10 Scariest Cases of Sleep Paralysis

  • Published on May 27, 2019
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Comments • 1 858

  • Matthew Santoro
    Matthew Santoro  2 months ago +879

    This was a fan requested topic. Enjoy 😈❤

    • Fortnite world
      Fortnite world 15 days ago

      Dude i've had the #4 when i was at the hospital

    • myeh see men
      myeh see men 16 days ago

      hey just a thought but maybe you should put a disclaimer before your vids for flashing light horror and stuff like that just a thought :)

    • Mr Beast give away Trust Test win 10,000
      Mr Beast give away Trust Test win 10,000 2 months ago +1

      yo i have not Ben on your Chanel for a long time i forgot about you im 13 now gong thro you vids xD keep up the work :D

    • Daniel Suarez
      Daniel Suarez 2 months ago

      You are amazing

    • Thunder Hawk
      Thunder Hawk 2 months ago

      Matthew Santoro i had sleep karela since once and seen a 11 or 12 ft Grim Reaper bent over my fathers bed

  • Daniel Jon
    Daniel Jon 5 hours ago

    You never know what fear really is if you haven’t experienced sleep paralysis

  • klew83
    klew83 4 days ago

    Really after a while it's not what you see or hear that terrifies you, it's that feeling of being trapped in your own body and the panic you feel as you desperately try to wake yourself up. I've been plagued with bouts of sleep paralysis for over 40 years, the hallucinations are nothing, I know they're not real, it's the thought of never coming out of it that keeps me from going back to sleep

  • Zomex Fox
    Zomex Fox 4 days ago

    Im not sure if i had sleep paralysis last night. Last night i woke up but everything seemed gray and i couldn't move or talk and i was like that for 30 minutes but nothing was moving towards me

  • Supriyo Ain
    Supriyo Ain 4 days ago

    I experience sleep paralysis almost every week, it's really awful, to not being able to move yourself in your conciousness, really a very terrific experience!

  • Cael Dereck
    Cael Dereck 5 days ago

    I had a case of sleep paralysis. I was in my bedroom and I started to fall asleep. Thankfully, I had let the lights on. I remember that my arm started moving as I fell asleep, and next thing I know, I have that knowledge that there is an evil witch in my bedroom, and I felt very threatened. I couldn't move, though, no matter how much I tried.
    Thankfully, again, I knew what sleep paralysis was, so I knew what was happening. I managed to remain calm until it was over. Then I jumped off of my bed.
    Not my best memory.

  • Hanz Aaron Perez
    Hanz Aaron Perez 8 days ago

    How are you not scared

  • Hanz Aaron Perez
    Hanz Aaron Perez 8 days ago

    I have experienced the death visits

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14

    Why is sleep paralasis a thing? What you see and hear are so terrifying.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh 9 days ago

    I have had something similar to this happening. I couldn't move my right side of my body from the face down. I felt like I was having Bells Palsy. The right side of my face was swollen and numb and could not move the right side of my mouth. This went on for about a half hour. This continued at a red

  • Krekács Balázs István

    When you're in deep sleep phase your brain only keeps active the parts necessary to stay alive, so the ones responsible for breathing, heartbeat etc. Sience still can't explain why, but it can happen that you wake up and regain conciousness BEFORE your brain switches on the parts responsible for cobtrolling your body. As a result you just lay in the bed unable to move your body. Breathing also feels very hard as during sleep your breathing slows down and in this state your brain still "thinks" your body is sleeping. This happened to me a few times but luckily I had no hallucinations.

  • get this channel to 10,000 subs without any vids

    I remember when it happened to me the first time. I literally just in my head “bruh wake up you stupid brain” and I just woke up.

  • NBA Suave
    NBA Suave 11 days ago +1

    In the first one they should've known that your not suppose to sleep facing a mirror

  • Stephanie Parker
    Stephanie Parker 12 days ago +1

    How is sleep paralysis life-threatening? We going into sleep paralysis every time we go to sleep. Our body does this so it's unable to move and act out our dreams. If you become conscious while in sleep paralysis, your awareness is operating in a nonphysical reality that can instantly manifest by thought. If you wake up in paralysis and you are afraid, you will manifest a not so great experience. If you wake up in sleep paralysis with the intention to astral project and explore consciousness, then your experience will not only be fun but life-changing. Nothing to fear at all.

  • SabertoothMMA _777
    SabertoothMMA _777 12 days ago

    What's the music to this video?

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 13 days ago +1

    That last one was a warning...I think my man might slaughter his whole family.

  • hey lolita hey
    hey lolita hey 14 days ago

    Is the guy in the beginning Tom holland lol?

  • Lixdy -Fortnite
    Lixdy -Fortnite 15 days ago

    Now that I watched this I’m probably going to have sleep paralysis tonight and I don’t know who will help me. I’ve never hade sleep paralysis before so I hope it doesn’t happen.

