Don't Watch This Trump-Epstein Video Alone

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • Newly-surfaced footage of Donald Trump hosting Jeffrey Epstein at Mar-A-Lago isn't for anyone with a weak stomach.
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Comments • 6 364

  • Vio Fox
    Vio Fox Hour ago

    The worst part about his "suicide" is that it's not one side saying "ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!" Its both saying... "YA TRYED TO PULL A FAST ONE!"

  • Dennis DeSapience
    Dennis DeSapience 2 hours ago


  • Linda Vidal
    Linda Vidal 3 hours ago

    You left out Joe Biden on the creepy "toucher" mounainside.

  • Chirag
    Chirag 6 hours ago

    aah the classy upper class women...i rather cry in a rolls royce mentality...hi first lady...

  • Faye Woods
    Faye Woods 6 hours ago

    Now I see why Trump loved holding on to his daughter so!😂

  • Lillian sperling Madsen

    Is it funny ? amarican humor..

  • poopdeckpappy..
    poopdeckpappy.. 7 hours ago

    It dosent take a rocket scientist to figure out president shit for brains and his buddies had Epstein sure the truth will come out 10 years from now. President shit for brains is corrupt..its been proven over the last 3 years.

  • Mr
    Mr 10 hours ago

    LMAO. Brilliant. !!!!! Sending up all those scum buckets!!. An old old russian lady and I kept my underpants on. ( Dershowitz). Scum bag.

  • harddazeknight
    harddazeknight 12 hours ago

    You can tell by his slick moves that Drumpf obviously attended the 'Elaine Benes School of Dance'.

  • D Lambert
    D Lambert 12 hours ago

    This is all you have? 1992 ans single, having a good time? Boy you sure got him. Wait till the rest fall and he is standing you clown

  • ASMR TexanLatinWhisper
    ASMR TexanLatinWhisper 14 hours ago

    This just in - Bert the Muppet suing Trump for stealing his eyebrows

  • lil gucci
    lil gucci 15 hours ago

    4:23 in Colbert's hysterical tone, "many of them on the younger side." Well where is the proof that Donald Trump took a flight with Jeffery Epstein, convicted pedophile, to Little St. James? Hmm? Come on Colbert, why is Bill Clinton not mentioned? Why are you insinuating, AS IF YOU HAD THE EVIDENCE, that our President Trump is a CONVICTED pedophile. He isn't a pedophile, and you are slandering him with your insinuations. Our President Trump, probably realized Epstein wasn't a good guy, that's why he disconnected from him 15 YEARS AGO. Bill Clinton? I HAVEN'T SPOKEN TO HIM IN 10 YEARS! 1:58

    • Meg
      Meg 9 hours ago

      the man is a pedophile, guch. are you really that stoop? BOTH sides of the elite are gross. DONT BE AN IDIOT. BOTH sides filthy up there, and they act. ACT and ACT and ACT - gross sad men that get their places of privilege because of the money they have the connections they have and the shames they keep. TRUMP isnt cool with the Manhattan crowd - he fell out with Epstein about ten or so years ago, its what drove him to MOSCOW FOR HIS SEXY FUN TIME two sides of same gross caligula-like elite. THEY are giving us a two-tier society. TiME to TAX the rich SILLY. because thats what they need.

  • Rixar13
    Rixar13 16 hours ago

    🍀 Irish Honey Badger & Irish Bunny -> I'm watching Alone.

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan 16 hours ago

    A hole Epstein yo daddy,were on the track of you boss killbill

  • HappyDonutFarts
    HappyDonutFarts 18 hours ago

    Isn't weird that Colbert neglected an itsy bitsy nugget about Trump had kicked out Epstein from Maralago prior to his first arrest in the early 2000's and that he once flew on his Lolita express while Clinton has been on it 26 times? So weird???

  • Nat White
    Nat White 20 hours ago

    Not funny.

  • Alexandra De Leon
    Alexandra De Leon 21 hour ago

    I second that motion 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢

  • Barbara murray
    Barbara murray 21 hour ago


  • Nathalie Desrosiers
    Nathalie Desrosiers 21 hour ago

    Colbert is a better dancer than Trump.

