Jeanine B.
    Jeanine B. 4 days ago

    i wish i see alex if i see her!! im gonna hug her and say im a big fan!! and we can take a picture

  • Yosr Wael
    Yosr Wael 5 days ago +1

    Wait....The girl who said huh and with black hair is Zack .-. i didn't Know it was Zack with the black hair Oof Btw Love your channels!!!!!!!!

  • Nia Patterson
    Nia Patterson 6 days ago

    This was awesome but the girls knowing that your rp and they come in the dorm and try to be in the vid ;-;

  • Marianne Gunot
    Marianne Gunot 6 days ago

    The other girl is named zacharyzachor

  • NYM fun land
    NYM fun land 6 days ago

    The girl who is with the black hair is zach

  • Genkai kekei
    Genkai kekei 8 days ago +1

    The black girl that just make up alex is ZacharyZaxor see the name hahahha

  • taehyungie _
    taehyungie _ 10 days ago

    You speak so slowly I don't understand you

  • He Lene Djiazet
    He Lene Djiazet 11 days ago

    Why is zach a girl

  • joys doll play house Yang

    /\_/\ me
    ( ' - ' )

  • Ishana Williams
    Ishana Williams 12 days ago

    Bye love ya all in Alex’s world and Alex you rock

  • Ishana Williams
    Ishana Williams 12 days ago


  • Mark Biggerstaff
    Mark Biggerstaff 16 days ago +1

    Alex dont worry your pretty the way you are those mean girls cant make you change i know your friend didnt steal anything there just mean your beautiful alex

  • Douglas Futrell
    Douglas Futrell 17 days ago

    You are my favirot youtuber in the world

  • Meri Mojica
    Meri Mojica 19 days ago

    I love you

  • Marcos Arevalo
    Marcos Arevalo 20 days ago +5

    The girl in the black hair the one who did alex makeup was Zachary

  • Jayla Jackson
    Jayla Jackson 20 days ago

    I will like every vid I made!

  • Jayla Jackson
    Jayla Jackson 20 days ago

    I wove you

  • Ujjwala Davesar
    Ujjwala Davesar 21 day ago

    You could secretly eat food

  • Jun Olarte
    Jun Olarte 21 day ago

    Hey that other mean girl is named zach zachary

  • Amira Muirhead
    Amira Muirhead 23 days ago +3

    Alex we can see Zach's username over his character too yeah obviously that was Zach doing rp

  • Genesis Hernandez
    Genesis Hernandez 25 days ago +1

    Omg they are mean by the ways I love you💖

  • HelenDominique Varenberg

    Zach is veon bolly😮

  • Cyndrea Mancha-Tell
    Cyndrea Mancha-Tell 26 days ago

    'she looks SO MUCH better!' 'YEAAAAAA' 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Midnight Unicorn
    Midnight Unicorn 27 days ago

    My mom bought the mr paws thingie it's super cute

  • Blossum Brielle Playz
    Blossum Brielle Playz 27 days ago

    where is part 5?
    by the way you AMZZING

    • Erica Brown
      Erica Brown 23 days ago


  • LPS Shaly
    LPS Shaly 27 days ago

    the mic sounds off like, really, sounds like a tv

  • Rein jazzel De leon
    Rein jazzel De leon 28 days ago

    I see zack he's dress up an a girl like if you see

  • Kiahla Mcguinness
    Kiahla Mcguinness 28 days ago

    I love this because l love your channel 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Kiahla Mcguinness
    Kiahla Mcguinness 28 days ago

    I love this because my sister love this

  • Noriel Daylo
    Noriel Daylo 29 days ago

    She mad at you

  • Bunga Pink
    Bunga Pink 29 days ago

    When I was in high school I had a bully I made a friend to make her a loser

  • Sarah / Cute Heart's
    Sarah / Cute Heart's 29 days ago

    I'm a fan but I😱😰hate how you look in this void. EW..EW

  • Sarah / Cute Heart's
    Sarah / Cute Heart's 29 days ago

    We that outfit is ...just ew

  • Haylee lewis
    Haylee lewis 29 days ago

    Hahahaha I see Zach's name on there Zachary Zaxor as a girl lol 4:53

  • Jeff Charles
    Jeff Charles Month ago

    why do you act like your 12

  • Jeff Charles
    Jeff Charles Month ago

    why am I here this is weird

  • Jess McGregor
    Jess McGregor Month ago

    That's happened to me in royal high!lots of people have been mean to me.....😔😔

  • shalini deocareza
    shalini deocareza Month ago


  • ItsArie
    ItsArie Month ago +1

    Alex: aren't we gonna EAT something??
    mean girl: ew no.....we drink bc its less calories
    like if u agree

  • Queen Esther 24
    Queen Esther 24 Month ago

    Is that Zach with black hair acting a girl it’s okay 👌👌👌👌😉😉😉😉🙂

  • keanan Goddard
    keanan Goddard Month ago

    Why is Zachary one of them

  • keanan Goddard
    keanan Goddard Month ago


  • End User
    End User Month ago +1

    Just just fight them they're mean

  • i need money
    i need money Month ago


  • Jessica  Dela Cruz
    Jessica Dela Cruz Month ago


  • toper aguilar
    toper aguilar Month ago

    im pearl i love your videos

  • Mojojojo films
    Mojojojo films Month ago

    Wow 😮 you. Look. Butuff, alex

  • •mutia official•

    The hair colour is cute but the hairstyle is so ugly!

