Trump Destroyed by Comedian Hasan Minhaj at 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner


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  • The Daily Conversation
    The Daily Conversation  4 months ago +2461

    Stop Trump by VOTING!!!

  • Anthony J.
    Anthony J. 4 hours ago

    Can this get any more SJW ?
    The whole liberal world and the whole self-loathing Whites and every anti-White and anti-Christianity degenerate is fighting Trump, because he is deconstruction what the NWO has being building all those years.
    Employment has never been this high in the US since Trump took office.
    He is the only president of the world-wide to have ended the North Korean war, because when Trump threatened NK, Kim knew Trump meant serious.
    Trump doesn't want all of the third world misery flooding in the US, thriving of crime and leaching of taxpayers, what a [insert any classic insult the left uses, as "racist", "xenophobe", "supremacist", "Hitler-like"...].

  • DoTz
    DoTz 4 hours ago

    7:12 This is how would Michale Jackosn look if he were a girl

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper 4 hours ago

    tough crowd...

  • Jonathan Gustafson
    Jonathan Gustafson 4 hours ago

    I got up and voted. That was hard for me, but I did it.

  • Hetys
    Hetys 5 hours ago

    Orange man bad

  • El Chico
    El Chico 5 hours ago

    This video would be better if he was actually funny.

  • Galaxy Gemstones
    Galaxy Gemstones 5 hours ago +1

    "Enough with house Slytherin" Don't associate us with THEM!

  • Nadine Hassan
    Nadine Hassan 6 hours ago

    Brother Hasan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Sama Keup
    Sama Keup 6 hours ago

    Omg imagine that room filled with non-americans, we wouldn't even be able to hear the guy, so loud everyone would laugh. 😂😂

  • Antaya Fairless
    Antaya Fairless 7 hours ago

    Why is he so handsome, funny, and smart? Comedians are more honest than politicians lol

  • izoyt
    izoyt 7 hours ago

    best speech america will ever have..

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 7 hours ago

    Trump is probably one of the worst things to happen to America. Not the worst but one of them.

  • Nix Dominus
    Nix Dominus 7 hours ago

    man, please tell me he actually went for "Nazi Steve Bannon" when he started 'cannot see Steve Bannoono'

  • Maha Bharath
    Maha Bharath 7 hours ago

    He is over acting and not genuine. He sucks just his fellow muzzies.

  • Sam V.
    Sam V. 7 hours ago

    Trump 2020 baby! 😊

  • Rich G
    Rich G 8 hours ago

    This loser must have been in a dirty mud puddle in India when Trump was roasted the first time... now in the country illegally he thinks he is special...

  • Vetrel Smith
    Vetrel Smith 8 hours ago

    I like this guy he is smart and funny and relevant and cute too.

  • Noti Fawkes
    Noti Fawkes 8 hours ago

    AC/DC wrote a song about this guy. BIG BALLS

  • Noti Fawkes
    Noti Fawkes 8 hours ago

    He mentioned bombing, it pans to a woman with a head scarf. How racist

  • Tereza Rozálie Dohnalová

    ladies and gentlemen....... ninki minjaj

  • Jj Raia
    Jj Raia 8 hours ago

    He got balls.

  • ごみTRASH
    ごみTRASH 8 hours ago

    So unfunny

  • Maloney Bologna
    Maloney Bologna 8 hours ago

    This dude sucked.

  • Stephanie Holey
    Stephanie Holey 9 hours ago

    WOW I AM DEAD!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! (then I scan the crowd, wow, tough room) you could see that some of them wanted to laugh, but they were too busy looking around to see if their bosses were This comedian killed with every one of those jokes!!!!! Hey no one likes it when they're being roasted, TRUTH HURTS DON'T IT GUYS

  • Michael Acquaviva
    Michael Acquaviva 9 hours ago

    It takes a Muslim to melt the biggest snowflakes. 😄
    Very nice Hasan.

  • Mish mish
    Mish mish 10 hours ago

    i keep rewatching this. i may have a problem.

  • Fritz Karsen
    Fritz Karsen 10 hours ago

    Hard to imagine having that amount of absolute scum in one room, look at their ugly evil faces!

  • Edin V
    Edin V 11 hours ago

    People seem to 'destroy' trump all the time, yet he's the one who is slowly destroying them :)

  • Tarun Kumar
    Tarun Kumar 12 hours ago

    Pig 🐷

  • Lance Jackson
    Lance Jackson 12 hours ago

    He look like he got Trump's jizz on his lip

  • silvereagle404
    silvereagle404 12 hours ago

    destroys trump???? more like destroys the entire usa

  • Ishvar Mahendiran
    Ishvar Mahendiran 12 hours ago

    Hassan was so better than Michelle wolf yet she got more negative reactions, I dunno y..

