• Published on Feb 18, 2017
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Comments • 63

  • Ritu Tandon
    Ritu Tandon 5 days ago

    Jigga jigga jigga. Loved it.

  • V .S
    V .S 2 months ago

    thank you for the review!! I needed this before committing and buying lol! Whats on your lips by the way?

  • Cozette M
    Cozette M 6 months ago

    You’re hilarious! I have mature textured crepey dry undereyes and I find the Tarte makes my undereye look much drier and worse than Nars. I wish that wasn’t the case you get so much more product for your money with Tarte but it’s a no go for me, unfortunately.

  • CyberDiva
    CyberDiva 11 months ago

    I think that the NARS covered better and you seemed to use less of that product. My two cents. Thanks for the video!

  • zc cupcakes
    zc cupcakes 11 months ago


  • Amber Surmone
    Amber Surmone Year ago

    I’ve been looking for this comparison! Thank you!

  • bdelon00
    bdelon00 Year ago

    new subscriber. first time watching ur videos. ur hilarious girl! love ya!

  • Ms. Mommie
    Ms. Mommie Year ago +1

    TFS I needed to see the color Rich on someone my skin tone. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys stuff and doesn't use it. I lol when you said that.

  • Lovely Leaf
    Lovely Leaf Year ago

    love your personality

  • Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas Year ago +2

    Have you ever tried setting your undereye with the shade rich in tarte shape tape

  • Netterz
    Netterz Year ago

    i feel like the nars covered better but the tarte had less creasing

  • Naturally Amanda
    Naturally Amanda Year ago +1

    Needed this, thanks boo.

  • Rmonfiston
    Rmonfiston Year ago

    Hi honey, what brush did you use to sweep off the setting powder under your eyes?

  • AestheticallyModified

    If you're trying to correct that darkness, you should only apply the product to the dark area. Not the entire under eye. When you were bare faced, I only saw a dark "ring like" section by your under eye, not the entire area. Also, the shade of the product should be for correcting, not necessarily just a lighter shade to brighten.

  • Ta'Miya Crockett
    Ta'Miya Crockett Year ago

    Great review!!! I love both concealers too!!! At least we now have more options. ☺️

  • Morena Azucar
    Morena Azucar Year ago

    Great review and demo.

  • Ridwaan
    Ridwaan Year ago

    I don't know 😭 that's such a hard question

  • T REX
    T REX Year ago +2

    Tarts concealer in my shopping cart!

  • T REX
    T REX Year ago +1

    Tarts concealer in my shopping cart!

  • 💋SuckaFree Nellz

    I thought they were permanent but I can't find them anywhere on Sephora's website. Now I'm stressed!😂

    • Anusha Bandaru
      Anusha Bandaru Year ago +3

      💋SuckaFree Nellz there only available at Ulta and tarte website

  • Gossip KoooKie
    Gossip KoooKie Year ago +5

    i like the nars side better just saying

  • NewYork Chick
    NewYork Chick Year ago +1

    Beautiful❣️ Great review. Looking at it on camera I vote for NARS - it is radiant with a subtle glow and more coverage. Tarte - the coverage is more natural and matte but you need more product to achieve full coverage (if that's what you are looking for) and maybe more blending is needed as well.

  • nothingsimpossible77

    New Subbie! Luv your spirit✨
    ~NIP 77~🌷

  • Bahama Gal
    Bahama Gal Year ago +9

    The NARS looks way better to me on you

  • Jaclyn Scott
    Jaclyn Scott Year ago +2

    I love your videos, first & foremost!! Have you tried the new Laura Mercier medium deep setting powder?

  • Lu DH
    Lu DH Year ago

    mmmm nars

  • yaaharriott
    yaaharriott Year ago

    Loved this review! I am going to look into the KAt Von D concealer because I would like to not have to color correct. But I'm in love with my Shape Tape. Have you tried the new Wetnwild Photo Focus concealer compared to the NARS?

  • Precious Lafleur
    Precious Lafleur Year ago +2

    I agree with you, I like Tarte better. You make me want to go out and get a bottle! lol...great video! I also like the ingredients in Tarte cosmetics. Thank you for the video!!!

  • Lovely Genise
    Lovely Genise Year ago +9

    finally someone does this! idk which one to go buy??? lol

    • Laura Albii
      Laura Albii Year ago +3

      Lovely Genise buy them both lol

  • Ama O
    Ama O Year ago +2

    I'm not a big fan of super creamy and emollient products under the eye in general so tarte gets my vote!

