HUGE Street Food TOUR in Mexico City! DEEP ADVENTURE into the BEST Street Food in Mexico!

  • Published on Feb 17, 2018
  • We went for a full on Mexican street food tour in Mexico City and discovered the BEST street food! We found a crazy SCORPION salad, an INSANE street food challenge! There was also an amazing Mexican Sandwich, cut in half and covered in a tomato sauce from HEAVEN! It was one of the BEST street food sandwiches I’ve tried. It was cut and prepared super FAST, I was so surprised.
    We also had some amazing Mexican street food beef head tacos covered in a super SPICY and delicious salsa AKA tacos de cabeza!
    We were so lucky to have Eduardo showing us around and taking us to the BEST street food in Mexico City!
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    In this street food tour vlog, Eduardo from La Ruta De Garnacha is taking us for a full on street food tour of Mexico City, even eating scorpions and other strange insects like grasshoppers, ants, and beetles, all covered in lime, salt, and mescal, a true Mexican insect salad!
    The best street food we found in Mexico City, was definitely the cow head tacos and the esquites corn soup with CHICKEN FEET! Both were so TASTY! The beef head tacos AKA tacos de cabeza were incredibly juicy and slightly spicy with fresh home made salsa. Served to hungry travelers to Mexico City, and street food adventure people like us, they really hit the spot!
    We started our street food tour in Mexico in Mexico city, eating a ton of delicious street food in Part 1, 2, and 3 here:
    After filming and eating all of these street foods in Mexico City for part 1 and part 2, we spent another day on a street food adventure trying to eat even more street foods! There are so many famous street foods to try in Mexico City, and in this street food adventure vlog we ate 5!
    In Part 1, 2, and 3, we ate so many delicious foods, like the famous Mexican Street Breakfast Tamales, tons of AMAZING and SPICY tacos, super tasty Mole Poblano in Puebla, and visited a local street food market as well. In Puebla, we tasted a ton of GOD LEVEL street food, and found the most amazing Sandwich NINJA, who had the fastest cutting skills in the world! She cut and prepared the sandwich so fast! It was very delicious as well. She had true super human skill! She had GOD LEVEL skill, her knife skills were so fast and so fun to watch.
    In this episode, The first thing we did was visit a local street in downtown Mexico City, and try the world famous Al Pastor tacos.
    After those amazing Mexican tacos, Eduardo brought us in to a local farmers market where we found the most insane Scorpion and insect salad you’ll ever see!
    After this, we ate a juicy and flavourful sandwich, and then moved on for cow head tacos, and finally ate some corn soup with chicken feet! Mexican street food really is the best!
    Here are the addresses for the locations in this street food vlog:
    1) Pork Al Pastor Tacos with delicious spicy salsa combo - El Huequito Al Pastor Street Stall
    2) INSANE Scorpion Salad Challenge - inside the San Juan Market in Mexico City
    3) JUICY and Amazing Mexican Sandwich, Kind of like a torta - El Plaladero de Guadalajara
    4) Super delicious cow head tacos AKA tacos de cabeza at Tacos Lolita, CDMX
    5) Esquites corn and chicken soup with Chicken feet - Los Esquites Con Tuetano
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food as I can .
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  7 months ago +433

    HUGE Thank you to Eduardo from La Ruta De la Garnacha for showing us the craziest food in Mexico City! You gotta check out his TVclip channel here: We had the most amazing day full of street food, like SCORPION salad and more, I can’t believe we ate it! Would you try a scorpion salad? I’m absolutely loving the street food here in Mexico! We have more videos coming up soon, then we’re going back to China to film and eat more in China for a month or so and then we will see! Also, TAI HAO LE MERCH is STILL AVAILABLE! I would love to hear from you in the comments below! We are loving the food here in Mexico and can’t wait to shoot and share more of these fun street food videos with you! We are working hard to create good content for you, and trying to improve our videos every day! Thanks so much for watching and being a part of the FoodRangin’ community! And make sure to follow me on Insta for behind the scenes here:

    • Talat Shazad
      Talat Shazad 22 days ago

      The Food Ranger very nice video

    • clickbait 7
      clickbait 7 Month ago

      The Food Ranger How do this people from this amazing videos benefit of what u gain. Nothing. I dont see u put there locations or name of the restaurant or puestos. Or atleast the name of the town or street there located. Your gaining from just eating there food. Give back.

    • Aparna Jammalamadugu
      Aparna Jammalamadugu 4 months ago

      Food ranger come to INDIA and visit our state ANDHRA PRADESH in that NELLORE district u will find many traditional food at my antive place

    • Nestor Figueroa
      Nestor Figueroa 4 months ago

      You've missed the Pozole and Jeriquilla i almost forgot the Tejuino all of them from Guadalajara Jalisco next time u go 2 Mexico try them out.

  • little Draco
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    Texas Cowboy 2 months ago

    You guys are braver than me. I don't think I could try the bug salad or the chicken feet. The tacos looked delicious. I will try them next time I visit Mexico City.

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    RICK G TEXAS 2 months ago


    RICK G TEXAS 2 months ago


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    Regards and hugs for you kids!!!
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