G-Force, Jerk, and Passing Out In A Centrifuge

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Thanks to the Starrship team for arranging this! I'm also over on their channel, flying with the Blades: tvclip.biz/video/iwy3-1gorxk/video.html • At the Royal Air Force training centrifuge in Farnbrough, pilots learn how to avoid G-LOC: g-induced loss of consciousness. Let's talk about g-force, about jerk, and about how to keep circulation flowing to your brain.
    * Isn't 3.6g a really low g-tolerance? *
    Yep. Turns out I would not qualify to be a fighter pilot. The average range for g-tolerance is 4-6; no-one was expecting me to pass out. The centrifuge team do not deliberately try to G-LOC people! To be fair, though, I'd done a few earlier runs with only minor effects.
    * What g was the RAF person at the start pulling? *
    That's Marcus, from the Starrship team, and he was successfully pulling 6.5g with the help of g-trousers: they plug into a compressed air source in the plane (and in the centrifuge) and act as a lower-body tourniquet to keep the blood up top. They are very effective.
    * Why did you shake and shudder when regaining consciousness? *
    Those are called "myoclonic convulsions", which is a fancy medical term for "muscle jerks", and they're a common side effect of recovering from G-LOC.
    * What did it feel like? *
    I'll answer this in more detail in a video over on the Matt and Tom channel soon, but in short: I don't remember it. I was doing the breathing maneuver, then everything was wobbly, then we were stopped!
    * Is this a sponsored video? *
    No: the RAF and Starrship had no editorial control over this, and no money changed hands. Obviously, though, they gave me a spin in the centrifuge, and I'm collaborating with them over on their channel too!

    The RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine, the Starrship team, and the folks at Qinetiq.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  10 months ago +1820

    If you have questions (what did it feel like? why did you convulse? isn't 3.6g a really low tolerance?) pull down the description, I've answered a few there! And if you see someone ask a question that's in the description, please point them there.

    • 109
      109 20 days ago

      +Jess Chan Sorry for a late reply, but it depends. You need athletic body to have the best tolerance. For example, the best tolerance sustained 9G fighter pilots are people with no neck (basically gym rats) + hardcore deadlifters (legs strength plays a major role). Also, high blood pressure helps. Only advantage I can see for women is their smaller height and weight. Their disadvantage is weaker muscles and muscles play a huge role. So I think a smaller height and thus smaller weight gym rat that is male is probably superior because of superior muscle strength. Remember you need strong neck (if you don't have a neck like it is with hardcore gym rats, then the better it is), super strong muscles from your abs (good core is good for your spine and you are going to need it) to all the way down. So never skip the leg day if you want to have a good tolerance. Hope this helps.

    • L T Mundy
      L T Mundy Month ago

      +A Totally Ordinary Aubergine: No. But you might suffer ICP (intercranial pressure) induced cerebral trauma or menengial tears/bruising.

    • L T Mundy
      L T Mundy Month ago

      +Ben WP: Analogous to a set of snug chaps married to multiple blood pressure cuffs. Securely fitted around the legs and lower abdomen of aviators, and containg pneumatic bladders between durable nylon/nomex shells. When the pilot is subject to downward high g forces, the suit inflates, thereby limiting the amount of blood that will naturally be drawn towards the lower extremities. Medspeak: Orthostatic hypotension: Liteheaded sensation after standing quickly from a prolonged sitting position.

    • Melo DEC
      Melo DEC 2 months ago

      Tom Scott I use to work at a space center, and we had a machine that would do 3g and held around 20 people. Kids ages from 11-15 would get on it many times back to back.

    • Jess Chan
      Jess Chan 2 months ago

      Is it true that females tend to have a higher G tolerance than males? Even if it is, there are still more male than female fighter pilots.

  • God King GG
    God King GG 7 hours ago

    I remembered the guy who goes for 9G and didnt passed out damn that would be a very hard training i suppose

  • Peter Akers
    Peter Akers Day ago

    £10,000 says the US use this for torture

  • Sheree Dogge
    Sheree Dogge 8 days ago

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    THE TRUTH12 15 days ago

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    Yeah? I thought so .....

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    score fresh Month ago

    in disneyland orlando, epcot in misson space is the orange misson. it simulates g-force during launch. it felt like 2 g to be a guess.

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    Peter Houle Month ago

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    To be fair, acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, not speed

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    Actually the highest g's that a person has ever sustained is 214G

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    Lunicat Gaming Month ago

    Only around 3.8g is when you passed out, I did 5 and I didn’t pass out

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  • TheChazas
    TheChazas 2 months ago +1

    Passed out on quite low G's, even Formula 1 drivers experience constant from 1+ to 6+ G's for 2 hours straight.

    • TheChazas
      TheChazas 2 months ago

      It is all about corner speeds, that is where the most G comes. In a two seater Formula car some people pass out too, even a few seconds can be enough for some untrained.

    • Melo DEC
      Melo DEC 2 months ago

      TheChazas its way different spinning around in the same motion than hitting turns and accelerating brutally fast. Feels totally different

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    Joe Benz 2 months ago

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