POLAR PLUNGE CHALLENGE 2018 ☃️💦 (100K Subscribers)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
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    Today Lizzy Sharer and the Sharer fam, went outside to play in the snow and Lizzy felt like she needed to do something super fun and epic to celebrate reaching over 100,000 subscribers. So she decided to do the 2018 super insane polar plunge challenge with the zipline into the freezing cold icy water. Carter and Stephen were so excited and surprised because she was really going to attempt the polar plunge challenge. Lizzy bundled up and went outside and walked down to the snowy pond. Then she took her jacket off and ran up the hill on this snow day and grabbed the zipline and she did the polar bear plunge challenge down the zipline into the freezing icy cold pond! It was so crazy and below freezing, she had to swim all the way out and she ran up the hill all the way inside to the warm fire place. She was so cold she felt like an ice block. If you loved this 100,000 subscriber celebration, comment #POLARPLUNGE ☃️💦
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