Painting 🎆 EXPLOSIONS 🎆 in Watercolor | September SCRAWLRBOX

  • Published on Feb 24, 2017
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Comments • 378

  • Lizzie's a Lefty
    Lizzie's a Lefty 2 years ago +466

    I've been catching up on my subs binging your videos today and realized I totally missed that you opened this scrawlrbox 😊 I'm glad you enjoyed the watercolours !! 💖

  • Littlewings -
    Littlewings - Month ago

    Tip to cut down on the waiting time between layers of watercolours - hairdryer. 😊

  • Aaaa Juni
    Aaaa Juni Month ago +2

    I looked up Liz Apoint on TVclip.
    Now im crying-

  • Roy Caruana Clark
    Roy Caruana Clark Month ago

    you are my inspiration

  • Kamryn Cunningham
    Kamryn Cunningham Month ago

    .......does anyone else get bothered when the arm and leg on the same side are moving in the same direction??? like the right arm and leg are both forward......

  • Adéla Guziurova
    Adéla Guziurova Month ago

    Bakugou Katsuki has joined the chat

  • Ryan Heightenburg
    Ryan Heightenburg 2 months ago

    dude, thats so goo. im sitting here and cant even hold a pencil

  • Brooke Anne
    Brooke Anne 2 months ago +1

    That lid fits on the back of the brush (just so you know)

  • Neko drawing
    Neko drawing 4 months ago

    Omg it looks like George from z nation she is so cute

  • Brynn G.
    Brynn G. 4 months ago

    i have the pink fineliner pen 🙃

  • VisibleHen Gaming
    VisibleHen Gaming 5 months ago

    I really like the video! by the way, when you were putting the black watercolor on the character, to me instead of a shadow it looked like she was covered in ash.

  • becky smith
    becky smith 6 months ago

    No no no I loved this drawing until the purple and green that ruined it

  • Meet Randomness
    Meet Randomness 6 months ago

    Explosion counter:: 26

  • Lyndsy Stone
    Lyndsy Stone 6 months ago

    @ 8:13 Who else thought the explosion looks like popcorn

  • Jasmine G Coleman
    Jasmine G Coleman 7 months ago

    Im so glad you list your supplies that watercolor happens to be on sale right now!!!!

  • Evelyn Rivera Garcia
    Evelyn Rivera Garcia 7 months ago


  • patato the kawai
    patato the kawai 7 months ago

    I was going to subscribe but I realized 15 euro is 89 TL so that's pretty expensive ugh I hate when this happens

  • marni.
    marni. 8 months ago

    Why do you talk like Jo Jo Siwa?

  • Katarina Mali
    Katarina Mali 8 months ago

    I love thiny things too.😍😍

  • JustThatRandomKid XC
    JustThatRandomKid XC 8 months ago

    Running from my problems like

    But in this case i dont run from my drawing on them....and adding more layersss...... Weow

  • Pretty Pastel12
    Pretty Pastel12 9 months ago

    I bet myself before watching this that you would make an explosion noise and I’m living rn lol

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 9 months ago

    Well it just goes to show that even with some art supplies some are better than others I was so disappointed with my Koi W/C set! they seemed more opaque than transparent and my attempts were shoddy "to be kind". . . Your attempt is worthy of the name of ART! Nice job! Please keep the videos coming thank you for sharing your art journey with us !

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 9 months ago

    does anyone else think about bob ross when they hear one of the colors he uses?

  • Starry Skies
    Starry Skies 9 months ago

    *insert run vine*

  • only one
    only one 9 months ago +1

    It looks like she missin a leg

  • Emily Bos
    Emily Bos 10 months ago

    im pretty sure its just me but she sounds exactly like Laurenzside beacuse she also lovews purple....

  • Bunny Palace
    Bunny Palace 10 months ago

    I am in the middle of a hurricane

  • Kenzie Wolf
    Kenzie Wolf 10 months ago

    It's called masclin tape :3

  • Gin Yure
    Gin Yure 10 months ago

    oh i have that watercolor its very good,mine has more colors tho

  • FaithGirl Three Stars
    FaithGirl Three Stars 10 months ago

    What would you say is the best pricing of box in general for USA buyers? Ik the pallet box may seem Cheeper before shipping, but I wanna be sure

  • Anna Ashley
    Anna Ashley 10 months ago +1

    This is Joe
    Joe is 0 years old.. with each like he gets one year older.. let's see how old Joe gets!

  • Thirdy P
    Thirdy P 10 months ago

    do you voice over? does anybody know? HELP!

  • Dana Lockhart
    Dana Lockhart 11 months ago +1

    I wonder why waffles has never been sponsered by scrawlr box.

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W 11 months ago +1

    Adorable voice over!

