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Comments • 80

  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  5 months ago +5615

    try not to cry challenge

  • Z03 W33D
    Z03 W33D 2 hours ago

    10:02 i have never related to anything this much before. its wonderful
    42:13 i love them, and i dont even know them

  • LazyCinnamon
    LazyCinnamon 3 hours ago


  • Moody San
    Moody San 3 hours ago

    16:46 yeah, more like you’ve been irresponsible with your time and stayed up all night. School isn’t that hard.

  • Austin Dahms
    Austin Dahms 8 hours ago

    I would date Michael if I was a girl

  • Cav . D
    Cav . D 13 hours ago

    6:15 its 4 at night and uhh yeah pls

  • GamerBrotherLi 62
    GamerBrotherLi 62 17 hours ago

    Why won’t anyone take ME to see YOT YROTS 4?

  • Xman Zan
    Xman Zan 18 hours ago

    I was crying almost the entire time because iM THAT *S O F T*

  • Veroshi
    Veroshi Day ago


  • Kaeleigh Berry
    Kaeleigh Berry Day ago

    Bro there was this girl in my 7th grade science class and nobody ever talked to her, the girls birthday came and nobody said nothing even though she wore a pin saying 'birthday girl' it was 2nd period and my teacher came in late with a cake carrier, without saying anything he walked over to the girl and sat the cake on her desk saying 'happy birthday' she started crying and all he could do for the rest of the day was smile although he was a remotely an evil person. My day was made and that girl was so sweet when she started coming out of her shell...

  • Wolfie Corner
    Wolfie Corner Day ago

    This is what fixes my heart

  • DrCrook
    DrCrook Day ago +1

    9:35 My heart burns a lot from that

  • Tommy Li
    Tommy Li Day ago


  • sanitizer bear plays

    35:25 i put my phone down picked up my cat amd we are gonna go to bed
    Cat: ok but the phone down and pet me

  • one with the diamonds

    What if he made a sandwich for some one and he was allergic to nuts lol

  • Sway_Distort
    Sway_Distort Day ago

    I melted at 8:00. It was so wholesome and I couldn't take it so I cried of wholesomeness.

  • GameBros Extreme

    my heart melted

  • Mustache Merlin
    Mustache Merlin Day ago

    I thought this was normal length. Like, ten minutes. At 55 minutes in I finally thought "Hey, hasn't this been going for awhile?" and only then found out it was an hour long. XD

  • Taber Sloane
    Taber Sloane Day ago

    WHERE ARE MY PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  • Fulvio Presutto
    Fulvio Presutto Day ago

    I was watching this while I was vibin' at the phone, saying that:"I'll go to the bed when this vid finishes".
    40 mins later i realized that was a single vid and not the auto play from youtube lol

  • Puddleglum Marshwiggle

    Where are my puppies???

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 days ago

    Where’s my bucket of puppies huh?

  • Aurora Dia
    Aurora Dia 2 days ago

    where is my puppys

  • Pastelz Vanilla
    Pastelz Vanilla 2 days ago

    41:24 I'm half polish and my mum lived on a farm :D

  • Parody Jagger
    Parody Jagger 2 days ago

    18:24 how would the blind people use phones???

  • SwirlyCat555
    SwirlyCat555 2 days ago

    I haven’t had the best few weeks, and watching this made me friggin cry and I hate myself for it but I am T^T

  • Justine Hester
    Justine Hester 2 days ago

    Mr. Rogers is the greatest human being in the world. 4:07

  • O҉V҉E҉R҉L҉O҉R҉D҉ ҉B҉A҉C҉O҉N҉A҉T҉O҉R҉

    I watched it all and I wanna do it twice i might do it anyway

  • Thebluefox Gaming
    Thebluefox Gaming 2 days ago


  • Hunter Games
    Hunter Games 2 days ago

    Thank you for this video , really helped me ♥️

  • ProDi Geez
    ProDi Geez 2 days ago

    You'll be blessed with a bucket of puppies
    My dad: HELLO

  • Jasmine Molenaar
    Jasmine Molenaar 2 days ago

    The sia one with tickets louis tomlinson did something similar, he asked us if his merch was too expensive amd we all said yes and he made the price lower, i cried

  • random clips_yeah
    random clips_yeah 2 days ago

    0:58 that car doesnt come with a sunroof i am a car expert and it doesnt have a sunroof lol

  • justaguy
    justaguy 3 days ago

    47:28 liked gorillaz before it was cool

  • Teenager Saveior
    Teenager Saveior 3 days ago

    I emitiatly installed «be my eyes» just because i wanted to talk to and help people that i dont know because i have a hard tilme talking to strangers. This benefits both me and several blind people.

  • Cube Titan
    Cube Titan 3 days ago

    I've known brail for years and for the craziest of reasons. Simply it was in a small thing that makes hardly any sense in a pokemon game.

  • that tf2 spy
    that tf2 spy 3 days ago

    I watch an episode of this before going to bed each day.

  • Thiccy Cheeser
    Thiccy Cheeser 3 days ago

    that looks like a Karen I see

  • A. K
    A. K 3 days ago

    23:36 This is so nice, I don't know what to say...

