• Published on Jun 15, 2018
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  • Taylor Tjon
    Taylor Tjon 5 days ago

    Omg ur so cute n so sweet. You got your priorities straight n i live it!!!!

  • Rachel Price
    Rachel Price 6 days ago

    Your very beautiful. Great look today ❤️

  • Rebecca S
    Rebecca S Month ago

    Ha I can remember when those PR trips were making or breaking youtuber's success. Look who avoided all the drama by staying away.

  • Samanta Rizzi
    Samanta Rizzi 5 months ago

    Awwww when you were talking about having babies and now you're PREGNANT!!! :)))

  • Shalena K
    Shalena K 5 months ago +2

    Your going to have a baby sooner than you

  • Mariee_L
    Mariee_L 7 months ago


  • Jamie Heck
    Jamie Heck 8 months ago

    The length of this video is ridiculous

  • Yooper Beauty
    Yooper Beauty 8 months ago

    I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but the covergirl concealer with the blue cap really stings on my skin!

  • shannon collett
    shannon collett 9 months ago

    you are a very loyal wife ,,,,love ya

  • shannon collett
    shannon collett 9 months ago

    Casey sweetie have u ever tried Tatcha products,,with your skin problem I think you would love the indigo rice products I havea son who had problems similar issues as well, n it really helped him,,,well just thought I would try to help out ,,stay sweet n beautiful,,oh yeah Im just getting stated in doing makeup videos any suggestions or advice that would help me you are never boring to watch ,,,

  • Valerie Calandros
    Valerie Calandros 10 months ago

    I love Casey! So real and honest. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • bellejem91
    bellejem91 10 months ago

    I don't even watch the trip vids. I couldn't care less. I just want to see people who I trust putting out awesome real videos on products and tutorials. I actually fucking really dislike them, because theres so many youtubers promoting the same shit (that a lot of time the products I don't think are all that) and watching the same damn thing over and over again. For me, I watch videos for advice, knowledge, and a persons personality. I mostly don't care about vlog videos. Too many produced fake reality tv shows and shit going on in my own life to keep up with *shrugs shoulders*

  • Quatsie Brim
    Quatsie Brim 10 months ago

    Mac zoom mascara makes my eyes do the exact same!

  • Jus Go
    Jus Go 10 months ago

    Haven't tried the Loreal under eye concealer you mentioned, but the Maybelline instant Age Rewind Concealer burns my under eye :/

  • Laura Daniela
    Laura Daniela 10 months ago

    I think it’s beautiful how you put your relationship first , and in a good way because family is everything and you are an amazing person just as you are and not going on trips shouldn’t affect you especially if your choosing your hubby ❤️❤️

  • Mrs. Andrea Nicole Eichten

    Love this look on you!

  • Kief Ybanez
    Kief Ybanez 11 months ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me 11 months ago

    I'm from Wrangell Alaska. In the summer it usually stays below 85. I moved here from California 4 years ago. I wouldn't have done it differently. 😊

  • Ronni Steinwand
    Ronni Steinwand 11 months ago

    Casey I have watched two other videos where they used the Loreal concealer and said it burned their skin so bad they had to remove it it should be recalled and taken off the shelves

  • Kelsey Bannister
    Kelsey Bannister 11 months ago

    That beauty blender is making me laugh because it is almost as big as your face 😂

  • Gabrielle Meeds
    Gabrielle Meeds 11 months ago

    I was having such a hard time tonight with my anxiety.. however, i turned on your videos and your bright attitude and constant smile made me feel so much better. ❤️

  • Amanda John
    Amanda John 11 months ago

    Come and hang with some Atlanta influencers when you're in town! xo

  • Banafsheh Hashemi
    Banafsheh Hashemi 11 months ago

    Hi, I just started watching your channel. You are so beautiful and amazing. You are doing the right thing spending your time with your family instead of going to brand trips.

  • Linnea Burns
    Linnea Burns 11 months ago

    I’m from New England and I love blueberry beer! If you can get shipyard blueberry beer it’s the best!

  • Linnea Burns
    Linnea Burns 11 months ago

    Omg yes the L’Oreal pro glow concealer burns my eyes too! I feel like there is alcohol in it or something because it stings and makes my eyes water! And the lightest shade is so dark I can’t even highlight with it and I’m not even that pale!

  • Miki Harnett
    Miki Harnett 11 months ago

    i loooove your videos!!

  • Mikala Ozbirn
    Mikala Ozbirn 11 months ago

    There's a place here in Mississippi that sales the blueberry beer, it's the best beer I've ever had 🙌🏼

  • Alyssa Hauer
    Alyssa Hauer 11 months ago

    That blueberry beer is AMAZING!

  • Pamela Younker
    Pamela Younker 11 months ago

    I'm in Juneau Alaska and the last 2 weeks it has been about 70 to 80 degrees and that is rare for us. I just spent the last year in Lawrenceville Georgia and couldn't handle the heat there and had to move back to Alaska. Normally our summers are about 60 to 65 and mostly rainy!!

  • Beautyandthebudget
    Beautyandthebudget 11 months ago

    i didnt like Duo lash glue! I recommend Revlon lash glue in a white tube and you brush it on! Its fab x

  • Matthew Mock
    Matthew Mock 11 months ago

    Late seeing this video, but good for you. Family time should always come first. I like your channel because you can tell what your priorities are. :) Love your channel. Jen

  • Ale See
    Ale See 11 months ago

    This look is unbelievable! I don't usually comment but I need to tell you

  • kayla joyce
    kayla joyce 11 months ago

    Love that you prioritize Davis over TVclip and brand trips. That's why you two will last as opposed to others who don't prioritize the important things in life 💗💗

  • Jessica Parmer
    Jessica Parmer 11 months ago

    Your skin looks sooo bomb in this video! #noredness 👌🏼👌🏼💁🏼‍♀️

  • CarolinaMommy
    CarolinaMommy Year ago

    Try out Shaaanxo's XOBeauty brushes!

