NEW *SECRET* LOOT SPOTS in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (+ LOCATIONS)

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - NEW Secret Loot spots DISCOVERED! :D
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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Year ago +2455


  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 4 days ago

    Wa WA WA wae
    WA WA WA wae
    WA WA WA wae
    WA WA WA wae
    WA WA WA wae
    WA WA WA wae

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 4 days ago

    Ye tilted was removed 😭😱😤

  • melody johnson
    melody johnson Month ago


  • Maxwelllxx
    Maxwelllxx 2 months ago

    I cant remember when this came out

  • Brady Ball
    Brady Ball 3 months ago

    4:01 instead of breaking the bookcase you could just break the floor below you

  • Dan Tate
    Dan Tate 4 months ago

    Ali you legend

  • Yalen Baldwin
    Yalen Baldwin 4 months ago

    Tilted towers

  • Inferno
    Inferno 4 months ago +1

    Who hated dusty depot (I Did)

  • Night Blade
    Night Blade 5 months ago

    i am watching this in season 9 and i sweared at him for not picking up the double pump

  • FLYNN Neil Keys
    FLYNN Neil Keys 5 months ago


  • Default Boi
    Default Boi 6 months ago


  • Alonex Bright
    Alonex Bright 8 months ago

    Under ground base met

  • Batkyle2705 G
    Batkyle2705 G 8 months ago +1

    Trap 4:36??

    • Batkyle2705 G
      Batkyle2705 G 8 months ago

      Oh ya they used to look like opponents traps when they were yours

    • Alonex Bright
      Alonex Bright 8 months ago +1

      His trap

  • Maxwell Gallegos
    Maxwell Gallegos 8 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Andhau Huli
    Andhau Huli 8 months ago

    You should grade the mini legendary gun

  • Isabella Pringle
    Isabella Pringle 8 months ago


  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy 8 months ago +6

    i watching 2019 I miss dusty depot

  • Erin Horton
    Erin Horton 8 months ago

    welp it's not a secret anymore

  • Derrick Y.
    Derrick Y. 9 months ago

    its not really a secret anymore when there are over 6 mil views

  • Jason Huggins
    Jason Huggins 9 months ago

    Use snipers

  • C L
    C L 10 months ago

    Back then when loot lake was awesome an d gray pumps

  • TwitchTv.Wanna sprite cranberry

    First of all the thumbnail was in cabinets you’re a liar and your TVclip channel and go suck a bunch of apples

  • Lt. Bagel Bites
    Lt. Bagel Bites 10 months ago

    Who just came for the intro meme? 😂

  • Mark Fletcher
    Mark Fletcher 10 months ago

    Nice rocket launcher kills

  • Robert Hendler
    Robert Hendler 10 months ago

    Can you friend me on fortnite.

  • Abigail the Cringe
    Abigail the Cringe 10 months ago

    That loot sucks

  • The Official Christine
    The Official Christine 10 months ago +1

    Well it’s not secret now when 6 million people know.

  • PowerPao
    PowerPao 10 months ago

    The video is now 1 year old

  • Jason Godoy
    Jason Godoy 10 months ago

    Ali-A make a video of world record sniper shot

  • Jason Godoy
    Jason Godoy 10 months ago

    Ali-A make a world record sniper shot in fortnite legendary scar fortnite video just freaking lucky right now

  • Jason Godoy
    Jason Godoy 10 months ago

    Of world record sniper shot Ali-A make way to make a world record sniper shot

  • Mohamed Aatef
    Mohamed Aatef 10 months ago

    Amazing places how did you know these places

  • Corey Foggo
    Corey Foggo 11 months ago

    salty springs

  • Dixon
    Dixon 11 months ago

    i watched this video and went to the lootbunker every game in s2 and s3

  • Denco White
    Denco White 11 months ago

    Awesome 👏

  • Jarad Rinne
    Jarad Rinne 11 months ago

    alia I dont play fortnight but I love your shower

  • RTG Snipez
    RTG Snipez 11 months ago

    Can u duo with me plz because I’m a kid and I can’t get the w"¿

  • Nadia Ramdeen
    Nadia Ramdeen 11 months ago

    Iam a pro and you kill me no no no non of that ok Ali a

  • Nadia Ramdeen
    Nadia Ramdeen 11 months ago

    I play solo too

  • Vertical
    Vertical Year ago


  • Eamonn White
    Eamonn White Year ago

    Im a boy

  • Eamonn White
    Eamonn White Year ago


  • Eamonn White
    Eamonn White Year ago

    I love alia s channell

  • Eamonn White
    Eamonn White Year ago

    Alia isvthe best youtuber0

    FAZE DYLAN Year ago

    What about the under ground bunker in salty springs under the blue house

  • It's Calli 1234
    It's Calli 1234 Year ago

    Yes post it

  • Jordan Sipple
    Jordan Sipple Year ago

    Can I play with you in fortnite

  • Porsha Johnson
    Porsha Johnson Year ago

    I was born on that day

  • Dominique Snodey
    Dominique Snodey Year ago

    Well now my loot spot will always be crowded I’ve known about this for months and I always go there to loot thanks a lot

  • Crazygirl09 Love
    Crazygirl09 Love Year ago

    Who is watching this when you already now that

  • Cindi Fitzgerald
    Cindi Fitzgerald Year ago

    Tilted is the best place to go if you aren't scared witch Alla is scared of tilted.

  • Ruben E Trevino
    Ruben E Trevino Year ago

    Ali a is the best player in fortnite

  • Beneh
    Beneh Year ago

    Dab if you agree

    You must like fortnite

  • HypeDog1
    HypeDog1 Year ago +1

    intro song name?

  • Eric Phan
    Eric Phan Year ago

    Make a challenge with only pistols

  • Djsv Bdjsbsj
    Djsv Bdjsbsj Year ago

    Gosh I liked Ali a before he played fortnite

  • Ironwolf 15
    Ironwolf 15 Year ago

    whats the name of the intro song

  • John Brownbridge
    John Brownbridge Year ago +2

    do it

  • Chrissy Jones
    Chrissy Jones Year ago