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  • UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms
    UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms 20 hours ago

    So sad. benjamins father sold him out?!

  • Night Slayer
    Night Slayer 22 hours ago

    So much cringe

  • GamingLlama101
    GamingLlama101 Day ago +1


  • Thea Umotoy
    Thea Umotoy 2 days ago

    There's a guy at school that is scared of me cause he thinks I'll steal his hat so when I do I greet him a BONJOUR

  • Pusheen Lover93
    Pusheen Lover93 3 days ago

    I regret saying yes to the French accent xD

  • u n n e e d e d
    u n n e e d e d 5 days ago


  • Pugmaster
    Pugmaster 6 days ago

    he has returned

    FROST BITE 6 days ago +1

    Obnoxious but consistent

  • Garuda001
    Garuda001 9 days ago

    Wait...... how.... is he..... buying those.... eehhhhhhhhhhhh canvas and paint

  • Amy Zhang
    Amy Zhang 10 days ago

    This made me so happy lol

  • Random Studios
    Random Studios 10 days ago

    8:02 was hilarious

  • IQina Tube
    IQina Tube 11 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂, don't u embarrassed jazz😂, but.. no one appreciate our arts there 😢😢, like if u appreciate every arts👍👍

  • Amelia Spence
    Amelia Spence 11 days ago

    A little cringeyer? Eh, I don't care if it's cringey or you're embarrassing yourself, I love this video so, so, so much.

  • Undertale Nerd
    Undertale Nerd 12 days ago

    I kind of wish that French Jazza pushed him in...

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 13 days ago

    you should actually try to speak fluent French, no English, just French, the results will be consistently obnoxious

  • هوم اسكيرز 1
    هوم اسكيرز 1 14 days ago

    not sad jazza

  • VRTV
    VRTV 15 days ago

    Honestly, this is the best series on youtube :D

  • Farris Wells
    Farris Wells 15 days ago

    Why you paint bad jazza?

  • Unicorn Cutie!
    Unicorn Cutie! 16 days ago +1

    Benjamin lol

  • Sean Nathan P. Gando
    Sean Nathan P. Gando 16 days ago

    The best art is sexy benjamin in the water scene with a baguette!

  • Beyza Özbek
    Beyza Özbek 16 days ago

    The best video I have ever watch.
    I laugh so much and I fell dkgkgkdmdmfksksk

  • Saad 2018
    Saad 2018 16 days ago

    It takes a lot of confidence to be a youtuber

  • Cassie K
    Cassie K 17 days ago

    I would pay money for these masterpieces. No joke.

  • Cassie K
    Cassie K 17 days ago

    Two words: Oh God.

  • Crystal Events
    Crystal Events 18 days ago

    Sad life for jazza

  • Connor Harvey
    Connor Harvey 18 days ago

    He’s just missing a glass of wine...

  • Kacee Vermeer
    Kacee Vermeer 21 day ago

    I felt his pain in this video

  • winter wolf
    winter wolf 21 day ago

    its...its ITS NOT FREEE!😭😭😭😭

  • SpadeX
    SpadeX 23 days ago

    14:00 holy crap they look like father and son!

  • SpadeX
    SpadeX 23 days ago

    Act II Breaking Benjamin
    *sings the diary of Jane on the top of my lungs*

  • Kixty
    Kixty 24 days ago


  • Malkavian
    Malkavian 24 days ago

    BREAKING BENJAMIN?!! 🤘🤘 You rock!!

  • Cesley Cruz
    Cesley Cruz 24 days ago

    No lie can’t believe that guy gave French jazza money

  • Pokemon Plays
    Pokemon Plays 25 days ago

    Bravo in French

  • Alexiz001
    Alexiz001 25 days ago

    This is a comical masterpiece, omg 😂😂 Like, this is actually quality. And the freaking random drama at the end though... I wish an award could be given to everyone involved, damn it! Lol

  • Alexiz001
    Alexiz001 25 days ago

    Wtf, Jazza...You are truly a treasure to all mankind. You should be protected and preserved at all costs lol.

  • Luke Conte
    Luke Conte 27 days ago

    At 12:40 the guy in the right is like what is going on?!!

  • rim italia
    rim italia 27 days ago

    sexy Benjamin

  • FallonFireblade
    FallonFireblade 27 days ago

    Oh. My gosh.... I can't even....

  • Felix The British Marypopins cat

    And that. Was the birth of.... Jazza X Benjamin

  • FunBuddiesWAHOOOO
    FunBuddiesWAHOOOO 29 days ago


    so much secondhand embarrasment

  • Press Play
    Press Play 29 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that jazza kicked the spray can lid

  • El Penda
    El Penda Month ago

    Greatest love story of all time

  • Crafty Cat
    Crafty Cat Month ago

    I facepalmed so hard I think I got a concussion

  • Celia Muniz
    Celia Muniz Month ago

    Vary good.🤓

  • Stefanie Boaru
    Stefanie Boaru Month ago

    I would have bought the Bob Ross and city painting 😂

  • Damn Daniel
    Damn Daniel Month ago +1

    Why does passpartout cost money i rlly want to play it but my mom says dont do that it is not worth the money.

  • Geizz NXU
    Geizz NXU Month ago

    8:01 that is not family friendly

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow Month ago +1

    8:01 when your friend owes u ten bucks and goes on summer vacation

  • Tyler Sadler
    Tyler Sadler Month ago

    I would’ve paid $150 for each painting...