  • Katy E
    Katy E Year ago

    I live in Alaska! The summers in anchorage stick around 60-70s. Love watching your videos and personality ❤️

  • A benlock
    A benlock Year ago

    Casey is the realist and honestly doesn't give a crap about who's feathers she ruffles. So many people care wayyy to much about what other people think, but shes just out here living her best life making herself happy with Davis & the pups! Take notes!

  • Dance Girl
    Dance Girl Year ago

    everyone seems to love the loreal concealers but they always burn your eyes

  • fashion_tidbits
    fashion_tidbits Year ago

    I love the way you think Casey😁👠🐫🐶🐕

  • luluRae Embury
    luluRae Embury Year ago

    I bought the Age rewind concealer but that does nothing for me! I need a good concealer that will actually cover up/brighten my under eye. Everyone loves that concealer but I don't like it. And every foundation I put on makes me look washed out. I color match, I've tried different shades and formulas but I look like a ghost. I want just a little color and glow I guess. Any suggestions??

  • Haley Townsend
    Haley Townsend Year ago

    How often do you clean your. Brushes ??

  • Erin West
    Erin West Year ago

    Duo never works for me 😭🙄 I use revlon 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Lindsay Nicole Lucas

    Giiiirl same with the changing your mind about pink

  • Heather Valenzuela

    🌵My Fave Drugstore foundation is Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir. 💜FOR LASHES: Mix lil bit of House of Lash Glue with Duo Lash Glue. It Will Stick/Stay on Better But it will not Be Too intense Cuz The Duo Lash Glue evens it out.

  • megirl0820
    megirl0820 Year ago

    there's something satisfying about the pop sound of an eyeliner being opened

  • Taylor Salazar
    Taylor Salazar Year ago

    Wow wow wow thanks TVclip for unsubscribing me!!! I’m back, time to catch up 🙌🏼❤️

  • Brittany Reedy
    Brittany Reedy Year ago

    I love your personal beliefs of family coming first. You’re such a sweet, down to earth girl. I love you Casey!❤️❤️❤️

  • Francesca Luongo
    Francesca Luongo Year ago

    You should wear more color! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Cyndee H.
    Cyndee H. Year ago

    It depends on where you are. I lived in Anchorage and in the summer it could get up to 80 - 85 degrees in July/ August. That was over 20 years ago.

  • kristinmoore_
    kristinmoore_ Year ago

    love the Q&A get ready with me videos!!! also your skin looks amazing

  • Lindsey Renee
    Lindsey Renee Year ago

    I can't get over how amazing your skin looks!!

  • Jordan Schubert
    Jordan Schubert Year ago

    Marrierdversary and Weddiversary :) Military makes you do some crazy things. Marriedversary we do gifts and a night in and weddiversary we go on our date night :)

  • Angelica
    Angelica Year ago

    I'm born and raised from Fairbanks, Alaska - the other day it was in the low 80s!

  • Brittany Anderson

    You HAVE TO try Wachusett Blueberry and Seadog Blueberry, those are my fave blueberry beers. 😍

  • Trent Miles
    Trent Miles Year ago

    You are so down to earth and I applaud you for putting your loved ones first. I have been married for 22 years as of June and you will be glad you did spend time with him. We met when we were 16 and now we are still madly in love 😍.

  • Anna McMillan
    Anna McMillan Year ago

    I love that concealer it never burns my eyes I wonder why it burns yours😢 I guess it might be because u have very sensitive skin

  • Samantha March
    Samantha March Year ago +2

    Seriously, Casey, only a few minutes in to the video but I appreciate your chat so much! Thanks for staying true to yourself

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Year ago

    Not really relatable and comes off a little stuck up sorry but that’s my honest opinion

  • Kelsi Morris
    Kelsi Morris Year ago

    Missing your videos! When will you be uploading again?

  • Stacie Markham
    Stacie Markham Year ago

    Use concealer on your nose before you apply your foundation. There you go!

  • Stacie Markham
    Stacie Markham Year ago

    Your skin looks amazing!

  • Dre Isidra
    Dre Isidra Year ago

    Your eyebrows look amazing!

  • Cassie Olivarez
    Cassie Olivarez Year ago

    I feel you on the duo lash glue! My lashes will be holding on for dear life after a night out wearing them:(

  • Katherine M
    Katherine M Year ago

    U could do a pop up shop every year on the store's birthday !

  • Food. Glam. Life
    Food. Glam. Life Year ago

    That lipstick looks beautiful on you!

  • sabrinajoy
    sabrinajoy Year ago

    I'm from Alaska and I've experienced 90 degree weather there in the summer time, especially near the Hot Springs. But, I would say typical summer weather in Anchorage (where I grew up) is like 70's.

  • Katie Meath
    Katie Meath Year ago

    When does that highlight quad come out?

  • hselcer
    hselcer Year ago

    I really admire you putting your family first. Like wow ❤️

  • Tracie Warren
    Tracie Warren Year ago

    I love your channel. I especially love how devoted you are to your family, which is clearly a priority. Your authentic, which makes me love you more💕💕

  • Mariah Beverage
    Mariah Beverage Year ago

    Bar Harbor Blueberry ale from the Atlantic brewing company 😍 I’m right there with you.