Well, Well, Well What is This? Viewer Mail Episode #63

  • Published on Aug 5, 2019
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    It is mail time and look at what was sent in by some very generous viewers!
    I'm speechless and thankful!
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Comments • 118

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago +9

    Have a great week everyone, see you all again tomorrow night with the next video! Who is ready to see some military surplus?
    - Luke

  • Kenneth Donnelly
    Kenneth Donnelly 12 days ago

    ice scraper, window breaker ........ or an attempt to make a legal knuckle duster.

  • Dynamic Solutions
    Dynamic Solutions Month ago

    I can attest that the shelter half can be good down below zero. Used it on our FTX's in basic and the final week-long FTX was in early December with temps dropping to freezing. Woke up one night for night security and we had ice on the tent. With the modular sleep system i was plenty warm. Crappy issue mat outer green bag on top then black bag over all that. Inside the black bag i was in summer PT gear and plenty warm.
    The issued gear may be rediculously heavy but when it needs to last in wartime and survive, the weight is livable.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C Month ago

    Is it really a good idea to have a device that both "scrapes ice" and "breaks glass?"

  • Jarl Seamus
    Jarl Seamus Month ago

    "Scrape Ice"..... I think those will definitely come in handy when "winter" comes.... LOL

  • WeyOut Killer
    WeyOut Killer Month ago

    Luke why do a larg portion of backpackers use smart water bottles over a hydro pack when the badders weigh half as much

  • ferdonandebull
    ferdonandebull Month ago

    They are not ice scrappers.. they are self defense things designed as a ice scrapper..
    Same with the car escape thing...

  • lastfanstanding999
    lastfanstanding999 Month ago

    4:36 wow what an ungrateful little MFR on the Folgers coffee,
    ive enjoyed Folgers French Roast and Maxwell House French Roast all my coffee drinking life and never had any problems or complaints,
    Folgers French Roast is what is used in most restaurants, and it doesn't break the bank, one $7 lasts me about two months,
    im glad to say ive never wasted my hard earned money on any Starbucks and would never dink of putting that stuff into my body either,
    i think ive came to the realization that your "gear review" videos aren't all that interesting anymore, come to think of it the only reason i continued watch them is because i thought you and your wife together, you guys reminded me of a couple of Garden Gnomes trolling the woods, but the novelty has ended, i am discontinuing my subscription to this channel, ...cups high!!!

  • Zachary Campbell
    Zachary Campbell Month ago +1

    I'd love to see that tent half in action! A return to the classic mil surplus. Heavy LOL

  • Mouldy Bread
    Mouldy Bread Month ago

    Clap your hands everybody

  • Independant Thinker

    Just found your,channel yesterday, like it a lot so far!

  • TainoXtreme
    TainoXtreme Month ago

    I like your TVclip channel very much. Thank you so much for sharing. I decided to subscribe since it’s an outstanding TVclip channel. God bless you.

  • Marjie Cleveland
    Marjie Cleveland Month ago

    You sure have some generous subscribers! Great, useful items!

  • momof2n8993
    momof2n8993 Month ago

    Those tools are awesome.

  • Drifus
    Drifus Month ago

    I foresee some gear reviews. The orange ice scraper my present some trouble to some cops until they really look at it. :-)

  • RANDY ratliff
    RANDY ratliff Month ago

    What knife you carrying Luke?

  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto Month ago

    Hello from puerto Rico

  • Paul Panel
    Paul Panel Month ago

    Luke, does Fred have a web site for his product? That stuff looks great and you mentioned it was MADE IN THE USA!

  • Alexander Weaver
    Alexander Weaver Month ago

    More great gifts! Luke, you're going to have to either build or lease a warehouse. Anyway, you are definitely deserving of the gifts and the accolades.

  • Jeroen van Achterberg Outdoor

    I love how even your mail episode is recorded outdoors! Definitely a proper outdoor channel. ;)

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Month ago +1

    Those ice scrapers looked like my pork pulling claws. lol. Great job again. WHATS IN THE BOX!!!