  • Shein Macapobre
    Shein Macapobre Month ago +2

    Can u play the very easy obbyl/like if u agree

  • Kadega Serag
    Kadega Serag Month ago

    If I was you I would be Mean because I like it

  • chelschicko
    chelschicko Month ago

    something is wrong with your sound? Its high pitched O-o uhh- I am a massive fan? :3 Uhh yeah well XD baii

  • Mojojojo films
    Mojojojo films Month ago

    I think you. R. Cute hehe. Cutey hehehe bye. Alex bye bye hehe 😜

  • Mojojojo films
    Mojojojo films Month ago

    Sorry. Alex. I. Feel. Bad. So. Bad. Wel bye

  • galaxy_ gamer
    galaxy_ gamer Month ago

    Zach made her make up!!

  • galaxy_ gamer
    galaxy_ gamer Month ago

    Zachary zaxor joined the mean girls

  • Gerson Isiderio
    Gerson Isiderio Month ago

    The mean girl with that black hair is Zach

  • Vianey Garcia
    Vianey Garcia Month ago +1

    I lust noticed that the one with black hair is zacharyzaxor

  • Fluffy Unicorn
    Fluffy Unicorn Month ago

    Finally early

  • Vanessa Noel
    Vanessa Noel Month ago


  • Kristy R
    Kristy R Month ago

    Her hair looks ........................................ bad 👎

  • alexap429
    alexap429 Month ago

    The mean girls change'd you but...i lile youe'r look

  • Armando Pangilinan
    Armando Pangilinan Month ago

    The black hair is zach

  • Gacha Liv
    Gacha Liv Month ago

    When the video started and a few seconds later when the girls said ''We saw it with our own eyes''. So Alex didnt see that the prank in te sleepover was gonn a happen? Dont ask em if im wrong its not my fault no one puts part and whatever number of the video series it is.

  • mohannahjane bilual

    I love you Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natali chavez
    natali chavez Month ago

    The black hair is your boyfriend

  • nilbert librea
    nilbert librea Month ago

    when u say your mom thinks your cute well you are not UGLY ughhh. my pretty eyes and mouth hurt this ugh............

  • MelodyRockie Playz
    MelodyRockie Playz Month ago

    Your body is like a boy

  • zaoguang hu
    zaoguang hu 2 months ago

    They should learn how to be nice and kind.Its okay alex your just pretty the way you are just care about the bullys

    • nilbert librea
      nilbert librea Month ago

      NO SHE IS NOT SHE IS U.G.L.Y. i am not taking that back

  • Ayna Mariz Santiago
    Ayna Mariz Santiago 2 months ago


    • Gacha Liv
      Gacha Liv Month ago

      Like Zach's name is invisible on the screen/

  • Blossum Brielle Playz
    Blossum Brielle Playz 2 months ago +1

    Umm we’re is part 5?

  • Dereona’s World
    Dereona’s World 2 months ago

    What game is this

  • SKJ Guillen
    SKJ Guillen 2 months ago


  • SKJ Guillen
    SKJ Guillen 2 months ago

    But idc that’s so weird 🤢🤮🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • SKJ Guillen
    SKJ Guillen 2 months ago


  • A'zariyah Ross
    A'zariyah Ross 2 months ago

    There do not like her hair

  • Allie Gacha Gamer
    Allie Gacha Gamer 2 months ago

    😂 I saw Zach’s Name in the vid 😂😂😂

  • ariana plays
    ariana plays 2 months ago

    i like ur old face better

  • Dennis Girls
    Dennis Girls 2 months ago

    And I know that he is a boy that's very Zach zacharyzaxor I know y'all was really faking this whole thing all this boy I think this is just fake but it's an interesting show though

  • lozkean13
    lozkean13 2 months ago +1

    This is teddy 🐻 Teddy says hi Teddy says clap ur hands 👏 opps Teddy died ☠️

  • Emily duster
    Emily duster 2 months ago

    Ugh I hete the office ugh

  • mohannahjane bilual
    mohannahjane bilual 2 months ago

    ewwww I don't like the hairstyle

  • Xxx_ Moonlight
    Xxx_ Moonlight 2 months ago

    Kira was so good in detention

  • Unilove343 Unicorn lover

    Hi Alex it's my sister's birthday please like this cause she want you to notice her....

  • Lorena Wilsom
    Lorena Wilsom 2 months ago

    I like your hair

  • Sofi Szwonder
    Sofi Szwonder 2 months ago +1

    You looked beautiful in the pink

  • Chona Velasco
    Chona Velasco 2 months ago

    Wait a minute I see somethin cuz the another mean girl is ZACH?! WTH

  • Brandi Harrell
    Brandi Harrell 2 months ago

    Plez Mack more vide is ther o sume 🦄

  • hello, itsArna
    hello, itsArna 2 months ago +1


  • Lisandra Mermaid
    Lisandra Mermaid 2 months ago +1

    So echoing. Also don't change who you are just to be with others be yourself. People should accept you for who you are.

  • Rene Valenzuela
    Rene Valenzuela 2 months ago

    don't travel talking do you need helpp

  • Jardin Jaidie
    Jardin Jaidie 2 months ago

    Black hair boy frind