• Published on Jun 24, 2018
  • How can things get any worse?
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  • 9yearoldsoldier PEWDIEPIE
    9yearoldsoldier PEWDIEPIE 10 minutes ago +1

    So your telling me she shat on the FLOOR

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 15 minutes ago


  • GrassValleyGreg
    GrassValleyGreg Hour ago


  • Tyroney Baloney
    Tyroney Baloney Hour ago

    the glasses dude is all of us watching this

  • The Colour Artist
    The Colour Artist 3 hours ago

    "There's dirt"

    Oh boi you wish it is

  • Tom Marsh
    Tom Marsh 3 hours ago

    she's all, yeah, I shit on the floor, so what?

  • Mads
    Mads 4 hours ago +1

    "Ramsay don't go"
    *Ramsay leaves*

  • Noob Boot
    Noob Boot 4 hours ago

    I cant- I'm gone! THIS IS GROSS!

  • Dung Vo
    Dung Vo 5 hours ago

    *l o l w t f*

  • ayana
    ayana 5 hours ago

    how can someone’s house be a hotel

  • Esjellz
    Esjellz 6 hours ago

    Boy:Am I not allowed to yell Sarah?
    Me:Yeah, Sarah shut the fuck up bitch

  • Jemimah Zeckendorf
    Jemimah Zeckendorf 7 hours ago

    Which ep is this from???

  • Quinton Shull
    Quinton Shull 7 hours ago

    it's not about this *slap* thing, SARAH. its the *flails* whole *waves* the whole picture.

  • Rando 123456
    Rando 123456 8 hours ago


  • spaghetti sipp
    spaghetti sipp 9 hours ago


  • おっつん推しの人

    the sounds at the end, it makes me imagine the guy is gonna be attacked by the woman....

  • Dreadfully Average
    Dreadfully Average 10 hours ago

    The hygiene monitor was above 30 but their IQs definitely weren’t

  • Bo Washenko
    Bo Washenko 11 hours ago

    Did he really need that machine to tell him the hotel was a crap fest?

  • Jean Simard
    Jean Simard 11 hours ago +2

    Poor kid "Ramsey don't go" desperate last call. Which episode was that?

  • Xryein
    Xryein 11 hours ago

    Where is the lamb sause tho man?

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi 8 hours ago

      Everything wrong with this comment:
      1: Your name and pfp
      2: lamb sauce meme

  • Sausage Dog Franky
    Sausage Dog Franky 11 hours ago

    Lol she just exposed her.

  • Baguette -
    Baguette - 11 hours ago


    Me when my dad left me

  • the seraphrim
    the seraphrim 11 hours ago

    Not gonna lie..her co worker is a snitch

  • Butter Croissant
    Butter Croissant 12 hours ago

    How he ain’t sick 🙄

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 12 hours ago

    Thats the dirtest hotel I've ever seen

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi 8 hours ago

      You commented 3 times in like 5 seconds

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 12 hours ago

    That woman creeps me out

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi 8 hours ago

      You commented 3 times in like 5 seconds

  • dragonball slayer326
    dragonball slayer326 12 hours ago

    Worst owner ever

  • leah sav
    leah sav 12 hours ago

    i feel sorry for his shoes

  • Phoenix Blue
    Phoenix Blue 12 hours ago

    "well the rest of the room is clean"-- what?! You mean aside from the sh!t on the floor?!!!

  • Baby Fork
    Baby Fork 12 hours ago


  • Mini mix puppet
    Mini mix puppet 13 hours ago +3

    That kid needs a better job
    He has my respect and I would give him 10 cookies

  • Oh yeah yeah Sharktastic

    She drinks too much milk

  • Swagugu Il koala
    Swagugu Il koala 13 hours ago

    i love how the lady actually asked gordon to sleep in a room where theres a carpet with her shit

  • Happy Fluff
    Happy Fluff 14 hours ago +2

    Ramsey: “OMG 803.”
    Karen...: “Well i have shat on the floor...”

  • Katelin
    Katelin 14 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks the one who had the diarrhea looks like a classic Disney witch

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi 8 hours ago

      No, look through the comment section there are probably 100 comments about this

  • Thecatlover121 Gale
    Thecatlover121 Gale 14 hours ago

    Mother knows worst

  • Rissa
    Rissa 15 hours ago

    I really felt bad for the man 😩

  • Shikshita Raj
    Shikshita Raj 15 hours ago

    "They did an oopsieee" someone call pewdiepie

  • Sophia MB
    Sophia MB 16 hours ago

    boy: *collapses

  • Lord Yeeteth
    Lord Yeeteth 16 hours ago

    K a r e n w h y

  • Michaela De Lima
    Michaela De Lima 17 hours ago

    He wasn’t even shouting tho😂

  • Nic Fenti
    Nic Fenti 18 hours ago

    Well that's just a very shitty situation

  • Donnie_Trump2020
    Donnie_Trump2020 18 hours ago

    he left just like my dad after i did diarrhea on the ground

    • Yeet Boi
      Yeet Boi 8 hours ago

      Donnie sweetie come downstairs for dinner please!!

  • Endergir517 AKA Dixie Normous

    Her name is Karen? That explains it!

  • ashley gibbs
    ashley gibbs 18 hours ago

    it smells like there's crap on the floor.. yeah it's crap, we all know she shits on the floor like an angry cat but we just go with it

  • ashley gibbs
    ashley gibbs 18 hours ago

    I want to see the whole episode! what one is it?

