Democrats Look To Supplant Republicans Avoiding Home Town Halls | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • tinadgr8
    tinadgr8 6 months ago

    Great idea!!

  • barefootdesigns
    barefootdesigns 8 months ago

    Brilliant tactic!

  • MalenkyGoblin
    MalenkyGoblin 8 months ago

    Mark Pocan just did a town hall in Kenosha, which is in Paul Ryan's district.

  • tbrogoit02
    tbrogoit02 8 months ago

    I give the Republicans this, Kudos to those who actually went and met with the ppl they represent, even if they are full of crap. These Republicans, by allowing outside voices, show they can be reasoned with, and are not cowards

  • jaelynn zee
    jaelynn zee 8 months ago

    Health care and health insurance should be the SAME thing! Jeez these people are dense (Republicants.)

  • Chris F
    Chris F 8 months ago

    Wow, FINALLY the Dems are fighting back AND being smart about it!!

  • johnd947
    johnd947 8 months ago

    Hey google! I thought you aholes said you were going to eliminate 30 sec trash commercials

  • ruirodtube
    ruirodtube 8 months ago +1

    When the people fear their leaders you have a dictatorship.
    When the leaders fear the people you have democracy.

  • Big Jay
    Big Jay 8 months ago

    This is what "Regret " looks and sounds like! So interesting seeing what it looks like when people knowingly vote against their own interests!

  • Brian Marsh
    Brian Marsh 8 months ago

    Why does the rest of America have to pay a higher premium for those of you that can't afford health care. Get your family to pull together like it should be.

    • Brian Marsh
      Brian Marsh 8 months ago

      I am for less government not more I think people solve more issues with out the government being involved .

    • Brian Marsh
      Brian Marsh 8 months ago

      I agree except for the fact that democrats allowed Hillary Clinton to spend 1.2 billion dollars on a losing campaign to win a job that pays 400 thousand a year. Then you want to talk about America pulling together. The liberal left wants to fund planned parenthood which kills babies but won't allow a grown adult the legal right to assisted suicide. The family should be required to assist in paying before the rest of the country. My reasoning behind this argument is that the family is usually responsible for the eating and culturally bad habits of most individuals

  • J Goetz
    J Goetz 8 months ago

    This should be the best time for the Democrats to act but where are they? There is no cohesive strategy. Republicans have really let us down but even worse is the spinelessness of the Democratic Party. Put your finger on the pulse of the USA it's still alive but for how long. The bar has been set really low.

  • Edward kirkhope
    Edward kirkhope 8 months ago

    The `healthcare` Bill shames America. For the richest nation on earth to have millions of people without basic healthcare is a disgrace. The only countries without healthcare are thirdly world nations. Even the Islamic Republic of Iran has healthcare. To all the good and decent citizens of the US Trump, Ryan, Conway, Spicer et al are making your great country a laughing stock. Start standing up and be counted. Even people that voted for Trump are changing their mind in droves now he has shown that he has shafted them on healthcare.

  • Andy Wayland
    Andy Wayland 8 months ago

    What a terrific idea!!!

  • kay dee
    kay dee 8 months ago

    very very smart Dems.

  • Arpeggio Blues
    Arpeggio Blues 8 months ago

    and the revolution continues.. More Dems need to go to these townhalls, and convince them to VOTE out their reps

  • Chancer02
    Chancer02 8 months ago

    Haha COWARDLY Republican Congress representatives not showing up to Town Hall meetings

  • Marisa Richmond
    Marisa Richmond 8 months ago

    Representatives should absolutely be REQUIRED to hold town halls on a monthly basis. It is their job after all: to represent. How is this not already a requirement? I keep googling to see if my red-state representative (hint: I'm not a Republican) is going to hold a town hall. I want to attend. But surprise, surprise. Nothing. He's hiding.

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres 8 months ago +1

    I'm from Texas, and while we are a more Red State, there are a few Democrats here and I hope 1 of them comes to my district some time soon.

  • Stephen Milner
    Stephen Milner 8 months ago

    America needs PROGRESSIVE Democrats!