  • 1984 chevy c30
    1984 chevy c30 Month ago

    U need a neon sign outside of your house that be cool love you videos👍

  • Butch Hill
    Butch Hill Month ago

    Enjoy the review ice scrapers are definitely different. But you definitely got something I like and that's that old army tent. During the sixties in the seventies that's all we camped out in well for that matter part of the 80s. then look like a bottom came to it, but we never had one with ours either. a friend of mine's father that was in World War II and the D-Day invasion. Showed us a trick of what to do about that. You should camp out in that one do overnight. And if you don't want it look me up

  • Reason to Live Adventures

    I will definitely be looking into buying a few of those ices scrapers as stocking stuffers. Ninety percent of my gear is now purchased after watching one of your reviews. I also stopped an order after your review of the Snugpack tarps. Always great to see your videos.

  • Grim Adventures of Bushcraft and Hiking

    Those scrapers are awesome man now I want one. What, we've got nothing falling here yet but man I'm looking forward to some cooler weather so I can take my new canoe out and have some fun without filling it up with sweat. Oh I like the tent buddy, sounds like a great guy.

  • Chuck Poyner
    Chuck Poyner Month ago

    Had hoped to hear how you felt about all the trail trash people. Haha

  • wisenber
    wisenber Month ago

    There's a reason most ice scrapers have handles. If your hand is that close, you'll get the frost/ice/snow all over your hands. Pretty chilly. Gloves won't fit in them either.

  • Bradford Taylor
    Bradford Taylor Month ago

    How about a homemade gear overnighter? Seems like you get sent a fair bit of it..

  • MusicalWeasel
    MusicalWeasel Month ago

    Have you tried the coffee from the bushcraft coffee company? Also what pocket knife do you carry?

  • denny greeney
    denny greeney Month ago

    you can't drink the coffee.its not Tasters Nasty. just pass it along to the wife, you know better than to take something good from her.

  • Neeman Callender
    Neeman Callender Month ago

    as much as I really appreciate all your videos
    These types i choose to skip
    They don’t add much apart from looking at some random stuff

    • saemus hailstorm
      saemus hailstorm Month ago

      then please 'allez away' , spoilsport
      - wont be missed !

  • Whirlwind 51118
    Whirlwind 51118 Month ago

    Wonderful channel and great videos

  • alorr4uz
    alorr4uz Month ago

    I really like that last zippered pick 'Fieldline pro" I think you said? That would make a great belly pouch on my backpack waist belt. Can you drop a link to where I can find that? How much does it weigh?

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis Month ago

    Another awesome vlog in the can 👍

  • Bill Collier
    Bill Collier Month ago


  • oasisbeyond
    oasisbeyond Month ago

    Yup was an amazing summer here in Montreal since June 21st we had sun 90% of the time, maybe once a week it rains and that's how I like it. Was kinda cool yesterday, but gonna heat up starting today again, 1 more month and fall will be here, time flies by. Cool tools, that ice scrapper would come in handy.

  • Ozdave McGee
    Ozdave McGee Month ago

    FYI Sandpiper make a lot of bags Luke. Including a funky ALICE frame that turns into a seat

  • Ozdave McGee
    Ozdave McGee Month ago

    Would Luke ever sell his truck Moose? It's an emotional attachment. But, for enough of the correct smelling coffee, he may open negotiations lol

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago

      Good ole Moose is gone, now there is Beast.....
      Still not completely sold on that name.
      - Luke

    • ben terwellen
      ben terwellen Month ago

      He got rid of Moose, Luke replaced him.............

  • P RO
    P RO Month ago

    Choate has been at it for ages- long before there was a YT; always top-grade gear from them. This "Ice Scraper" (and "Kitty Cat" keyrings, "Letter Openers", etc) will not be legal in some places so know the local laws before you carry them on your person. Those are the best tent stakes I've ever found: more compact stored than the plastic ones and they hold far better than the thin round ones when rain loosens the soil. When you really need your shelter most is not the time to discover it's failing!

  • Signs of a Story
    Signs of a Story Month ago

    I would really like to see you test out som tents from Naturehike. For example the Opalus 3. Green version.

  • EnglishAndy
    EnglishAndy Month ago +3

    Wow fokes a tactical ice scrapper 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Stealth Andy Steath

    Morning buddy 😁 👍. Looking good mi friend. That rucksack looks sweet. Is it 30lt????? Well as Monday is here once again, you an sue have a great week.... 😊 ATB Andy 🇬🇧 👍 ☕

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago

    Wow that's awesome

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago


  • Nina Bittrolff
    Nina Bittrolff Month ago

    Neat looking tent Luke could you show us what it looks like set up .

