Sephora Pro Palettes (Warm + Editorial) Review + Tutorial! Two Looks!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
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    Sephora Pro Warm Palette
    Sephora Pro Editorial Palette
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  • Eboni Makedaa
    Eboni Makedaa Year ago +5

    I haven't purchased the Jaclyn palette YET but you're making me wanna splurge on these Sephora Pro palettes 🎨😩 if only they didn't retail for $85 in Canada ugh!

  • Pastel Skyes
    Pastel Skyes Year ago

    I really love these! 😍

  • dana28
    dana28 Year ago

    I love watching you. You're so talented!😍😍😍😍❀❀

  • Herisin Christie
    Herisin Christie Year ago

    "Flappy fold area" πŸ˜‚ I feeeeeeeeeelllll you, I'm so glad you have the same eye shape as me!! I love youuuuuu and your channel and you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’• I'm LIVING for those colorful looks

  • Sera Curran
    Sera Curran Year ago +7

    so a few things- the break down per shadow is a few dollars a piece and that's a crazy deal. as a professional artist I think the price is more than fair, for personal use maybe it wouldn't be needed. the pigmentation is insane. fallout isn't a big deal if you do your eyes first and then foundation:) looks amazing on you!!!!! I'm so happy I bought this palette for my kid, can't wait to do some dope looks.

  • Blair Warner
    Blair Warner Year ago

    Just found you while searching for the pro palette in yt. You're gorgeous and I'm obsessed with your skin tone.

  • Candi Edwards
    Candi Edwards Year ago

    I LOVE IT wish so bad I could do my makeup like u I'm going shopping today & I'm probably going to have to go in there and check out the makeup

  • danielle jordan
    danielle jordan Year ago

    Oh my gawd you did both of those looks sis

  • SharieShine
    SharieShine Year ago

    So beautifully done. Great demo!

  • Diana Campos
    Diana Campos Year ago +1

    That brow bone highlight tho!!!! On the first look OMG I'm in love 😍

  • EmanTheDon
    EmanTheDon Year ago

    we like your long videos! and i wouldve loved to see the pink on the bottom lash of the blue eye and vice versa

  • ChristinaSG
    ChristinaSG Year ago

    You are so beautiful, love this video. I'm definitely getting the editorial palette.

  • LovelyLo MUA
    LovelyLo MUA Year ago

    I love both looks, how you used yellows and oranges too...

  • Sweet Tay94
    Sweet Tay94 Year ago

    I love pink one so cute 😍

  • Madeleine Green
    Madeleine Green Year ago

    I LOVE YOUR POSITIVITY SO MUCH OMG you are SO sweet I wish i knew you in real life πŸŒΈπŸ’•

    TATY FEBUS Year ago

    hello very pretty u makeup I love all the looks u are amazing thanks ..I'm new subscriber😍😍

  • Kimberly Young
    Kimberly Young Year ago

    Harley Quinn kindof moment! favorite movie of the moment!

  • Naomi Green
    Naomi Green Year ago

    I loved this video πŸ™ŒπŸΎ both looks were amazing thank you.

  • Belinda Rose
    Belinda Rose Year ago +2

    This is a Portal cosplay look right here!

  • Naomi Green
    Naomi Green Year ago

    This is crazy I was wondering why I wasn't seeing your videos anymore 😩😩 I wasn't subscribed anymore. I followed your sister because of you

  • ChloΓ© M
    ChloΓ© M Year ago


  • SolelyVanessa
    SolelyVanessa Year ago

    I'm here for the Harley Quin vibes

  • BeautyWithEvie
    BeautyWithEvie Year ago

    Loved this so much, I'm due for a new palette and I think the editorial one is SO gorgeous! Thanks so much!