  • Anita Rodgers
    Anita Rodgers Year ago +1

    what's in the spritz bottle?

  • 💋SuckaFree Nellz

    Hey girl, hey! I think I'm going to try Shape Tape. Everyone is raving about it so I would like to try it even though my LAgirl ProConceal works just fine for me when I color correct.

  • Tina Hammond
    Tina Hammond Year ago

    lipstick and my eyebrows done right make me feel beautiful

  • Strawberries017
    Strawberries017 Year ago +5

    In my opinion I love the shape tape side after the whole "beat". To me it looks more natural then the nars which looks brighter and like your actually wearing concealer, wearing makeup. Great video very informative! I will try the concealer at Sephora! 🙂

  • keynolivia
    keynolivia Year ago

    Do you still use the Kat von d concealer? What are your thoughts? I like your feedback because I think we have the same skin type.

    • keynolivia
      keynolivia Year ago +1

      I will have to try it, just to appease my curiosity.lol

    • keynolivia
      keynolivia Year ago

      Thanks for the reply. I will definitely have to try tarte.shape tape.

    • Kaysinger
      Kaysinger Year ago

      keynolivia Tarte shape tape is like crack, I haven't been able to bring myself to use my Kat d since I bought tarte. The crease free longevity is crazy.

    • Lovely Genise
      Lovely Genise Year ago +1

      keynolivia the kat von d concealer is so full coverage!

  • Candiblue
    Candiblue Year ago +2

    their was a noticeable diffierance.... the new product won by a landslide💗💗💗💗

  • Theresse Tate
    Theresse Tate Year ago +1

    Thanks for the video, Shalinda! Can you also do a review on Mac concealer vs Tarte shape tape?

  • Naturaldivaa
    Naturaldivaa Year ago +4

    I loved the coverage of the shape tape. However I could not get the correct color match so It went back to Ulta :(

  • soFIERCEtic8ted
    soFIERCEtic8ted Year ago +24

    I actually liked the way the NARS better on you but thanks for the review. If you are looking for more opacity with your coverage try applying the product let it sit until it's almost dry then blend it out in a dabbing or patting motion

    • Lovely Genise
      Lovely Genise Year ago +1

      soFIERCEtic8ted i did to: )

    • Shlinda1
      Shlinda1  Year ago +9

      soFIERCEtic8ted in person you can see more clearly that the NARS looked cakey. I still like them both but the tarte just do more things

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown Year ago +1

    Thanks for the review Shlinda. Everybody has been raving about the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, I'm glad to see your take on it

  • anp22fab
    anp22fab Year ago +1

    Grrrrrllll. . . I am on no 4 of my shape tape with a back up in my drawer. great review! life makes me happy!

  • Allison
    Allison Year ago +2

    Hi Shalonda do you ever treat your under eye with fresh aloe vera ? It helps with the dark circles..

  • SingDea
    SingDea Year ago +22

    I wanted to try this, but the shades just don't work for me. Deep matches my skin, but it's the wrong undertone (I'm golden). The next color up (tan sand) is has the right undertone, but it's too light for me to use as a highlight; it'll show up ashy.

    • DisneyStarsTube
      DisneyStarsTube Year ago +1

      SingDea warm honey is the next shade up. But you know concealer is not necessarily a highlighter. If it matches your skin tone that's fine

    • SingDea
      SingDea Year ago +1

      Lovely Genise yea, I have the one in fawn and the orange one. Fawn I thought would highlight, but it's pretty much my skin color. Idk how people color correct with the orange, because when I use it my face looks like a pumpkin. I wanted to try another, but neither really worked for me and I feel their over priced for the amount of product. It's $4-5 in the beauty supply near me.

    • Lovely Genise
      Lovely Genise Year ago +1

      SingDea have you tried la girl pro concealer?

  • Lovelylaya
    Lovelylaya Year ago +2

    Lipstick makes me feel the most beautiful and awesome review ❤️

  • Monica D
    Monica D Year ago +3

    Yesss! Thanks for your review. I will be picking this up cause the way my fine lines under my eyes just won't let me be great! #notification gang

  • Blushing Stina
    Blushing Stina Year ago +2

    Great comparison I just ordered my shape tape happy I went with deep💃🏾🙌🏾‼

  • Angel Whitt
    Angel Whitt Year ago