  • angela bluebird60
    angela bluebird60 8 months ago

    We the People showing up, at town halls, on online petitions, through calls and letters, is essential to our having our govt. of, for and by the People. When real reps listen and genuinely do the work of the People, they earn the seats we temporarily entrust to them!

  • Patsy Sadowski
    Patsy Sadowski 8 months ago

    Adopt a district! I love that.

  • J W
    J W 8 months ago

    $880 billion being taken out of Medicare. so how exactly is medicare and medicade going to NOT change?

  • kcisthegoat
    kcisthegoat 8 months ago


  • HonkyDawg Spinner
    HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

    MSNBC on May 8th 2017 told the world that there was a new lethal virus on the way that hasn't arrived yet....
    I know for a fact that MSNBC is part of the same Antichrist Network beast system fraud that is making this lethal lab made virus and their vaccinations will be loaded with a menu of cancers to rip your life in shatters.
    This proves the serpent seed is exterminating their own kind.

    • HonkyDawg Spinner
      HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

      You might as well research the 7 trumpets of's when you die...Trump is the 1st trumpet....have a nice day Christ hater

    • HonkyDawg Spinner
      HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

      +Matthew Rodriguez
      Try May 7th...oh, and by the way....
      Serpent imp Hillary had every MsM news affiliate in her pocket and she used the MsM beast system corporate establishment brainwashing operation (all televised news stations) slandering Trump 24/7 using professional mind control tactics and fabricated lies to turn people's minds against Trump. Msnbc leads the pack whacking Trump with fabricated lies to this day all day long trying to destroy Trump's presidency....msnbc rigged the election for the serpent witch and now screams Russia making people believe Trump is in Russia's pocket to stear everyone from the truth that THEY rigged the election, but the Creator won it for Trump, the 1 st trumpet of 7 in Revalation. Putin found Christ and is now one real awesome dude.

    • Raven Rodriguez
      Raven Rodriguez 8 months ago

      Just looked it up. Nothing. Guess they erased it all.

    • HonkyDawg Spinner
      HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

      +Matthew Rodriguez
      Came from the mouth of serpent fraud, Lester Holt on NBC world news tonight. May 8th

    • Raven Rodriguez
      Raven Rodriguez 8 months ago

      when was this statement?

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 8 months ago

    "Up is down. Black is white. Good is bad. Bad is good." 1984 is here, folks, and Big Brother is running the country.

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin 8 months ago

    You can't trust health insurance companies to do the wright thing. They totally made huge profits from the insurance mandate. Republicans want to give them all the American people to profit from.

  • Tina P
    Tina P 8 months ago

    More Democrats need to get out there and do the same thing! Flood those town halls, be there for the people! They will remember!

  • Debra Wiedenheft
    Debra Wiedenheft 8 months ago

    Great political move Democrats!! Get those seats!

  • Michael Kahr
    Michael Kahr 8 months ago +4

    Republican Congress man voted for their Fuhrer instead of representing their districts. They have all reason not to show up.

  • Gabriele Riva
    Gabriele Riva 8 months ago

    In Usa insulin costs the 300% of the insulin in Italy.

  • Sa g
    Sa g 8 months ago +1

    People, We all are the same. We were born, We get old, We get sick and We die. No one can escape from suffering of aging and disease. At sometime in our life, WE ALL HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. We will have to pay hefty price for TRUMP-CARE pre-existing insurance or we die. Lets FIGHT REPUBLICAN TOGETHER.

  • HonkyDawg Spinner
    HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

    The populace is stupid for letting the serpent bloodline takeover. You're pathetic because you can't even see serpent msnbc destroying human Trump after 32 consecutive years of serpents in office

    • HonkyDawg Spinner
      HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

      +Malcolm Sprott
      Really , so you claim the devil doesn't exist there, Skippy?

    • HonkyDawg Spinner
      HonkyDawg Spinner 8 months ago

      +Malcolm Sprott
      Really, but you support the devil's legion and the extinction of freedom, how ironic

  • James Sunnixx
    James Sunnixx 8 months ago +7

    spineless president, even more spineless republicans.

