7 OP Builds and Champions in Korean Challenger Patch 9.7 - League of Legends Season 9

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Patch 9.7 has brought some amazing picks and builds to Korean Challenger, including Kai'sa, Kayle, Cho'Gath, Kindred, and Karma.
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    This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for advanced players looking to gain quick elo by abusing meta picks relevant in top Korean Challenger.
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Comments • 172

  • Neyo Utha
    Neyo Utha 7 months ago +1

    Taliyah: misses almost everything
    Syndra: dead

  • Solo FeeD
    Solo FeeD 7 months ago

    is there any pro guide app for Android ?

  • TheRealPresto
    TheRealPresto 7 months ago

    The only problem I have about this video is that it ruins lower ranks. people usually on your team tries builds like these and don’t change the way they play. Koreans play differently and they obviously don’t know this.Do you think you could try to do a video per champion. Try explaining how to use the build in totality so you can still pump videos out. explain additional itemization and defiantly go in depth. I think it would benefit players a lot even if it takes a little more time. This is just a suggestion though and if read thank you for taking the time.

  • Killu47
    Killu47 7 months ago

    Where are those Guides on ur paige? I bought a abo and cant find some Videos;/

  • Gonzalo B
    Gonzalo B 7 months ago

    Wonderful. If this will be a series, i'll have to download lol again. And subscribe to this channel. But only if i see these high quality videos again

  • Perfect Janna
    Perfect Janna 7 months ago


  • ozzy1267
    ozzy1267 8 months ago

    Just started doing the GLP - Glacial Augment for my support main Zilean since watching this vid.
    Came back to say thank you.
    Been a MASSIVE improvement, now carrying games as its now super easy to set up picks.

  • HotRamen House
    HotRamen House 8 months ago +1

    Thx for sharing op builds for my enemies, with my teams i will have no chance

  • sam jones
    sam jones 8 months ago +4

    This is just what Phylol has been doing. Lmao stealing good ideas without credit. Yikes.

    • Arch
      Arch 7 months ago

      Imagine attacking another channel because you're a fanboy trying to defend someone who's not even using an original idea, yikes.
      Korean opgg is public access, so videos like this inherently aren't original and attacking someone for it is pretentious and arguably pedantic

    • Michał Wielgus
      Michał Wielgus 7 months ago +2

      I believe theres more than one person who has access to korean op.gg

    • Ascasc1980
      Ascasc1980 7 months ago

      Isn't he known for doing that extremely much himself tho? q:

  • Dennis DeVerney
    Dennis DeVerney 8 months ago

    Kayle stupid OP rn

  • Jia GOH
    Jia GOH 8 months ago

    How do I end the game with a lead as an assassin? Thanks :)

  • carnivore
    carnivore 8 months ago +1

    -did anyone notice how at 9:07 rengar went from 100 to 0 and then 0 to 100 in a second

    • Lazy Content
      Lazy Content 7 months ago

      give an assassin a healing cleanse and thats what u get lmao

  • swierzbidrap
    swierzbidrap 8 months ago


  • HeroBrine
    HeroBrine 8 months ago +1

    I would like to see soraka and Ashe builds

    • ozzy1267
      ozzy1267 8 months ago

      Sorry if it came across condescending!
      Hard to judge experience on here 😅.

    • HeroBrine
      HeroBrine 8 months ago

      Dahm.. I feel like I'm hearing my self talking 😂😂, I have 500k on Raka, ty bud. I wish 4u the best too!

    • ozzy1267
      ozzy1267 8 months ago

      Can take a lot of learning and practice to master poke aggressive Soraka, but heavily rewarding!
      Feels so good out poking all-in opponents like Leona, but just have to be careful not overdoing it and accidentally suiciding.
      Then once you get to grouping phase, it’s all about perfect positioning making sure your never targeted but still in healing range!
      Force opponents into chasing you into bad positioning, or opponents hitting teammates, which means you auto win due to your high healing!
      Good luck and keep practicing!