  • TotoBitz Gaming
    TotoBitz Gaming 15 days ago

    I experienced this as a kid my eyes open and I couldn’t move i screamed calling my mom but i was making no sound i just didn’t know what happen i fell asleep I guess and woke up normal one of the worst experience growing up

  • TechYeti
    TechYeti 15 days ago +2

    One time I was laying in bed while on the phone. I had started to doze off as soon as the person said goodnight. Wanting to say it back, I panicked but couldn't move. As soon as I heard the hang up dial, my eyes shot open, but instead of being in my room, I was laying on a stone bench with candles on the right side of me. The bench was connected to a path that was floating above a dark lake that had fire on it's surface. The sky was a deep red, and I was creeped tf out. I got up, and followed the path to a large rusted iron gate, with a tall black human-shaped shadow in front. Evey time someone asks me what my worst nightmare is or my worst experience with sleep paralysis, this is the only thing I tell them. Still freaks me out and it's been at least 3-4 years

  • Slappin Sillies
    Slappin Sillies 15 days ago +1

    Happens to me once in awhile. Right after I fall asleep "something" wakes me up. Usually a noise from my kitchen. I can't move for a bit. I've never seen anything but I think I have heard things that aren't real, while I can't move. Not voices but pounding or something.

    Holy crap. Its way scarier after I typed it out. Now im terrified. Its gonna happen tonight. 😰

  • The one and only Bob Ross

    I’ve never had sleep paralysis

  • brandon george
    brandon george 16 days ago

    Sleep paralysis only had a bad knock cus people panic and all this negative stuff around it. It can actually be pretty amazing, like it can feel so nice almost like you are on drugs, yea you can’t move but you can lay in a cloud of bliss almost. Don’t get me wrong it can get scary af, I’ve had the shadow people choke me before, tell me they were going to kill me, and others screaming in my face or just standing and starring at me. I’ve learned that if you don’t get scared and tell them to go away they do, if you say it with confidence. You don’t have to say it out loud as you can’t talk, but just say it in your mind and mean it with every part of you.

  • Ever
    Ever 16 days ago

    I've had the same experience as number 2 when I was younger. No words, but HEAVY HEAVY breathing the whole night

  • Mokey O
    Mokey O 16 days ago

    I have had this disorder since I was 15....It is terrifying. I see demon like creatures or shadow figures....ahhhhh!

  • Seven
    Seven 17 days ago +1

    The key to sleep paralysis is to calm down. Whatever you see, hear or feel, ignore it and just close your eyes. The more you force yourself to wake up, the more you won't really wake up. I constantly have sleep paralysis and all I do is calm down. Sometimes I pray "The Lord's Prayer". It helps me calm down. Then I wake up.

  • EzNess Prime
    EzNess Prime 17 days ago +1

    Just to let you all know sleep paralysis is not dangerous to you at all
    It is just an affect that starts when your depressed, stressed, have an anxiety or even how you lay on your bed.
    All it does is scare you and cannot harm your at all.

  • Hayley bourgault
    Hayley bourgault 17 days ago

    I've had sleep paralysis since i was 13, I feel terrible for anyone
    having these, they are no joke, they are frightening as hell!!!
    As I get older they are diminishing somewhat!!!

  • perenelle flamel
    perenelle flamel 18 days ago

    Everyone out there, including Matt, check out John Michael Greer's book "Monsters". It has an extensive discussion about the phenomenon called "hagging". It's a very common form of psychic attack by an evil non-human entity, including a discussion of the phenomenon called "SUNDS", a phenomenon that claimed many lives of a Laotian tribe called the Hmong who came from the area of Laos and had their traditional protections disturbed upon immigrating to the US after the Vietnam War. (There is also a chapter on formerly-human vampires as such.) I just had an experience like these listed here just a few nights ago, when I had a disturbing nightmare of sleep paralysis and the sensation of a monster pulling on my arm!

  • Linda Vu
    Linda Vu 18 days ago

    Matthew should do a part two with the top 10 fan sleep paralysis stories

  • Nuclear Winter
    Nuclear Winter 18 days ago

    My mom used to have sleep paralysis over a decade ago. She would feel a force pressing down on her chest, and couldn’t breathe or move. Suddenly, the weight would be lifted, and she would be gasping for air. Then she would look out the window and see a tree branch unnaturally waving at her, just like a human hand.

  • Gustavo Renteria
    Gustavo Renteria 18 days ago +1

    I’m probably never gonna sleep again

  • Blackwater Heart
    Blackwater Heart 18 days ago

    Wow. This is one of the scariest videos to me since its happened to me before and is a very real feeling of horror that I can remember when watching.