  • mike stedman
    mike stedman 8 months ago +4

    excellent! Why won't they answer the questions?

    • mike stedman
      mike stedman 8 months ago +2

      I agree! I think it's money and religion.

    • Michael Kahr
      Michael Kahr 8 months ago +3

      because they need to hide their true goals. They can't lie like Trump. They can lie alright but not that good.

  • Brian Knickerbocker
    Brian Knickerbocker 8 months ago +5

    Dems, I couldn't be more proud, You went and got proactive. Keep this up and you will take back power. I have a great feeling about 2018.Remember to use facts to win, show the people how to find the facts. OK to show the people that FOX is 72% false news.
    These people that believe in Trump need to learn that they have been lied too.
    They need to be taught that they can go to congressional voting records to find out what their representatives are really doing rather than what they say they are doing.
    And for Gods sake please tell them about Grover Norquist, The true leader of the republican party.

  • Boobalopbop
    Boobalopbop 8 months ago +5

    Get em', Dems! They can run but they can't hide!

  • I am Sammi
    I am Sammi 8 months ago +2

    Priceless, I love that the Democrats in these Counties aren't afraid to stand with all Americans and talk about what is actually happening to us by this administration. Those to chicken to face their constituents and explain themselves are just that, chickens.

  • mottbone
    mottbone 8 months ago +4

    Their no-show speaks for itself.
    If the new legislative health bill is so terrific, why aren't they there to defend it?
    Because it sucks... And they know it too.
    Their silence is deafening.

  • ttrev007
    ttrev007 8 months ago +2

    Great idea. If the republicans are to cowardly to show up let the Democrats explain how they are screwing us over.

  • Junior Harry
    Junior Harry 8 months ago +2

    Rachel Anne.
    Excellent job.
    Keep on digging.
    Stay focused,pay attention.
    You are awesome.
    Keep on moving forward democrats.
    Adopting a republican district where the republican representative is avoiding doing town hall meetings with his constituents, by a democratic party representative is a excellent idea.

  • Hulkonala
    Hulkonala 8 months ago

    BLACK PEOPLE that voted for Obama but wont vote for a white person. As you can see this health care bill affects you. You are probably one of the 25 million Americans on Obama care? Vote these Republicans out of office and save "your" Obama care.

  • Animalier
    Animalier 8 months ago

    With this state's right business the Republicans swear upon, the people living in poor states, the people in rich states might get more. People will refuse to move to states if the health care is not acceptable. States trying to lure in high tech people or quality workers will not be able to do it.

  • jayjya0613
    jayjya0613 8 months ago

    If Maddie reported about what's​ going on in America towns all the time. Instead of Russia Russia Russia, I would come back and watch her show.

  • Morgan Arc
    Morgan Arc 8 months ago

    I guess republicans are too much of special snowflakes who can't take criticism to face their own voters

  • Janet Gagnon
    Janet Gagnon 8 months ago

    Brilliant idea!!

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R 8 months ago

    They'll vote for it, but won't defend it to the voters that they're paid to represent! Cowards. Perfect move by the neighboring district's Democratic Reps.

  • James Scott Brew
    James Scott Brew 8 months ago

    What a WONDERFUL idea...."cover" for the MIA Republican's who fear their own constituents.....Brilliant for the 2018 election cycle.

  • Orlando Guadalupe
    Orlando Guadalupe 8 months ago

    I'm a liberal, but, my fellow ideological colleagues must realize that a substantial group of the Democratic Party elected officials don't support Single-Payer healthcare for the United States. They take money from private health insurance companies in order so Single-Payer insurance is not implemented in the United States. They are just part of the problem. This may sound a little bit controversial, but, when in comes to the current healthcare issue, most Democrats are just "wolves in sheep clothing".

  • Okemicco
    Okemicco 8 months ago

    I don't recall fake news reporting on Tea Party folk attacking liberal establishment repubs at town hall events years ago.

  • whitesky18
    whitesky18 8 months ago

    The next congressional election will be a massacre...I hope.

