G-Force, Jerk, and Passing Out In A Centrifuge

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Thanks to the Starrship team for arranging this! I'm also over on their channel, flying with the Blades: tvclip.biz/video/iWY3-1gOrxk/video.html • At the Royal Air Force training centrifuge in Farnbrough, pilots learn how to avoid G-LOC: g-induced loss of consciousness. Let's talk about g-force, about jerk, and about how to keep circulation flowing to your brain.
    * Isn't 3.6g a really low g-tolerance? *
    Yep. Turns out I would not qualify to be a fighter pilot. The average range for g-tolerance is 4-6; no-one was expecting me to pass out. The centrifuge team do not deliberately try to G-LOC people! To be fair, though, I'd done a few earlier runs with only minor effects.
    * What g was the RAF person at the start pulling? *
    That's Marcus, from the Starrship team, and he was successfully pulling 6.5g with the help of g-trousers: they plug into a compressed air source in the plane (and in the centrifuge) and act as a lower-body tourniquet to keep the blood up top. They are very effective.
    * Why did you shake and shudder when regaining consciousness? *
    Those are called "myoclonic convulsions", which is a fancy medical term for "muscle jerks", and they're a common side effect of recovering from G-LOC.
    * What did it feel like? *
    I'll answer this in more detail in a video over on the Matt and Tom channel soon, but in short: I don't remember it. I was doing the breathing maneuver, then everything was wobbly, then we were stopped!
    * Is this a sponsored video? *
    No: the RAF and Starrship had no editorial control over this, and no money changed hands. Obviously, though, they gave me a spin in the centrifuge, and I'm collaborating with them over on their channel too!

    The RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine, the Starrship team, and the folks at Qinetiq.
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  8 months ago +1696

    If you have questions (what did it feel like? why did you convulse? isn't 3.6g a really low tolerance?) pull down the description, I've answered a few there! And if you see someone ask a question that's in the description, please point them there.

    • Jess Chan
      Jess Chan 7 days ago

      Is it true that females tend to have a higher G tolerance than males? Even if it is, there are still more male than female fighter pilots.

    • Chuck Lankford
      Chuck Lankford Month ago

      Most high G- force situations are for short term in the fighter jets realm 7+ but the turn reversals are what really gets to you.

    • Wong Lucus
      Wong Lucus Month ago

      Tom Scott looks scary tho

    • [GG] Gaming
      [GG] Gaming Month ago

      how much G force is your body being immediately stopped at about 62 MPH? (EDIT) its because in my go-Kart i crashed at about that speed into the tires :D (ANOTHER EDIT) im 10

    • UFOs
      UFOs 2 months ago

      I have a question. If a person passes out in an aircraft, how likely is it for him to regain full consciousness while rapidly loosing altitude? what would you say basing on your experience?

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    캡틴곽T.V 14 hours ago

    I endured up to 6G during 30s. ^^

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    Gimberg Preval 23 hours ago

    -Scott 2018

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