Careful What You Wish For Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Nick Jonas, Isabel Lucas Movie HD

  • Published on May 25, 2016
  • Careful What You Wish For Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Nick Jonas, Isabel Lucas Movie HD
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    A guy gets more than he bargained for after entering into an affair with the wife of an investment banker. Soon, a suspicious death and substantial life insurance policy embroil him in a scandal.
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Comments • 3 728

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 3 days ago

    Whats is the song?

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 3 days ago

    Whats is the song?

  • I'am DodoBird
    I'am DodoBird 12 days ago


  • josben111
    josben111 14 days ago

    So Nick Jonas is the new Taylor Lautner doing all that shirtless stuff every 5 minutes?

  • Ammar Fitness
    Ammar Fitness 14 days ago

    Can anybody tell me where I can watch this movie

  • FBLover 2000
    FBLover 2000 15 days ago

    She’s in Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love music video

  • coco chanel
    coco chanel 18 days ago

    wooohooooo can't wait to watch this boats and nick Jonas yuummmmm

  • sam vines
    sam vines 18 days ago

    This girl is fire

  • samy tns forever
    samy tns forever 26 days ago


  • Ceaye Arvesu
    Ceaye Arvesu Month ago

    Shawn's gonna be broken hearted with this. Hahaha

  • Lola's Vlog
    Lola's Vlog Month ago

    She isnt beautiful for Nick.She looks older

  • Erin Oakley
    Erin Oakley Month ago

    I hated the ending whyyyy😭😭

  • God loves_me
    God loves_me Month ago

    The twist at the end had me SHOOK!! Highly recommend it

  • BEL
    BEL Month ago +2

    I feel like I'm being penetrated from behind when I look at nick jonas he's so fine

  • CI BO
    CI BO Month ago

    good movie nick jonas dating priyanka chopra famout indian actress

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva Month ago

    Vi esse filme

  • Apex我
    Apex我 Month ago

    Great movie bruhh

  • Adrian Adrian
    Adrian Adrian Month ago +1

    wooww, best mvie .. sick twisted plot... woow just finisded watching it

  • Ji_WEL 01
    Ji_WEL 01 2 months ago

    The Plot Twist 😮

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 2 months ago

    isobell lucas is a walking stick figure!

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 2 months ago

    Isabell lucaas from home and away. Australian chick making it in hollywood
    Margot Robbie 2.0 well not quite but kind of..... Good got her :)

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 2 months ago

    *sees bra, holds head*

  • Natavan Quliyeva
    Natavan Quliyeva 2 months ago

    Ending is incredible

  • mesmereyezer
    mesmereyezer 2 months ago

    This girl plays not only in Transformers, but also in Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

  • NLChannel
    NLChannel 3 months ago

    2016?? Lol I watched this movie in 2014 😂

  • _aJaY_
    _aJaY_ 3 months ago

    She's too skinny for me liking.....
    Me no Gusta

  • riley
    riley 3 months ago

    he's lowkey rly cute

  • Sofia Kokkino
    Sofia Kokkino 3 months ago

    Which summer camp is he coming from GODDAMNIT

  • Daria Groasa
    Daria Groasa 3 months ago


  • the hills
    the hills 3 months ago

    nick is soooo hot

  • smthn Crzy
    smthn Crzy 3 months ago +1

    Why tf does nick jonas look like clay jensen from 13 reasons why?

  • alonelylamb
    alonelylamb 3 months ago

    i thought at first that was dianna agron

  • *juice* juice
    *juice* juice 3 months ago


  • Niezl Lynn Grace Sy
    Niezl Lynn Grace Sy 3 months ago

    I personally think Haley Bennett fits the role of the seductive wife better than Isabel Lucas. No hate. It's just that she got the natural aura of seductiveness.

  • Nicolass Hawks
    Nicolass Hawks 4 months ago

    Camp Rock anyone?

  • Cloud 999
    Cloud 999 4 months ago

    Nick Jonas looks so hot

  • Μαριτίνα Γ.
    Μαριτίνα Γ. 4 months ago

    Ουαουυ τελειοο❤👍👍

  • Ana Marija
    Ana Marija 4 months ago +1

    the best movie ever

  • Your Boy TRXNC
    Your Boy TRXNC 4 months ago

    Guys I'm locked out of my house ..can someone bring Nick Jonas over here?

  • mcostagirl123
    mcostagirl123 4 months ago

    Fifty Shades of Grey the Prequel?

  • TheUltimatePosh
    TheUltimatePosh 4 months ago

    One of the best movie ive ever watched,my adrenaline is in the highest level.

  • Christina Nikol
    Christina Nikol 4 months ago +3

    Let me save you some time: She doesn't actually like him and frames him when she murders her husband for insurance money. She is actually dating the insurance fraud investigator and they get away with it. Good movie tho

  • Ari
    Ari 5 months ago

    that girl is not cute

  • happy day
    happy day 5 months ago

    Thought that was Dylan Minette than Logan Lerman hahah

  • Charne' Buis
    Charne' Buis 5 months ago

    This movie has the best plot twist 😍

  • Elise Jackson
    Elise Jackson 5 months ago

    damn i need his genes. he's older than i am and he looks at least my age.

  • Milica
    Milica 5 months ago

    This movie is amazing.

