XPS 13 (2019) - Laptop Perfected

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 2019 XPS 13 - 9380. This is the best laptop from Dell for thin and light portable computing.
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Comments • 3 049

  • Cindy Arana
    Cindy Arana 25 minutes ago

    Wish I had the money to buy it, need one for this upcoming semester but looks like I will have to get a $300 laptop

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 5 hours ago

    But is it one of the best ultra portables with money factored in?

  • CraftyFox
    CraftyFox Day ago +1

    When you talk and talk and don't go to the point ..... how not to love it

  • Adeem Mohammed
    Adeem Mohammed Day ago

    Dave on xps: no ports ehhh its ok

  • Adeem Mohammed
    Adeem Mohammed Day ago +1

    Dave looks like an old man when he’s not filming in 5k

  • J Vincent
    J Vincent 3 days ago +1

    THIS is the perfect laptop? Really?

  • Hasan Bteibet
    Hasan Bteibet 5 days ago

    Is the Wi-Fi card still an issue like it was on previous models or did they put a good one in this time?

  • kotha kotireddy
    kotha kotireddy 5 days ago

    Which is good to buy dell xps or dell inspiron 2 in 1

  • A bunny that will chew on your cables

    It looks so sexy it makes me wanna swap my xps 15 for it

  • udom chum
    udom chum 7 days ago

    Hi Dave can u show us how to set up external gpu on laptop

  • Advaita Susarla
    Advaita Susarla 8 days ago

    Do yourself a favor and don’t buy a Dell. Their laptops are shitty and tech support is trash. I have a HP over 10 years old, and a Toshiba approx 5 years old that works better than the XPS. This laptop has problem after problem, they’ve replaced my motherboard twice, I’ve spent about 30 hours on the phone w/ tech support in 6 months. Save your money, you’ve been warned. Donating my POS and gonna use my Toshiba until I have money for a diff laptop. Maybe some of y’all have gotten lucky with your unit and good for all of you. But proceed with caution, Gluck my people.

  • djRS6
    djRS6 8 days ago

    Hey I don't know which laptop to get. The surface 3 13inch or xps 13 inch

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown 8 days ago +8

    The most important question: Is it easy to spin on your finger?

  • See Gotcha
    See Gotcha 8 days ago

    thin bezel is best thing that they catch up bcz screen size to body ratio before sucks .but it doesn't come cheap.

  • Multi Purpose Media
    Multi Purpose Media 9 days ago +4

    you're like a cool engineering professor

  • Haider Arif
    Haider Arif 10 days ago

    I wish to buy. But it's too much expensive

  • M R
    M R 12 days ago

    How's the battery life?

  • shhhpark
    shhhpark 13 days ago

    i think one thing a lot of people aren't mentioning with the 9380 is that they changed the hinge. much easier to open with one hand than previous models

  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari 16 days ago

    Pain in the button

  • Just DO it DO it Now
    Just DO it DO it Now 18 days ago

    Nice review, would you do same after few months use and mention battery life please ;) and compare with FHD please!👍😎

  • Kabel93
    Kabel93 20 days ago +2

    Dave, please review the new XPS 13 2in1 7390

  • Dalmatia Fx
    Dalmatia Fx 21 day ago

    If you're interested in buying this laptop, read my experience with it's 3 year old parent.
    Short review of Dell XPS 13 (9360, 2016) after every day usage for the last 3 years. The laptop is insane, the performance I have today is the same I had the first day. Touchpad is fantastic, keyboard is like new (I type a lot of text and not even a single millimeter of any letter label is missing). Screen is brilliant (Full HD). Fan does turn on sometimes but only when windows forces updating. I still do receive regular driver updates trough Dell Update software which is great! Unfortunately, and in the end that is expected, the battery today has max capacity of 50% it had the first day, which is still good (you can work for few hours or watch movies).
    So considering my experience with the model I bought 3 years ago, if I'm looking for a Windows laptop, I would definitely buy newest XPS. It just can't be any better than this.

  • Aradhya Gupta
    Aradhya Gupta 22 days ago


  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang 22 days ago +4

    I think Macbook Pro is too overrated. I'd go with something like this any day.

  • Nya
    Nya 23 days ago

    I step left to do: beg my mom to buy me one

  • Help please
    Help please 24 days ago

    Now, I want to buy a laptop:
    Hp 15db0002au; AMD dual core e2 9000e; 4GB DDR4; 5000GB HDD.
    Next, I want to replace HDD with 120GB or 240 GB SSD.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Later, I want to add this HDD in place of DVD RW.(Would it be a right decision??)
    Then,can this laptop run MS office and internet **without any problem**??
    Please answer...

  • Secrets Of The World [Anti-Semitism Watch]

    Is it possible for a touch screen to be 4K and anti glare

  • Durlaker One
    Durlaker One 25 days ago

    The port issue is a dealbreaker for me. Another Spectre I guess.....