  • Enrique Mendoza
    Enrique Mendoza 3 days ago

    7:37 Now that's what I call a pro gamer move

  • A_LongTrip
    A_LongTrip 3 days ago

    I realised I was watching a hour of memes untill it was over xD

  • Arthur, Protector of Waifus.



  • MightyBasePlate _
    MightyBasePlate _ 3 days ago

    When the school shooter approaches the last surviver
    Surviver:"Oh your approaching me?"

  • The Original Bfb Gamer

    Hello, its me, Tofu-Chan!

  • LloydX16
    LloydX16 4 days ago

    When you realize the vid is an hour long and you have watched 20 mins

  • •Phantom•Wolf •

    1:09 this theory is 👌
    8:50 we all need pets like these 😻

  • Rblx Chris
    Rblx Chris 4 days ago

    I watched the whole thing not realizing it was an hour. It's 3 am.

  • Charlotte Thomson
    Charlotte Thomson 4 days ago

    give me my puppies now

  • charlz deff
    charlz deff 4 days ago

    give me my dogs

  • Llama girl 123
    Llama girl 123 4 days ago +1

    I haven't gotten my puppy's yet and I liked this in 2019

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King 4 days ago

    I just woke up from sleep and watch this. Then i noticed a huge stain of water on my pillow. I thought it was my drool, then i realized that the stain is located beside my eye and it's still running

  • Lavender Cat
    Lavender Cat 4 days ago

    9:10 meme in making

  • Jace Beleren
    Jace Beleren 4 days ago

    5:09 it might sounds like a win, but if both you and charity had unlimited money, than the governament would either arrest both you and charity organisations leaders, or just disconsider that infinity number of money on both your accounts. So, you win nothing and still have the chance of getting arrested.

  • Béan_The_Rat Roblox

    9:30 It's adorable

  • OI Bruv
    OI Bruv 4 days ago

    Depression: im about to ruin this man’s career-
    Wholesome memes: n o

  • Tiziano C.
    Tiziano C. 5 days ago +1

    The parents in the Doctor Who thing are like:
    TROLL LEVEL --> DoCtOr.

  • Enchanted Furness
    Enchanted Furness 5 days ago

    36:25 this horse looks just like my horse named sheela and she had a baby a few months ago.... hello?

  • Osama Karzoun
    Osama Karzoun 5 days ago

    5:28 This is not just a thing that a guy has done once, it is a tradition to put a refrigerator outside in many gulf countries and especially in the holy month of Ramadan to feed the poor. A lot of people also install water fountains.

  • Nina Mira
    Nina Mira 5 days ago +4

    "Is this how they X-Ray babies?"
    No, it's how they blend baby smoothies.

    • Elisa Arnett
      Elisa Arnett 2 days ago +1


  • chicken mcnuggie
    chicken mcnuggie 5 days ago

    Imagine if criminals absolutely couldn't run a red light so they have to stop and so like here a skit:
    criminal: *speeding*
    stop light : *red*
    police: *pull up to criminals window*
    criminal: dang it i guess u caught me
    police: 👍🏼🙂

  • CallieBestGirl
    CallieBestGirl 5 days ago

    You get $1 but you have to spend Half on Charity.
    Great, we both get 50¢. Any situation with positive money is a win.

  • sakura
    sakura 5 days ago

    the doctor really does bring chrismas presents though

  • Mark Roden
    Mark Roden 5 days ago

    I want to be blessed with a bucket of kittens

  • Bertholemule
    Bertholemule 5 days ago

    11:56 I saw another where it said”nah this girl is just adding lettuce to her meal”😭😭😂

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 5 days ago

    I though this video is like 19 minutes (i didnt look) but its 1 hour
    Best bad guess ever

  • Tom Huynh
    Tom Huynh 5 days ago

    0:49 *tank yu*

  • Xekroms
    Xekroms 5 days ago

    My Mom: goes to her friends house for a week for no reason and hires a baby sitter
    Me: Can I stay the night at my friends house
    Mom:*angry mom noises

  • Gabriwolf PT
    Gabriwolf PT 5 days ago

    Me: gonna watch an video
    me finishing video: Well that's a good 10 min video!
    me seeing the video length:

  • Blue Shell
    Blue Shell 5 days ago

    the best part is that this has more than one tweet from twitter satan

  • Retrokov
    Retrokov 5 days ago +1

    I need to thank whoever made the post at 23:40

  • V I b e n’
    V I b e n’ 5 days ago +1

    The “I fell asleep in chemistry class once and the teacher gave me a blanket and a pillow and told the class to be silent so I could sleep in peace.” Text...
    I salute that teacher.

  • Hoovy
    Hoovy 5 days ago

    39:13 Well, I’m still here. So I guess it’s going alright

  • Slime King
    Slime King 5 days ago


  • Joss Baker
    Joss Baker 5 days ago

    Where’s my free puppy bucket???

  • GypsySprite
    GypsySprite 5 days ago +1

    tl:dr, Doggos make everything better

  • Bear Wimberly
    Bear Wimberly 5 days ago


  • Jacob Morton 2
    Jacob Morton 2 5 days ago +1

    am so -sad :(-

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt 5 days ago

    Mister Rogers was jesus

  • Noah Gentry
    Noah Gentry 5 days ago

    baby blender