  • Stationery style
    Stationery style 11 months ago

    the tape that goes around the paper to give u cool edges is called masking tape

  • Nadz kuwu
    Nadz kuwu 11 months ago

    So there's October,February and September oki doki

  • Rowan Jackles
    Rowan Jackles Year ago

    if you use a paper towel or toilet paper and dab the colour while wet, it soaks up the water and you can redo the colour and change the brightness.

  • Nya Angell
    Nya Angell Year ago

    This may sound stupid, but do you got to keep your skrawlerbox tools?

    • DrawingWiffWaffles
      DrawingWiffWaffles  Year ago

      Absolutely! (not the stupid question part, but the keeping the supplies part, hehe) You get to keep all the supplies in the box every month.

  • Lama's Minary
    Lama's Minary Year ago

    you can actually erase with water colors /
    if u dont like a part just wet it and dab it with a napkin :)

  • Lily Gray-Wright
    Lily Gray-Wright Year ago

    It's hard to wait for watercolor! In my watercolor class we have a hair dryer for that, it works surprisingly well. Just put it on cool, or warm. It takes a lot less time to dry things.

  • Tyiana Drawz
    Tyiana Drawz Year ago

    Fancy names for simple tools. *Noice*

  • Wolfe Girl
    Wolfe Girl Year ago

    Roses r red
    Walffle likes purple
    AND SO R U! 😍😍🦄🦄

  • Evie Heffner
    Evie Heffner Year ago

    Every time you said "escape" I just wanted you to draw dory. Idk.

  • grimgloom
    grimgloom Year ago

    I use the slightly larger koi field set and it’s the only set of watercolors I used threw all of college and my scientific illustration corses they really are tops

  • Roi The Cryin
    Roi The Cryin Year ago

    i know i'm late but how much would a print of this be?? i'd love that!

  • Mia Rene
    Mia Rene Year ago

    Hi Waffles I really want to get into more stretchy ish and more flexible art pieces in my drawing style (my heads are very square like and pointy) and your style really inspires me to try different styles but it never really works out and I would really like to here your advice for me please please reply to this

  • Syvannah McGuire
    Syvannah McGuire Year ago


  • Emil and Y
    Emil and Y Year ago +1

    Purple, green, and the prompt is escape? ...

  • Emil and Y
    Emil and Y Year ago

    *Michael bay flashbacks*

  • Chickenstrips Goop
    Chickenstrips Goop Year ago +2

    What the heck is Chinese white is titanium hwite

  • Happy Bear
    Happy Bear Year ago

    Up until this video, I thought ALL her videos had voice over

  • Tess Hawkins
    Tess Hawkins Year ago

    Does anyone know how much Scawlrboxes cost in the US?

  • Unipanda Animates

    This was uploaded on my birthday

  • Lexa
    Lexa Year ago

    Best one yet

  • xena
    xena Year ago

    Also the Koi watercolors are amazing!

  • xena
    xena Year ago

    How do you keep your pallets so clean?! Mine looks like water spilled on it and I used a paper to carelessly wipe it....

  • Lilly Pod
    Lilly Pod Year ago

    How many times did you have to fill the brush with water throughout the piece

    • JammingKnuckles
      JammingKnuckles 7 months ago

      Pineapple Squad Usually there's enough to last you one or two pieces

  • Drawing Dragonfly
    Drawing Dragonfly Year ago +1

    I absolutely love this drawing and this video!!!!! You're the best Waffles ;)

  • A Middle School Reader

    “Would that be cute or would that be weird”
    1) it will be adorable
    2)you’re adorable

  • Bubbles •
    Bubbles • Year ago

    @DrawingWiffWaffles could you please make a tutorial on how you "find your style" or maybe explain what you like about your style? I really love your art work. It inspries me! you're also really funny. Again, please make some kind of tutorial! Thank you so much!!

  • Clexanvers X
    Clexanvers X Year ago +1

    No mistakes.
    Just happy accidents

  • Scribble Fix
    Scribble Fix Year ago

    haha such a fun illustration!

  • Midhat Syed
    Midhat Syed Year ago

    Do you think someone caused an explosion?
    Do you think it's a Quirk user *wink*

  • Satanic red
    Satanic red Year ago

    she look like the gurl is from attack on titan

  • alma brin
    alma brin Year ago

    She looks like she came straight out of zombies

  • Tainted.
    Tainted. Year ago

    i think she means masking tape

  • Maddy. The local
    Maddy. The local Year ago

    Omg u have so much scrawlr box

  • Guillermo Jimenez

    That is so so real looking

  • skylar
    skylar Year ago

    Your bob ross

  • Rae C:
    Rae C: Year ago

    I *ruined* my koi watercolors I was new to watercolor painting (and still are) and I put WAY to much water on one of the paints and now it's all chippy and cracked and like falling out if the pan.