How to Mold and Cast a Lightsaber!


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  • Captain Rex Of the 501st

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    • Captain Rex Of the 501st
      Captain Rex Of the 501st 7 hours ago

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  • Kazhin Ali
    Kazhin Ali 6 days ago

    Is it only me who gets all of these pouring hella satisfying?

  • Kazhin Ali
    Kazhin Ali 6 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Abigail Kasemer
    Abigail Kasemer 7 days ago

    The whole beginning I’m like, how are they gonna make the second half fit the repressions of the first half exactly ?? They’re gonna do the whole clay thing twice?? And then they took the clay off the silicone and just poured more silicone on top and I was like OOOOOOOOOOHH

  • My girlfriend is Marcaline

    Can u put a link to all the products so I can buy them

  • Rich Diehl
    Rich Diehl 14 days ago

    I Adam! Love your stuff. Question did you ever build a Han Solo Carbonite table or/wall? Keep up the great stuff!

  • Doctor Wallace
    Doctor Wallace 15 days ago

    I still remember watching this when it first came out

  • DerpDaTurt
    DerpDaTurt 16 days ago

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  • OneSpaceman
    OneSpaceman 20 days ago

    33:11 dont touch it. grabby.

  • Soda Stance
    Soda Stance 28 days ago

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  • Short Long
    Short Long Month ago

    30:00 Waiting for that Curb your Norm compilation.

  • Lego & Entertainment
    Lego & Entertainment Month ago +1

    I remember watching this as a little kid

  • Emma McGinley
    Emma McGinley Month ago

    It’s been so damn long since I watched this video.

  • Frank Olson Twins
    Frank Olson Twins Month ago +1

    Spraying the master prop with glossy acrylic is the deal breaker for me!

  • Do Bo
    Do Bo Month ago

    id love to be able to make my own fleshlight type thing out of silicone. need to make those tight pussies

  • ziggysfix
    ziggysfix Month ago

    anyone else find this video incredibly satisfying?

  • H Max
    H Max Month ago

    This is the best video I have seen on making a mold and casting. You guys are incredibly talented. The filming was great. Not surprised at all this video has over 24 million views. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Pres1dentN1xon2
    Pres1dentN1xon2 Month ago

    So that's how they make dildos...

  • M Asynaps
    M Asynaps Month ago

    i am wondering if it would work just as well and faster to use wet fine sand in place of he clay for first seperation. takeing a bed of moist fine sand and then pushing half the light saber handle into it

  • Moha Bousta
    Moha Bousta Month ago

  • S Dew
    S Dew Month ago

    17:12 goes to proof that metric is better, he calculates the volume in inches, yet weights is out in grams.

  • ATM 3105
    ATM 3105 Month ago

    *that silicone is T H I C C*

  • solo835 zoet
    solo835 zoet Month ago

    Lightsaber! DILDO

  • Dan Vera
    Dan Vera Month ago

    Make a light saber dildo

  • Retro Toy Pile
    Retro Toy Pile Month ago

    Pressure curing the silicone after the pour is (in my opinion) a better method. I use Moldstar 20T and with a 6 minute pot life, running to the degas chamber takes away precious time from a low viscosity pour. Pour your mold and then place it in the pressure tank. The pressure evacuates any air bubbles while the silicone cures. I realize that in this case, the lightsaber may be too large to fit into a pressure tank but this may be a useful tip for molding smaller items.

  • Gabriel Kettunen
    Gabriel Kettunen 2 months ago

    That guy in right side hes voice relaxes me i dont know how but it just does that

  • The Man, The Jamez, The Legend

    5:22 did he say half-way porn? XD

  • Marcos Miquilino
    Marcos Miquilino 2 months ago

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  • black out
    black out 2 months ago

    at 34:15 when he said "or you can make a rubber one so you can hit people with it" look at his face reaction you know that theses some in hes mind lol

  • black out
    black out 2 months ago

    so thats how you make dildo.

