WideNeck & LongNeck: Everything Wrong with the Internet

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
    In this video, we take a close look at Charles McDowell AKA Wide Neck (@damnwideneck). His mugshot went viral a few months ago, and what transpired afterwards is very strange. From fighting Long Neck to collaborating with SupremePatty and Kushpapi, this whole thing gets really weird.
    I hope you enjoy the various sizes of necks!
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  • Roxie Rennel
    Roxie Rennel 8 hours ago

    What about thicc necc

  • S H R E K' S T H I G H S

    This humor is in my neck of the woods

  • Dylan
    Dylan 16 hours ago


  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 18 hours ago

    Idk i just left long and wide necks page i think there funny af lmao. Omg 😂

  • Oof I dont know
    Oof I dont know Day ago

    bird box was shit

  • Tingle Kooloo limpah

    Was that a Zoey 101 reference you mother fucker

  • King Oreo
    King Oreo Day ago

    Did kurtis conner just diss kurtis conner!?

  • CreatureOfHabit
    CreatureOfHabit 2 days ago

    The only good video is WideNeck and LongNeck meeting and saying all necks matter

  • ophelia little-betts

    shut up kurtis just because your neck is normal doesn't mean you have to be jealous

  • Eliza Rusher
    Eliza Rusher 2 days ago

    8:21 for christian mingle

  • LittleObamaSan
    LittleObamaSan 2 days ago

    Make a video about how Belle Delphine sold other girls nude photo and how shes pedobaiting. And the fact that shes stealing all her fucking content

  • boss nass
    boss nass 2 days ago +1


  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 2 days ago

    I see a man’s face trying to come out of your throat. Cool.

  • its brinteybinch
    its brinteybinch 3 days ago

    bruh, nexus....

  • bellow. yellow
    bellow. yellow 5 days ago +1


  • Gabby Emsden
    Gabby Emsden 5 days ago

    this NECKst video i’m gonna show u
    kurtis with the unintentional puns

  • noa billick
    noa billick 5 days ago

    kurtis honey that’s an ulcer!!!!!! they occur from stress!!!

  • Jillian Von Rohr
    Jillian Von Rohr 6 days ago

    This video is the start of “ folks 👏🏻”

  • The Off Worlder
    The Off Worlder 6 days ago

    A video about necks? Neckst video please

  • KaT_TheDestroyer
    KaT_TheDestroyer 6 days ago

    It's NIC levels over 9000

  • Sasha Fritz
    Sasha Fritz 7 days ago

    I was literally just watching Noel and Cody today thinking, Kurtis and them would get a long. Ahhh, coincidences

  • Ariana Sosa
    Ariana Sosa 7 days ago

    He protecc
    And his necc
    Deserves some respecc

    Ok sorry i'll leave

  • Dulce Garcia
    Dulce Garcia 8 days ago

    liking for 3 reasons
    1. extra greeting
    2. noel clip
    3. puns

  • Lucy Rogers
    Lucy Rogers 8 days ago

    first time i've ever heard a canadian actually say eh

  • jumame
    jumame 8 days ago

    I feel like it shouldn’t be legal to post about people who were arrested on a police department Facebook account

  • Maryann Green
    Maryann Green 9 days ago +1


  • Will Betts Cope
    Will Betts Cope 9 days ago +3

    I love how kurtis connecks all of his jokes for continuity

  • chris hockensmith
    chris hockensmith 9 days ago

    the neck cinematic universe

  • Jill H
    Jill H 10 days ago

    Okay, except Bandersnatch was DAMN GOOD.

  • HomosexualZebra
    HomosexualZebra 10 days ago

    I have a Pisces Moon too 😂 that explains why I relate.

  • Kynleigh Myers
    Kynleigh Myers 10 days ago


  • Meme Central
    Meme Central 11 days ago

    It’s like a freak show but the freaks are consenting.