  • Capitol Steez
    Capitol Steez 20 days ago

    This is why I sleep on on my stomach

  • amber thompson
    amber thompson 21 day ago

    I have the scream one it’s so scary

  • 24 kiloG
    24 kiloG 22 days ago +1

    Happened to me a few times not a fun thing to have

  • big Z
    big Z 22 days ago

    When I was 7 I had sleep paralysis. I saw a girl the same age as me standing in the doorway, I was terrified but couldn’t move or scream. The creepiest part is that when I got older I learned I was supposed to have a twin but it didn’t make it

  • Riley Cole
    Riley Cole 23 days ago

    I've been waiting for this video for so long!

  • Dulo Ciskela
    Dulo Ciskela 23 days ago

    Did anyone experience a sleep paralysis while not in bed?? I mean IRL you are in your bed, sleeping, but in your dream you aren't? This happened to me a few weeks back and I got so scared because I didn't realise that it was a paralysis so I couldn't wake myself up...

  • gfurself xxx
    gfurself xxx 23 days ago

    Ive had way too many to mention. But the last 2 : i thought i had woke up, but couldnt open my bedroom door, several tries later and unable to shake these false awakenings i slid down onto the floor with my back n head against the door, i then heard typical creepy kid giggling, a hand reached through the door and started stroking my hair, its breathing was raspy and frightning, as it stroked my hair harder it began to dig its nails in that quickly turned to long sharp talons. A few weeks later a had a lodger move in, she is tiny and has ptsd so her breathing is dry, her laugh is horrible, i discovered i dont really like her. Anyway, i was just dropping off when i felt someone get into bed next to me, shuffle over and hug me from the back, was breathing raspy, i thought it was my lodger drunk so i 3 times i flung her arm off and told her to get out, eventually i heard a tut and she got out of my bed. I went straight to her bedroom to have it out with her, after posting what she had done on fb coz i was crazy annoyed. She hadnt even come home...i was convinced she came back then left again very early n returned, she looked at me like i was crazy. Been having episodes both awake, half awake and false awakenings since i was a tiny child, some Sooo terrifying!

  • casino0185
    casino0185 23 days ago

    Well, I am not going to bed this week...

  • diamond man
    diamond man 24 days ago

    Mine happens at random moments during the day i freeze up and see demons

  • InGaming pc
    InGaming pc 24 days ago

    my mom has had this happen to her

  • Dave Castillo
    Dave Castillo 24 days ago

    I experience most of these on a nightly basis, is it not normal??

  • Natalie white
    Natalie white 24 days ago +2

    *the cuddling demon* (if was on WATTPAD)
    Demon- "not ready yet. You are not ready yet"
    User- "oh yeah daddy!! When will I be ready?!!! Take me, not her, take me"
    Demon- *breathes in*
    User- "(xox) so sexy!!!!! Where can I buy him?!!!!!"

  • Possum Boy
    Possum Boy 24 days ago

    Maybe the cuddling demon was just ready to take their relationship to the next level

  • Ann Lawson
    Ann Lawson 25 days ago

    I once had sleep paralysis, and wanna know what the demon said?

    Read More

  • RainbowVideoFX
    RainbowVideoFX 25 days ago

    Sleep paralysis requires a mental condition, i don't have it.

  • KD Aion
    KD Aion 25 days ago +1

    you need to increase the sound of your videos by about 30%, is hard to hear from far without headphones, is better to leave it on a higher sound and let viewers manage it afterwards

  • Claiza Silubrico
    Claiza Silubrico 27 days ago

    It happened to me once, I can't remember a lot of it now but I was really terrified, I didn't know what to do so I recited "Our Father". That's what I've been doing whenever I get bad dreams, because most of the time I was conscious. lol

  • Barbara Rodriguez
    Barbara Rodriguez 27 days ago

    I have sleep paralysis a few times a year, I can tell when it's going to happen and it's usually when I'm trying to fall asleep, I see and hear things but the hallucinations are mostly auditory. One of the scariest times was when I was dreaming seeing myself in bed with a tall black thing at the end of the bed and as I saw it drag my body by my leg down toward the end of the bed it actually happened in real life and I woke up after this. My body felt numb and I was unable to move the entire time. I hear mostly demon voices. There are many accounts.

  • Queen Panda
    Queen Panda 27 days ago +2

    I never knew how horrible sleep paralysis is cause I never wake up in the middle of the night I’m a very heavy sleeper but damn that horrible feel bad for people who have to deal with that

  • Andrew Guerra
    Andrew Guerra 29 days ago +1

    I hate sleep paralysis! Makes me never want to sleep again.