  • Scott Norton
    Scott Norton 8 months ago +4

    Republicans argue that the states have the resources to provide healthcare, while at the same time they're thinking of ways to gut federal support for the states. The State of Michigan already cannot support its own residents (see also: Flint's water and Detroit's schools), so who will?

  • rioron411
    rioron411 8 months ago +1

    Wow... This is genius! I hope that all Democrats follow suit. They can run, but they cant hide! LOL...

  • Taylor 3%
    Taylor 3% 8 months ago

    10:27 The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened.10:28 The hope of the righteous shall be gladness: but the expectation of the wicked shall perish. Proverbs

  • Tara Aliyeva
    Tara Aliyeva 8 months ago

    Oh....well.....republicans with out insurance DEMOCRATS to the rescue.

  • Ryan Sweeney
    Ryan Sweeney 8 months ago +12


  • StephBer1
    StephBer1 8 months ago

    Can he say "Nothing's going to change" one more time, but with conviction. He was laughable.

  • Drd20
    Drd20 8 months ago +6

    This is not governing, this is working for the rich and trying to justify it with lies. Very sick. This is a new low for politicians.

    NAVYSEAL DEADLY 8 months ago +11

    Rachel you doing an amazing job, keep on keep on..

  • David Duffy
    David Duffy 8 months ago +5

    Trump, Ryan, Price Curly, Larry , Moe

  • Last in Class Rebel
    Last in Class Rebel 8 months ago

    good idea dems invade there towns..but first let them pass it on there own. then clean up. be honest !!!

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 8 months ago +27

    What a genius idea! Go for it Dems!

  • sexy korean girl
    sexy korean girl 8 months ago +1

    didnt they voted for this repeal

    • D
      D 8 months ago +4

      biteeemeee101 Nope that was all Republicans. all dems and 10 republicans said Nay to repeal and replace. the majority of republicans said yes. So if your unhappy that your "pre-existing" condition will raise your premium. thank your house of rep for it.

  • Richard Bogart Burke
    Richard Bogart Burke 8 months ago


  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 8 months ago

    fake news ladyboy

  • 66 Roses
    66 Roses 8 months ago +11

    House Republicans are getting backed into a corner. America is not quite the oligarchy the government wants it to be, so while the GOP continues to act like it is, their constituents are jumping ship.

  • H. Ellis
    H. Ellis 8 months ago


  • Kendrahf
    Kendrahf 8 months ago +52

    Republicans are such cowards. They can make the vote that kicks people off their healthcare and basically sentences thousands to early deaths, but they don't have the balls to show up to town meetings and show their faces.

    • Isaiah Scott
      Isaiah Scott 8 months ago +4

      Kendrahf It's deplorable. Shame on them! Hope they are ready to lose their seats.

    • Mike
      Mike 8 months ago +8

      I live in western NY in the district covered by Chris Collins and he won't show up to any town hall meeetings. And surprise: he's a Republican.

  • Bravo Kilo
    Bravo Kilo 8 months ago +28

    Oooo boy. You alt-right Trump supporters thought liberals were getting bad before? The effect Trump's presidency is creating will give them SO many more seats come the next election. Bye bye GOP.

  • Vinddraken
    Vinddraken 8 months ago +1

    This should be called GOPCARE or REPUBLICARE, calling it Trumpcare shifts the blame, they wrote the bill, they voted on it!

    • Raven Rodriguez
      Raven Rodriguez 8 months ago

      Vinddraken ACA was coined "Obamacare" by Republicans to make sure people know who should get blamed. Only fitting Dems want to call it Trumpcare.

    • Theresa Cole
      Theresa Cole 8 months ago +2

      Vinddraken he pushed it...its his.

  • 601salsa
    601salsa 8 months ago +10

    thank you gop for being so chicken. it is the dems that care about the people. i hope the rest of the dema follow suit.

  • Ainsley Grace
    Ainsley Grace 8 months ago +18

    I think it was Rachel who said recently that Democrats need to be pulled along by the people, to find their positions going forward. This idea of getting in front of constituents (even if they aren't your own) is a great one; if these are the voters Dems want to win over, they need to find out what they need.