  • Erik Charlat
    Erik Charlat 13 hours ago

    hasan minhaj for president 2020

  • GSDs4Ever
    GSDs4Ever 13 hours ago

    60 seconds in, I'm already bored & I'm asking myself "You call that comedy" ? This act wouldn't even last 10 seconds on "The Gong Show". Not funny. Virtue signalling. Not relevant.

  • The Real Azir
    The Real Azir 14 hours ago

    He was funny up until the 8:00 mark.

  • Angel Kaye
    Angel Kaye 14 hours ago

    over 7.5 million views

  • Richard Zavala
    Richard Zavala 16 hours ago +1

    To think all u npcs think this guy is funny, dropping "truth bombs" is a true testament to the Left. He compares the trump admin to nazis thus cheapening the evil that nazis committed. That is evil in of itself. You call him brave but hes just spewing stuff he knew the audience would clap to. Hows that brave? Trump hasnt jailed anyone for their beliefs.

  • Omar Altaher
    Omar Altaher 16 hours ago

    *makes a joke about bombing* camera cuts to a hijabi woman. Classic.

  • dutchman12789
    dutchman12789 16 hours ago +1

    He got a bad writer

  • Edgar C
    Edgar C 17 hours ago

    20:27 lmaooo the guy smiling

  • The Mind Flayer
    The Mind Flayer 17 hours ago

    I bet this wouldn't be a video if he was destroying Obama lmao

  • milan777777
    milan777777 18 hours ago +1

    That was so nice
    I had to watch it twice! absolutely brilliant, bravo, Chapeau!

  • Faustino Diaz
    Faustino Diaz 18 hours ago

    e é exatamente por isso que os EUA são a chacota do mundo

  • colinsizzorhandz
    colinsizzorhandz 18 hours ago

    balls... big

  • Occultator M
    Occultator M 18 hours ago +2

    I didn't get most of the jokes... Now I'm sad.

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 19 hours ago


  • sex man
    sex man 19 hours ago

    Truly one of the most epicest moment in history

  • J.D Murphy
    J.D Murphy 19 hours ago

    I was under the impression Trump has done very well at president, besides the odd stupid comment or statement he has improved the quality of life by bringing more jobs, the stock market is up So what exactly do you mean by stop Trump, if you mean stop his stupid comments from time to time then yea, but if you mean stop him improving the quality of life in america and helping it to become more prosperous i have to ask, are you mentally ill or just stupid ? as for all these "White people comments" this is why more and more people are leaning right and the its not racist cos you cant be racist to white people cos they are not a minority is just plain stupid.

  • John Brian
    John Brian 20 hours ago

    a joke about the press not defending Assange or other whistleblowers would have been really funny... if not sad because its true.

  • Mi Scenes
    Mi Scenes 20 hours ago

    He looks like he was born a woman.

  • Victoria Jackson
    Victoria Jackson 20 hours ago

    That 10:25 wine sip 😂

  • V F
    V F 20 hours ago

    Nobody likes your jokes akbar

  • the great killjoy 1
    the great killjoy 1 20 hours ago

    I think it's incredibly ironic how the name for your news company is "the daily conversation" when it's so incredibly hard to have a logical and factual conversation with a Democrat / leftist moron he doesn't have a lick of Common Sense

  • the great killjoy 1
    the great killjoy 1 20 hours ago

    Why is it so hard for you guys to admit it Trump has done more for America in less than 4 years then Obama did in his entire presidency, Trump has brought more jobs to the United States and the unemployment rate is at a record low, it's so incredibly annoying when you guys say " let's stop Trump" it makes me think you just want to stop us being successful. when 2020 rolls around I hope we have another 4 years of success and prosper with Donald J Trump as our president.

  • Cancer fighter 101
    Cancer fighter 101 21 hour ago


  • Omer Ansari
    Omer Ansari 21 hour ago


  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 21 hour ago

    Fox News got put on blast lmfaooooo

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 21 hour ago

    He had some good ones...what a HISTORICALLY LOUSY CROWD. 12:51 That is about the smartest statement I've heard about the 2016 election...impressive

  • Joarode Delgado
    Joarode Delgado 22 hours ago

    It's funny how many dislikes he got but don't don't say a thing.

  • Aashriya .D
    Aashriya .D 22 hours ago

    he got dragged trump through LAVA 🔥🔥😂🙌

  • Marco Leal
    Marco Leal 22 hours ago

    Man i'm mexican and never really had jumped on the hate Trump wagon rather actually like the guy

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. 22 hours ago

    "only in america [some minority] can come on this stage and make fun of the president", "... the president is not beyond the reach of [some] amendment...." oh man, the self-entitled muricans and the minorities living there, thinking they are the center of the known and unknown universe. sorry to break it to you guys, muricans i mean, but you are nothing more than a European colony and an amalgam of global cultures. and here to remind u that Europe is where the democracy was born more than 2500 years ago (Cleisthenes says Hi!). what u´re living there is not a democracy, but an orwellian dystopian totalitarian state run by greed and consumerism. enjoy that and keep your fake "democracy" to yourselfs. Greetings from EU!

