10 Scariest Cases of Sleep Paralysis

  • Published on May 27, 2019
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Comments • 1 911

  • Matthew Santoro
    Matthew Santoro  6 months ago +898

    This was a fan requested topic. Enjoy 😈❤

    • token the gamer
      token the gamer 3 months ago

      Holy crap who ever did send this than thank you for a great nightmare

    • Joel Melendez
      Joel Melendez 4 months ago

      Dude i've had the #4 when i was at the hospital

    • myeh see men
      myeh see men 4 months ago

      hey just a thought but maybe you should put a disclaimer before your vids for flashing light horror and stuff like that just a thought :)

    • Mr Beast give away Trust Test win 10,000
      Mr Beast give away Trust Test win 10,000 5 months ago +1

      yo i have not Ben on your Chanel for a long time i forgot about you im 13 now gong thro you vids xD keep up the work :D

    • Daniel Suarez
      Daniel Suarez 5 months ago

      You are amazing

  • A Abdo
    A Abdo 8 days ago

    i had a simler experience like the 2nd one. But i felt someone was holding my arms down. when i was able to turn my whole body slowly i saw an ugly demon. It felt like a dream but i was paralysed but able to fight it by moving my whole body around.

  • Willa Wolfe
    Willa Wolfe 11 days ago

    An explanation for the battery acid dream and the taste of it lingering after they woke could be acid reflux. That can also have a burning sensation accompanying it.

  • Annixa Herrera
    Annixa Herrera 16 days ago

    U posted this on my bday!!! Thanks handsome weirdo

  • Husky Playz
    Husky Playz 19 days ago

    Are you Shane Dawson's bald brother?

  • Candie, A normal gachatuber

    There was one time I had sleep paralysis
    Brace yourself.
    So I was on the top bed of my bunk bed and my sis was on the bottom bed. My dream was inserted into real life so I just saw a sausage come in and was being annoying. Then my sis said "hold on." Got up, and took the sausage into the kitchen. I could hear a pot bubbling and then I just heard the sausage SCREAMING. Like it was so high pitched! I couldn't move, my ears were ringing. After a few seconds of hell right there, I woke up. So it was kind of weird....

  • Matteo Garibaldi
    Matteo Garibaldi 22 days ago

    this is why I wear eyepads

  • Spider Spider
    Spider Spider Month ago

    I think I might of had it once. I didn’t get any sleep one night, so I took a nap. When I woke up I found I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I could sense somthing crawling on me.... i can’t explain it, it’s like trying to explain the color blue to someone born blind. It seemed to bite me, and then I woke up in a different room. What happened?

  • Azura edits
    Azura edits Month ago

    I had a sleep paralysis episode where i saw a stuffed animal moving by itself right next to me,,I was so freaked out,i managed to struggle myself out of paralysis and move my hand to push the bear off-Turns out,it was my cat that my brain projected the hallucination to 💀

  • Michael J. Sherman
    Michael J. Sherman Month ago

    Boy this type of dreaming truly sucks. .I don't think I'll ever experience that again. .

  • Karla Ramirez
    Karla Ramirez Month ago

    During one of my sleep paralysis episodes. I saw ghost staring at my mom while she slept outside her bedroom door.

  • Dr. Monika Priya
    Dr. Monika Priya Month ago

    I suffered from sleep paralysis 2 years ago...case no. 2,3,6,7,8 happened with me too...though not fully similar....it stayed wid me for about 4 and half years...it was horrifying...it transformed me ..now i feel brave!...i wish some one to listen to my story and broadcast it.

  • Complicated Complications

    I remember 2 times when I had similar experiences to sleep paralysis. The first time I was around 7 years old or so, I woke up to see the light from the tv shining down the hall to my room door and saw some pitch black lady like person on top of me and I swung at it and it ran away and vanished. The second time was earlier this year where I woke up to my tv in front of me playing a random video and I saw a huge ass moth flying in my room and I tried to grab it. The weird thing about these are that I could move but only move my right arm and head.

  • Justin Rasco
    Justin Rasco Month ago

    Was the first story about someone who doesn’t use pronouns?????

  • Jason Juneau
    Jason Juneau Month ago

    Every time I've felt sleep paralysis is when I was lucid dreaming, but It was never scary to me. It always felt like I couldn't move, but if I concentrated enough, I could always get out of paralysis.

  • wolfshield x
    wolfshield x Month ago

    this happened to me. i was alseep but heard a voice in my left ear that said, " isnt it amazing?". after i heard this, i was awake but frozen instantly, my entire face was almost numb i couldnt make facial expressions at all. i could only think and hear with my ears and terrified because i felt like something was behind me but i couldnt move, couldnt open my mouth, couldnt open my eyes, all i could do was think about screaming. then it was like it suddenly left or let me go and my mouth and eyes opened.

