Portal - A Minecraft Texture Pack (test)

  • Published on May 17, 2010
  • E: Check out my current progress on my next portal video HERE

    I've been playing Minecraft a lot lately and have made several texture packs. Right now, I'm working on and testing a portal theme pack.
    Here's a small preview. Just started working on this today.
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  • tristen smith
    tristen smith 5 years ago

    dude dont be dumb youu made a water door then a lava one one the other side how dumb

  • VideoCubes
    VideoCubes 5 years ago

    Hey i have a server called portalcraft, Currently a portal server with real life working portal guns it also has alll the gels includeing some brand new ones
    so its just like the mod but with online and i was wondering if you could make the offical portalcraft texturepack and make a sweet review on my server. And

  • Domekilo 舞微奇
    Domekilo 舞微奇 5 years ago

    = =

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 6 years ago

    The cake is a lie :O!

  • Momiji Inubashiri
    Momiji Inubashiri 6 years ago

    The companion cube is a lie

  • PacManPrince
    PacManPrince 6 years ago

    how can you make mods and/or texture packs on minecraft classic?

  • Lobzi
    Lobzi 6 years ago

    @remembermebro I know

  • Chrsitan S. Overgaard
    Chrsitan S. Overgaard 6 years ago


  • TheCandSfilms
    TheCandSfilms 6 years ago

    Are you going to finish it? D:

  • deyo178
    deyo178 6 years ago


  • Le0nLucky
    Le0nLucky 6 years ago

    when you destroyed the companion cube it should have dropped loot

  • jackawaka
    jackawaka 6 years ago

    hey... this is a mod aint it? not a tex pack

  • Che
    Che 6 years ago

    Nice work man!

  • boynedmaster
    boynedmaster 6 years ago

    @Leliuga Portal.

  • huntwer2010
    huntwer2010 6 years ago

    wait wait wait is it portal with a minecraft texture pack or is it minecraft with a portal texture pack

  • Luke Carman
    Luke Carman 6 years ago

    Texture pack? more like mod

  • Evaldash
    Evaldash 6 years ago

    @octorock888 In the other side brrr... cold cold cold!

  • FeuerfegerBrennraupe
    FeuerfegerBrennraupe 6 years ago

    sucks very

  • Leliuga
    Leliuga 6 years ago

    @AetherGames I have played halo and they are the sounds from the Pillar Of Autumn, Ive played halo 1, 2, 3, ODST and Reach quite abit. Ive also played Portal 1 and 2 but not in a while

  • RJ Sapp
    RJ Sapp 6 years ago

    your mom sounds

  • Leliuga
    Leliuga 6 years ago

    Halo sounds? :P

  • Brock Gibson
    Brock Gibson 6 years ago

    @MrValalupe Your mom!

  • Spyroaz
    Spyroaz 6 years ago

    Hello And again.....

  • Brock Gibson
    Brock Gibson 6 years ago

    @toashtman Joke little kid! Joke.

  • ManEggs
    ManEggs 6 years ago

    @MrBlueberryMuffinman you have a green penis? you should get that checked...

  • Brock Gibson
    Brock Gibson 6 years ago

    Lol the like and dislike button looks like a penis!

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone 6 years ago


  • supermariobubba
    supermariobubba 6 years ago

    dildos and cheese

  • LordOfGears2
    LordOfGears2 6 years ago

    @Mrananaskiller -_- Ass

  • SourceStrike
    SourceStrike 6 years ago

    What? you go through water come out of lava??? shouldnt they be portals?

  • doctaoctobus
    doctaoctobus 6 years ago

    lol you killed companion cube

  • LordOfGears2
    LordOfGears2 6 years ago

    @Mrananaskiller Minecraft should have an ass realm. You'd have to collect a lot of materials to build an ass. Notch would have to put in a new ass and you could power it by gathering electricity from lightning or an ass. The minerals on the ass would have to be really special though and carry a huge ass on the Minecraft earth. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea stick your thumbs up my ass and copy and paste it to my ass.