    • James Yoo
      James Yoo 22 days ago

      I would either go Zenbook or LG Gram

  • DTC
    DTC 25 days ago

    If anyone in Australia wants to buy a brand new one of these with a heavy discount then send me a message! I've been given one but have no use for it

    • Luc
      Luc 23 days ago

      DTC hey im interested

  • Lee Rees
    Lee Rees 25 days ago

    This is a premium laptop in every way, this is why Dell can charge a lot. The fans are barely audible and sound nothing like a regular laptop fan. It's a whisp if that, definitely not a whirring or anything annoying and for normal office use they are silent. I was concerned about getting a 13" screen but setting scaling to 320% makes things easy to read. My only gripe is that it isn't 16:10. If you need that get the XPS 13 2 - in 1. Not seen a 2 in 1 in person but I'd imagine they are probably thicker.

  • Piyush Dhorey
    Piyush Dhorey 26 days ago

    How are you able to play that games on Intel uhd graphics🤔🤔

  • Liston Fermi
    Liston Fermi 26 days ago

    I hate white color

  • JH H
    JH H 28 days ago

    The 1080p panel is not very sharp, but it’s sharp for a 1080p panel, but looks quite sharp. The nice thing having a 4K panel over a 1600x2560 or 1800x3200 is that everything will scale better if you want the extra sharpness. You tend to notice the sharpness of 4K when you look at a lot of text on the screen

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 28 days ago +3

    "It's a pretty good looking image" 😏

  • Juan Aguilar
    Juan Aguilar 29 days ago +1

    Really appreciate how he takes a sensible approach to purchasing a product. Reviewers in every "genre" will complain and go for the most expensive, feature packed options because a lot of the times they don't have to pay for them.

    Most other dudes: "Yeah you can't do anything without the upgraded i9 processor and the extra 16gigs of RAM, it's an extra $1500 but its definitely worth it" Referring to a lightweight laptop that'll more than likely just run a Powerpoint as its most stressful application.

    SGT. TRAVELER Month ago

    I pray to have this one.. I ve been using one dell laptop for the past 7 years. it is broken now. As a teacher earning $6 dollars per day in the philippines. this things are just a dream come true, imposible to own something good like this. :)

  • J Cast
    J Cast Month ago

    Best video on the laptop, thanks!

  • adischickl
    adischickl Month ago

    You look like Conrad Ricamora

  • Timothy Wanjohi
    Timothy Wanjohi Month ago

    Should I buy it or not?

  • EmeryAwesome :
    EmeryAwesome : Month ago

    For that price range of course it is.

  • stanislavtihohod
    stanislavtihohod Month ago

    7390 is better. It has 16:10 screen.

  • GallicGarlic
    GallicGarlic Month ago

    Thx for video
    Not sure I agree with your ratings of both screens: 1080p vs 4K

    • GallicGarlic
      GallicGarlic Month ago

      Photographers rate the Matte 1080p (2019 model) as better than the 4K brilliant one and also better than Retina MacBook Pro

  • Attila Varga
    Attila Varga Month ago

    Linus Torvalds uses this

  • Roy Yao
    Roy Yao Month ago

    The only thing they cannot perfect is the windows. These laptops are great for Linux.

  • Liu Ammon
    Liu Ammon Month ago

    Far from perfect.
    It's a copy cat of Mcbook.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Month ago

    Ahhh....still expensive

  • Hila Glam
    Hila Glam Month ago

    There's a newer one though

  • lyric Cook
    lyric Cook Month ago +3

    This is the very best laptop for coder/programmers like me. I love mine.

  • Tech Swag
    Tech Swag Month ago +1

    I don‘t like that you say this is a perfect laptop but you hated Macbooks that have better Quality (Display, hinge, aluminium Unibody, much much better trackpad with force touch. And the batteries on Macbooks are more long-life than that in any windows laptop...

  • ranjan dev
    ranjan dev Month ago

    would you give me one advice. i browse about 20 tabs in chrome, simultaneously opening mozilla, internet explorer and simultaneously running 4-5software? my old laptop can handle @t freezes and is slow in performance. which model laptop will be suitable for me? i mean which laptop can handle multitaksing smoothly and has high speed performance. i dont care cost. i need fast and smooth runnning laptop

  • Morgan Ahmed
    Morgan Ahmed Month ago

    So if i have a flash memory i cant connect it direct without doungle ??????????

  • AuTomaTa
    AuTomaTa Month ago

    This or razer blade stealth ?

  • Sharul Hafiz
    Sharul Hafiz Month ago

    Is the latest 7390 a huge upgrade?

  • ThePr3acher TV
    ThePr3acher TV Month ago +4

    Where did you bought those standing fluorescent light bulbs at your back? I want them!

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis Month ago

    I want to buy a good ultra book for school work, but not one that’s too pricey so I can build a sffpc for more portable gaming

  • Matt Ziggy
    Matt Ziggy Month ago

    You should do a review and bench test of the 9370 and the 7390, so consumers can understand the differences and buy which one that fits their needs.

    PS -- Like that shirt. I have 2 Nixon's. :p

  • Bradley Labra
    Bradley Labra Month ago

    Are you making a review on the 7390🙂

    SARTHAK RANA Month ago

    Can anybody provide me with the link of 1080p model..?

  • Marcelo França
    Marcelo França Month ago +3

    Hey, tell us the best choice in 2019 ultra thin laptops, xps 3 vs surface 2 vs yoga s940 ?

  • Matt Hoffman
    Matt Hoffman Month ago +2

    What laptop does everyone recommend instead then??