  • Corn
    Corn 11 days ago

    Kurtis’ Canada really showed “they’re really milking this, eh?” LOVED IT

  • Jack McNeill
    Jack McNeill 11 days ago

    Not tryna flex or anything but I have a longer neck than longneck

  • Deepfried chickennuggets
    Deepfried chickennuggets 12 days ago +1

    “ Li t t y like a fuggin t i t t y”

  • Sunflower18
    Sunflower18 13 days ago

    Sick video dude

  • TalkingCheeseBurgerr
    TalkingCheeseBurgerr 13 days ago

    Did he really say "Litty like a titty"?

  • Darla Ribeiro
    Darla Ribeiro 15 days ago +2

    *his neck levels are over 9000*

  • StefanieTaylor
    StefanieTaylor 15 days ago


  • Laura Rivera
    Laura Rivera 15 days ago

    You said neck so many times in this vid that it started to sound like weird.

  • Mathew Lennon
    Mathew Lennon 15 days ago +7

    You could almost say your jokes are...

    Neckst level

  • ma r
    ma r 15 days ago

    FOLKS 👏🏻

  • bobby Bob
    bobby Bob 15 days ago

    This guy is dumb af! I have this video...he deserves no subscribers!!!!!! THIS FUCKING SICKS

  • CJ Jameson
    CJ Jameson 16 days ago

    Attention is worse than crack

  • スポーツのジュリー

    I knew that I’ll love you when you showed Noel 🤣❤️

  • Stefanie Kleinhans
    Stefanie Kleinhans 16 days ago

    What has this world become🤦🏻‍♀️ what thee actual f*ck! 🙄

  • Chantelle
    Chantelle 17 days ago

    That poor masseuse

  • Eva J
    Eva J 17 days ago

    So I’ve been wanting to get my TVclip going (I film my first video today) and I was having some self doubt-like maybe I’m not good enough or the content will be trash... but honestly... seeing this video helped me realize that it would be physically impossible for me to make worse content than these guys and if they have success there is a shred of hope for me... thank you Kurtis 😭✌️

  • Haha Haha
    Haha Haha 17 days ago

    Pls can u do a video on five minute crafts!!!!

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths 17 days ago

    Wideneck is passable as a normal looking person but uh...
    Longneck is fucking terrifying omg

  • God Isgod
    God Isgod 17 days ago

    Kurtis is a fellow thick boy

  • danaids
    danaids 18 days ago

    The shoutout to cody and noel, just when I thought I couldn't like Kurtis any more

  • moon productions TM
    moon productions TM 18 days ago

    I'm noneck

  • random stuff is cool
    random stuff is cool 18 days ago +1

    Up next:

    *No neck*

  • Soup á la Margarita L
    Soup á la Margarita L 19 days ago +1

    Thank moment when.....

    Read More

  • Soup á la Margarita L
    Soup á la Margarita L 19 days ago +3

    Imagine if you subbed to me

    No pressure

  • Viviana  Lujan
    Viviana Lujan 19 days ago

    11:48 the Canadian jumped out

  • Samyuktha Swaminathan
    Samyuktha Swaminathan 19 days ago +1

    4:45 uncle nole and grandpa cody are friends with kurtis??!!!!!

  • Jennifer Watkins
    Jennifer Watkins 19 days ago

    They are in music videos of different artists now

  • Judith Van Der Lee
    Judith Van Der Lee 19 days ago

    I wish they would have fought like giraffes, like seriously look it up

  • Rely Muffen
    Rely Muffen 19 days ago +1

    "Ew, man." 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hélène Amlung
    Hélène Amlung 20 days ago

    7:25 eating pasta while watching this wasn't one of my best decisions

  • Yuri Liz
    Yuri Liz 20 days ago

    Is it really an extra greeting though? You can’t be both new and coming back. So the only greeting that’s really for me is the second one, right?

  • JPSINGH1023 BO4
    JPSINGH1023 BO4 20 days ago

    Get this anorexic kid off my recommended 7:42

  • I don’t know what I’m doing but that’s ok

    Did he say “Litty like a fucking titty” wtf😂💀😂💀

  • Mary H.
    Mary H. 20 days ago

    disappointed that you didnt make the comment that long neck has a long list of followers or that wide neck has a wide audience

  • Kelly Sugiato
    Kelly Sugiato 20 days ago

    No offense, but long neck is just reminding me of SCP-096.