  • VitaEdoSA
    VitaEdoSA 6 years ago


  • MarioBros125253v1337
    MarioBros125253v1337 6 years ago

    What portal mod is this? its not the one i usually see on youtube

  • Homersimpsonsfanful
    Homersimpsonsfanful 6 years ago

    Need DL

  • Mike McBastardly
    Mike McBastardly 6 years ago

    Nice, very creative if you ask me

  • bestdudeever765
    bestdudeever765 6 years ago


  • Ozzmaster2112
    Ozzmaster2112 6 years ago

    Hm... Nah. Just a moon realm :)

  • theperformingguy112
    theperformingguy112 6 years ago

    @PoisnousHamsters You can make a portal to the nether by getting a load of obsidean and building a sort of rectangular doorway with it. Then get some flint and steel and light it. It turns into a portal. Ive one as the front door to my castle. Stand in it to get transported to the nether.

  • couch
    couch 6 years ago

    @LEETTROLLKING1337 Trolls never looked good, but you just make them look worse, nice job.

  • Ozzmaster2112
    Ozzmaster2112 6 years ago

    Minecraft should have a moon realm. You'd have to collect a lot of materials to build a rocket and travel there. Notch would have to put in a new element oil for fuel and you could power it by gathering electricity from lightning or a hydroelectric dam. The minerals on the moon would have to be really special though and carry a huge roll on the Minecraft earth. If anyone else thinks this is a good idea thumbs up the comment and copy and paste it to many other Minecraft videos.

  • Dafoodmaster
    Dafoodmaster 6 years ago

    @LEETTROLLKING1337 trolls remorse...

  • Pizzabeirut
    Pizzabeirut 6 years ago

    why yoz play with "0.30" ?

  • SpencerAnimatics
    SpencerAnimatics 6 years ago

    I saw a mod with an actual portal gun item that shoots oval portals and is much better but good video

  • Anthony Kabanets
    Anthony Kabanets 6 years ago

    How the hell did you make a actual portal?

  • Rey ‌
    Rey ‌ 6 years ago


  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 6 years ago

    You monster! How could you kill the beloved Companion Cube?

  • Rithela
    Rithela 6 years ago

    NYYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUU!!!! The Weighted Companion Cube!!! How cold you do that you cold-blooded murderer!!!

  • FruitNinjaCraft
    FruitNinjaCraft 6 years ago


  • Itachi98701
    Itachi98701 6 years ago

    Well, is the cake a lie???

  • Gerard Dalbon
    Gerard Dalbon  6 years ago

    I made a thread on the forums showing my current progress, which you can check out in the description! :O

  • Erik Bakken
    Erik Bakken 6 years ago

    oh wow thats epic

  • RoryLoganAnderson
    RoryLoganAnderson 6 years ago

    50 people found out the cake was a lie.

  • RoryLoganAnderson
    RoryLoganAnderson 6 years ago

    50 people can't beat the real portal

  • TheJTeam
    TheJTeam 6 years ago

    Eh is this classic mode? It looks slot like it

  • IrradiatedGamer
    IrradiatedGamer 6 years ago

    This is not mine craft. this is portal on low settings

  • totofk
    totofk 6 years ago

    and now i can walked into lava ....... : D

  • EksCelle
    EksCelle 6 years ago

    Does this re-texture the Portal Gun mod?

  • Ggthb
    Ggthb 6 years ago

    i got this TEXTURE PACK
    add me on skype and i send you the texture pack ;)
    myskype name: ggthb
    ps: im from germany ;)

  • Bdon
    Bdon 6 years ago

    Cool! portal 3!!!

  • UGADawgzSickEm
    UGADawgzSickEm 6 years ago

    can u put up a link to get it?

  • Vodsig
    Vodsig 6 years ago

    @LilyoProductions Someone has already made alot of portal maps and the portal gun mod has been up for quite a while.