  • Tom Towers
    Tom Towers 8 months ago +17

    Finally something smart, Democrats filling in for Republicans who don't want to face the people. The right is gonna get creamed and go back to being the party of no.

  • Zeus Dab
    Zeus Dab 8 months ago

    rachel meadows is such a hack and dead boring, not to mention fake news

    • Mike
      Mike 8 months ago +3


  • TheBase1aransas
    TheBase1aransas 8 months ago

    Chris Hays and Rachel should lie in the same Propaganda coffin, and STAY with EACH OTHER until they recognize IT SUCKS to be THEM. Jest Sayin'

  • Alex Jordon
    Alex Jordon 8 months ago +8

    Bless! making me proud dems#MakeAmericaGreater

  • TheBase1aransas
    TheBase1aransas 8 months ago

    Who is left in the world ASKING for GOVERNMENT to solve the problems they have CREATED!!!!
    My God, get OUT of this corrupt system before it steals your essence like it did Rachael's.

  • JamieLan2011
    JamieLan2011 8 months ago +31

    Irresponsible politicians getting their dues. This is gonna be fun (grabs popcorn)

    • Dem H78
      Dem H78 8 months ago +4

      Not TOO much butter. Could make you sick in which case, I hope you've got Obamacare!

    • JLee
      JLee 8 months ago

      JamieLan2011 gross. gives the popcorn a texture as if someone just spit on it.

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 8 months ago +4

      JamieLan, I'd like extra butter on mine please.

  • Wolfram Stahl
    Wolfram Stahl 8 months ago +18

    Mr. Maloney pulled one of the greatest political moves I've ever heard of in doing this town hall.
    I hope this gives lasting momentum to his voice! (Mostly because of his earlier comments on Lyme-disease and the work he's already done in trying to fight it)

  • Loaded Records LLC
    Loaded Records LLC 8 months ago

    Maloney sounds like a he's doing a Seinfeld impersonation

  • luckyluke33
    luckyluke33 8 months ago +86

    Democrats do the job of Republicans again.............. LMAO

    • GN
      GN 8 months ago

      Yep, and since the Republcians are ignoring their constituents, Democrats will exploit.

  • Somme Tinonme
    Somme Tinonme 8 months ago +62

    By the People , For the People. If Republicans are not going to be there For the people well they can say Bye to those voters in 2018.

    • loquayrocks
      loquayrocks 8 months ago +4

      they don't represent the people, they represent the big money donors and couldn't care less about the voters.

    • angela bluebird60
      angela bluebird60 8 months ago +3

      Yes. When reps who genuinely do the work of the People are joined by We the People doing our part, we
      can accomplish he work at hand.

  • eb937
    eb937 8 months ago +157

    This is the proactive approach the Democrats needed! Stand up for other fellow Americans who have been abandoned by Republicans!

    • Brian Knickerbocker
      Brian Knickerbocker 8 months ago

      Redwing Oregon is great and we have many, stop by, glad to have you, not going to send you any though.

    • Redwing
      Redwing 8 months ago +3

      There are no democrats in my state-can I adopt one from another state?

    • Christine M
      Christine M 8 months ago

      Wolfram Stahl There was an anti tax pledge.

    • Marisa Richmond
      Marisa Richmond 8 months ago +5

      Exactly. We as people need to stand up for each other. I'm not effected by this new healthcare law possibility. I'm covered by my husband's amazing insurance. However, I am mad. Because I care about all of the people who WILL be hurt by it. It's time we start standing up for everyone's basic needs; not just our own.

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x 8 months ago


  • oopopp x
    oopopp x 8 months ago +6

    Thats IF demo's VOTE.... they're INFAMOUS for Lazy Turnouts... smh....

    • Richard Bogart Burke
      Richard Bogart Burke 8 months ago +7

      oopopp x only 3,000,000 more than republicans.

    • luckyluke33
      luckyluke33 8 months ago +2

      thats because IF demo's vote >>>> They don't F*CK IT UP AS BIG AS REPUBLICANS..........