Cool Facts about Russian Language + Advice on Learning to Speak Russian


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  • rupiter2008
    rupiter2008 Year ago +5

    Your здравствуйте sounds prefect. Indistinguishable from native speaker.

  • Dahenzi Music
    Dahenzi Music 2 years ago +5

    you deserve a standing ovation!

  • Charles Gudovich
    Charles Gudovich 2 years ago +11

    у Вас русская внешность.

  • Gary Higley
    Gary Higley 2 years ago +4

    Товарица! ты и я, мы работаем для великой Россия, да?

    • Лучшего Лучшего
      Лучшего Лучшего 2 years ago +3

      "товарищ" не имеет рода, это своего рода символизм, мол ты нам товарищ вне зависимости от возраста, пола и цвета.

  • Gary Higley
    Gary Higley 2 years ago +1

    Russian also employs lots of "slang-ish" expressions that make the language tricky, akin to the way common American English street chatter is

  • Arteum Vorobieuf
    Arteum Vorobieuf 3 years ago +32

    your pronunciation of zdrastvuyte and pozhaluysta is perfect. as to the soft sign - ь - it doesn't actually get to be pronounced itself, it just tells you to change the way you pronounce the preceding consonant sound (to palatilize it, or make it soft as we might call it in Russian)