  • Meki Thomas
    Meki Thomas Month ago

    It happened to me many many times it is very very scary 😯🙁

  • Livingdoll
    Livingdoll Month ago

    It wasn't a witch, it was a hag... Trust me.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K Month ago

    All ways have a Bible.
    No Reflections of yourself .
    Have a Flashlight .
    Lock your windows.
    Close your door.
    Clean your bedroom ,or if you are not clean know your bedroom.
    Don't stay up to 05:00.
    Don't go to sleep with Madness
    Don't eat to much Acid foods , or Drinks before bed Very little Alcohol, and Tomato sauce ,and Coffee.
    Remember your Bed.
    No Horror movies after 22:00 (10 minute TVclip videos are ok)
    No Video game after 02:30
    Take care of yourself including going to the bathroom and taking your medication ( legal pills from a Good Family Doctor).
    Know your Clothes, and know your Toys.
    Have different Colors don't limit your self to the Gender Color Normal.

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K Month ago

    I don't keep Glass in my Bedroom no longer because you Reflection is more Dangerous than your Shadow.
    One is your backwards self the other is a Copy.
    To have a Reflection of your Shadow is even more creepy .

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K Month ago

    I saw shadow people : one was a 👷🏻‍♂️ , a nother was a Cowboy , the 3rd one a Native American ,and the Darkest one a 🧙🏻‍♀️
    I had Magical Animals (not seen with my eyes): Cats , Dogs, Mice ,Bugs, Insects, and Mythical creature in my Bedroom.
    In my Bedroom I had to fight off Demons .
    I allso visited 5 to 12 different Earth like worlds.

  • Glitchy88
    Glitchy88 Month ago

    Sound more like schizophrenia than sleep paralysis, I've never heard of sleep paralysis making you see and feel things.

  • Cupcake Cas
    Cupcake Cas Month ago

    I have issues with this and sleep apnia and nightmares so bad most people wouldnt be able to handle it.
    I am now so tired all the time because sleep is terrifying to me. And now I have the worst insomnia ever. Only about 1-2 full houra of sleep per night untill I can take a nap in the morning light. (Which is better than the dark)

  • Kalell121
    Kalell121 Month ago

    Maybe Bieber is that entity deep inside after all...

  • Anthony Egginton
    Anthony Egginton 2 months ago

    I once saw the clown from it in my bedroom window, pitcher a clown on the other side of the road looking at you but your at a window on the 2nd floor

  • Gabe Sasala
    Gabe Sasala 2 months ago

    I’m so glad I caught this before bed ☺️

  • GOKU 1
    GOKU 1 2 months ago +1


  • Spider Spider
    Spider Spider 2 months ago

    Justin Bieber and reptile from mortal kombat....

    There the same creature

  • PantiesGoneWild
    PantiesGoneWild 2 months ago

    i remember having sleep paralysis all the time as a kid
    but nothing scary, just could see the real world but to everyone, im asleep, even watched full movie with them while having sleep paralysis, it all stopped onced i moved to new home

  • Ramen Pranks
    Ramen Pranks 2 months ago

    this was a mistake

  • Kaylim Z
    Kaylim Z 2 months ago

    Stop saying "They" when referring to somebody, it is either 'He' or 'She'.

  • Ghebrealif Asefa
    Ghebrealif Asefa 2 months ago

    I have this

  • Rexana Wong
    Rexana Wong 2 months ago

    the first one, if ur bed faces the mirror, ur gonna die. Idk this is just something Asian parents/ grandparents say.

  • omar _Always a g
    omar _Always a g 2 months ago

    Can you make top 10 scary cases of animal ghosts?

  • omar _Always a g
    omar _Always a g 2 months ago

    I used to have sleep paralysis But never saw anybody
    Or did i?

  • Tennessee Dipper00
    Tennessee Dipper00 3 months ago

    He should do one of hypic jerks

  • MadHalo2009
    MadHalo2009 3 months ago

    What freeks me out is number 2 something similar happen to me some sort of demon was lying beside me coulnt see it but could feel it breath on my neck and it felt so real but that about it and then i awoke had sleep parysis a good view times in my life and not to jinx it but not had in months to probably a year now wich is good but that was the first time something had happen usaly i just see about my room nothing there and can't move or shout

  • Ronal Heareyes
    Ronal Heareyes 3 months ago

    Ive had sleep paralysis so much me and the old hag are best friends

  • Arnold Guisa
    Arnold Guisa 3 months ago

    From all my sleep paralysis I never seen an alien, ghost, mothman, chewman, bobman or even shadow people all I seen was a medium 6X9 white blanket just standing next to me on a 70 degree angle without any wind moving it or any noise. I was like wtf is this all about? And I’ve seen the same white blanket 3 times and wondering what it means lol

  • Evan Buttle
    Evan Buttle 3 months ago

    I had it it was juice world in my room and then he shot xxxtentacion

  • Cara Buck
    Cara Buck 3 months ago

    one night, My husband was at work and my son was at church, I fell asleep on my couch when I woke I couldn't move, I heard a man quoting what sounded like a exorcism and another voice that sounded like a demonic voice laughing. Was it real or just a dream? That would be your opinion