    BAMxPANCAKE 6 years ago

    IS THIS FUCKING PORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sinclair Chaplin - GodsPuppet

    Show this to the Yogscast :3

  • MuFu23
    MuFu23 6 years ago

    @LilyoProductions Someone has already made a fully functional minecraft portal gun. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  • MythIncorporated
    MythIncorporated 6 years ago

    Is anyone there? Would you come over here?

  • Sam Amis
    Sam Amis 6 years ago

    wtf.. :O fake? or just pure epic?

  • TheRedBritish
    TheRedBritish 6 years ago

    now u need is the portal mod for minecraft (yes they have one for 1.5 and yes they do work and it has much more stuff too)

  • hbk15111
    hbk15111 6 years ago

    where can i get it

  • Ayelis
    Ayelis 6 years ago

    You euthanised your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject
    on record. Congratulations.

  • sarah246awsome
    sarah246awsome 6 years ago

    get this, and the portal mod, your all set!

  • Termonter
    Termonter 6 years ago

    Very impressive

  • Rantorak
    Rantorak 6 years ago

    that is beast

  • Carl Priisholm
    Carl Priisholm 6 years ago

    2+2= ...... 10 :D

  • Rodger Carlson
    Rodger Carlson 6 years ago

    The cake is a lie

  • Sunky
    Sunky 6 years ago

    This is datadisc for portal 2

  • Extra Rice
    Extra Rice 6 years ago

    OMG you destroyed the companion cube Your going to hell SIR!!!!!!

  • babbersabber
    babbersabber 6 years ago

    when will you release it?

  • necronsplayer
    necronsplayer 6 years ago

    this is a triumph

  • discs and dorfs
    discs and dorfs 6 years ago

    this was a triumph

  • Gerard Dalbon
    Gerard Dalbon  6 years ago

    Sorry about not releasing the 2nd video yet haha. I've gotten distracted with other projects and school stuff and what not. It's slowly coming together though.
    Expect it.

  • Carl Sagan
    Carl Sagan 6 years ago

    Way to give up....this would have been great!!!!

  • 1Soraules
    1Soraules 6 years ago

    You killed the companion cube!

  • TheWapple8
    TheWapple8 6 years ago

    Now you're thinking with portals.

  • mastercat2012
    mastercat2012 6 years ago

    Deploying suprise in 5... 4... 3... 2... Hold on whats that thing? Its not the suprise iv never seen it befor.

  • Smonjirez
    Smonjirez 6 years ago

    where is the fucking cake?!

  • raznaak
    raznaak 6 years ago

    Sir, you have at the same time my admiration and my disdain.
    Admiration for your awesome job of doing that and modding MC to get portals working (even if it is not like the real on but that's impossible on MC).

  • Manzana1C
    Manzana1C 6 years ago

    "You euthanised your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations."
    "You monster"

  • sqwyd
    sqwyd 6 years ago

    @AGOW100 Portal gun mod and just search on google ''Portal Gun'' on ''Everything''

  • Mr.Brink
    Mr.Brink 6 years ago


  • EbonheartGaming1
    EbonheartGaming1 6 years ago

    That is awesome, Released yet? :D

  • Gerard Dalbon
    Gerard Dalbon  6 years ago

    @bunbunjohn Yeah :P

  • bunbunjohn
    bunbunjohn 6 years ago

    Are you still there?

  • Jacques Stander
    Jacques Stander 6 years ago

    plz man put a link in

  • agow
    agow 6 years ago

    @mozziedoo tell me what mod then, and where to find it :)

  • sqwyd
    sqwyd 6 years ago

    There is a mod for this.

  • Rock Salad
    Rock Salad 6 years ago

    Ich bien ien berlina!

  • hectaze mania
    hectaze mania 6 years ago


  • Gerard Dalbon
    Gerard Dalbon  6 years ago

    @Megabine What?

  • Megabine
    Megabine 6 years ago

    To bad someone already made a full portal machine a maps.