  • Jon Wulf
    Jon Wulf Month ago

    Great!! Luke is all set for another winter blog... Can’t wait tho.

  • mountainghost556
    mountainghost556 Month ago +1

    Super great till you have to carry it.

    • mountainghost556
      mountainghost556 Month ago

      @saemus hailstorm I can tell you never have carried any type of weight for enexstend distance or time.

    • saemus hailstorm
      saemus hailstorm Month ago

      - if its all you have , TS ; part of the experiance & you get exercised
      -maybe you're better off on couch then , playing games

  • Robyn Doby
    Robyn Doby Month ago

    Hey Luke and Susie cool stuff awesome looking tent can't wait till you try it out like the backpack so cool hope all is well have a wonderful coming in week

  • kilroyvolvo1
    kilroyvolvo1 Month ago

    Hope your new truck is working well for you.

  • Jim Scott
    Jim Scott Month ago +3

    Ice scraper/self defense tool! I dub thee Bone Breaker, lol.

    • GravityToy
      GravityToy Month ago

      Your knuckles will be bleeding all over your windows. That's not what they were designed for.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago

      I'm all for using them for ice; not for self defense. ;D - Luke

  • Miki Gain
    Miki Gain Month ago +2

    The military wants to make sure you stay staked to the ground!
    Have you ever done reviews of poop shovels? I know that's random - but I'm looking to replace my plastic one and would love to see a review on the Deuce and similar products.

  • Morgan
    Morgan Month ago


  • Doug Allen
    Doug Allen Month ago +1

    Good, now you can do an overnight with a US shelter. Don't forget to waterproof it first with Canvak.

  • Silence N Beats
    Silence N Beats Month ago +2

    Break windows, cut seat belts, scrape ice and ..... thought you were gonna add something else.

  • Denis Solaro
    Denis Solaro Month ago +1

    oh sweet, a USGI pup tent!

  • Edwin Meyer
    Edwin Meyer Month ago

    Speaking of eating coffee...I enjoy chewing a bit of fresh coffee grounds as a 'pick me up",( I too love my coffee "nasty" strong... I carry a vial of instant with me most of the time to add to other peoples coffee when it is too weak...(almost always is)... No cream... no sugar...just strong and bitter...When making a standard cup of instant, it is 3 HEAPING teaspoons of powder for a cup...Believe me, I get a LOT of comments in public. BTW....Would have loved to hear you complete that last thought about "there are so many people who..." How about "there are so many people who...Have YT "survival" channels...that I would not be caught dead with in a survival situation.... Thanx for the vid and look 4ward to your next wilderness outing. Still trying to catch up with your past ones.

    • P RO
      P RO Month ago +1

      Your "There are so many people..." is SO very right, but unfortunately the average YT viewer is so unknowledgable that they don't realize this. It's a good thing (or is it?) that they'll probably never have to discover their heroes are zeros when the chips are really down. Makes you appreciate the few good ones like Luke a whole lot more.

  • Mezmorize0417
    Mezmorize0417 Month ago +1

    Ice scrapers look like knuckle busters.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago +1

      They are also marketed as a self defense tools but in all honesty, I rather have something else in my hands!
      - Luke

  • Ben Schmeltz
    Ben Schmeltz Month ago

    Been using that same bag for a few yrs, had some tearing and zipper issues, however the warranty has always covered it. They charge 10 bucks for a flat shipping but they send a new 50 dollar bag to replace the damaged one so no complaints really. Got the first one issued in basic training.

  • James Stoney
    James Stoney Month ago +1

    CM&T makes good equipment, their ice scrapers are also decent self defense tools

  • fbabdiver
    fbabdiver Month ago

    sorry, but either you are gaining weight or you are on ROID'S. don't do steriods brother

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago

      Over the last year I have been focusing on packing on muscle and apparently it has been working. No roids for me, all nature.

    • mountainghost556
      mountainghost556 Month ago

      That's a stupid question. You ever try a gym.