  • Eric Neel
    Eric Neel 2 months ago

    Awesome job guys

  • Michel
    Michel 2 months ago

    Looks like a dildo

  • 꾹몬
    꾹몬 2 months ago

    are they two cavities?

  • Planet Bold 💥
    Planet Bold 💥 2 months ago

    I found the guy in the hat a bit rude and grumpy and incredibly boring

  • Mischief_Syndicate
    Mischief_Syndicate 2 months ago

    My question is why does adam has a pressure tank 😳😳😳

  • Jacob Tran
    Jacob Tran 2 months ago +1

    its a fuccin DILDO

  • JugaJuga14
    JugaJuga14 2 months ago

    God norm is the worst.

  • Enlighten מענטשהייַט༻꧂

    Looks like a sex toy

  • Victen Bren
    Victen Bren 2 months ago

    “You can add special effects to this right?”
    Camera guy “yea totally man”

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen 2 months ago

    Oh boy have I got a surprise for my wife this Christmas. ;)

  • Anton Mc
    Anton Mc 2 months ago

    Can you do this for a chucky doll head

  • DylantheDruid
    DylantheDruid 2 months ago

    Awesome! Watching mold castings is so satisfying

  • LiamPlayz
    LiamPlayz 2 months ago

    Hey look! It’s a Star Wars dildo!

  • Spudmonky
    Spudmonky 3 months ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to just press it in a giant block of clay? Save an hour and 10k questions for the same result i feel.

  • Blaise Pascal
    Blaise Pascal 3 months ago

    XD 35 min : "how to make a dildo"

  • Iconic Props
    Iconic Props 3 months ago

    Here is a better way to judge how much silicone you use.
    Weigh your clay. Before you start know how much clay you have. Clay up your part. Subtract your leftover clay from your start weight. This will tell you how much silicone you're going to need. (roughly). For the second half. if you weighed your part. Weigh your mold and part. Subtract your parts weight, and thats how much you need. Or weight the clay you took out if you didnt leave a cavity under it...

  • Iconic Props
    Iconic Props 3 months ago

    Registration points are important but you don't really need this many. Now, that shouldnt be confused with a ridge or edge. Ty pically youll use a registration every inch or two, but a small ridge all the way around is important if you don't have a lot of waste silicone on the sides. When there is not a lot of waste silicone on the sides you may get bleed out of resin. With a cut ridge all the way around, your resin is less likely to bleed out.
    Why does any of this matter? Sometimes your mounting piece is not clay. sometimes you mount something to a board or something hard. And you'll need to glue down registrations.
    The wavy line typically is more for bleed out than for registration.
    Smoothon is very susceptible to inhibition, (I didnt bother looking to see if mold star is plat or tin which determines the susceptibility) so the krylon helps to seal the clay and part in case it has sulfur in it. I typically use Alumilite or Polytek as their silicones seem to be more resistant to inhibition.
    The only real critique here is the amount of silicone they used.

  • Conor Simmons
    Conor Simmons 3 months ago

    The impatience is real.

  • Daddy Three Legs
    Daddy Three Legs 3 months ago

    What release should you use for soap?

  • ivy gao
    ivy gao 3 months ago

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  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller 3 months ago

    So basically the same way as they cast dildos

  • RedShadow_404 506
    RedShadow_404 506 3 months ago

    i kinda find this satisfying

  • Michael Fortner
    Michael Fortner 3 months ago

    Wow, all that work went into casting a dildo

  • Giovanni Cerri
    Giovanni Cerri 3 months ago

    What about 2021?

  • Giovanni Cerri
    Giovanni Cerri 3 months ago


  • Giovanni Cerri
    Giovanni Cerri 3 months ago

    Who's watching this in 2019?

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    윤상호 3 months ago


  • Giovanni Cerri
    Giovanni Cerri 3 months ago

    Who's watching this in 2018?

  • Бэди Мэн
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  • Даня Ник
    Даня Ник 4 months ago

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  • محمد السفير
    محمد السفير 4 months ago

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  • TheArtfollower
    TheArtfollower 4 months ago

    Water based clay really? next time use plastiline :D and you dont need to seal anything, silicone doesnt stick any surface but silicone you can use some vaseline to avoid this..

