Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner: Deep Fakes | TBS

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Deep Fakes are a potentially world-ending technology that can be used for good, bad, and porn. Anthony Atamanuik helps us use it for good. Produced by Razan Ghalayini with Adam Howard. Edited by Andrew Mendelson. Trump deep fake was made using Recycle-GAN by Aayush Bansal (CMU).
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  • Lisa Campbell
    Lisa Campbell Day ago

    Convenient. Just before the release of the real goods.

  • shinpaku 123
    shinpaku 123 4 days ago

    People still believe Trump colluded with russia the Covington kids were shouting racist things and jussie smollet was attacked by white supremacists deepfakes are the least of our problems leftist propaganda/disinformation is and it’s starting to finally get exposed thanks to real journalism

  • Shizzy McFrizzy
    Shizzy McFrizzy 5 days ago

    Also i like how this is somehow a political thing....

  • Shizzy McFrizzy
    Shizzy McFrizzy 5 days ago

    Except its pretty easy to figure out when footage is tampered with....

    • Danjimaru
      Danjimaru 3 days ago

      @Shizzy McFrizzy here is how deepfakes work: You take hundreds, or better thousands of pictures from someones face preferably under perfect lightning condition or you apply a collective filter to normalize those stills. Once you have a picture for every possible angle and facial expression you then let a software know the vectors of your own face. The more vector points you have the better the 3D mask will coordinate movement. Now the program will match your own facial expressions to the stills that you have provided and animate the movements between the still frames. Celebrities are specifically vulnerable to this because they will have thousands of pictures of their face easily available to anyone on the internet.
      There are various other techniques involved to make the deepfakes indistinguishable like slightly decrease foreground perspective or as I mentioned before, edit shadows and glare filters and positional lightning to make the deepfakes indistinguishable.
      If done well enough the manipulation cannot be detected.
      What in the 1960's took hours to make (delete someone from a group photograph) now can be done in two clicks in photoshop. The natural evolution of this is to batch edit 60 stills a second and use the computational power to simulate movement in between stills; creating a deepfake video.
      The point is you don't need footage video at all to create deepfakes only a high number of stills (the more the better)

    • Shizzy McFrizzy
      Shizzy McFrizzy 3 days ago

      Danjimaru no i mean like its pretty easy to go through the footage files and tell if they have been tampered with

    • Danjimaru
      Danjimaru 3 days ago +1

      All comes down to how good the deepfake software is tweaked. If you put enough hours in it, you can make HD quality video look perfect. But even if you are not a pro-photoshop artist, if the quality of the video is lowered and you have a good amount of still frames you can do deepfakes that are not distinguishable from the real deal.
      I never went to video manipulation class and I learned how to apply matching environmental glare to the inserted frames and manipulate shadows of moving objects in video in just under 20 hours.

      Also the the Nick Cage template is almost untouched in this video, which means anyone can do what was shown here right now with no amount of effort. Of course you are able to figure it out on a freely available template.

  • N S
    N S 8 days ago +1


  • Louis Norte
    Louis Norte 8 days ago

    Good Bye Humanity. 🌟

  • Grassy Tiger
    Grassy Tiger 9 days ago

    She is just not funny

  • Coitus Interruptus
    Coitus Interruptus 10 days ago +1

    Plot twist, everything this hagger says is a deep fake.

  • flavorfultee
    flavorfultee 10 days ago

    to the computer!!! oh oh wait I'm on my computer to the google !!!
    I need this program!!

  • Joe Nowak
    Joe Nowak 13 days ago

    I must marry this woman

  • BytemeVV -
    BytemeVV - 18 days ago +1

    Erase Ghostbusters 2016

  • Ransom Ballard
    Ransom Ballard 22 days ago

    Anthony Atamanuik is awesome. I miss the president show. :-(

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson 24 days ago

    She is so disingenuous her deep fake seems fake!!

  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson 24 days ago

    What an awful woman.

  • Sean Heavenmount
    Sean Heavenmount 25 days ago

    Maybe technology is just no longer viable for public discourse? I for one think that’s a good thing.

  • somfplease
    somfplease 26 days ago

    god this is a horrible show

  • XEHuC
    XEHuC 27 days ago

    Главное приплести рашку

  • MyFriendIsaac
    MyFriendIsaac 27 days ago +1

    I wanna see the Oprah Cosby Show 😂

  • Ruokos
    Ruokos 28 days ago

    Trump king of fake news? Talk about telling bs

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai Month ago

    What is it with jewish comedians and their jesus jokes?

  • Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

    Actually deepfakes have been around since 2014. They used phil hoffmans face on my head when he passed away. I was one of the first deepfakes in the world. -drew michael hershner

  • Matt Acuff
    Matt Acuff Month ago

    Remember total Recall?

  • Da's pas flauw
    Da's pas flauw Month ago

    So we can finally replace Alden Ehrenreich with Jamie Costa, if he's real.. If he's not too..

  • Petar Maksimovic
    Petar Maksimovic Month ago

    This guy would benefit from a face swap.

  • BaNG BaNG
    BaNG BaNG Month ago

    When you can scam other people by face swapping & say look the camera is evidence that it was he or she that committed the crime. 🤔

  • Kimberley DeFay
    Kimberley DeFay Month ago

    Oh dear.

  • JosephPaul
    JosephPaul Month ago

    Very cuntish

  • نارم Narm
    نارم Narm Month ago

    Sweet and funny

  • sgfhk321
    sgfhk321 Month ago

    Soon TVclip will be flooded with deep fake videos of celebrities and politicians saying the n-word. And clips of Nicholas Cage in movies he didn't appear on.

  • Bewildering Truth Seeker

    This made me puke.... 5 times.

    DABITZ Month ago +1

    This is so disturbing...

