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  • DjSona Senpai
    DjSona Senpai Hour ago

    I would of liked this better if you really tried to do some really nice art and not just played around but still nice video

  • Killer Bunny
    Killer Bunny 13 hours ago

    Wtf jazza you are going look like 👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 is that you?!?

  • RainbowSama
    RainbowSama 15 hours ago

    lmfao they look high

  • SlimeyTurtle
    SlimeyTurtle 20 hours ago

    no one here is getting paid enough, but they executed it as if they were

  • Nightsparkle _
    Nightsparkle _ 21 hour ago

    i started crying.....

  • SpaceMan Cuber
    SpaceMan Cuber 22 hours ago

    When he flipped Benjamin off all because he said”in it for the money” 8:01

  • Farie Productions

    I love choking in front of strangers

  • Naomi Belle
    Naomi Belle Day ago

    that must be so embarrassing

  • Esmee de Boer
    Esmee de Boer Day ago

    I'm crying

  • Galaxy_Game Gachaverse

    omgggggg hahahahha

  • {다니엘 라이트}DanielleLight

    Ur father sold u?
    Thats sad :(

  • JustAnotherDinosaur

    Dude. I love this. But it would be so embarrassing!

  • Angie Creations
    Angie Creations Day ago

    I really want to try this just for the fun of it xD

  • Killer87 plays
    Killer87 plays 2 days ago

    Wait so is this the Sexy Benjamin Movie?

  • Clrrox
    Clrrox 2 days ago

    The cringe

  • Zachary Slabosz
    Zachary Slabosz 2 days ago

    Why do I love this???😂

  • jomes 224
    jomes 224 2 days ago


  • jomes 224
    jomes 224 2 days ago


  • Maya Fun Time
    Maya Fun Time 2 days ago

    He is so cringey and I thought 💭 he would get now one

  • Ser Noisy
    Ser Noisy 2 days ago

    Jazz Ross!!!

  • podmienca clitsłowy

    I think that passportout people are more nice than real life people😅

  • Sorenol
    Sorenol 4 days ago

    i cried.

  • Sasi Kiran
    Sasi Kiran 4 days ago


  • Kiwi Animates /Crafts!

    Obnoxious yet consistent

    JAGI JAGI 4 days ago

    Omg we have the same phone

    JAGI JAGI 4 days ago

    Make a sexy bengamin

  • Lps Chloe TM
    Lps Chloe TM 4 days ago

    Lol I can’t help laughing when he chocked in the spray paint smell and how the guy just shook his head XD

  • ClassicPlayz
    ClassicPlayz 4 days ago

    Benjamin was italian this whole time

  • Precious Unicorns
    Precious Unicorns 5 days ago

    *Cynth* I miss you.

    *George* Finish those damn books.

    *Steve* I’m from mine craft bois

    *Don* I’ll buy it.

    *Georgio* Good for my apartments!

    *Mary* Too vibrant.

    *Elizabeth* Put some effort into it.

    *Dora* EXPLORE WITH ME!!!

    *Sexy benjamin* Just in it for the money?

  • Emily YT
    Emily YT 5 days ago

    You cany be serious? xD he actually went in public and painted lmao Im dead

  • Just a Birb
    Just a Birb 5 days ago


  • Domi Rusz
    Domi Rusz 5 days ago


  • Jesslyn Johnson
    Jesslyn Johnson 6 days ago

    That one person video taping from the corner, laughing.

  • Chelsey Tran
    Chelsey Tran 6 days ago

    Why am I just discovering this now LOL

  • Sophia Xxx
    Sophia Xxx 6 days ago

    The cringiest but funniest thing

  • Robyn Campbell
    Robyn Campbell 7 days ago

    I love this!!!

  • _In Finite_
    _In Finite_ 7 days ago

    I love it.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 7 days ago

    Oh my lord... I laughed so hard at a friggin Mcdonalds after seeing the soap opera between Benjamin and French Jazza

  • KasenGuy 12
    KasenGuy 12 7 days ago

    This reminds the ratatouille my grandma used to cook for me.
    -the critic

  • Ellie Wolf
    Ellie Wolf 8 days ago

    you can get it for MONEY

  • Angel kitty YT Gacha!

    *he finally pay for his red wine and baguette*

  • Angel kitty YT Gacha!


  • aniphone
    aniphone 8 days ago


    SOHAM MAKES 8 days ago

    Hello everybody. Welcome to "make vine with French JAZZA"...

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 8 days ago

    The people who worked in that restraint at the end must be like why did we let the in agian

  • Flamey
    Flamey 8 days ago

    and he becomes a sellout again

  • Natan Gooch
    Natan Gooch 8 days ago

    What did I just watch? I mean it wasn’t bad just weird

  • OceanicWaves
    OceanicWaves 8 days ago

    This should get more veiws

  • Pand anto
    Pand anto 9 days ago

    I have to pause from time to time because I have to deal with the cringe. I don't know how you actually make fun of yourself in front of people in real life, I would have died.
    So cringy.