  • Melissa Miranda
    Melissa Miranda Year ago


  • Miss Not Nice
    Miss Not Nice Year ago

    love it

  • artangel04
    artangel04 Year ago

    I'm in Canada so Morphe and Sephora is basically the same price for me 😞

  • Melissa Miranda
    Melissa Miranda Year ago

    Prepare to blow! πŸ˜‚ Alright honey!!!!🌬

  • Kayla Stay Golden

    I love the brown smokey on you 😍

  • Nicki Igal Neveleff

    hey alissa maybe you can do a mystery makeup monday by putting the eyeshadow names in a bag and picking like 3 or 4 and do a look with them!!!!!! love your videos! hugs from argentina

  • brendon urie
    brendon urie Year ago

    i really wanna get one but sephora tests on animals :(

  • Heaven T
    Heaven T Year ago

    Looks like a Natasha Denona dupe to me

  • ginavas3
    ginavas3 Year ago

    I wish I could do colored eyeshadows for it to look as good .. I'm just a neutral (browns) eyeshadow girl lol

  • Flora M
    Flora M Year ago +1

    the light gold in your brow bone made the look POP!

  • Aleena N
    Aleena N Year ago

    I love your videos!!! I have hooded eyes and your tutorials always help me!!! Thanks boo β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ½

  • Johanna Figueroa
    Johanna Figueroa Year ago

    the eyeshadow colours are crazy but you make them look like they're natural. how 😩

  • Sammy-Joe Samuels

    The Jacklyn pallette has the same blues in from the editorial pallette. This is an unnecessary purchase. There are already so many warm and cool palettes out there. These companies are just pushing stuff on us. Its not like are coming up with new colours in the spectrum

  • Amaia Ford
    Amaia Ford Year ago

    omg i love asymmetrical looks do more

  • Dineen Serpa
    Dineen Serpa Year ago

    By kick back, do you mean "fall out" like with glittery shadows?

  • Kemi A
    Kemi A Year ago

    My girl slayyyyssssss😍😍😍

  • Stupendously Minuscule

    68 dollars!? Dang, I like those palettes but that's too much

  • Astrid v
    Astrid v Year ago

    Pig -MENT ..............tation πŸ˜‚

  • iamjjasmine
    iamjjasmine Year ago


  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith Year ago

    Have you tried the nyx brights palette?

  • craziism
    craziism Year ago

    Oh my gosh what lashes are thrse

  • Sorphea Justice
    Sorphea Justice Year ago

    Wow! You always create such stunning looks (always)!! This might be a stupid question but, here goes... The "MAC Mixing Medium" that u use in ur tuts; When I go to MAC's website, I only see the mixing medium for "lashes", is it the same thing or no?? I recall you mentioning that they already did or will be discontinuing it so, not sure if it's the same thing that you used or totally different!?

  • susan young
    susan young Year ago


  • Justice Mauia
    Justice Mauia Year ago

    I love this look😍😍😍😍❀️

  • JohannaGMakeup
    JohannaGMakeup Year ago

    Great video! Just subscribed

  • idid 1234
    idid 1234 Year ago

    i just discover your channel and you are one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen😭 love your talent and your bubbly personality!

  • Ready Set Gleam
    Ready Set Gleam Year ago

    Loved the bright look you created!! When you applied that green shade I literally said "Ooh!" Right when you did! Gorgeous! Picking up the Editorial palette tomorrow! πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Mya Weathersby
    Mya Weathersby Year ago

    Who else can slay two different looks/eyeshadow colors on their eyes! Yesssss hunty!!!

  • shanah mobley
    shanah mobley Year ago

    😍😍😍 Alissa never disappoints with her videos

  • Teashon Hammond
    Teashon Hammond Year ago


  • Sinead P
    Sinead P Year ago

    You look so gorgeous I wanna cry 😭

  • FaceOn NailsDone HairDid

    Wow! Three looks in one video, love them all. The blue and pink combo is very Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

  • Fran Marie Molejona

    Omygosh the looks are bombbb!!!

  • Tania Cari
    Tania Cari Year ago +3

    Omg you're so pure, in an aura sense. This is my first time watching your videos and everything about you is sooo beautiful ❣️

  • Maggy Lopez vega
    Maggy Lopez vega Year ago

    Beautiful ! I love the second palette bright colorsπŸ˜›πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’

  • CubanCrystal
    CubanCrystal Year ago +2

    :( nvm $68 no sir re bob

  • Fabulous Freddi BeautΓ©

    Fave part: ohhh yeaaaa lol family guy flashbacks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kaylah Bree
    Kaylah Bree Year ago

    I love both these looks!!