  • Muhammad Naufal W
    Muhammad Naufal W 5 months ago

    i thought this was gonna be some horror or thriller movie

  • Jenine Deyto
    Jenine Deyto 5 months ago

    It's the girl from "the loft"???

  • Savannah Adkins
    Savannah Adkins 5 months ago

    I only clicked because it sounds scary

  • Chelsea Halloran
    Chelsea Halloran 5 months ago

    Omg it’s Izzy from home and away!!

  • Manny Covers
    Manny Covers 5 months ago

    Looks good

  • HeyAlfonso
    HeyAlfonso 5 months ago +2

    Damn Nick is so freaking hot

  • josian resto
    josian resto 5 months ago

    1:32 what did he do

  • Carole Ingalls
    Carole Ingalls 5 months ago

    Isn't the girl from transformer

  • Carole Ingalls
    Carole Ingalls 5 months ago

    Love nick jonas

  • lana banana
    lana banana 5 months ago

    Song title - Ruelle, Hurts too good

  • Queen beary
    Queen beary 5 months ago

    Who is 50 movie trailers deep and wanna see everyone of them XD

  • AAnge Lulu
    AAnge Lulu 5 months ago

    The Ending is shocking

  • Nickole Ann
    Nickole Ann 5 months ago

    I was so disappointed, this was one of the dumbest movies ever 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sydney Ellen
    Sydney Ellen 5 months ago

    Awesome! 😱😱

  • RockBeauty :3
    RockBeauty :3 5 months ago

    His abs tho.

  • Kim Glory
    Kim Glory 5 months ago


  • Airwipe
    Airwipe 5 months ago

    Is that clay from 13 reasons why?
    Well I’m dumb it’s nick Jonas

  • ugh
    ugh 5 months ago

    oh shit........ dermot mulroney, my mans

  • TheStepmonkey
    TheStepmonkey 6 months ago +2

    Why do i have a feeling the girl is actually bad...

  • ekin thao
    ekin thao 6 months ago

    This was such a good movie.

  • Jon Snerrr
    Jon Snerrr 6 months ago

    50 Shades of Gay

  • drogë muzikore
    drogë muzikore 6 months ago

    he looks like clay from 13 reasons why

  • Lolita the Bunny
    Lolita the Bunny 6 months ago +1

    The song in the background is called Hurts to good by Rulle

  • Teodora Lukic
    Teodora Lukic 6 months ago


    A_TAL _PESSOA 6 months ago

    Fifty shades of jonas😂😂😂😂

  • Red Head Guru
    Red Head Guru 6 months ago

    I'm just excited for the song in the background tbh😂

  • Death Boy
    Death Boy 6 months ago

    If I had one wish I would wish more for... INFINITE WISHES

  • David Arthur Batchelor
    David Arthur Batchelor 6 months ago

    Nick Jonas :) ;)

  • Alaa Harb
    Alaa Harb 6 months ago +13

    I see nick I click

  • Valeria Perez
    Valeria Perez 6 months ago

    ughh! definitelya plot twist at the end. SPOILER ALERT! I HATE THE BLOND

  • XDawn
    XDawn 6 months ago

    the start of the trailer reminded me of the start of IT trailer

  • Jamie Rowe
    Jamie Rowe 6 months ago

    in confusion what’s the plot

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai 6 months ago

    lol nick jonas king of manlets



  • Zoe Sturgis
    Zoe Sturgis 7 months ago

    The ending legit had me shook🤣

  • smoll potato
    smoll potato 7 months ago

    Its on Netflix! Watching it now...

  • hoely spirit
    hoely spirit 7 months ago

    *Inserts Lili Reinhart saying daddy*

  • Oh My Dior
    Oh My Dior 7 months ago

    I thought the guy was Clay from 13rw then I realize it’s Nick😂

  • Kaye Ann
    Kaye Ann 7 months ago

    The funny thing is I watched this movie not knowing what is it about and I thought its magic and rainbows or something because of the title then after the movie I was like ''Welp!! Too much magic!!''

  • DAHFinc
    DAHFinc 7 months ago

    This looks like they took the plot of Water For Elephants and set it on sail boats

  • Anh Vũ
    Anh Vũ 7 months ago

    What song in 1 : 40 ? Who know?

  • thal depuydt
    thal depuydt 7 months ago

    she looks like claire holt

  • StereoChimps
    StereoChimps 7 months ago

    He looks like his 15 years old wtf

    DA VIEWZ 7 months ago


  • AJ Acuna
    AJ Acuna 7 months ago

    Camp Rock 3

  • Sara Chou
    Sara Chou 8 months ago

    Yo this looks amazing

  • Tina Rincón
    Tina Rincón 8 months ago

    She's definitely the angel from Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love!


    papi rico

  • Jennifer Jonsson
    Jennifer Jonsson 8 months ago


  • John Liemwell Cabanero
    John Liemwell Cabanero 8 months ago

    Any movie that you can suggest that same as this movie? Thanks. :)

  • Chinara Hollen
    Chinara Hollen 8 months ago

    this is an actress from Ed Sheeran 's music video for give me love

  • hanras5253
    hanras5253 8 months ago

    of course she is very anorexic

  • Supermarwolf 645
    Supermarwolf 645 8 months ago

    Is that ruelle singing in the background