  • Monir Mansour
    Monir Mansour 19 hours ago

    Ramsey don't goo🤣😂

  • Syeda Yasmin Ara
    Syeda Yasmin Ara 19 hours ago

    Ewwww dont touch your face after that test!

  • schone
    schone 20 hours ago

    the title i-

  • Edgar Reza
    Edgar Reza 21 hour ago

    I can smell the video

  • Calvin de Vink
    Calvin de Vink 22 hours ago +2

    “Im working 60 hours a day” hold up, whut?

  • Zala
    Zala 23 hours ago

    "Girls are sweet"

  • Jayon Thomas
    Jayon Thomas Day ago

    The guy at the end, "Ramsey don't go"

  • Mia Walton
    Mia Walton Day ago


  • WigglyDiggly Who

    “Ramsey, Don’t go” There was shit on the floor, why wouldn’t he leave. 😂

  • Broken
    Broken Day ago

    This...can't be real.
    Please, let this be just exaggerated t.v. drama.

  • Roster Foster
    Roster Foster Day ago

    The woman is a witch

  • Gelina Ann
    Gelina Ann Day ago

    His arms trip me out!!

  • J.N.J. 704
    J.N.J. 704 Day ago

    She’s to laid back

  • pinkishbangtan x
    pinkishbangtan x Day ago +1


  • mystified killer 101

    The first girl at 2:16 was close

  • Yellow fruit
    Yellow fruit Day ago

    She looks like the witch that ate hansel and gretel

  • Michael Aguayo
    Michael Aguayo Day ago

    1:55 is where the uncleaned diarrhea segment starts

  • Miranda N
    Miranda N Day ago +1

    I got a pampers ad right before this video... I think TVclip is trying to tell Karen something

  • Maddie whatever
    Maddie whatever Day ago

    Man, that guy is a legend.

  • Pinda
    Pinda Day ago +1

    That is not unhygienic, that is fucking toxic!

  • Brooke Walters
    Brooke Walters Day ago


  • Some random Guy
    Some random Guy Day ago

    Aww shit, I think I’ve got the same sink from that bathroom

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter Day ago

    That yung man is doing more for the owner then the owner her self that's just sad

  • Grant
    Grant Day ago +1

    To be frank, Karen low-key looks like a witch

  • ifeedonfear
    ifeedonfear Day ago

    When you been on crack for to long

  • Leo Asmaklis
    Leo Asmaklis Day ago

    We need David Caruso to walk in, take a deep breath and bend down to take off his sunglasses "yep, shit on the floor"

  • Moist Man
    Moist Man Day ago


  • Caleb Coreas
    Caleb Coreas Day ago +1

    Gordon: 803!!!!
    Lady: OoPsIe DaISy!

  • infinityK9sofficial

    y’all better go to to Holiday Inn 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • jay willow
    jay willow Day ago

    This lady is an idiot. A miserable idiot.

  • Tobacco Face Mask

    I was eating while watching this...

    Also that kid in the vid was so wise and smart!

  • Nova ``
    Nova `` Day ago

    Of course her name is Karen

  • Oreo the Dragon
    Oreo the Dragon Day ago

    Lmao What! The! Fuck!

  • Dreger Lard
    Dreger Lard Day ago

    What kind of testing tool did Ramsay use here? I'm very interested.

  • BoogieMan Castout

    room is death black plague.

  • 187SicknesS
    187SicknesS Day ago

    Pretty sure that mat in the bathroom is meant for outside. We have a few of them, bought them at Costco as outdoor door mats

  • Christopher
    Christopher Day ago

    Seriously!!? Who runs that place? The wicked witch of the west?? O.o

  • IamsuperSam MrKay
    IamsuperSam MrKay Day ago +1

    Mr Ramsay, I don't feel so good...

    Yes, it's a dead meme, but if you go to that hotel you would die too.

  • Ari and Me
    Ari and Me Day ago


  • Heather P
    Heather P Day ago

    OMG fucking Nasty!

  • Heather P
    Heather P Day ago

    That was dang stink bug!

  • Colton Drake
    Colton Drake Day ago


  • jessie zeng
    jessie zeng Day ago

    What season is this Clip from

  • rqbbo
    rqbbo Day ago +1

    I feel sorry for her


    That lady looks like a witch from a horror movie.... like if u agree

  • Hagan White
    Hagan White Day ago

    What episode is thisssss

  • Arron Garner
    Arron Garner Day ago

    Proper stitched her mate up on tv about having the trotts hahaha brilliant

  • Marco McGill
    Marco McGill Day ago

    What a couple hippies. Everything is alright as long as they get positive feedback.

  • Jah-ne _
    Jah-ne _ Day ago

    Who is worse Amy from Kitchen Nightmares or Karen?

    ARNOLD Day ago

    His arm's tho

  • 3zk1I_
    3zk1I_ Day ago

    How the fuck do get 803 lol

  • Thomas Birtles
    Thomas Birtles Day ago +1

    Gordon: it smells like there’s crap all over the floor.
    Guy: probably because there’s on floor.

  • Ash Nguyen
    Ash Nguyen Day ago +7

    She looks like she survived the Salem witch trials

  • The Tempter
    The Tempter Day ago

    People that don't understand hygiene shouldn't cater to anyone xD