EXTREME GLOW UP TRANSFORMATION (wOw shocking results...doctors hate her) | JENerationDIY

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • 0 to 10 transformation challenge ❉
    hellooo y'all. thank you for clicking on this video to witness my *miraculous* and *time consuming* physical transformation. It did take me a hefty 20 hours to edit this video so I hope you guys enjoy the extra editing touches.
    This video is definitely inspire by Haley Pham and Maiphammy so shoutout to my asian sisters

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  • Art Girl
    Art Girl Day ago

    #instgrambaddie 😂

  • Toni Medrano
    Toni Medrano 3 days ago

    beauty is pain

  • Jaime Chandler
    Jaime Chandler 5 days ago

    I liked when she said 'I am SNAPE'

  • Kaptin
    Kaptin 7 days ago

    eh i liked how you looked at the start you looked fine. but you do look nice at the end too. anyways have a wounderful day and remeber your beutiful you dont need to change a thing!

  • RMK 1
    RMK 1 12 days ago

    I love you Jen but I get disturbed when you stick your thong out please no one come for me

  • jeafaith seguisabal
    jeafaith seguisabal 18 days ago

    tbh you look Mulan ♥

  • Selee Min
    Selee Min 18 days ago

    this is supperrr late but anyone know where she got here eyelash extensions??

  • Renee Cupcake
    Renee Cupcake 21 day ago

    shes actually hilarious

  • Beauty Dragon
    Beauty Dragon 24 days ago +2

    U literally look like Mulan

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey 25 days ago

    you're the best

  • ebaa Al hajj
    ebaa Al hajj 26 days ago +3

    'recently I've been loving puting on blush cuz it makes me feel more alive cuz I'm kind of dead from the inside'

    Makes sense;-)

  • Ghanshyam Dubey
    Ghanshyam Dubey 29 days ago +1

    The curly hightited hair looks perfect on you

  • Ghanshyam Dubey
    Ghanshyam Dubey 29 days ago

    Your final look looks really amazing

  • Weird Arcade
    Weird Arcade Month ago

    “Pits up ladies am I right!!!” Hahahahahah

  • rOnJa
    rOnJa Month ago

    oh gurl u look gorgeousssssss

  • Little Bakes
    Little Bakes Month ago +1

    I love your haircut and hair so much! It’s so pretty! It’s what inspired me to cut off half of my hair ❤️😄

  • Wildlife Lover123
    Wildlife Lover123 Month ago

    *wears tee shirt* I need to glow up *wears cute shirt*

  • Alex Nobles
    Alex Nobles Month ago

    Girl fuck it you’re cute no matter what :)

  • Jes L.
    Jes L. Month ago

    You in the dressing room is me

  • mysterious eyeball
    mysterious eyeball Month ago +1

    u look like mulan when you dont have makeup on. just saying bit its crazy how much you look like her and that is a compliment bc ur pretty

  • Razan Zantout
    Razan Zantout Month ago

    She's The Best TVclip *drops mike*

  • Natasha Wilkie
    Natasha Wilkie Month ago

    Am I the only one who can’t see how on earth she looks like one of those trees from the Lorax?

  • Piseth Gau
    Piseth Gau Month ago


  • Kiia Kahiluoto
    Kiia Kahiluoto Month ago

    you look like Mulan.😍❤️

  • Joanna M
    Joanna M Month ago

    When you were talking about the fact that you don’t exfoliate your skin, a commercial pops up about exfoliating skin 😂

  • Jenah Borhot
    Jenah Borhot Month ago


  • Gabija
    Gabija Month ago


  • Gabija
    Gabija Month ago

    You look amazing

  • Marvel Mijokovic
    Marvel Mijokovic Month ago

    She's amazing and so god damn funny! xD love her

  • luiza.l.l.l
    luiza.l.l.l Month ago

    "Pits up, ladies" *actually rising my hands, then put them down awkwardly

  • Kalyani Rao
    Kalyani Rao Month ago

    your videos genuinely make me smile :')

  • Kalyani Rao
    Kalyani Rao Month ago

    wow the cutest human ever who would've thought

  • Rachel S.
    Rachel S. Month ago

    Parks and Rec fans only: this is basically treat yo self 2019 😂

  • ooofly
    ooofly Month ago

    oh wow this was posted on my birthday. i’m now realizing it’s already been 3 months. wait wtf okay

  • rhEa man
    rhEa man Month ago

    So she blurred the face at 1:40 but what happened at 2:02 girl?

  • Rhyce Mckenzie Gammad

    You look like Mulan while Mushu's feeding her.

  • Sirleutnant Akumari

    You look just like Mulan and also that u cut your hair from so long to short... I can’t

  • Mel Xoxo
    Mel Xoxo Month ago

    Yes sis 👌🥰

  • Ysabel’s Unicorn and Mermaid channel

    Your nail colour is pearl

  • Ysabel’s Unicorn and Mermaid channel

    Why don’t you to color your hair

  • hejMALIBU
    hejMALIBU 2 months ago

    Your eyebrows look amazing snyway

  • Cherish Howard
    Cherish Howard 2 months ago

    Please tell me where you got that outfit from or send me a link to it!

  • Radwi Bouk
    Radwi Bouk 2 months ago

    A Disney channel serie (if u didn't know)😀🖒

  • Radwi Bouk
    Radwi Bouk 2 months ago

    When she had no makeup she looked like frankie from bizardbark

  • Moonx Star
    Moonx Star 2 months ago

    8:32 "one of them might be adobted"

  • An Truong
    An Truong 2 months ago +4

    6:26 me when im doing something im not supposed to and i hear footsteps

  • Ashritha Simhadri
    Ashritha Simhadri 2 months ago

    anyone knows where her heels are from?

  • Madison
    Madison 2 months ago

    “ I feel like a peasant girl, but it feels like pajamas “ *opens legs* 😂😂😂 had me dying over here.

  • Spread Love
    Spread Love 2 months ago +4

    You sound like Frankie from Bizardvark!
    ( P.S. I mean this as a complement I love you and your voice!!!!! )

    Also you are honestly gorgeous with or with out the makeover!!

  • nandini manjunath
    nandini manjunath 2 months ago

    Sorry to tell you look more pretty before cutting your hairs but now this hair style its doesn't suits you

  • Juli Patnayak
    Juli Patnayak 2 months ago

    You look like... my friend named Rachel..

  • pfannkuchen Einhorn
    pfannkuchen Einhorn 2 months ago

    how did that little bulp let me feel like I have to like this vid?

  • Mbleb oobers
    Mbleb oobers 2 months ago

    i pluck it pluck it pluck, pluck, pluck, pluck

    loove the song

  • Yolandi
    Yolandi 2 months ago

    you are beautiful

  • Marie Clemens22
    Marie Clemens22 2 months ago

    i love this sm

  • Tiffany Valentine
    Tiffany Valentine 2 months ago

    The beauty in this video is too much for me . Unbearable in fact 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • KrazyKat0330
    KrazyKat0330 2 months ago

    did anyone else notice that when she did the awkward counts, she used the sound from roblox flee the faculty?

  • - a e s t h e t i c g a c h a -

    I am Snape...
    - Jennifer
    I am Hermoine???
    - Me

  • ßrøôklyñ vêstål
    ßrøôklyñ vêstål 2 months ago +2

    I am sister shook! You look amazing this is the first time I've watched one of your videos. Now I'm gonna try to be bootiful😂


  • Ilda Qehaja
    Ilda Qehaja 2 months ago

    you always glow❤️🌻🌎