  • Michael Chouest
    Michael Chouest Month ago +1

    I used to suffer from this. My first episode of this was utterly horrific i was 8 at the time. It was around 6am I had just awoken i was on my back for some reason and i couldn't move. I could barely move my eyes I then saw a dark cloaked figure with no face legs or arms floating towards my bed to my exact location. It faded to nonthingness about 3 inches away from my bed. After i still couldn't move for about 30 more minuets but my lower legs felt like burning gel. I wanted to scream so badly but i couldn't. It wasn't until about 9am that I had gathered enough courage to sit up and go to the living room. This happened to me at least 4 more times but i wasn't as scared because it was so predictable. It would walk up to me and vanish. The last time was the most memorable. I awoke at around 3am to see at least 5 of these cloaked apparitions standing outside my door frame about 8 feet away. They all were looking at me. I was in a cold sweat my bed was soaked from my cold sweat from the intense fear. It felt like pain. They all then walked away after about 5 minuets and i didn't sleep that night. I am now traumatized and my sleep schedule has been messed up because of this. I feel secure sleeping with my cat and watching netflix under the covers helps too. I always look over my shoulder and every corner. I am still so paranoid. 7 years later and it still haunts me.

  • J Angel
    J Angel Month ago

    Very much enjoy your vids and covered topics.

  • Cristian Yanez
    Cristian Yanez Month ago +1

    When I was younger like 5 or 6 ish I uses to get sleep paralysis almost everynight. I would always see and old woman on a rocking chair who was always humming

  • Trinity McLane
    Trinity McLane Month ago +1

    My first sleep paralysis happened yesterday and it was a skinny donkey with my dogs head and it was yelling at me saying "GET OUT OF MY SWAMP" in Shrek's voice

  • Jaydon Muscato
    Jaydon Muscato Month ago

    I am watching this at night. Why am I doing this to myself. Am scared send help

  • Lillian Bodin
    Lillian Bodin Month ago

    Ew scary

  • Arturo Figueroa
    Arturo Figueroa Month ago +1

    I think I have two type of sleep paralysis. The first one is I can't move but nothing happens no demon no figure I just be still waiting for paralysis to go away. The second I see figures or see family members go to my room but somehow I know is not them but I'm able to move like punch them or fly to ceiling unvoluntarily.

  • DWMSnIpez
    DWMSnIpez Month ago

    I had sleep paralysis and saw what appeared to be 5-9 hooded figures circled around me. They had on black clokes and they had red eyes. I "woke up" and they were gone. I then heard a bang outside my house and looked out my window. I saw a cloked person with red eyes.

  • K L
    K L Month ago

    I honestly think I've had some sleep paralysis experiences. I may be wrong, but there are a few times in the past few months where I'm awake, but I can't move or open my eyes

  • Carlos
    Carlos Month ago

    I don’t know if this is sleep paralysis but I wake up some times scared and hearing things I can move but i don’t know what I is

  • Taylor Bryant
    Taylor Bryant Month ago

    Keep the creepy videos coming please!!

  • EmilyB3690
    EmilyB3690 Month ago

    I've had a lot of experiences with this, unfortunately. It's horrific. I can't even open my eyes during my cases, but I'm watching my dream-self desperately trying to pry their closed eyes open. The dreams are always different, but end in the same way each time. After I'm finally able to snap my eyes open in reality, I still can't move my body for about a minute or so and I still feel as if I'm in a twilight sleep, caught between the dream realm and the real world.

  • ivan ivanov
    ivan ivanov Month ago

    Number 7...it happens to me very often with the difference that I don’t see random creatures but my room is darker that it actually is :( and I feel pain or my body electrifying...I scream I hear my self screaming for help and saying the name of my girlfriend but when it’s all over and I look at my girlfriend is like nothing happened...when I tell her what happens to me she do not believe me :(

  • 23Michael Paul32
    23Michael Paul32 Month ago

    Sleep paralysis is when a person s conscious/soul separates from their body. It happens to most ppl whom eventually astral project instead.ive had sleep paralysis many times until a few years back when i had an astral experience..

  • The-danish-boy -dude

    “The next one is spider show” yeah nah I’m gone🚪🚶🏻‍♂️

  • rene reynoso
    rene reynoso Month ago +1

    My 2 experiences were scarier than half of these😂but the witch one is scary asf

  • sick J
    sick J Month ago +2

    Think about porn so it will become hot asf.

  • Fabrique En Chine
    Fabrique En Chine Month ago

    The feeling of being asphyxiated during SP is the most horrific thing you can imagine.

  • tushar kumar
    tushar kumar Month ago

    Need some science and space related video......... mystery ?

  • IceyPie
    IceyPie Month ago

    "It was his own"

    *video abruptly ends*

  • Sean ;D
    Sean ;D Month ago +1

    I will never sleep again

  • Flawless Content
    Flawless Content Month ago

    OMG I had one about Spongebob and he turned and ran I woke and I told my brother and he asked me what happened, we looked and the Painting was some how knocked off the wall