    • HeroBrine
      HeroBrine 8 months ago

      I just tried this build, I didn't know that this build existed, I thought that I was the first one 😔😔
      The result was loosing the game XD but it was powerful enough

    • ozzy1267
      ozzy1267 8 months ago +1

      Dunno if this helps but I max silence first for the lane harassment (heal second) and after spelltheifs upgrade, I rush Athenes, mobility boots into standard heal support items (redemption/ardent censor/mikael's crucible).
      Allows for a decent poke early game and transition into a late game heal bot.

    JTCYE 8 months ago

    idk but having a high damage ratio on a skill means you don't max that skill first. but base damage is the reason.. this instantly make me not take this video seriously.

  • Morecado
    Morecado 8 months ago

    Rushing ardent is just plain bad now in most cases. Is this really a new thing?

  • GGRalleezy
    GGRalleezy 8 months ago

    Idk how people think Tforce kayle is even close to better than Bork Rage Blade IE kayle. I think its hilarious that crit kayle is considered korean only since Caps built this build on Kayles release

  • Suscríbete a Doomentio

    So barney is broken right now

  • Frey
    Frey 8 months ago

    The main reason Kindred is such a good jungler right now, is that she counters all the current meta junglers. Also most high elo kindreds, pro players, and the number 1 on euw and kr ladder arent going the bloodrazor/bork build or even taking ravenous hunter.

  • Max Fox
    Max Fox 8 months ago

    You mention the Kindred 1 trick in korea but the runes and build you recommend are completey different from his. Please stop.

  • Андрій Гончар

    I alway play glacial ap supports when I autofill)
    also it works good at velkoz and brand sup
    just imagine Brand dmg in fights 5v5, when all enemies were slowed :)

  • rok kai
    rok kai 8 months ago

    1:19 yeeaaaaaah about that...

  • Juan Lucas Biain
    Juan Lucas Biain 8 months ago


  • ZenXXII
    ZenXXII 8 months ago

    Huh? Where's Phy jacking off to korean builds? Total rip-off. xD

  • Alika Ostermiller
    Alika Ostermiller 8 months ago

    I like the new video topics. They are kainda like the other LOL content on youtube but the people that put content out arnt as experienced and reliable as you guys. I trust you more on these clickbaity topics.

  • SmoovCheese
    SmoovCheese 8 months ago

    great vid. ty

  • Eamon Burke
    Eamon Burke 8 months ago

    Those are spicy support builds

  • tarn jaraba
    tarn jaraba 8 months ago

    Which support should take glacial augment? Can you suggest please.

    • ozzy1267
      ozzy1267 8 months ago

      Most the AP supports, Morgana, Velkoz, Fiddlesticks Zilean,
      possible build alternative for Brand, Zyra and Bard also.
      Started running it on Zilean, Noticed a huge impact regarding catching people out/setting up ganks and generally strong in team-fights as it creates a a big low environment.

  • Armagedon
    Armagedon 8 months ago

    i still think Kai'Sa cant keep up with crit adc's when it comes to damage output

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well 8 months ago

    I play kindred a lot. My friends say they are trash. But I have a painting of them at my room. And when when are at ranked they tell me to play kindred. So who is trash now?

  • Haneef Wilson
    Haneef Wilson 8 months ago

    also can you put a link to where i can see the top ap chogath rune build?

  • Dirty Warwick Main
    Dirty Warwick Main 8 months ago

    >blue smite on kindred. nice meme

  • Alan Li
    Alan Li 8 months ago

    Taking PTA and rushing Storm razors on Kaisa? I guess if you’re Korean challenger you can make any garbage build good

  • Tah
    Tah 8 months ago

    u idiot chogath maxes W and what would the ``insane`` ap ratio have to do with maxing it, it doesnt change nor does the cooldown. u guys suck

  • Chill Chinna
    Chill Chinna 8 months ago

    It’s definitely a situational build that works in most scenarios.

  • Ob Pavuk
    Ob Pavuk 8 months ago

    unholy grail rush on shielding supports like soraka.................ok

  • sakujitsu
    sakujitsu 8 months ago

    aaand you began to copy phylol. wp.