  • lps spirit wolf
    lps spirit wolf 10 days ago

    ending nr 10 real ending XD i like it

  • Madison Kirby
    Madison Kirby 10 days ago

    My offer is 4$ for both

  • I'm Bored with my friends

    I got PASPARTOUT on my tablet! YAY!!

  • Gwen O'Neill
    Gwen O'Neill 11 days ago

    This is so underrated

  • sexually aroused rat
    sexually aroused rat 11 days ago

    14:26 what kind of monster puts their baguette on the gROUND

  • Lola N stuff
    Lola N stuff 13 days ago

    Jazzamin Jazza + Benjamin

  • Artastic
    Artastic 13 days ago

    Is this video for my birthday?, my birthday is on the 30th of November!

  • AnimeWolfGirl272
    AnimeWolfGirl272 14 days ago

    These French Jazza videos always make me hungry for baguettes
    Heck I've never even eaten one

  • Raphaela Roth
    Raphaela Roth 14 days ago

    3:41 "The wand chooses the wizard."

  • Jessica Kratzer
    Jessica Kratzer 14 days ago

    those are real people...

  • LMacaroni
    LMacaroni 15 days ago

    OMG 😒

  • Blabby Abbey
    Blabby Abbey 15 days ago

    I seriously wonder what the people thought of you two being soooo weird

  • Ben Gaito
    Ben Gaito 15 days ago

    In America bob Ross paints trees but in Soviet Russia, trees paint bob ross

  • Kerellos Abdelmalak
    Kerellos Abdelmalak 16 days ago

    14:07 Lol

  • un non channel
    un non channel 17 days ago

    This Is So Sad And Sweet

  • un non channel
    un non channel 17 days ago

    Yessssssss My Life😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂

  • SolarWolf
    SolarWolf 17 days ago

    That cringe :D

  • Lili Caticorn
    Lili Caticorn 18 days ago

    your a murderer i laughed so much! im dead

  • cruz angeliiic
    cruz angeliiic 18 days ago

    I would actually pay 15 for that lmao.

  • Drake Lim
    Drake Lim 18 days ago

    you should make another channel named french jazza

  • Maddie James
    Maddie James 19 days ago

    2:18 I DIED 😂😂😂

  • L_smillie_06
    L_smillie_06 20 days ago

    Cringe Intensifys

  • vince 5051
    vince 5051 20 days ago

    Make a movie with this

  • Margaret Dowling
    Margaret Dowling 22 days ago

    5:17 he kicks the red cap

  • Creator-Sama
    Creator-Sama 24 days ago

    My ship sailed and I couldn't be happier, Benjazza anyone?

  • Nabil Husaini
    Nabil Husaini 24 days ago

    Who is benjamin tho 😂

  • Bindu GamerYT
    Bindu GamerYT 25 days ago


  • Can't Think Of A Name
    Can't Think Of A Name 25 days ago


  • Max Animations
    Max Animations 25 days ago


  • ThunderTheTherian TTT
    ThunderTheTherian TTT 26 days ago

    What’s the banksy?

  • Amek Mah Boi
    Amek Mah Boi 26 days ago

    Passpartout The Movie

  • payton clark
    payton clark 26 days ago

    so cheesy

  • Hannah Jung
    Hannah Jung 28 days ago

    Make a new TVclip channel called 'Draw with French Jazza'

  • Jasmine Zheng
    Jasmine Zheng 28 days ago

    I love the cringyness

  • The Obnoxious Ninja
    The Obnoxious Ninja 28 days ago

    This is amazing I loved it so so much I honestly don’t have words to explain how cool this is.👍

  • Fr_ Bd
    Fr_ Bd 28 days ago

    The sexy Benjamin movie was great 🎥 🍿 🍿 e

  • SH4DOW
    SH4DOW 29 days ago

    i know u can draw better and its seems u made the ending a little gay cause it seems like they go on a date at the end

  • Troy Maertz
    Troy Maertz 29 days ago


  • JULIO Aleman
    JULIO Aleman 29 days ago +3

    French Jazza:Haters hate hate hate players play play play I’m gonna shake shake shake

  • kayla ryals
    kayla ryals Month ago

    Jazzy being Joanna ceddia 11:17

  • Raven Ya know it
    Raven Ya know it Month ago +1

    I offer my life for Benjamin art work.

  • TheDarkestGamer100
    TheDarkestGamer100 Month ago

    I would take "the art of the city"

  • tuesday pritchard
    tuesday pritchard Month ago

    ur not selling any painting becuase they look like trash

    ANOTASKULLS Month ago +1

    If I saw all of these paintings I’d buy all of them.

  • Panzerschreck 654
    Panzerschreck 654 Month ago

    Pls imitate a german guy

  • ilIkea Animated
    ilIkea Animated Month ago

    This requires A LOT of self confidence that I don't have :'))

  • Elite Nation
    Elite Nation Month ago

    Wheres cyth

  • Francisco Leon Gomez
    Francisco Leon Gomez Month ago +5


  • Laurelai GS
    Laurelai GS Month ago

    Couldn’t stop laughing trough the whole video 😂😂😂😂
    Magnifique!! I’ll pay you 10 Baguettes and 2 Bottles of wine!!!🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🍾🍾🍷🍷