  • Bikewithlove
    Bikewithlove Month ago

    How cute. Now the mendacious cultural marxist sociopaths have a new powerful tool for doing something they love: gaslighting ...which of course will backfire on you when it ultimately renders all video evidence inadmissible in any court. Have fun kids, and don’t say you didn’t see it coming ;)

  • Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller

    So I guess Paul Walker will be back on Fast and Furious

  • Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller

    The guy being interviewed looks like á deepfake

  • Norwegianization
    Norwegianization Month ago

    osama bin laden was deep faked

  • dudewtf1776
    dudewtf1776 Month ago

    Why doesnt everything come with a nic cage starter kit?
    I want my Samsung note12 to come with a nic cage starter kit. wallpapers, themes, icons, phonebook pics, and AR emojis, all nic cage baby!!
    (Edit: even nic cage ring tones! AAAH NOT THE BEEES)

  • Muzikrazy213
    Muzikrazy213 Month ago


  • raf Si
    raf Si Month ago

    Thanks to this technology, politicians will be able to reach more recipients. Hilary's election team can shed several false films when it speaks for building a wall for immigrants and is contrary to the theory of global warming. In short, the strategies of the lie of Donald Trumpa can now be used even by honest politicians.

    MGRIFF 2 months ago

    There’s no need to deep fake Nicolas Cage or Sam L Jackson, they’ll do anything anyway😂🤣

  • Cannabis & Conspiracies

    They should use this to keep Paul walker in FNF movies

  • Bader Minahdin
    Bader Minahdin 2 months ago

    >dat cleavage

  • iabw1987
    iabw1987 2 months ago

    Reality is whatever I want. - Thanos

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill 2 months ago

    Is it just me or is the man in this video look like an age regression of Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley)?

  • jabberwolf
    jabberwolf 2 months ago +3

    Who needs deep fake?!
    I remember when the re-tarded left thought the person on SNL was Sarah Palin and said she could see Russia from her house.
    The left recently got triggered by a slowed down video of Nancy Pelosi saying they were tricked into thinking it was REAL.
    The left are dangerous idiots that can be tricked by a child with some crayons.

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker 2 months ago

    remember how in 2003 people were genuinely afraid of photoshop?

  • Danfuerth Gillis
    Danfuerth Gillis 2 months ago

    Wake up all television media is scripted, edited and has a narrative so it is all fake not real in any sense of reality.

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar 2 months ago

    Anybody know where John Connor is?

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 2 months ago

    so gud

  • Caleb Roberts
    Caleb Roberts 2 months ago

    She's complaining about fake news? Oy

  • Braeden Steele
    Braeden Steele 2 months ago

    if only she was funny

  • Sean Graham
    Sean Graham 2 months ago

    samantha bee is a not funny hack.

  • radiojughead
    radiojughead 2 months ago

    She’s funny

  • Scrotus Maximus
    Scrotus Maximus 2 months ago

    *T R U M P 2020*

  • Charlie To0 Human
    Charlie To0 Human 2 months ago

    Hideo Kojima called it! Patriot AI is becoming a reality.

  • MrZer000
    MrZer000 2 months ago

    Fake letters -> pictures were legit
    Fake pics -> voice recordings were legit
    Fake audios -> video recordings were legit
    Fake videos ....

    *-> Its time for a snickers*

  • SparklE VideO
    SparklE VideO 2 months ago

    Ofcourse its starts on reddit

  • feroxlara
    feroxlara 2 months ago

    Haha the left is incapable of being hilarious.

  • Dallas Segno
    Dallas Segno 2 months ago

    not worse BETTER

  • Samuel Faict
    Samuel Faict 2 months ago

    0:40 That guy looks like a Deep Fake to me. Creepy!

  • Payton Pearson
    Payton Pearson 2 months ago

    5:23 - You intentionally made that easy to spot as a fake. You aren't trying to leave the door open for the dems to use this tool next election cycle, are you? That would be highly, highly, highly immoral -- even evil.
    Then again, if the dems do use it, it will be spotted either way.

  • Payton Pearson
    Payton Pearson 2 months ago

    Well, at least you're talking about something that genuinely matters. (this really does, I'm not joking).

  • FangOfDrknss
    FangOfDrknss 2 months ago

    That guy looks like his face is photoshopped on LOL.

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo 2 months ago

    Kinda progressive at the end.

  • The Openminded Skeptic
    The Openminded Skeptic 2 months ago

    This almost comes of as desinformation as special interests groups have results much better than this.

  • rilsen
    rilsen 2 months ago

    1:54 Cage

  • klusek00
    klusek00 2 months ago

    Maga 2020

  • alnh
    alnh 2 months ago

    Love it!

  • Ester Grant
    Ester Grant 2 months ago

    he smiled so hard

  • me
    me 2 months ago

    Man! Sam Bee, Queen of #FakeNews now has more tools in her belt to manipulate her audience. Were Doomed!

  • Elmar live
    Elmar live 2 months ago

    “Sometimes people think I'm wearing a wig when I'm not wearing a wig, and then sometimes they think I'm not wearing a wig when I am wearing a wig.”
    - Nicolas Cage

  • Swegatty Swooty
    Swegatty Swooty 2 months ago +9

    Deep fake used by public do for fun or entertainment......
    Government uses deep fake to create and blame it on public. ..

  • wolfjedisamuel
    wolfjedisamuel 2 months ago

    The Trump we wish we had, but never will.
    Thank you DeepFake, you gave us a small bit of satisfaction.

  • Bailey Hamilton
    Bailey Hamilton 2 months ago

    great reporting! love the casual touch, with the humor lol

  • Incognito12000
    Incognito12000 2 months ago

    Lol, her responses and expressions are hilarious.

  • Travis Grobel
    Travis Grobel 2 months ago

    Bait and switch video