  • Daniel Jon
    Daniel Jon 3 months ago +2

    You never know what fear really is if you haven’t experienced sleep paralysis

  • klew83
    klew83 3 months ago

    Really after a while it's not what you see or hear that terrifies you, it's that feeling of being trapped in your own body and the panic you feel as you desperately try to wake yourself up. I've been plagued with bouts of sleep paralysis for over 40 years, the hallucinations are nothing, I know they're not real, it's the thought of never coming out of it that keeps me from going back to sleep

  • Zomex Fox
    Zomex Fox 3 months ago

    Im not sure if i had sleep paralysis last night. Last night i woke up but everything seemed gray and i couldn't move or talk and i was like that for 30 minutes but nothing was moving towards me

  • Supriyo Ain
    Supriyo Ain 3 months ago

    I experience sleep paralysis almost every week, it's really awful, to not being able to move yourself in your conciousness, really a very terrific experience!

  • Cael Dereck
    Cael Dereck 3 months ago

    I had a case of sleep paralysis. I was in my bedroom and I started to fall asleep. Thankfully, I had let the lights on. I remember that my arm started moving as I fell asleep, and next thing I know, I have that knowledge that there is an evil witch in my bedroom, and I felt very threatened. I couldn't move, though, no matter how much I tried.
    Thankfully, again, I knew what sleep paralysis was, so I knew what was happening. I managed to remain calm until it was over. Then I jumped off of my bed.
    Not my best memory.

  • Hanz Aaron Perez
    Hanz Aaron Perez 3 months ago

    How are you not scared

  • Hanz Aaron Perez
    Hanz Aaron Perez 3 months ago

    I have experienced the death visits

  • Mopp Empire v0rt3x14
    Mopp Empire v0rt3x14 3 months ago

    Why is sleep paralasis a thing? What you see and hear are so terrifying.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh 3 months ago

    I have had something similar to this happening. I couldn't move my right side of my body from the face down. I felt like I was having Bells Palsy. The right side of my face was swollen and numb and could not move the right side of my mouth. This went on for about a half hour. This continued at a red

  • Krekács Balázs István

    When you're in deep sleep phase your brain only keeps active the parts necessary to stay alive, so the ones responsible for breathing, heartbeat etc. Sience still can't explain why, but it can happen that you wake up and regain conciousness BEFORE your brain switches on the parts responsible for cobtrolling your body. As a result you just lay in the bed unable to move your body. Breathing also feels very hard as during sleep your breathing slows down and in this state your brain still "thinks" your body is sleeping. This happened to me a few times but luckily I had no hallucinations.

  • get this channel to 10,000 subs without any vids

    I remember when it happened to me the first time. I literally just in my head “bruh wake up you stupid brain” and I just woke up.

  • NBA Suave
    NBA Suave 3 months ago +1

    In the first one they should've known that your not suppose to sleep facing a mirror

  • Stephanie Parker
    Stephanie Parker 4 months ago +1

    How is sleep paralysis life-threatening? We going into sleep paralysis every time we go to sleep. Our body does this so it's unable to move and act out our dreams. If you become conscious while in sleep paralysis, your awareness is operating in a nonphysical reality that can instantly manifest by thought. If you wake up in paralysis and you are afraid, you will manifest a not so great experience. If you wake up in sleep paralysis with the intention to astral project and explore consciousness, then your experience will not only be fun but life-changing. Nothing to fear at all.

  • Saber _777
    Saber _777 4 months ago

    What's the music to this video?

  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 4 months ago +1

    That last one was a warning...I think my man might slaughter his whole family.

  • holly wood
    holly wood 4 months ago

    Is the guy in the beginning Tom holland lol?

  • Gil’s Vlogss
    Gil’s Vlogss 4 months ago

    Now that I watched this I’m probably going to have sleep paralysis tonight and I don’t know who will help me. I’ve never hade sleep paralysis before so I hope it doesn’t happen.

  • TotoBitz Gaming
    TotoBitz Gaming 4 months ago

    I experienced this as a kid my eyes open and I couldn’t move i screamed calling my mom but i was making no sound i just didn’t know what happen i fell asleep I guess and woke up normal one of the worst experience growing up

  • TechYeti
    TechYeti 4 months ago +2

    One time I was laying in bed while on the phone. I had started to doze off as soon as the person said goodnight. Wanting to say it back, I panicked but couldn't move. As soon as I heard the hang up dial, my eyes shot open, but instead of being in my room, I was laying on a stone bench with candles on the right side of me. The bench was connected to a path that was floating above a dark lake that had fire on it's surface. The sky was a deep red, and I was creeped tf out. I got up, and followed the path to a large rusted iron gate, with a tall black human-shaped shadow in front. Evey time someone asks me what my worst nightmare is or my worst experience with sleep paralysis, this is the only thing I tell them. Still freaks me out and it's been at least 3-4 years