  • Abigail Cooper
    Abigail Cooper 20 days ago

    Yikes, long neck dude needs to go to the hospital or something lmao I think that bitch has an extra vertebrae or something 😂

  • Charity Hopkins
    Charity Hopkins 21 day ago

    "Everything Wrong With the Interneck" ftfy

  • Makenzie Mills
    Makenzie Mills 21 day ago

    He mentioned my last name lol

  • checkered Rose
    checkered Rose 22 days ago

    8:42 this *neckst* video

  • Rabbits Are cool
    Rabbits Are cool 22 days ago

    Longneck is anorexic and desperately needs help :|

  • lol mcyeet
    lol mcyeet 23 days ago +1

    please do a collab with Cody and noel

  • Sub Bot
    Sub Bot 23 days ago

    Your neck is weird. Why is there a hole there?

  • Ariesturtleneck
    Ariesturtleneck 24 days ago +1

    Ur a daddy but shave ur mustache man

  • Caitlin Jrerve
    Caitlin Jrerve 26 days ago

    I lost more brain cells from their videos than they have between them. They look braindead sitting there.

  • Patrick Heffernan
    Patrick Heffernan 26 days ago

    Long neck has the most frail voice I think I’ve ever heard

  • Brit Ann
    Brit Ann 27 days ago +1

    My neck feels weird now. I'm oddly aware of it now, and it's weird & uncomfortable.

  • Brit Ann
    Brit Ann 27 days ago +1

    This is modern day freak show, basically.

  • Mari Romano
    Mari Romano 27 days ago

    omg i feel terrible but all the acne in this video made me gag

  • Xtian Gabr1el
    Xtian Gabr1el 29 days ago

    The manager's the hero here. He's managing weird people so you don't have to.

  • Tina Gill
    Tina Gill 29 days ago +1

    Kurtis please watch and share a netflix series by Chris Lilly called LUNATICS. Hilarious, would love you too watch it and share what you think. I think he is a comedic genius much like YOU!

  • Stacy English
    Stacy English Month ago


  • Sam Lynn
    Sam Lynn Month ago

    Wanna know the most horrifying thing about all this? Some people actually DO think this shit is funny. Like my fucking 37 year old ex boyfriend 😅 he used to show me that fucking long neck kids videos all the time and I always got mad because he makes me physically ill but that mother fucker seriously thought he was funny!!

  • Alrighty Nisha
    Alrighty Nisha Month ago

    they’re not blinking they’re for sure psychopaths haha get it cuz your latest video lmao

  • Alrighty Nisha
    Alrighty Nisha Month ago

    kurtis is like if spencer from criminal minds and john mulaney had a baby wow that’s something I never knew I needed

  • Harriet Potter
    Harriet Potter Month ago

    Kurtis said the word neck 55 times lol

  • Holly Dyer
    Holly Dyer Month ago +22

    “Thank god” **Christian mingle**
    Hahaha he’s so qt with his lil references

  • Ammy Flores
    Ammy Flores Month ago

    7:29 can I call the cops on them for that !?

  • John Handel
    John Handel Month ago

    Just imagine these two on Maury on either side of a girl to determine if Wide Neck or Long Neck - “You are the father!”.
    Then they show the baby and it is just a Chinese infant. Nothing to do with necks, just a Chinese baby.

  • Robin Greif
    Robin Greif Month ago

    The fact I laughed at the car joke 😭

  • Faith Ballesteros
    Faith Ballesteros Month ago

    I have never been more disturbed in my whole life

  • Medine
    Medine Month ago

    my surname is Kurt


    Your lip has AIDS. 🍆🥜🤮

  • Megha Pethari
    Megha Pethari Month ago +1

    Kurtis referencing Cody and Noel YES

  • Williamsthysteve
    Williamsthysteve Month ago

    long neck is a fucking twig

  • Shana Olson
    Shana Olson Month ago


  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker Month ago

    I think the only reason longneck's (forgot his name) neck looks so long is because he's so skinny.

  • Nina allth
    Nina allth Month ago +1

    iTS veRY GoOD tO SeE yOu AgaINN !!