  • Angelofmusic Wonder
    Angelofmusic Wonder 21 hour ago +1

    I was just talking about this video today and this is so disturbing to watch. You can see the depravity in Trump and those at this function.

  • Jodie Hurt
    Jodie Hurt 21 hour ago

    i dont understand all the jokes and laughter - the uk and usa are the only cultures tbat find humour and entertainment in child sex - dirt

  • محمود صلاح الدين

    Best show

  • Pam Dei
    Pam Dei 22 hours ago

    This is sooo not funny! Our government,doj,fbi,elites ,Hollywood celebrities, and corporate elite are all corrupt and worst of all our media/news is all corrupt!

  • roman liru
    roman liru 23 hours ago

    A delight

  • m j
    m j Day ago

    Not funny but am sure it hilarious in America the drug are working prozac.......

  • Trevor Gough
    Trevor Gough Day ago

    TRUMP 2020 😂

  • Speak_the_ truth
    Speak_the_ truth Day ago +2

    How sick a mind does it take to write a "comedy" script about sex trafficking or the equally demented audience that laughed. You all are disgusting MF's

  • LowlyGrinder
    LowlyGrinder Day ago

    Look how grabby Trump was to those women, what right does he have to call Biden creepy?

  • fred franks
    fred franks Day ago +1

    When did all this become funny?? Your a sick man!!!!!

  • Curtis Whitehead Jr

    Colbert, you are NUTS! 🤣🤣🤣 And I love it!

  • Prem Azar
    Prem Azar Day ago

    Allthough I am a long time fan, but S. Colbet very well is part of the group

  • Steven Ponte
    Steven Ponte Day ago

    I think everything has already been said. Except how badly the cheerleaders dance. Isn't that their day job???

  • Steve Schmengle
    Steve Schmengle Day ago

    The show needs to go to the rightful owner Craig Ferguson who should have gotten the show!

  • Steve Schmengle
    Steve Schmengle Day ago

    ColeBert you are still on the air!

  • maureen janousek
    maureen janousek Day ago +1

    Bill Clinton was Epzteinz best friend. Libiturdz love sexual deviates

    • Karstens Creations
      Karstens Creations 13 hours ago

      Trumpanzees: When they have nothing to defend Donald, pull the Clinton card...pathetically over played and oh so old...

  • C Dhan
    C Dhan Day ago

    Epstein has the ugliest mouth. He looks like the joker, hes sooo gross

  • Zucker Bergsmom
    Zucker Bergsmom Day ago

    Do Epstein’s groomers need a job?

  • tmc1957 tmc1957
    tmc1957 tmc1957 Day ago

    Omg it’s funny but now I’m sick :(

  • Suggested Username

    Lmfao. We got this clip from the early 90's and this ONE quote from an interview. The evidence is overwhelming! Stg my kid does more reaserch for a mf spelling test lol.

  • victorhostos
    victorhostos Day ago


  • Noel Hoffmann
    Noel Hoffmann Day ago

    Funny as hell! Truth, though!

  • dane herbst
    dane herbst Day ago +1

    I don't hearing him mentioning bill clintons connection to epstein so i guess that's okay then

    • Karstens Creations
      Karstens Creations 13 hours ago

      "I don't have any way in hell of defending Trump here, so I'm going to mention Bill Clinton"

  • James Bates
    James Bates Day ago

    Silly demokratz Epstein was a Clinton donor

    • Sonja Wallace
      Sonja Wallace 18 hours ago

      James Bates, yah but....who’s sitting in the Oval Office?

  • Donniel Aponte'
    Donniel Aponte' Day ago


  • Donniel Aponte'
    Donniel Aponte' Day ago


  • Dale Gervais
    Dale Gervais Day ago

    oblama was the hoax president. Hate, hoax and caging little children. Humiliating deamoncrats are cop killers, liars, haters, and hoaxes. Oblama appointed comey to give epstein a really sweet deamoncrat pedophile deal. Epstein functioned freely over the oblama failed presidency. oblama stole “hope and change” from Venezuela but delivered hate and divide fascism.