  • Eugen Zhigulskii
    Eugen Zhigulskii 4 months ago

    Lightsaber- dildo

  • godzillamaste magner
    godzillamaste magner 4 months ago

    I like thw two different colors of silicone

  • v i
    v i 4 months ago

    seems like a dildo.

  • DrDread
    DrDread 4 months ago

    A really great tutorial, thank you for sharing.

  • Satrio Rudi
    Satrio Rudi 4 months ago

    Awesome produce but where do i get stuff for molding

  • deadeye saibot
    deadeye saibot 4 months ago

    everyone be watching asmr to fall asleep be i low key turn this on id be sleep in under 5 minutes

  • Aleksey Suhov
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  • Aviator Gamer
    Aviator Gamer 4 months ago

    Halfway Porn

  • Wxw_ Sam
    Wxw_ Sam 4 months ago

    For some odd reason, I find this entertaining, and satisfying

  • Rolf Berge
    Rolf Berge 4 months ago

    So how do i mold my own browneye?

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk 4 months ago

    I hate it when they call it a laser sword lmao.

  • Jason S
    Jason S 4 months ago

    have you had any experience with expanding foam in silicone molds?

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon 4 months ago

    That was fascinating. One thing I especially appreciate with the questions that simplified things especially for people like me to help understand the process and what's need to achieve the end result. I've never used resin before, cause I never thought it would be available or easy to use since I've tried making arts and crafts the harder way. After watching this video, the ideas and possibilities are pouring in so fast to the point where I'm getting a head ache. Now, it feels like that all things, art and crafts feels possible and endless.

  • Israel Martinez
    Israel Martinez 4 months ago

    I give it a lightsaber how come you're doing that to it

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 4 months ago


  • Snapperlondon
    Snapperlondon 4 months ago

    Can you guys either learn the metric system or stick to imperial please? Using inches and grams in the same calculation is just bizarre.

  • JohanStendal
    JohanStendal 5 months ago

    How to make a lightsaber! Step 1: get a lightsaber

  • A Av
    A Av 5 months ago


    VENKAT TEJA 5 months ago

    plz send me material pdf

  • Douglas Thomas Hayden
    Douglas Thomas Hayden 5 months ago

    Haven't watched to the end yet...did the mold maker mention why the two halves were tinted different colors?

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 5 months ago

    So they made a dildo

  • Nick Barrera
    Nick Barrera 5 months ago

    why do they always correct each other lol

  • Stephan 21
    Stephan 21 5 months ago

    Hi, can i use the same principle to make a cast of a 1/6 head sculpt?

  • anthony whitehouse
    anthony whitehouse 5 months ago

    what about those whom dont have a vacuum chamber is this step really important

  • Bretonc7
    Bretonc7 5 months ago

    14k must hate Star Wars. Losers

  • TGabrielC13
    TGabrielC13 5 months ago

    *ehem* how to make the handle of a lightsaber. Not a light saber xD

  • Nemanja Jovanovic
    Nemanja Jovanovic 5 months ago

    I don't see the point of this! All this job to make Lightsaber dildo ???😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rey Kenobi
    Rey Kenobi 5 months ago

    15:42 23:28 25:29 thank me later

  • Snowball
    Snowball 5 months ago


  • Can't pick a name for the name

    Don't know why but this is a satisfying video

  • unknown uchiha
    unknown uchiha 5 months ago

    You might want a display case for dat

  • Jhem Monte
    Jhem Monte 5 months ago

    they are making caster for the lightsaber not creating light saber

  • Thomas Perez
    Thomas Perez 6 months ago

    Missed opportunity to do a radial wipe transition for the 30 min time lapse.

  • Free Thought
    Free Thought 6 months ago +1

    Did anyone else cringe near the beginning of the video when the lightsaber looked like it would go through the guys chest if it were to be turned on?

  • Pee Noise
    Pee Noise 6 months ago

    why does top comments seems stupid?