• Published on Dec 1, 2017
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Comments • 7 383

  • NerdKidAndDoge
    NerdKidAndDoge 4 hours ago

    It’s a big jump, coming here from Bob Ross...

  • Droften
    Droften 15 hours ago

    this is so sad alexa play despasito

  • SpeedyGD
    SpeedyGD 15 hours ago

    This isn’t real, he never drank wine.
    EDIT: Oh, he did it in the end.

  • yeet hitter
    yeet hitter 22 hours ago

    This is so ridiculously stupid and I adore it

  • isa quatt
    isa quatt Day ago +1

    The people look so weirddd out 😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂

  • Phoebe Knops
    Phoebe Knops 2 days ago

    I guess he drinks whine before he started...😂😍

  • Seawing Waves
    Seawing Waves 2 days ago +2

    ' only a real french man would like this." Jazza replied ," no one is more french than me!"

  • RahmahX S
    RahmahX S 3 days ago

    I'd rather be a living watermelon.

  • jannah Abouelneil
    jannah Abouelneil 4 days ago

    Jazza screaming is probably very emparesing for him

  • jannah Abouelneil
    jannah Abouelneil 4 days ago

    4:28 jazza rejected

  • Manish Dabadi
    Manish Dabadi 4 days ago +1

    When I saw Benjamin I yelled SEXY BENJI

  • Squids are Pink
    Squids are Pink 5 days ago

    You should have actually tried to make good art like you usually do

    THEKINGOFGAMES119 6 days ago

    I would totally buy his art it's so bad it's good

  • cyber
    cyber 6 days ago

    Why Jazza so _thicc_

  • H0n3λ B33
    H0n3λ B33 6 days ago

    bob ross french clone XD

  • AnRaz Arts
    AnRaz Arts 7 days ago

    I'm loving the Bob Ross references here XD

  • Kaitaia Teeples
    Kaitaia Teeples 10 days ago

    Jazza is running out of ideas😁 JK I loved it

  • Deh Pigeon
    Deh Pigeon 11 days ago

    14:24 *falls into water* that would be funny

  • Deh Pigeon
    Deh Pigeon 11 days ago

    I'd buy that happy little Bob paintinh

  • MillaSakuko 愛
    MillaSakuko 愛 12 days ago

    Please I want this as a movie. French Jazza the movie.

  • Wayne Smart
    Wayne Smart 13 days ago

    Jazzy is in Melbourne

  • alex ciceu
    alex ciceu 14 days ago

    why didnt you name it cringy

  • Lama time 9900
    Lama time 9900 15 days ago

    I would buy the art

  • Emma Kurtz
    Emma Kurtz 17 days ago

    13:38 pushes over ledge into water
    “Take that you sexy baguette man!”

  • Emma Kurtz
    Emma Kurtz 17 days ago

    Not only does Passpartout return, but so does the accent.

  • Unknown Is My name
    Unknown Is My name 18 days ago


  • Boris Films
    Boris Films 19 days ago

    Nice ending 👍👍👍

  • Boris Films
    Boris Films 19 days ago


  • DragonMaster _17
    DragonMaster _17 20 days ago

    "I wonder what he has to say about my art?"
    9:54 fwaap

  • snootybart the gamer
    snootybart the gamer 20 days ago

    11:16 is he ok

  • Stephani -D
    Stephani -D 20 days ago +2

    "I'm a Starving French Artist, I have baguettes and wine to pay for."

  • GamePlayWithBryan
    GamePlayWithBryan 20 days ago +1

    Doctor: you have 16 min 13 sec left to live

  • Shrick shrack shrek
    Shrick shrack shrek 21 day ago +1


  • Blake Bugge
    Blake Bugge 22 days ago

    listen to 2:35 to 2:38 with out context

  • Rft. Zalek
    Rft. Zalek 22 days ago

    gotta respect him going outside and embarasing himself

  • Francisco Covarrubias
    Francisco Covarrubias 22 days ago

    this is cringy actually and in front of people too

  • Rasa Strazdienė
    Rasa Strazdienė 23 days ago

    iu hace balls and do that

  • Bangtan TXT
    Bangtan TXT 23 days ago

    The things creators do! Its quite uncomfy in my opinion

  • Ryan Manalac
    Ryan Manalac 24 days ago

    I wonder how embarrassing this is irl 😂😂

  • Linn Tundra Cloud
    Linn Tundra Cloud 24 days ago +1

    you probably were kind of embarrassed doing this in public... just shows how dedicated you are

  • um bum
    um bum 24 days ago

    I wouldn't cringe if u actually tried with the paintings

    ENGINE 25 days ago

    wow. i didnt think you could actually sell trhat

  • Wqsbeertje OnYt
    Wqsbeertje OnYt 25 days ago

    Jazza: Im moving, well then i can emberris myself

  • Claire D
    Claire D 25 days ago

    When I heard the outro I didn’t even remember Jazzas voice

  • Lollie Polly Gacha Playz

    I wish I was there... I would buy all!

  • Hailey
    Hailey 27 days ago

    This my friends is quality content...

  • •Galaxy wolfy• Gacha

    Obnoxios but Consistent

  • TheRealEmeraldSword /TES

    Oh. Here we go again

  • Journal with MaryFaith Mobley


  • leslie lmao
    leslie lmao 29 days ago +4

    i guess benjamin paintings really do sell...


  • MoonberryPie
    MoonberryPie Month ago

    As soon as I saw this, I just thought “oh no.”