  • Invisible Individual

    Trump looks like one of thAT cave men dude on the old GEICO insurance commercials. Those brows! JFC! 🤮

  • robert martinez
    robert martinez Day ago

    This guy hates Trump, so he conveniently forgets that the FBI has CLINTON visiting the island 27 times. And there's a painting of good ol Bill wearing a blue dress and red high heels. Leftist propaganda...get lost Stephen.

    • bee bee
      bee bee 3 hours ago

      And Podesta creepy artwork in his house and videos in his hacked emails. And Creepy Joe Beiden groping children right in front of everyone. And Trump's buddy Acosta who was involved with Epstein. Prince Andrew, Peter Microsoft Bright, Bill Gates. Both sides are involved in this monstrosity, don't you all get it?

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman Day ago


  • Bubba bitty
    Bubba bitty Day ago

    “A rhythmic judding” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • N Gemmiti
    N Gemmiti Day ago

    Can someone find the other man?

  • Brice Page
    Brice Page 2 days ago

    Stephen Colbert is on the lolita express log? He went to the island ?

  • spaceballs44
    spaceballs44 2 days ago

    Looking at him would age me 40 years in 20 seconds.

  • London 18
    London 18 2 days ago

    that is the president of USA ???!!! hahahahaha the one american southerns and stupid 2nd generation of immigrants (cubans, colombians, etc) supporting against the vulnerable Mexicans?? Poor idiots!!!! some Americans are so so so stupid. And what to say about those stupid inmigrantes supporting him ??? OMG!!

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 2 days ago

    Monster Island.Looking at Dershowitz Clinton Trump and Epstein it is understandable how it's called Monster Island,Especially Dershowitz running around in his under pants......

  • Raquel Romero
    Raquel Romero 2 days ago

    Linda G Comanche I want to hear about you

  • Judi Grace
    Judi Grace 2 days ago

  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw 2 days ago

    who provided money and supported these places ?

  • Mike Noftsier
    Mike Noftsier 2 days ago +1

    he's burning in HELL yay

  • Tomie Cadena
    Tomie Cadena 2 days ago +5

    Stephen Colbert is so funny. I so enjoy watching him.

  • Victoria Aktsioglou
    Victoria Aktsioglou 2 days ago

    Lol ur so funnyman

  • The Watch Show
    The Watch Show 2 days ago +1

    Colbert is obviously a pedophile. He exudes slime.

  • 72supersub
    72supersub 2 days ago

    Yes entertain me.

  • Michayal Valder
    Michayal Valder 2 days ago

    MAGA... Molesting Adolescent Girls Again

  • lazy bums
    lazy bums 2 days ago

    Don't think this is a joke it's about kids, just like pizzagate we want to know who did what, try doing jokes about the people in the whitehouse before Trump got there. Who is big Mike?

  • ທ ຢ
    ທ ຢ 2 days ago

    Have you heard if he's also grabed Epstein's p****?

    JAMES BOND FAN 007 2 days ago

    What's the bet Colbert was in Einstein's little black book!!

  • Christopher Frost
    Christopher Frost 2 days ago +10

    Bachelor loving lifestyle?! More like Perverted and Demented Great Granpa who doesn't know when to leave the room or much dress approiatly.

  • Rodney Holcombe
    Rodney Holcombe 2 days ago

    Colbert found to travel on Lolita express 33 timez

  • James Mills
    James Mills 2 days ago

    Clinton was great friends. Colbert has ties to him as well.

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I doubt he had a masseuse over 20...

  • Fernando Fernández
    Fernando Fernández 2 days ago +3

    (((they))) killed the canary before it starts to sing ...

  • Wahid Rahman
    Wahid Rahman 2 days ago

    Don't through up DT!

  • Wahid Rahman
    Wahid Rahman 2 days ago

    Hey, chief all bunch of PIMP!

  • Wahid Rahman
    Wahid Rahman 2 days ago

    Hey, Chief let's watch together In Central park!