  • India Sanaa
    India Sanaa Year ago

    hi you're flawless omfg

  • Kiana Rogers
    Kiana Rogers Year ago

    "Prepare to blow"...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • m m
    m m Year ago

    Que bella. :)

  • Jena'
    Jena' Year ago

    when you said $68 i said what????? but the palettes seem worth the buy. I never really care about the fall out part. but you're right you might as well purchase the cheaper one if it has all the same colors.

  • Color Park!
    Color Park! Year ago

    I'm going to need morphe to hit the Go button on your future collaboration!!! Now that's a morphe product I would totally pay extra to have in my collection πŸ˜‚βœŠπŸΎπŸ˜

  • Angel A
    Angel A Year ago

    Simply Stunning!😘

  • Andrea Roa
    Andrea Roa Year ago

    I feel like the for the price it's not worth it TBH their beautiful but just not worth 68 dollars

  • Tracelyn H
    Tracelyn H Year ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Vanessa Photography
    Vanessa Photography Year ago +2

    How can you look so feminine with short hair... i would look like a 12 year old boy

  • Margie Graddicks
    Margie Graddicks Year ago

    When I saw this palette at Sephora. The Editorial palette blew me away. I screamed OMG!!!!

  • shivonmakeupbiz
    shivonmakeupbiz Year ago

    I just love you!

  • Jazzmyne Akinjobi

    hay love ❀ BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO TRY THESE OUT πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­β—

  • Evani Golden
    Evani Golden Year ago

    you're so bomb. omggggg

  • Tron Frazier
    Tron Frazier Year ago


  • Indecence
    Indecence Year ago

    Both looks were on point

  • Saskia Mayette
    Saskia Mayette Year ago

    when you watch reviews on products that you're not going to buy lol, beautiful look alissa

  • Noel Perkins
    Noel Perkins Year ago


  • Teresa DOlan
    Teresa DOlan Year ago

    Wait can you film a tutorial on thick winged liner for hooded eyes?? I know you have a winged liner tutorial but it's for thin liner

  • Teresa DOlan
    Teresa DOlan Year ago

    I've been watching your channel for like a year now I think and can I just say damn your quality shot up so fast. I'm proud of you.

    GLOWBYYJ Year ago


  • avery harrison
    avery harrison Year ago

    Just gotta say I love your composure in all your vids! Pleasure to watch :)

  • Janita Thomas
    Janita Thomas Year ago

    Great video thank you for helping me choose the right palette for me

  • Kel Stewart
    Kel Stewart Year ago

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate not only your skill set, but the effort and quality you put into every video you make? We see the obvious investment in yourself and therefore we get amazing content. Highkey love you

  • Juliauna Samone
    Juliauna Samone Year ago


  • Julaa Charles
    Julaa Charles Year ago

    Does anyone else appreciate how honest she is?? Thank you! It's appreciated 😬

  • Nastassiapink
    Nastassiapink Year ago

    Holy SHIT BALLS!!!!!!!! These eye looks are crazy AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Jarmal Hairston
    Jarmal Hairston Year ago

    Alissa you DID that. I LOOOOOVED how the shimmery gold from the warm palette took your eyes from 0-100, it was soooooo gorgeous! And the other colorful eyelook you did was pretty too, idk if you intentionally went for a Harley Quinn look or not but it was BOMB. 😘😘😘

  • Stephanie Umber
    Stephanie Umber Year ago

    beautiful as always

  • Nijmah Creations
    Nijmah Creations Year ago

    now this is bomb af.

  • Zayabel Draga
    Zayabel Draga Year ago

    it would've been cool if you switched the pink and blue undereye

  • Kassii Michelle
    Kassii Michelle Year ago

    girl, you lookin hella fly.

  • Yellowdiamond00
    Yellowdiamond00 Year ago

    over priced

  • Whitney
    Whitney Year ago

    Where are your necklaces from?

  • lizzyxmcg
    lizzyxmcg Year ago


  • Rarest One
    Rarest One Year ago

    This is so beautiful😍

  • Rachol West
    Rachol West Year ago

    Omg you killed these looks!!!!😍😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ please keep doing the all white background by the way; I love it !! I wish everyone used this backdrop!0

    GLOW MAMA Year ago


  • Meek Mace
    Meek Mace Year ago

    Gorgeous 😍😘😘

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson Year ago

    Little lady, I love all the colors you use. Soooo pretty on you. Tfs. πŸ’‹