  • Lyirina YT
    Lyirina YT Month ago

    Oh god xDD

  • Wolfey 006
    Wolfey 006 Month ago

    I would buy your art :)

  • Amy Potts
    Amy Potts Month ago

    Am I the only one that as soon as he said you can get it on IOS you clicked off onto All store searched it up realised it cost money and then came back just me ok....

  • slenderman st scholastica

    They should make the app free pls jazza

  • Slimeyslime 1960
    Slimeyslime 1960 Month ago

    “Passpartout the art love story’

  • Elpia Elif
    Elpia Elif Month ago

    Can’t believe this guy is father of two XD

  • Melody Plays
    Melody Plays Month ago

    11:17 Don’t die Jazza

  • ReflexivoArco
    ReflexivoArco Month ago +2

    Love the fact that even in real life the only painting what someone bought was the one with Benjamin

  • Peter Quin
    Peter Quin Month ago

    Wait, let me get this straight,
    So you went outside and people REALLY watched you paint?

  • ThatOddCatOut
    ThatOddCatOut Month ago +5

    “Hunny you’ll never believe what I saw today!”
    “What’d you see?”
    “A TVclipr trying to be French and selling artwork in an alley.”

  • Jordan Dale
    Jordan Dale Month ago

    God damn I love Benjamin

  • sushi suit studios
    sushi suit studios Month ago

    I would of paid 30 for the Benjamin painting 😹

  • Dolphin Productions

    did anyone recognise you?

  • Interesting_ Emma
    Interesting_ Emma Month ago

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Christopher lintonch212

    if you put more time and detail into your art it would sell

  • Emma Marcovich
    Emma Marcovich Month ago

    What the hell did I just watch 😂🤣❤️

  • Colosious Composter

    Bob Ross never shows the cleanup after the beeting

  • mikay cool 100
    mikay cool 100 Month ago


  • John Carlo Alcantara

    2:18 lol

  • John Carlo Alcantara

    French Jazza, I don't ever want to see you drunk again

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon Month ago +1

    I’ve lived in Victoria my whole life....I’m sad I’ve never seen jazza

  • Jianna Bielby
    Jianna Bielby Month ago +1

    WTF am I doing with my life watching sponsored videos that spawned from Jazza getting drunk while playing a video game

  • Wrong Turn
    Wrong Turn Month ago

    OMG! Remember in the Jazzpartout saga when french Jazza was bawling his lungs out " No one understands me?", At that very time, I thought of an abstract painting of an eye that was being looked at by all the characters - Mary, Don, Geoge etc. But the painting's eye was set on a distant person's silhouette helping a little child. I thought to call it " The Beholder of the Eye'. The theme in my head was EXACTLY " Sometimes art chooses its own admirers". And now Jazza draws the happy little Bob Ross painting. See, Jazza, people do understand you.

  • Chloe No Last Name Given

    I literally would have bought the happy tree one.

  • Real Gaming60
    Real Gaming60 Month ago


  • Zacky Ducky
    Zacky Ducky Month ago

    10:45 I was at that exact place. Isn’t the marine museum there or something?

  • generic scout
    generic scout Month ago

    for some reason the word "cunt" formed in my head,i really dont know why

  • The Black Sword
    The Black Sword Month ago

    I feel bad for the by standers they have to watch two weirdos

  • The Black Sword
    The Black Sword Month ago


  • Josh the Joker
    Josh the Joker Month ago

    I hate you jazz’s

  • Oceaness
    Oceaness Month ago

    *this should have more views*

  • TheKawaiiCrafties
    TheKawaiiCrafties Month ago

    this is cringe in so many levels

  • Lainey 8
    Lainey 8 Month ago

    11:50 I would by that painting for maybe like $15

  • milind sankulkar
    milind sankulkar Month ago

    Please draw with pancil

  • Ab Sa Marite Nembhard

    I can't get it on my phone!!!

  • Xristos Kyriac
    Xristos Kyriac Month ago

    what just happened/

  • Elise Schnitger
    Elise Schnitger Month ago

    11:16-11:27 you ok there Jazza?!? 😧

  • Elise Schnitger
    Elise Schnitger Month ago

    11:16-11:27 you ok Jazza?!? 😧

  • Elise Schnitger
    Elise Schnitger Month ago +3

    Jazza, just ignore them! I would’ve bought your paintings! All of them!!!! Reason being: they’re all...

    Obnoxious, but consistent

  • JP Cox
    JP Cox 2 months ago

    ⊂( ̄(エ) ̄)⊃ O boi...

  • Squishy_kawii_gurl XD
    Squishy_kawii_gurl XD 2 months ago

    People are so rude like I get it it’s just for fun but these people need to be more kind

  • LordExecutor0824
    LordExecutor0824 2 months ago

    I Can't Tell That Jazza Is French Or Austrailian

  • Queenpotatotv Animal jam
    Queenpotatotv Animal jam 2 months ago +1

    I’m to poor to buy it’s :(

  • Bastion
    Bastion 2 months ago

    Why do I recognize this...... bob...Ross....BOB ROSS

  • XLaZex_Kayden
    XLaZex_Kayden 2 months ago


  • Alimudin Mustapha
    Alimudin Mustapha 2 months ago

    Its so funny lol

  • A
    A 2 months ago +1

    I would've bought all of them😂😂

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    You're crazy😂❤️

  • Rising Mayhem
    Rising Mayhem 2 months ago