  • Aniket Newar
    Aniket Newar 8 months ago


  • lilili lululu
    lilili lululu 8 months ago

    mundo is meta right now but not OP, his buffs is well deserved. if yu pick champ with cc and ignite he'll cry already

  • SoulOfTheLostWarrior
    SoulOfTheLostWarrior 8 months ago

    Damn and someone told me building Kayle that way a couple weeks ago was garbo. Jokes on you ya dingleberry >:D

  • Scribe
    Scribe 8 months ago +5


    *screams in SJW*

  • Bruno Rangel
    Bruno Rangel 8 months ago

    Fuck korean challenger, real niggas stuck in brazilean soloq out here.

  • kimosawbi
    kimosawbi 8 months ago +1

    did you all just get this idea from Phy?

  • Dankuro Kato
    Dankuro Kato 8 months ago +1

    Phy 2.0

  • Alessandro Manfroni
    Alessandro Manfroni 8 months ago


  • MLGslayer99
    MLGslayer99 8 months ago

    ayyyy i was wondering when ppl will finally get on hybrid kai'sa, peope were making fun of me for doing it

  • Antti Moilanen
    Antti Moilanen 8 months ago +1

    This ruins solo que cuz no people think they can destroy everygame with kindred and end up FEEDING.

  • fearsomestm00c0w
    fearsomestm00c0w 8 months ago +37

    Thought this was gonna be a phylol vid

  • SkitZ GaminG
    SkitZ GaminG 8 months ago

    you lost me when you said kayle was too strong lmfao

  • Younes Mecheri
    Younes Mecheri 8 months ago

    Wit's end on WARWICK good luck killing him

  • ReLaXOpp
    ReLaXOpp 8 months ago

    0:57 how the hell did she dodge that ?!?!?!?!?

  • Gangster_Gargoyle
    Gangster_Gargoyle 8 months ago

    9:06 rengar heal ?!?!?!

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush 8 months ago +1

    I take warrior instead of bloodrazor on kindred. Which one is better and why?

    • Martin Slint
      Martin Slint 8 months ago

      @Monstermushmush yup. they love the cooldown and HP.

    • Monstermushmush
      Monstermushmush 8 months ago

      @Martin Slint why black cleaver 2nd instead of hurricane?

    • Martin Slint
      Martin Slint 8 months ago +1

      @Monstermushmush Basically they go bloodrazor first. THen black cleaver. then botrk into hurricane.

    • Monstermushmush
      Monstermushmush 8 months ago

      @Martin Slint oh why don't you get bloodrazor first? It's cheaper than botrk

    • Martin Slint
      Martin Slint 8 months ago

      @Monstermushmush blade of the ruined king + black cleaver + bloodraor + hurricane

  • Touch This
    Touch This 8 months ago

    i played ap cho with the same build 1 year ago

    • Hayden Nash
      Hayden Nash 8 months ago

      It’s better cause Lower cds

  • ghost 115566
    ghost 115566 8 months ago

    when are the vayne nerfs coming?

  • Monstermushmush
    Monstermushmush 8 months ago +1

    I saw kindred. I had to click.

  • Valentin Moldovan
    Valentin Moldovan 8 months ago

    Why isn’t Kai’Sa using Fleet? The effect is empowered by Stormrazor and it’s also good since u build both ad and ap.

    • Theodoro Brito
      Theodoro Brito 8 months ago

      pta gives her a strong lane phase, she can solo the majority of the ad'carrys with him

  • Elliot Wifinhoes
    Elliot Wifinhoes 8 months ago

    Why don't people go ap kayle tho? You provide so much more utility for your team and still deal a shit ton of damage.

    • Martin Slint
      Martin Slint 8 months ago

      they do. but the botrk one is better against a lot of tanks.

  • Terry Dpn
    Terry Dpn 8 months ago +5

    When you are twin shadow and GLP player vel koz support and you see this you laugh

  • Adam
    Adam 8 months ago +1

    I dont understand how do I get PG coins or gems or what they r called

    • matale66
      matale66 8 months ago

      You enter every day to the page and you slowly accumulate enough to unlock a course

    • The Muffinprincesa
      The Muffinprincesa 8 months ago