  • magnavox61
    magnavox61 22 hours ago

    There are no “white people” there are only “pink people” who are calling themselves white!!💯✅💯😆😂🤫☹️ Why?☕️👀 Because it appears that they are ashamed; and hate to have pink skin like the pink pigs!!😂😆🤮😂😆🤮😂😆🤮😂😆🤮 Just look like a sea of pink people in the audience!!💯😂

  • Slim Bush
    Slim Bush 23 hours ago +1

    I was waiting and waitng for him to be a comedian. He failed. He sucks!! So not funny. Just another liberal idiot trying to be funny. Not a trump fan myself at all. But he has done more good than that POS obama ever did when he was in office.

    ULTRA OZY 23 hours ago

    truth hurts ha ha ha ha

  • Jay Wijngaarde
    Jay Wijngaarde 23 hours ago

    Vibranium brown panther balls

  • pleasantries
    pleasantries 23 hours ago


  • Hufe Pufe
    Hufe Pufe 23 hours ago

    He tried. He tried...


    He isn't funny, at all.

  • Ragamuffin
    Ragamuffin Day ago

    He's brave.

  • Jay Gamare
    Jay Gamare Day ago

    everyone who didn't clap at the end.....

  • Chiranth CULT
    Chiranth CULT Day ago +1

    *I'm an outsider I may be wrong but this "comment section" makes America sound like Saudi Arabia & your president some Dictator or something, isn't that a bit exadurated?* 😐😐😐😐

  • artfulsaladdodger

    Hasan Minhaj is a legendary genius

  • Nick The Axolotl

    Aren’t comedians supposed to be funny. He didn’t make jokes, all he did was go “Trump evil lol” for twenty minutes

  • Mowha
    Mowha Day ago

    Orange man bad

  • IfeelWOOLY
    IfeelWOOLY Day ago

    OOPS! Looks like I accidentally turned left when I meant to go right. Wow there all taking in this crap.

  • Demented Jaden
    Demented Jaden Day ago

    9:03 Bruh that guys face

  • Brusier Weight3009

    Someone’ll be knocking on his door in the middle of the night.

  • jimmybreeze00
    jimmybreeze00 Day ago


  • Jake Park
    Jake Park Day ago

    bruh go back to bombing planes

  • The Beast
    The Beast Day ago

    Dear USA, Trump is your representative to the world. Just think about that for a moment.

  • mugen1333
    mugen1333 Day ago +1

    you can cut the white guilt with a knife...

  • Tatiana Abd
    Tatiana Abd Day ago

    Osaaaaamaaa cup

  • Clayspo
    Clayspo Day ago

    Indians are the best

  • Charles Fowler
    Charles Fowler Day ago

    I laughed harder at the dead silence. This is amazing!

  • Tatiana Abd
    Tatiana Abd Day ago

    Peer review

  • Tatiana Abd
    Tatiana Abd Day ago

    Dated please.

  • Tatiana Abd
    Tatiana Abd Day ago

    Where can I find this script

  • Mia guillen
    Mia guillen Day ago

    rip every republic quaking in their seats

  • Jarrett Hann
    Jarrett Hann Day ago

    Notice how no one laughed? That’s the sound (or lack thereof) of a struggling, unfunny comedian.

  • Anastasia Rose
    Anastasia Rose Day ago

    Ahhh so uneducated, and the NPCs are eating it up😂😂😂 very sad

  • MissSallyB1
    MissSallyB1 Day ago

    "destroyed"...and yet...he's still sitting in the White House...

  • SkoczMiNaPukiel
    SkoczMiNaPukiel Day ago

    wut trump doesn't drink?

  • sparry
    sparry Day ago

    So not even remotely funny. Or also understandable.

  • just aly
    just aly Day ago

    what a guy

  • lili shyta
    lili shyta Day ago

    All the Hasans in America found the opportunity to criticize American figures, allowed in American culture, but the same Hasans never found the courage to criticize the leaders of the country of the origin. He makes us laugh so hard, We have to thank lord that we have a chance to hear this guy.

    MELVXN Day ago

    9:00 The guy with his big eyes wide open though lmao

  • Dnein
    Dnein Day ago

    drumpf is over 1!!!

  • Ibrahim Mohamed
    Ibrahim Mohamed Day ago +5

    MASSIVE respect brother hassan